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A New Message from Robert Simmons, and a Renewed Call for Co-Creative Spiritual Action

Greetings Friends,

As we navigate our life paths during these times of crisis and transformation, the very urgency of the moment can fuel our commitment to take powerful action for the benefit of humanity and the Earth. As we view the outer world, we can see breakdowns in many of the patterns and systems that made up what we called “normal life.” People all over the world are experiencing illness, loss, anxiety, depression and radical uncertainty. Even those of us who are privileged to be secure in our physical environment and financial situation are affected by the stresses in the collective. The Earth’s life support systems are endangered, and even the social fabric of some countries, such as the USA, appears to be unraveling. It can feel pretty depressing, or even frightening. What do these times ask of us?

We must each seek our own insights about this question. I have been doing that myself, and one of the answers that came to me is to invite your participation in expanding upon a vision that came to me two years ago. My part of this co-creative project is to give away 100,000 pieces of Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite. Your part, if you feel called to get involved, is to request a packet of these stones and join in planting them in a ritual for the good of the Earth and humanity.

I began this project two years ago, initially intending to give away 10,000 stones. After the first year, I increased the amount to 20,000. Now, because of the events in the outer world and because of inner guidance that came to me, I am increasing the number of gifting stones to 100,000!

I have made a video in which I explain the whole story of my vision and what I believe we can co-create by planting these stones and their energies of Light in the land, in the waters, and in our own subtle energy fields. Click on the image below to watch the YouTube video:

Robert Simmons Azeztulite Video
It’s fortunate (or perhaps it’s destiny) that we have this many small pieces of Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite. I purchased two tons of them about fifteen years ago, not knowing clearly what I would do with them all. Now it seems to me that they were intended for this moment.

Many of you have read about this project over the past two years, and have participated in the ritual. If so, I want to invite you to participate again. Find other spots to place the stones and do your ritual gifting. And I hope some of you will give away ritual packets to friends, or that you will encourage others to participate.

The Stones are FREE. All you are asked to contribute is $5 per packet for Continental USA shipping and packaging costs, or $19 for International shipping and packaging costs (Our normal retail price for these stones is about $40-$50 for three pieces, plus shipping.)

You can request as many packets as you wish, as long as you plan to place them yourself or pass them on to others. Please do not sell these to make a profit. For additional packets, we will still charge you $5 each, but we will use any excess over our shipping give away pieces to others who cannot afford to pay.

We live in a Magical World! The materialist worldview is itself a kind of magic spell that makes us believe that we have no power to influence the world, except through physical force. But we can make incredible co-creative changes when we work with the Stone Beings and our focused attention, intention and imagination. Ancient peoples have been making magic in this way for thousands of years. It is time to reclaim our co-creative power for the good of the world.

Many thanks, many blessings,

Robert Simmons

Below is the story of the original vision that inspired me to begin this project, or you can hear me describe it in the video if you CLICK HERE

The Vision
Around the first of December, 2017, I was sitting in meditation when the vision came. I suddenly saw an image of the Earth, as if I were looking down from a high orbit. I could see the entire sphere of the planet. Most of the Earth looked dark, not because it was night, but because of what might be called “polluted energies.” It was as if most of the earth was blanked with clouds, but they were black rather than white, like vast atmospheric wastelands of smoke. It was a troubling sight.

I kept my eyes closed and stayed with the inner vision. As I continued to look, I noticed more details. I was asking myself, “Is the Earth entirely dark now? Is that what I am seeing? Then I began to notice tiny points of light, like sparks of incandescent white scattered here and there. Somehow I knew that these were not the lights of cities, but points of spiritual Light, just as the dark clouds were not actually smoke, but signified the troubled energies that are so prevalent in our world.

As I gazed at the scattered lights, I felt worried, and wished there were more of them, and that they would be greater than mere sparks. I suddenly heard an unexpected inner voice, saying just one word: “Azez.” (This is the name chosen by the angelic group soul which originally activated Azeztulite, and the word signifies the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun, the spiritual core of the Universe.)

I shivered, and felt a current of energy move up my spine. Light entered my own head, and as I watched the vision, I saw, to my surprise, the southern portion of the subcontinent of India emerging from beneath the dark clouds. As I focused on it, an intense, and much larger point of Light began to glow there, getting larger and larger, glowing with ever-increasing intensity.

Next there came a sudden burst from that center of Light, and glowing rays of White Light exploded out from it in all directions. It looked rather like the explosion of a skyrocket in a fireworks display, except that the Light did not fade. Instead, the streams flew further and further from South India, traveling all over the Earth. I could see that many of the streams seemed to descend to the ground, and then to explode again, like the first time, sending our more and more streams of Light. They began on the land masses, but soon I could see streams of Light falling into the oceans, lakes and rivers, illuminating them as well.

The streams of Light soon became a web that enclosed the entire Earth in protective and enlightening energy. The black clouds were dissolved, the land masses were green with life, and the oceans were clear and blue. As I watched, in awe and joyful amazement, the Earth itself began to glow with its own Light, as if it were somehow both a planet and a Sun. I felt tears in my eyes and the inner voice spoke again, “The Earth is a Planet of Light.”

There was a deep feeling of recognition in my heart as I contemplated the image. It seemed to actually enter my heart, and the illumined Earth’s rays filled me. Sorrow and joy mixed together in my heart, and I was filled with two emotions–gratitude and urgency.

My reasons for the gratitude were simple–I had just had a powerful spiritual experience, and the inner Light is always accompanied by an ecstatic feeling. However, I also felt that I knew that the vision was one of possibility, not certainty. And I felt sure that I understood why the word “Azez” was spoken, and why South India was the originating source of the spreading Light.

After the vision subsided and I could function again, I thought about the meaning. To me, it was clear that the spreading Light was the Nameless Light of the Azez, and the fact that it originated in South India meant that the stone which was shown to be carrying that Light all around the world was Satyaloka Azeztulite.

I understood that the vision showed many, many sparks going from South India in all directions, and that this indicated that many, many pieces of these stones would have to be dispersed. As it happens, I have been collecting Azeztulites for more than twenty years, so I have a lot of pieces. Heaven and Earth has been selling them for two decades. But the feeling of urgency has to do with time. The pivotal moment of the spiritual evolution of ourselves and our planet seems to be bearing down fast. If that is true, and if Satyaloka Azeztulite has a role to play in the spreading of the Light, then many more stones need to be dispersed.

The Gift and the Ritual
That seems to mean that I need to give a lot of them away. It was a little bit of a shock to realize that, but, oh well. Why not? I certainly couldn’t think of a more worthy cause! So I checked intuitively for the right number, and for now at least, it feels like it’s about 10,000 stones. Our staff in Vermont has been selecting and preparing them, and we began the giveaway program at the Tucson Show last February. If you feel resonance with this vision and want to participate, please write us and let us know you are willing to help.

What do I mean by “help?” I mean that if you are willing to accept our gift of three pieces of Satyaloka Azeztulite, we ask that you carry the intention of using them to bring Light to yourself and the Earth. I envision three steps to this:
1) We ask you to agree to plant one of the three stones in the ground, at a place of your choosing. Create a little ritual or ceremony in which you imagine and affirm that in planting the stone you are holding the intent that it will bring spiritual Light to the land.
2) We ask you to agree to drop one of the stones into a body of water of your choosing–ocean, lake, pond, river or stream. As you do this, create another ritual or ceremony in which you envision spiritual Light pervading the body of water, and affirm that in giving this stone to the waters, you hold the intent that it will bring spiritual Light to all the waters of the Earth.
3) You keep one stone for yourself, and you meditate with it at least once (more is better, of course), and in your meditation envision the spiritual Light filling you, and spreading until it fills all people, all the land, all the waters, and all the Earth, from its core to its corona.

If you already have your own piece of Satyaloka Azeztulite, you can, if you choose, give it to someone else. But I hope you will meditate with it at least once. We ask that these gifted stones not be sold or used for other purposes, and we trust those who accept them to abide by this. In my own mind, I am sure the majority of people will go along with this request, and I feel it will probably be helpful for the stones to go out into the world, even if some people do not. And certainly, we invite anyone attracted to Satyaloka Azeztulite to purchase other pieces of it from us, in any of the many forms we offer. But that is not what this initiative is about.

If you have read this far, I must tell you now that I feel a bit of uncertainty in sharing this vision, even though I know that I must. Some people may reject it, or may simply not understand. Nonetheless, I am committed to following the vision I had, and hoping that doing so will help. I can’t say how much this may increase the Light in us, or in the world, and I am certainly not trying to claim that Azeztulite will save the planet. I would sure hope so, but who can say?

What I do know is that these stones emanate very powerful and wonderful vibrations of Light, which those sensitive to stone energies can readily feel. My studies have also shown me that our intention is a very powerful co-creative influence on the way events unfold in the world. And I have learned that stones can lend their power to our capacity to manifest our spiritual aspirations, especially if we choose stones which naturally align with what we want to do. These are the things that give me hope, and I believe most of us would agree that a major shift of consciousness is needed in the world now.

NOTE: You'll notice at the top of the page that there is a charge for shipping if you'd like the FREE Azeztulite gift without placing an order with us. We are happy to provide the 10,000 stones as FREE gifts, but we ask that those who want them pay the shipping charges. Otherwise a project of this size would be too expensive for us.

Each person who requests this gift (if they are willing to contribute the postage) will receive the three stones and a set of suggestions for creating one’s own ritual. If you wish to purchase more sets to give away to others, we’ll offer those to you for a contribution of $5 per set. 

If you are already placing an online order with us, you do not need to select anything above, simply check the box "YES send me 3 FREE Satyaloka Azeztulites ..." at checkout and they will be inlcuded in your shipment.

We will continue to give away the Azeztulites for this project until all 100,000 pieces have gone out. 

Our deepest gratitude to all the Light Workers who join in this co-creation. May the Earth become a Planet of Light!

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