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Zambian Phenacite Crystal (21mm x 18mm / 29.3 carats)

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Zambian Phenacite Crystal
Measures 21mm x 18mm and weighs 29.3 carats
"These Zambian Phenacite crystals came from a small find around twelve years ago. They are very unusual for African Phenacites for two main reasons. First, they have the semi-hexagonal disc shape typical of Brazilian Phenacites. Second, and most importantly for metaphysical use, almost all of them have Black Tourmaline crystals attached to them. his has important implications.Their currents are of a high intensity, and they enter through the third eye area with powerful pulsations. After a few minutes of meditation, they open up portals on interdimensional pathways for soul travel, and one can choose any gateway and go exploring. This can be an exhilarating experience, and sometimes an enlightening one."  —R.S.

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