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Tumbled & Polished Gemstones

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Atlantisite (10-15 Gram Stone)
Awakening to the inner realms

Lemon Fluorite (12-18 Gram Stone)
Aids awareness of fields of intelligence

Hypersthene (5-8 Gram Stone)
Manifestation through visualization

Rainbow Garnet (10-15 Gram Stone)
Relief of stress, humor, kindness

Genesis Jasper (6-10 Gram Stone)
Increase in physical vitality

Sunstone (8-12 Gram Stone)
Enhanced personal power and will

Rhodo Silica (6-10 Gram Stone)
High vibration love energies

Black Jade (6-10 Gram Stone)
Discharging negative energies

Astaraline (6-10 gram stone)
Attuning to the Light Body

Ruby Zoisite (8-12 gram stone)
Increased vitality and enhanced intuition

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Heaven and Earth Update:

The Alchemy of Stones DVD Sets are now available!
Order your six-disc set, covering the entire four-day workshop, over eleven hours of teaching, stone stories, inner discoveries and fun!

Only $59.95 for the entire set!

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The Alchemy of Stones DVD set

"If one was not fortunate enough to attend the Alchemy of Stones Intensive, this set of DVDs supplies all of the information and concepts discussed along with questions and answers on those subjects.  The set also provides a guided how-to for each of the exercises employing stones, perfect reproduction of the slides and videos presented and much, much more.
If one was fortunate enough to attend the Intensive, this set of DVDs amplifies and expands the original experience in ways I personally had not foreseen.  So much was offered during those four brief days to both the right brain and to the left.  The DVDs have given me the opportunity to review, consider, and integrate the experiences at my own pace.  I found this set of DVDs to be really useful."
Blessings, David Schafer, the Cat in the Hat

"There were so many amazing Energies participating in the Alchemy of Stones Intensive, that sometimes it was difficult for me to focus on the task at hand, or the words being spoken by Robert Simmons!  I had referred back to my notes at times since the workshop, but note-taking has never been a strong point for me. Thankfully, when I went to the Heaven & Earth display at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, I was excited to learn that the DVD set that was produced from the Intensive was available! Now, as I watch each DVD in the set, which is masterfully produced, I am transported back to that Magical place & time.  Many things I see and hear are great reminders of what I was learning and experiencing.  Other things I see and hear - from the camera's viewpoint, are new pieces of valuable information!"
In Love & Gratitude, Jeanie Shepherd

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