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Oogulite Natural Stones (Chalcedony)

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Oogulite Natural Raw Stones (North African Chalcedony)
Picture is an example, (sold individually) shapes and colors will vary

"Oogulite is the name applied to a group of strangely formed and highly convoluted Chalcedony nodules from northern Africa. These are quartz-based stones with a trigonal crystal structure and a hardness of 7. Their colors include beige, white, tan and dark brown. Oogulite is a stone of the realm of Nature Spirits. These stones have a very strong, highly animated presence, and their preferred domain is the nearby realm of fairies, devas, sprites, undines and other beings that express the vitality and diversity of the Earth’s soul life.  Wherever these stones are taken, they quickly link themselves with the Nature Spirit beings of that place. They can ally themselves elemental beings of Water, Air or Fire; however, Oogulites themselves are entities of the Earth element."   —Robert Simmons

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