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Sauralite Azeztulite™ Large A++ Crystal (5.5" x 7.5")

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Azozeo Super-Activated
Sauralite Azeztulite Large A++ Crystal (New Zealand Azeztulite)
"Crystal Mountain"
Measures 5.5" x 7.5" x 3.5" and weighs 3.4 lbs
“Sauralite Azeztulites from New Zealand display the most amazingly varied forms of any of the Azeztulites. They can appear as cream-coated Light Body Crystals, sparkling white Druzy clusters, Sacred Geometric forms, Honeycombs, Crystal Caves and all type of combinations of the above! Their extravagantly beautiful forms remind me of the architecture of the realms of Light, and the energies of these astonishing living gems bring the realms of Light into communion with the Earth and with us."  —Robert Simmons

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