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(Offers Ends at Noon EST on 11-20-18)

FREE Dynamic Duo
Stone Pair Specials!

Get one pair FREE with every $150 or more you purchase online!

At Checkout, Choose from these powerful PAIRS of Stones:

Divine Bliss: 2 Anandalite Crystals
Use together to awaken the chakra column!

Love and Light: White Azeztulite and Rosophia
Use together to bring Divine Light energies to Earth!

Protection: Guardianite and Black Tourmaline
Use Together to dispel negative energies!

Prana: Red Fire Azeztulite and Healers’ Gold
Use together to enhance vitality and life force

Healing: Healerite and Heartenite
Use together for powerful spiritual self-healing!

Violet Ray: Auralite-23 and Violet Flame Opal
Use together to purify and cleans your energy field!

Ascension: Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite and Natrolite
Use together to open the Crown Chakra and experience higher dimensions!

Transformation: Moldavite and White Azeztulite
Use together to accelerate your spiritual evolution!

Manifestation: Himalaya Gold Azeztulite and Cinnazez
Use together to manifest prosperity, creative visions and/or beneficial relationships!

Divine Love: Pink Petalite and Super-Pink Kunzite
Use together to awaken your heart to its Divine connection!

PLEASE NOTE: Limit is ten sets for $1500+ purchase

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