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2021 "Azeztulite Awakening" Bracelets™

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Azozeo Super-Activated

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Azeztulite Awakening 2021 Bracelets
Available in 6mm, 8mm or 10mm beads on a comfortable elastic band

Each Bracelet is personally programmed by Robert Simmons for the highest good of the wearer. These Limited Edition Bracelets each comes with a signed and numbered Information/Guarantee Card.

      "Beginning in 2012, humanity is entering a nine-year period of Grace, leading to Planetary Ascension in 2021. The 2021 Limited Edition Bracelets are designed to facilitate this process for those who wear them.
    The Azeztulite Awakening 2021 Bracelet contains Himalaya Gold Azeztulite, Himalaya Red Azeztulite, Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite, Satyaloka Yellow Azeztulite, Satyaloka Rose Azeztulite, and White Azeztulite. It provides a wide spectrum of Azeztulite energies, facilitating conscious connection with the Angelic Ones known as the Azez and the Nameless Light they serve. It can be used to bring multiple rays of spiritual Light into the cells, triggering the activation of the Body of Light and the Merkaba Vehicle of Ascension. This combination of Azeztulites is also capable of awakening the twelve-strand DNA and bringing it into full manifestation. These bracelets stimulate to arising of the New Human Being––the being capable of personal ascension, and of joining to co-create full Planetary Ascension. They attune one to the awareness of Divine Mind and help one bring Light to the world.
"  —RS

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