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Robert Sardello: "Silence"

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Item Number: hepubSILENCE
By Robert Sardello 
ISBN: 978-0-97798252-3  /  Trade Paper  /  132 Pages 

“I cannot emphasize enough how powerful this book is in regard to bringing the reader into the experience of the holy presence that lies behind all the appearances of the world. It is a book to be read slowly, to be felt rather than analyzed. The Silence Sardello evokes is immediately recognized by the soul, and feeling that recognition makes one both joyful and sad, realizing that this is somehow what one has always yearned for, has deeply known but often neglected. Yet, as I read, I was filled at times with wild hope, because Silence is always present, always forgives and always loves. We have only to turn to it for our lives to begin anew. Quiet is the gateway to this Silence, but its currents take us much deeper.”   --Robert Simmons




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