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Robert Simmons

Moldavite Message from Robert Simmons

Hello Friends,

As we go through this period of turmoil and transformation, I believe it is more important than ever for those of us who love the stones to really work with them—to meditate with them, wear them and carry them. Or to make elixirs, mandalas, grids and tools. The most important part of this is for us to make ourselves available to the Beings of the stones we love, and to exchange our energies with theirs, in a mutual flow of blessing.

I’ve decided to offer more videos, focusing on the different stones I am working with myself, and that I feel are important allies for these times. As I do this, Heaven and Earth will offer special discounts on the featured stones. This week’s stone is Moldavite, one of my great favorites, and the stone that set me on my destined path in life.

Moldavite is an amazing and rare material. It was formed from a huge meteoric collision with the Earth, and it is one of the most powerful stones I have ever encountered. In my view, its primary purpose is to guide its human partners to their spiritual paths and to accelerate our progress. It seems to stimulate synchronicities that lead us to what we need, and to dislodge our attachments to anything that holds us back.

 Moldavite was the first stone whose energies I ever felt, and it was the catalyst that activated my capacity to sense the energies of all the stones. It has benefitted many other people in a great variety of ways.

When we started Heaven and Earth in 1986, we were the only crystal shop in the USA to offer Moldavite, and from there it soon became one of the most sought-after stones, all over the world.

Now, some thirty-four years later, the Moldavite supply is becoming very scarce. Worldwide demand has depleted the sources, and we have seen the prices go up. (In fact, we will finally have to raise our Moldavite prices in our next catalog.)

But now, in celebration of Moldavite and its mission in these critical times, we will offer SELECT MOLDAVITE ITEMS at 20% OFF OUR REGULAR PRICES.  This special sale will last for ONE WEEK ONLY, from now until May 26. This Special Offer includes ALL MOLDAVITE JEWELRY, WIRE WRAP PENDANTS, GALLERY SPECIMENS, A+ GRADE AND MUSEUM GRADE MOLDAVITES!

We are also offering my book, Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Stansformation, for a discount price of $10 per copy. And all Moldavite purchases of $500 or more will receive a FREE copy!

Heaven & Earth Moldavite Specials

This sale is for our current stock only, and is available while our supplies last.

If you would like to see my NEW MOLDAVITE VIDEO, telling the tale of Moldavite,
from 15 million years ago until today, click the image below.

Moldavite Robert Simmons video

I hope you enjoy the video. I had a great time making it and telling the Moldavite story!

Many thanks, many blessings,

Robert Simmons


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