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Welcome to Newsletter #47
    This catalog is full of big news! We are celebrating the changeover from 2012 (end of the Kali yuga or Dark Age) to 2013 (beginning of the Golden Age) with a big Sale on Azeztulites. This is because we see 2013 as the first of the Nine Years of Blessing, culminating at the end of 2021, the time of Vibrational Ascension. During these years, it will be very important to do all that we can to bring spiritual Light into ourselves and into the world. Because of this, we have decided to substantially lower our prices on most of our Azeztulites, since we feel these are stones of the greatest potential for grounding the Light. We want Azeztulite to be accessible to everyone, and we will be giving away many Azeztulite stones during this year, as another way of spreading the Nameless Light. In addition, we will be working with helpers to plant Azeztulites in the Earth at  key places around the world.

Azozeo™ New Super-Activated Azeztulites:
The Beginning of a New Crystal Era
by Robert Simmons   (Author’s Note: Azozeo is pronounced “ah zah ZAY oh”)
     In August of 2012, I received a vision. I was at my home in Vermont, where I have a labyrinth made out of Azeztulites and some Rosophia stones. As I sat looking at the labyrinth, I thought back upon the whole history of Azeztulite. It seemed miraculous to me, the way the appearance of these stones had been pre-announced by angelic beings, the Azez. They had told Naisha, my co-author of The Book of Stones (but at that time, someone I knew only as a friend) about the imminent arrival of Azeztulite, and they told her this was the name I must give the stones when they appeared.
    Since then, for over twenty years, we at Heaven and Earth have been disseminating and discovering more types of Aezetulite--all in accordance with the plans and directions we received from the Azez so many years ago. More recently, we learned that the Azez intend for all the Quartz on Earth to ultimately receive the vibration of the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun--making all of the Quartz into Azeztulite. I have believed for several years now that the fulfillment of that prophetic vision will coincide with the global awakening of the Earth as a Planet of Light, and the mass enlightenment of humanity.
    There had been many synchronistic affirmations along the way. One of the most startling and exciting ones for me was the discovery, back when I was doing research for my book, Stones of the New Consciousness, of the ancient Book of Ieou. This was one of the apocryphal Gnostic Gospels, and was purported to have been a guide to the Ascension process, dictated by Jesus to the disciples after his own Ascension. At one point in the narrative, there is this description of one of the Ascension stages:
    “When you reach the fourth aeon, Samaelo and Chochochoucha (a pair of obstructing archons)will come before you. Seal yourself with this seal: (a sacred diagram of eight lines) This is its name: Azozeo. Say it once only. Hold this cipher: 4555 in your hands. When you have finished sealing yourself with this seal and said its name once only, say these defenses also: ‘Withdraw yourselves Samaelo and Chochochoucha, you archons of the fourth aeon, because I call upon Zozeza, Chozozazza, Zazezo,” When you have finished saying these defenses the archons of the fourth aeon will withdraw to the left. But you [will] proceed upward.”
    I was and am still struck by the above passage from this ancient book. Here was an actual 2000-year-old manual for Ascension, describing the stages and beings involved. And more to the point, the word used to invoke protection, and the names of the protective beings, all contain similarities to the word Azez--root of the name Azeztulite. And of course we were told at the beginning of our Azeztulite adventure that the name Azez means ‘the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun,’ which is totally akin to the goal of the Ascension process in the Book of Ieou. In that book, the disciples were being directed in how to ascend to the realms of Light (i.e. the Central Sun). And I felt sure that the names given in the book for the protective beings aiding humankind in this ascent--Zozeza, Chozozazza, Zazezo--are referring to the same protective beings who have activated and guided the emergence of Azeztulite. They all sound similar to ‘Azez,' which I imagine to be their collective name. And they are engaged now in the Ascension of all humanity, and the Earth. So, to me, it provokes awe to imagine that when I hold an Azeztulite in my hands, I am, in a sense, touching those beings, and the Divine currents from the Great Central Sun. I am amazed to realize that these Beings of Light have been aiding the spiritual evolution of humanity and our world for at least 2,000 years, and that we can connect with them and our own great destiny through Azeztulite.
    But last August, sitting on my porch contemplating all this, I wondered whether there was something more to be done. As powerful as Azeztulite is, I felt there might be another level--another octave of energy that still could be accessed by those ready for it. I could imagine all the Quartz on Earth vibrating as Azeztulite, but what about Azeztulite itself? Was it fully awakened, or could there be more?
    I still recall vividly the moment when the vision came to me. It was powerful...and simple. As I gazed at the Azeztulite labyrinth, I suddenly saw--with my inner eyes--a pyramid over the center of it, glowing with supernal Light. And in that moment, I knew what to do--I would construct a pyramid chamber in the labyrinth’s center, placing Azeztulite stones inside it, The combined energy fields of the pyramid and the Azeztulite labyrinth might stimulate the stones inside to a higher level of activation.
But there was more to do. I felt a compelling inner urge--as if I were being told--to place two very large Phenacites in the energy field to be created. (I collect large Phenacites, and have two very large ones--a two-pound African Phenacite and an eighteen pound terminated Brazilian Phenacite single crystal, which I believe is the world’s largest.) The two-pounder was to go at the apex of the pyramid, and the eighteen-pounder was to be placed in the center at the pyramid’s base. The two would form a Circuit of Light, and the Azeztulite stones to be activated would be placed on a table between them. It was clear that the two very large Phenacites were crucial to the process, and I suddenly understood ‘why’ I had felt it was so important to get the eighteen pound Phenacite last February. (This crystal is the prize of my collection--a very tangible Stone Being with a joyful and luminous presence--and now I was beginning to learn about its purpose!) Phenacite has a close relationship with Azeztulite, and was actually initially used by the Azez (according to Naisha’s original channelings) to vibrationally activate the first Azeztulites.

     Two years prior, when building the Azeztulite labyrinth, I had felt a powerful inner intensity around doing it. Now, once again, that intensity seized me. I erected a copper pyramid (its pipes filled with Azeztulite and Rosophia stones) in the center of the labyrinth, and then placed the Phenacites as I had been directed. I brought a glass table into the center, where the Azeztulites to be activated were to be placed. Then, there was one last touch--my inner guidance said I needed to use the ancient word of invocation of the Azez--Azozeo. Following my inner voice, I printed out the words and attached them on all four sides of the table--for the Four Directions. Then I walked the labyrinth in ritual space, carrying the Azeztulite stones to be treated, holding them to my heart and focusing on the intention that they be activated to their highest potential for the good of all. At the center, after placing the stones on the table, I uttered words of invocation and spoke, ‘Azoezo,’ to each of the Four Directions, and silently to the Fifth Direction. The ritual was complete. Now was the time of waiting.
    After exiting the labyrinth I went into the house and sat gazing back at the labyrinth, wondering if all this guidance had been as real as it seemed. In my thirty years of working with crystals and minerals, I had only attuned myself to whatever vibrations were already being emanated by the stones. I had never tried to do anything to increase their energies or power. I really had never imagined that anything like that was possible.
    I wondered how long to leave the stones on the table in the labyrinth-pyramid. My felt sense said, “For one cycle of night and day.” Twenty-four hours later, I walked the labyrinth again to retrieve the Azeztulites. When I brought the Azozeo-treated stones into the house, I sat down with one to check out whether anything had happened. Immediately, I caught my breath. Yes! There was a difference--a big difference! The already-powerful Azeztulites had more than doubled in their intensity, and the frequency of their pulsations was much faster! In seconds, the currents I felt in my hands moved to the third eye, the crown chakra, and then all through my body and finally to my feet, where a strong charge seemed to go through me and into the Earth.  The longer I held the stone, the stronger the currents in my body became. I experienced a vision of entering a spiral of Light and traveling to the Great Central Sun. I felt spiraling currents of Celestial Fire spinning down into my body from above--entering the crown and feeling as if they spread out into a web that infused every cell with Divine Light. I suddenly understood that this is what Light Body activation feels like. A wave of elation spread through me, and with that wave came the recognition that the whole tale of the Azez and the enlightenment of the world contained new chapters, which were being written in that very moment and which will continue to unfold in the months and years to come.
    I felt a bit stunned by what was happening. It seemed to me that I had made a great discovery--and received a great gift. The understanding--that it is possible to work with stones in a co-creative way which affects them and which helps the Stone Beings to fulfill their spiritual purpose--came for the first time, and the power of it shocked and humbled me. I realized on a deeper level than I had before that the work with stones is beneficial to us, but that it is not only for us. It is also for the beings in the world of Spirit, and for the Earth, for the fulfillment of our collective destiny with them.
     I wondered what to do next, and I decided to see if someone else could feel the amazing difference in these Azeztulites. I brought one to my wife Kathy, and she said, “Yes, definitely!” The next person to experience the Azozeo Azeztulite was our friend Leo (who recently took on the job of General Manager for Heaven and Earth). He was affected just as powerfully as I had been, and we talked feverishly about our excitement at this new development, and about plans for bringing these super-activated stones out and spreading them through our network.
     I began bringing home more pieces to treat in the Phenacite/Pyramid/Labyrinth/Azoezo field. At first, I had brought in only the original White Azeztulite, but now I began to try other varieties. So far, the Azeztulites which are most able to receive the Azozeo activation seem to be White Azeztulite, Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite, Himalaya Gold Azeztulite, Sauralite Azeztulite and Amazez. All of these take on a powerful new energy level when they undergo the activation treatment. It is a painstaking process, because only a small quantity of stones can be activated at one time, and because the stones to be activated must be intuitively selected, so the quantities we can produce are very limited. But we have worked hard to charge a wide variety of Azeztulites, in as many forms and shapes as possible.
    I want to offer next some of the information I have received in inner visions regarding the properties of Azozeo Azeztulites: Azozeo Super Acticvated Azeztulites act as powerful conduits to bring through the flood of Celestial Fire--the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun--which has now begun to bathe the Earth. Although this Divine energy pours down upon us all all times (since it is the spiritual energy which animates and sustains the Universe) we are at the dawn of a new Golden Age in which a great new surge of Celestial Fire is making its influx. Like a tide coming in, this energy is destined to uplift all of humanity and the Earth to a new level of being. As we stand here at the beginning of this new era, the Azozeo Azeztulites function as the ‘grounding wires’ through which the initial surges of Divine currents can pass. In order for this process to fulfill itself, human participation is necessary. We are urged to work with these stones and allow ourselves to be Pillars of Light, acting to conduct the Celestial Fire into the world through our own being. We can do this through meditation with these stones, through utilizing them in energy grids and healing layouts, through wearing them or through planting them ritually in the Earth.
     In regarding to this ritual ‘planting’ of Azozeo Azeztulites, I want to mention that when I presented some of the Azozeo stones to my friend Robert Sardello, who wrote the introductions to both of my books, his immediate intuition was that the Azozeo Azeztulites are “going to be the means by which all of the Quartz in the Earth becomes Azeztulite.” His sense was that the higher level of activation present in these stones was what was necessary to create the ‘contagious currents’ whereby unawakened Quartz stones would begin to attune to the currents of Azeztulite. That insight resonated with me as well, and I have committed myself to planting these stones in strategic places around the world. Already we have recruited helpers to do this with us.
     There are many additional qualities of Azozeo Azeztulites which have presented themselves to my intuitive vision. I see these stones bringing in not only subtle energies from the spiritual realms, but also subtle matter. When one spends time attuning to Azozeo Azeztulite, the currents one feels entering the body are not mere ephemeral energy--they are streams of subtle matter which bond to the gross matter in every cell and molecule of the body in a way that spiritualizes them, aligns them, ‘teaches’ them to open themselves to the Light. This can rapidly increase the development of the Mind of the Body. This is an intelligence which resides in the entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, and which is an aspect of enlightenment.
     We have three intelligences within us--mental intelligence based in the brain, soul intelligence based in the heart and Universal intelligence based throughout all the cells of the body. The mental intelligence is what we are taught to believe is all we have, and during the spiritually dark times of recorded history, it predominated, as we lost touch with our wholeness. The soul intelligence of the heart was never totally lost, and it has been in the process of re-awakening in some people during the past few decades. The heart is the seat of our Divine Imagination, and the center from which we can know truth and act with generosity and certainty. While it is true that crystals (and especially Azeztulites) have the capacity to enhance our mental and soul intelligence, their greatest boon is to the Universal intelligence of the body. When this is fully activated, as the Celestial Fire or Nameless fully engulfs our world, we will begin to know things with our bodies, without needing to learn them. What we now call inspiration and intuition will become pure Vision, and we will see and know whatever we wish to understand, simply by attending to it and feeling the knowledge in our cells. This capacity will be brought about by the influx of subtle matter bonding to the gross matter of the body and transforming every cell into an antenna for receiving pure knowledge.
     There are many enhancements of mind, heart and body which Azozeo Azeztulite facilitates. It increases psychic vision, heals and seals the etheric body, brings a great infusion of life force into the cells, opens the gateways to angelic communication, stimulates inspiration, facilitates interdimensional travel, opens the doors for recollection of past lives and resolution of karma, dispels dysfunctional habits and patterns in the emotional body and the organs and bodily systems, frees the heart from suppression by the mental, and displays Divine Light to the inner eye. It increases the amount of chi circulating through the meridians and enhances the power of the will to manifest one’s spiritual goals. If two people hold hands with an Azozeo stone in their mutual grasp, they can experience an empathy so deep, it is nearly telepathy. These stones portend great hope for humanity and the world.
     It is interesting to notice that the first three types of Azeztulite to take on the Azozeo energy have been White Azeztulite, Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite and Himalaya Gold Azeztulite. I relate these to the infusion of the White Light, the Clear Light and the Golden Light. A number of years ago I had a dream in which there were three pillars extending between Heaven and Earth, and they were rays of White, Clear and Golden Light. In the dream, I did not know what they were, and they scared me a little, but I was struck with awe, because I knew they were Divine and I saw that they were going to transform the world. With the awakening of the Azozeo Azeztulites, I begin to think I at last understand my dream. And I see now that the fourth of the Azozeo Azeztulites, the Azozeo Amazez is the Fourth Pillar, the Pillar of Purification. The fifth and sixth are the New Zealand Azeztulites--Azozeo Sauralite Azeztulite and Azozeo Honey and Cream Azeztulite, both of which carry the intimate sweetness of Divine Love. For those who feel called to work with Azozeo stones, I recommend using one of each of these, to experience the fullness of their qualities. I have just begun my own work with these energies, and I am ardent in my enthusiasm for them. I feel certain that we are only now seeing the beginning of many wonders to come.
     In September, we took Azozeo Azeztulites to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. Dozens of people there tuned in to the super-activated stones, and all of them felt the new, more powerful currents quite profoundly. Like us, they were astonished at their experiences, and most of them purchased stones to take home. As the word circulates, we expect a network of Azozeo Azeztulites to spread our over the planet.
Here are two quotes about the Azozeo Azeztulites:
From Robert Sardello: “The Azozeo Azetulite--I got the piece you sent. Thank you. And yes, definitely, very different, very powerful. In contemplation--all intense, intense white radiating light, radiating from a center outward. Then the image changes, and there begins to be series of light forms, that are structured like various kinds of quartz forms--single form, double-terminated, clusters--but as light, not image as in representation. These are accompanied with the feeling that this Azetulite is the ‘holder and transformer’ of all quartz into Azetu-Light.”
From Birch Gerke: I sat in meditation today with the Azozeo pumping waves up my arms to my skull--that stuff is powerful!”

Other Azozeo Stones?
     As Leo and I worked to activate some of each kind of the Azeztulites in the Azozeo energy field, we wondered if it might be possible for any other stones to take on the Azozeo energies, if we were to place them in the same field. We found that indeed we did have two crystals which were also super-activated by exposure to the field. The first is Auralite 23 and the second is Nirvana quartz. Both of them jumped to a much faster rhythm of pulsation and a higher intensity of overall energy when they were left for twenty-four hours in the Azozeo/Pyramid/Labyrinth/Phenacite field. For those who wish to experiment with the new Super-Activated Auralite 23 and Nirvana quartz crystals, we have included a page of each in this catalog.

Azozeo™ Gem Essences
    Our new manager Leo McFee is an expert at creating Gem Essences and he has been doing so for many years. (We are hoping he’ll write a book about it.) As we continued to be amazed by the currents of the stones we were bringing out of the Azozeo energy field, we decided to try making an Azozeo Gem Essence there. Once again, we were astonished by the results. It was definitely the strongest bodily response either of us had ever felt to a stone essence. Upon taking a few drops under the tongue, there was an immediate subtle ‘rush’ through the whole body, and a feeling of quickening vibration. Then as the day went on, both of us felt an increase in energy, and a link with higher levels of consciousness. For myself, I can say that I was surprised that I did not feel ungrounded. Instead, I simply felt as though my personal field was full of Light, and that I was aware on more levels than usual. Also, I noticed a much stronger ‘body consciousness,’ and I believe this is what the Azozeo cellular activation I wrote about earlier in this article feels like. As of this writing, I am halfway through a thirty-day program of taking the Azozeo Essence each morning. So far, I can report that my dream life is much more vivid, my sensitivity to stones has been enhanced, I am having more frequent inner visions, I have lost a few pounds of weight and I have the energy to work till midnight without coffee. I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks will bring!
    We invite readers who decide to work with Azozeo Azeztulites (as well as Azozeo Auralite 23 and Azozeo Nirvana Quartz) and/or Azozeo Azeztulite Gem Essence, to write to us with your impresions and experiences. We are all on a great adventure together, in cahoots with the Nameless Light and the Soul of the World!

Three New Stones from Our
New Zealand Adventure
    Robert Simmons writes: “In April and May of 2012, Kathy and I returned to New Zealand for six weeks of adventure and discovery. Among many amazing experiences, some of the most wonderful were our rock-hunting expeditions, guided by several generous Kiwi friends. Shortly after our arrival, we were taken on an trips to find beautiful clusters of Sauralite Azeztulite inside an abandoned gold mine deep in the bush. It was a taxing and exciting experience, involving much more climbing and river-wading than we had ever done, culminating in several hours of working with pick hammers inside the old mine shaft, with only flashlights and headlamps to see by. With our friends help, we were able to unearth knapsacks full of treasures, some of which readers can see in the Sauralite pages of this catalog. Later in our trip, we were taken to rich collecting areas where we discovered two stones we had never encountered before--a silicated chert we call Empowerite and an unusually powerful Jasper we named Revelation Stone. Our final discovery was a cache of ancient ocean-tumbled stones which are two-toned in honey brown and creamy white. We were thrilled to find, when we tuned in to them, that they carry the frequencies of Azeztulite! We have named them Honey and Cream Azeztulite, and they are among our most treasured New Zealand stones.

    “Finding the stones I have mentioned was an important discovery of our New Zealand trip, but there was another, more enigmatic one. The land itself feels alive there, with a special spiritual potency I have experienced nowhere else. This potency is reflected in the emanations of the Sauralites, and the Honey and Cream Azeztulites. There is a feeling of expectancy--a dawning of possibility--which excites me on a very deep level. I kept wanting to call New Zealand ‘New Lemuria,’ because the very earth, air and water of the place is brimming with an almost palpable sweetness, and an exuberant power that is like the feeling one has during the moment before a great revelation or enlightenment. There was the sense that everything there is conscious--plants, ocean, clouds, stones--and that everything is waiting for human beings to join in an ecstatic shared awareness. This is the sort of empathic field of consciousness I had always associated with the legends of Lemuria, and I wondered whether Lemuria was actually something remembered from the deep past, or if it is something we intuitively sense coming into being from the future. I can only say that it was an amazingly strong feeling, which was almost constant whenever we were out in Nature, and that feeling is concentrated in all of the stones we brought back with us. I am eager to share these stones with our readers, so that this consciousness can spread...and I am just as eager to return to New Lemuria...oops! I mean New gather more stones and more of this ecstatic energy.”

Honey and Cream Azeztulite™
    The stone called Honey and Cream Azeztulite is an ocean-tumbled quartz, with softly modulating patterns of honey gold and creamy white. The natural pieces range from one to about six inches in diameter. Many of them are pockmarked with small cavities that contain tiny glittering crystals. They have been found in a single remote spot on the South Island of New Zealand.
    Robert Simmons writes: “During our New Zealand adventure in April-May of 2012, we were synchronistically led to an area on New Zealand’s South Island which had once been covered with ocean. Here, among tons of other stones and ancient sand, we found a small number of tan and white stones. Upon picking them up, I immediately recognized them to be a new form of Azeztulite. Of course, I could not tell if the stones had carried their vibrations for many years or if they had been recently activated, but my felt sense was the latter. I believe these and the Sauralite Azetulites from New Zealand to be among the most recently awakened forms of Azeztulite, and also among the most highly evolved.
    “Honey and Cream Azeztulite emanates currents that fill the body with waves of Light and something I have to call sweetness. It is a highly pleasurable sensation, stimulating one’s higher capacities, filling one with soft, comforting vibrations. These are stones one could easily fall in love with, as they seem to generate love within every cell of the body. They are different from many high-energy stones, which can be powerful and intense. Honey and Cream Azeztulites combine power with love in a way that calls to mind Nature in her most fertile and lovely expressions. This stone is the mineral version of warm waves on a quiet beach, or a garden of lilies, or a rainbow after a spring shower. It kindles Divine Light in one’s cells, in a way that feels gentle, kind and intimate. There is a great deal of power as well, and it builds to higher and higher levels the longer one holds the stone. Yet it is never overwhelming or uncomfortable--it strengthens at just the pace one is ready for. This is one of the reasons I view Honey and Cream Azeztulites as among the most evolved types of Azeztulite. It feels as if the intelligence which guides the expression of these stones is learning to gauge our sensibilities more precisely, so that the newest Azeztulites are the ones most perfectly matched with human energies.
    “Honey and Cream Azeztulites (and Sauralite Azeztulite crystals) emanate the most feminine currents of all Azeztulites. They feel very nurturing, and they have a soothing quality, even as they bring a great deal of Light into one’s body and consciousness. In particular, I recommend sleeping with the Honey and Cream Azeztulites. While the original White Azeztulite and Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite are probably too intense for most of us to be able to sleep comfortably in their presence, Honey and Cream Azeztulite can waft you on a carpet of sweetness into the realm of dreams. And the dreams one experiences with these stones are often profoundly spiritual. One can travel through the levels of the Cosmic Spheres to the Great Central Sun, feeling successive waves of bliss. (This experience can also occur when one meditates with these stones.) One may meet the angelic beings who are the Azez themselves, or even encounter Sophia, the Soul of the World, in the dream or meditative state. Such experiences are ecstatic in nature, and the pleasurable waves engendered by Honey and Cream Azeztulite can help one attune to the frequencies of ecstasy that are the nature of the highest realms.
    “On more Earthly levels, Honey and Cream Azeztulites are ideal allies for emotional healing. They can help one soothe and comfort one’s inner child, allowing recovery from old patterns of shame or feelings of abandonment. They can be used in soul retrieval work, providing a cocoon of loving currents within which one may ‘call home’ any lost parts of one’s original wholeness.
    “Honey and Cream Azeztulites provide a natural balm for frayed nerves, and a salve for anxiety. Their currents allow one to dissolve stress and relax into a state of comfort and security. They help one to live joyfully in the eternal present, rather than in worries about the future or regrets about the past. This stone’s soothing quality can work its way even into the body, facilitating the release of muscle tension, the quieting of upset stomachs, or quelling the pain of a tension headache.
    “Last but not least, I recommend working with Honey and Cream Azeztulite’s to engender the Activity of Blessing. Holding one of the stones over one’s heart, one is recommended to imagine that, with each inhalation, one is receiving a blessing in one’s heart from the stone. (This IS actually what is happening!) With each exhalation, one is to release a blessing from one’s heart to the stone (to its spiritual essence). This is to be repeated indefinitely, and the longer one does this, the stronger will be the current of blessing one experiences. It is easy to move into an ecstatic state doing this meditation. Ultimately, practicing this will teach one how to meet every experience and each perception within a similar state of mutual blessing. If enough people were to do that, we could transform our world.
    “Honey and Cream Azeztulite vibrates in resonance with all other types of Azeztulite. It also works synergistically with Shungite, which quickens its infusion of Light and bliss. For healing applications, I recommend combining these stones with Healerite. All Azozeo-activated stones harmonize with Honey and Cream Azeztulite...and of course an Azozeo-activated Honey and Cream Azeztulite is quite a wonderful thing in itself! These stones also harmonize with Ascension stones such as Danburite, Petalite, Herderite, Brookite and Satya Mani Quartz.”

    Empowerite is a highly-silicated form of chert rock, similar in chemical composition to flint. These stones were discovered in New Zealand’s dense forest, hidden under heaps of moss and ferns. Our guides joked to us that they called the stones “petrified swamp,” because of their damp and oozing locality. In fact, the stones may have been a part of the swamp many millions of years ago, and sometimes a tiny fossil can be found embedded in one of them.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Empowerite was named for the way it makes one feel--full of confidence, strength and personal power. It is a tremendously potent stone for grounding one’s energies in the Earth, and for receiving and storing the Earth’s Life Force currents or chi. Empowerite reconnects one to one’s natural energetic link with the Earth, even though most of us are so cut off from it that we have forgotten that the Earth is our primary source of power. Those who feel disconnected from the Earth--especially Star Children who long for home--will find that Empowerite can completely shift this disorientation and bring the felt sense of Earth as one’s true home.
    “Empowerite helps one to become fully embodied. Many people have not actually decided--on the soul level--that they want to be in a physical body. Usually, they are not conscious of this reluctance, but it can result in many problems--including spaciness, weakness, being ‘all in one’s head,’ being accident prone, having little physical energy, and even being invaded by negative entities. The grounding influence of Empowerite can work like magic to bring our souls into full embodiment, where we discover that living in a physical body is really great! Once this occurs, many of one’s symptoms can quickly dissolve.
    “Empowerite is a stone of confidence and courage. It encourages a state of wakeful self-awareness in which one is fully in command of all of one’s faculties and abilities. It dispels hesitation and indecision, enhances will power, inspires courage, stimulates practicality and encourages one to act with resolve in every moment. It is a stone of destiny, since most people fail to fulfill their destiny through hesitation and discouragement.
    “Empowerite is a stone of commitment, and as such it leads one into the inner state of ‘unconflicted behavior.’ Most of us live in a consciousness of inner conflict--of some degree of self-doubt and second-guessing. It is trained into us, and we are surrounded by it. However, in extraordinary moments we can find ourselves fully committed, and in that state we can do astonishing things. (We have all heard stories of individuals lifting an automobile off of a child, etc.) What allows this is the complete concentration of one’s whole being into a fully committed act. The currents emanated by Empowerite support a state of consciousness in which self-doubt and fear are increasingly erased, and we are more and more able to focus our intention completely. When we do this, we can go completely beyond what we once thought were our absolute limits.  
    “As a healing stone, Empowerite’s influence can strengthen the digestive system and intestines. It vibrationally supports the liver and gall bladder, as well as the hands, feet and shoulders. It is useful in body-building, and for strengthening the muscles and skeleton. It is highly recommended for anyone convalescing after an illness or injury, and for those who wish to put the psychological effects of grief or trauma behind them.
    “Empowerite harmonizes with Hyperstene, as well as Black Strongstone, Illuminite, Smoky Quartz and Crimson Cuprite. It works well with Auralite 23 for purifying and repairing the etheric body. With Moldavite, it can facilitate the process of spiritual evolution and transformation.”

Revelation Stone™
    The last of the new stones we brought back from our New Zealand adventure is Revelation Stone. This is a type of Jasper, found scattered both inland and near the sea, which varies through the color range of red, yellow, brown, green and black. Energetically, it is quite different from any Jasper we have ever encountered.
    Jasper has long been considered a sacred stone. It was one of the twelve stones mentioned in the Old Testament as composing the breastplate of the High Priest, via which he could communicate with the Divine realms. In the Book of Revelation, Jasper is mentioned as the gemstone out of which the walls of the New Jerusalem (the city of Heaven on Earth) are to be constructed. This heavenly city is believed to exist already on the higher realms, and it is prophesized that the entire city will descend to Earth when the Divine and Earthly realms conjoin.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Revelation Stone was literally that for me--a revelation. In appearance, these stones are like other humble members of the Jasper family, but on the vibrational level they are extraordinary. They have a powerful resonance with the heart, and they stimulate the heart’s capacity to be conscious of the unfolding pattern of the future. It we work with these stones, we can learn to receive and understand the heart’s perceptions (or revelations) of the time stream of the future.
    “When I held a Revelation Stone in meditation, the first thing I noticed was a sense of being enveloped in a soft cloud of peaceful awareness. As I held the stone to my chest, I felt my heart ‘jump’ and thump, as if in recognition of its affinity with this stone. This gesture of the heart repeated itself a number of times, making me certain it was a response to the stone.
    “My felt sense, from the time I encountered this stone, is that it facilitates the gift of prescient vision--of seeing the future--so I paid attention to this possibility as I attuned to Revelation Stone for this writing. Immediately I was shown that Revelation Stone indeed stimulates the heart’s awareness of the future time stream, and that it displays that awareness to the mind’s eye as images or visions rather than words. With that insight I was also shown that the future one sees is not a precise, predetermined set of events, but a pattern of possibility--the potential future, or the blueprint for what may happen, depending on human choices. It is something like watching a weather report--one sees the sort of situation that is coming, but not the details of how it will play out. Our free will determines these details. And thank goodness we do not see an exact picture of what will happen--it would leave us no room to make a difference!
    “Having said that, it is still of great value to experience the future visions presented through working with Revelation Stone. The pictures on sees are readable, in much the same way one can read and decipher the I Ching or Tarot cards. And similar to these oracles, the patterns require interpretation to make practical use of them. However, the divination precipitated by Revelation Stone is completely within oneself, given as a vision or series of visions.
    “Perhaps it is best to say that Revelation Stone can stimulate one’s innate capacity for prophetic vision, through opening a channel of communication between heart awareness and mental consciousness. It is an excellent tool for anyone who wishes to improve their psychic capacities, and it can augment to abilities of professional or amateur readers, channels or mediums.
    “Another trait of Revelation Stone is its ability to enhance one’s awareness of communication from the realm of souls who have died. It one wishes to learn to do such communication, meditation with Revelation Stone is highly recommended.
    “While meditating with Revelation Stone, if one directs one’s attention in another direction, it can facilitate vivid experiences of past life recall. For those working shamanically, Revelation Stone enhances one’s visionary experiences of those realms as well. Even in areas of simple intuition, wearing or carrying one of these stones can stimulate clearer and more frequent insights. These stones seem to help one to bypass linear thinking and experience direct knowledge.
    “In healing work, I recommend Revelation Stone for instances of amnesia or suppressed memories. It is also potentially beneficial for those wishing to overcome excessive worry or irrational fears of the future. Revelation Stone, in addition to its capacity to awaken vision, is a steady healing influence for the physical and emotional heart, as well as the brain and mind.
    Revelation Stone resonates with Nirvana Quartz (especially the trigonic crystals) and Phenacite, both of which enhance prophetic vision. Moldavite can accelerate the effects of Revelation Stone. The entire Azeztulite group works well with Revelation Stone, especially in regard to manifesting the vision of Earth as a planet of Light. Any stone which has been super-activated with the new Azozeo process will work synergistically with Revelation Stone.”

More Stones:

    Healerite is the name given to a newly discovered magnesium silicate mineral (possibly a form of chrysotile) from the Northwestern USA. It is a bright lime green color, reminding some observers of Key Lime pie! It has a soft feeling in the hand, and is pleasant to hold. It was all hand-dug from a single deposit in a remote mountain area.
Robert Simmons writes: “This is a stone of profound healing energy, working on multiple levels to restructure misaligned chakras, meridians, and systems in the organic and etheric bodies, bringing a great beneficial infusion of  subtle matter-energy. Healerite’s currents move into the body quite readily at any point, carrying emanations of well-being to body and soul. This stone resonates strongly with the heart, solar plexus and third eye chakras, facilitating an elevation and alignment of the vibratory qualities of these three chakras and one’s entire vibrational field. Through the linking of these chakras, Healerite stimulates the harmonious accord of awareness, love and will, empowering one to manifest these more fully than ever before. Those engaged in self-healing or in facilitating the healing of others will find a valuable ally in this wholesome and powerful stone.
     “Healerite energizes the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, creating revitalization on the cellular level. Its currents encourage all of the cells and internal systems to harmonize with one another, and with the Divine Blueprint of the holistic perfection of the body. This is a stone to carry or wear for the maintenance of one’s resonance with this pattern, as well as for re-connecting with it if one is ill.
      “On the emotional level, Healerite is an excellent ally for encouraging the optimal emotional states of joy, expansiveness, generosity, intimacy and heart-centered awareness.  This stone is a great aid for those seeking to heal old wounds to the emotional body--even those carried unconsciously from past lives. It is excellent for facilitating the recollection of past lives, and for learning the lessons which allow one to correct dysfunctional patterns and move forward. Healerite can also help practitioners break the pattern of being the ‘wounded healer”--one who engages in helping others but neglects one’s own self-healing. It is one of the most profoundly wholesome, balancing, energizing stones I have ever encountered, and I feel it can help one bring about amazing shifts into health and wholeness.
     “For self-healing of the body, I suggest placing Healerite on the afflicted areas, as well as in energy grids around the body. One can also carry or wear the stone to keep its influence in the auric field throughout the day.
     “On the spiritual level, Healerite is a stone of planetary healing. Planting this stone in areas where damage has been done to the etheric body of the Earth through the traumas of war, pollution, deforestation or environmental exploitation can affect the spiritual repair of such areas. If one does such planting with clear intention and ritual, the effects are much enhanced.
     “Healerite is the perfect stone for healing practitioners to place in their treatment rooms, providing a wholesome influence for the well-being of both healer and client. It is also ideal for meditation spaces, as it stimulates a connection of one’s awareness with the higher spiritual realms. Healerite resonates with angels, devas and Nature spirits, and those wishing to enter into conscious relationship with such entities are likely to find their connections much improved and enriched. Children will find an easy connection with Healerite, and handling the stone can help them maintain states of calm, happy awareness.
     “One very important quality of Healerite is its capacity to infuse one’s body--both physical and etheric--with subtle mater-energy from the higher realms. We are now in a period in which a great cascade of Divine blessings are being showered on the Earth, and onto all human beings. However, we must choose to be receptive to these currents of blessing (and willing to pass them on to others), in order for the full flow to enter us. Healerite magnifies this flow and helps one feel it, which allows the intensity and quantity of subtle matter-energy to increase even further. This ever-increasing infusion is the very essence of the accelerated spiritual evolution we are now called to embody.
    “Healerite’s currents flow into our being through the channels of the energy meridians--the same ones known in acupuncture and other modes of subtle energy medicine. One way to describe its effects is to say it greatly increases one’s chi, or life force. This may be the underlying reason for its multitude of beneficial effects. Healerite can help one calm frayed nerves, balance the body and emotions, attune to the spiritual realms, and increase inner vitality and energy. One can feel years younger when the subtle matter-energy of Healerite fully permeates one’s being. It says to me that it is a stone of longevity and rejuvenation, as well as simple healing.
    “I recommend wearing Healerite at any and all times, as well as placing pieces in one’s environment. Its wholesome emanations teach one’s body, mind and spirit, on the subliminal level, the patterns of health, inner harmony and spiritual awakening. It can open the mind to higher worlds, and it can open the heart to Divine Love.
    “Healerite has a special connection with Shungite, which enhances the flow of energy through the meridian system, and is also said to be a stone of rejuvenation. It works well with Honey and Cream Azeztulite, which mirrors and magnifies the wholesome sweetness of its currents. It  also resonates with Moldavite, Phenacite, Golden Labradorite, Seraphinite and all forms of Azeztulite.”

     One of our newest acquisitions is a Russian stone known as Shungite. It is black in color, and is said to be almost pure carbon. It is found in the Karelia region of Russia, near the village of Shunga. There are two varieties--the first is “classic” Shungite, which is available in larger quantities and has been shaped into spheres, wands, pyramids and tumbled stones; the second is known as “Noble” Shungite, which is available only in raw form, and is far rarer. Both are believed to have exceptional beneficial energies. One of the fascinating traits of Shungite is that its carbon molecules are known to gather together into hollow, globular molecules known as “fullerenes,” (because of their resemblance to the geodesic domes invented by Buckminster Fuller). In the information on Shungite that we found online, fullerenes are purported to purify water and to act as powerful antioxidents. Fullerenes are currently of great scientific interest, in areas ranging from the creation of body armor to the treatment of cancer. There is also speculation that fullerenes are related to the origins of life. According to astronomer Letizia Stanghellini, “It’s possible that buckyballs (fullerenes) from outer space provided seeds for life on Earth.”
     There is a plentitude of written testimony to the beneficial effects of Shungite. The stone is said to have been known in Russia for centuries, where it was used for healing and water purification. Russian author A. Doronina, in his book Shungite: The Stone-Savior, writes the following: “Fullerenes, getting in our body, behave as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. Today, doctors have great hopes for fullerenes...Researches of Shungite have also shown that direct contact of the stone with the human body ensures relief from pain and releases from a number of serious illnesses, especially of musculoskeletal system, any skin deceases, contributes to a rapid healing of cuts, etc.” Another Russian author, M. Polevaya writes in Shungite: The Magic Stone of Health: “This stone, which possesses amazing cleansing and healing properties, brings more pure and spiritual pleasure. Just contemplation of it calms down and comforts. It literally absorbs negative energy while emitting only positive.”
With all of this information, plus the testimony of customers who asked us to carry Shungite, we were curious. After some searching, we were able to acquire a supply of high-quality Shungite, in both “classic” and “noble” varieties. We learned that the “noble” Shungite is so named because it is of a higher level of purity. Classic Shungite contains some fraction of other materials.
     Robert Simmons writes: “My first impression upon holding a piece of Shungite was of a wave of cleansing vibration washing through my whole body. My felt sense was that this stone clears the energies of the entire body and open one to receive spiritual Light. Unlike some stones which work on an etheric level, or even a cellular level, Shungite gave me the impression that it operates on the molecular level, freeing the very atoms of one’s body from their bonding the negative patterns and energies. When one feels this, it is a powerful and very surprising sensation.  My sense is that Shungite prepares the atoms and molecules of the body for the direct infusion of spiritual Light. (This is the same subtle matter-energy infusion I sensed being facilitated on the cellular level by Healerite.)
     “My vision is that Shungite works to cleanse and align all the particles of the body, so that they are open to the rapid conjoining with the Light. And I sensed a fascinating thing as this vision presented itself--the Light Body does not fully form until it merges with the physical body. The atoms and molecules of the material body, when they are properly aligned, form the scaffolding or ‘skeleton’ around which the Light Body can coalesce. In most of us, our physical bodies cannot properly align for the creation of the Light Body, because we carry contradictions, diseases and disharmonies within us. These negative patterns keep us from being able to match  our frequencies and patterns with those of the spiritual Light sufficiently for the Light Body to manifest. However, when we are truly aligned and open to receive the Light, it floods into us, and this is a great spiritual fulfillment--a Human Being of Light is manifested! The highest purpose of Shungite is to facilitate this process. It is a process that takes time, but Shungite can greatly accelerate it.
     “On other levels, Shungite can be used to clear the body of dysfunctional patterns which can manifest as disease, emotional difficulties or various types of negativity. Placing Shungite on an affected area can facilitate accelerated resolution of the problem. However, simply holding or meditating with Shungite affects the whole being.
     “Shungite aids ungrounded people to better connect with the Earth. it provides an aura of psychic protection, primarily because of the energetic alignment it facilitates. Shungite is a stone of truth. Under its influence, one cannot act or speak falsely without becoming very uncomfortable. This is because Shungite dispels negativity and brings in so much spiritual Light that one immediately feels the unpleasant sensation of disharmony if a negative or false thought or statement is introduced. The clearing influence of Shungite tend to dispel one’s self-harming or self-defeating habitual patterns. On an emotional level, it is excellent for letting go of deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt or shame. My inner vision shows me that Shungite may even be able to help clear ‘hardwired’ negative or defensive patterns such as those stored in the brain’s amygdala--an area thought to be unavailable to change.
     “Noble Shungite is the most potent form for meditation and acceleration of the great Conjunction which brings forth the Body of Light. However, it is good to have both types, because the Classic Shungite can be shaped and polished into forms such as spheres, wands and pyramids which can amplify and direct its energy currents. Shungite Pyramids are excellent for placement on the body, because their energy fields penetrate in mirror image to the physical pyramid resting on the skin. Spheres are wonderful for filling one’s meditation space with its beneficial currents, or for cleansing the auric field. Wands are good healing tools because the currents can be directed and concentrated through the point, or diffused more gently through the rounded end. Also, tumble-polished pieces of Classic Shungite can be readily worn or carried, and this allows its energies to be an ongoing influence.
     “Shungite resonates profoundly with Healerite. The two used together are wonderful for perfecting the physical body’s alignment with the spiritual Light. Shungite also facilitates the powerful Light-infusion carried by all types of Azeztulite. If one wishes to work toward the rapid evolution and spiritual transformation catalyzed by the potent new Azozeo Azeztulites, Shungite can be a highly valuable aid. For visionary consciousness, pairing Shungite with Phenacite is highly recommended. For serenity leading to ecstatic rapture I recommend combining Shungite with the new Lithium Light stones, as well as crystallized Lepidolite.”

Lithium Light™
     Lithium Light is the name we have given to a sparkly, high vibration stone from the western Rocky Mountains. Its mineral constituents include Lepidolite, Quartz and Cronstedtite. It ranges in color from whitish gray to yellow and/or pink. The Lepidolite component of this material contains significant amounts of Lithium, which has a strong influence on its energetic properties. The Quartz component acts primarily as an amplifier of the Lithium energies, while the Cronstedtite aids in allowing the Lithium vibrations to be more easily assimilated by the body. We have found this stone to have a number of unique and pleasant qualities, which we hope our readers will enjoy.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Many of us feel a special affection for the family of Lithium-containing minerals--including Lepidolite, Tourmaline, Sugilite, Petalite, Amblygonite and others. All of them have enjoyable currents which soothe the psyche as well as the body, while gently elevating one’s consciousness. From my experience, Lithium Light is the most powerful of these. Its currents begin softly, building in intensity until one feels wrapped in a cocoon of spiritual Light, in a deeply comforting and relaxing glow. In fact, Lithium Light is ideal for those who are undergoing a period of spiritual transformation, because its presence builds a vibrational field of safety, pleasure, comfort, joy and healing relaxation. This is what is needed in times of inner gestation, in which the soul is metamorphosing into a new form.
     “Speaking of metamorphosis, a number of people who work with crystals and stones are engaged in creating or activating the Body of Light. As I wrote in regard to Shungite, the Light Body can only fully manifest as a stable form when it can integrate with a purified and fully receptive physical body. This is the goal--the merging of body, soul and spirit--which most mystical tradition holds for humanity. Our task, in large part, is to clear the physical body of negative attachments and impurities while calling in the spiritual Light which will, when the preparations have come to fruition, pour into the body, creating the Body of Light. This process can be greatly aided by the influence of Lithium Light, which aids in bodily and energetic purification, while holding one’s energy field within its Cocoon of Light.
     “Lithium Light is an excellent stone to carry or wear throughout the day. Its emanations engender a sense of calm serenity, in which one is far less vulnerable to negative influences in one’s environment. This stone allows one to awaken one’s higher awareness--the inner perspective that can accept conditions, whatever they are, without being brought down by them. This awareness brings the mind and heart into close accord, allowing one to see, understand and act from a place of wisdom.
     “Lithium Light is a stone of higher consciousness. This gentleness can make the expansion of awareness it provides feel so natural that it almost goes unnoticed. Yet, if one looks back, one realizes that one has traveled far along the path of Light as one has worked with this stone. In meditation, Lithium Light can lead to states of ecstatic rapture and visions of the Divine realms. It can even initiate states of recognition of one’s true Divine self.
     “In spiritual healing, Lithium Light is recommended for mood stabilization, calming nervousness and releasing stress. It is beneficial to the heart and nervous system. It can aid in calming digestive issues brought on by stress or anxiety. Practitioners of massage or other healing modalities are advised to wear or carry Lithium Light, in order to enhance one’s state of calm helpfulness and empathy with the client. It can also be helpful to have the recipient of the treatment hold a pair of these stones during the session, to aid in relaxation and receptivity.
     “One of the most enjoyable ways to immerse oneself in the currents of Lithium Light is to literally bathe with it. These stones’ currents are easily conducted by water (especially salt water), and through the water, via our opened pores, the energies of the stones make their way into our Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. This is a delectable experience, which can waft one upward into the heights of bliss. It is an excellent antidote to stress and a great way to re-connect with the loving emanations of the Divine realms.
     “Lithium Light stones harmonize easily with all of the Lithium-based stones mentioned above. In addition, they work synergistically with Sauralite Azeztulite and Honey and Cream Azeztulite, both of which emphasize the sweetness and serenity of connection with the higher realms of Light. Other high-vibration stones such as Phenacite, Herderite and Clear Apophyllite make excellent combinations with Lithium Light.”

Lithium Light™ Bath Stones
    To make it possible for our readers to easily experience the blissful bathing experience mentioned above, we have put together 1 1/2 pound bags of Lithium Light stones which can be placed directly into one’s hot bath, to charge the water with their currents of serenity. These stones can be used over and over. Even if one wears out the bag, the stones won’t wear out!

Arkansas Golden Healers   
      After our trip to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show in September, we drove to Arkansas on our way back to Vermont. It was a 1000 mile detour, but well worth it! One of the big reasons was our unexpected discovery of a collection of top quality Arkansas Golden Healer crystals. We had heard of these crystals before, but had never been able to acquire them. Even though this is likely to be a one-time offering, we’re excited to bring these exceptional crystals to our readers.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Arkansas Golden Healer crystals emanate profoundly powerful currents for the healing of the body and the expansion of consciousness. When I sat down to work with one of the new crystals we acquired in Arkansas, strong waves of pleasurable energy came in through my hands and swept through my body. At first, the waves moved up to the head, and my skull felt awash in a delicious energetic nectar. As I sat longer, the loving currents entered my heart area, and my beating heart responded to them, thumping in my chest as if in glad greeting of what had entered.
     “Realizing I had been experiencing some stomach discomfort that evening, I held the stone to my solar plexus. The same pleasant waves then came into that area, immediately soothing the pain. However, bringing the stone that much closer to my heart seemed to excite it--because it began to thump again in what seemed to be even greater joyous enthusiasm. (As a test, I put the stone down, and the heart thumping immediately quieted.) Each time I picked the stone up, the blissful waves began. I started then to realize that the spiritual entity who was expressing through this stone is a very high and powerful being.
     “I held the crystal again and asked the being its nature. It answered, ‘I am the Golden One, the Divine Messenger, the one who rides upon the current of Divine Fire, the one who delivers the Divine Fire. What you feel is the Golden Fire from the Heart of the Universe.’ Needless to say, I was surprised...Very few crystal or stones ‘speak’ to me; my information usually comes as images. But then, everything about this stone was extraordinary.
     “Asking the stone about the nature of its mission in the world, I was shown a beautiful image of a gold-white spire of light, touching the Earth and uniting with an unseen point in the sky. I was also shown a memory-image of a golden Sun, to which I had traveled in meditation many years ago. From this I understood that the Arkansas Golden Healer crystals are attuned to the Gold-White Ray of spiritual fire, and that this fire is the same as the Light many of us feel connected to, and which we endeavor to ground here on the Earth.
     “I received another ‘spoken’ message from the stone. It said, ‘I can aid in the healing of your bodies, and this is very good, but I can also work with you to heal the world, and that is much better.’ Then I saw an image of people holding Golden Healer crystals, each person glowing with golden Light, and among them there formed a web of Light which grew to enclose the whole Earth. This shows me that the mission of the Divine Messenger expressing through the Golden Healers is to facilitate the fulfillment of the joint destiny of the Earth and humanity--the co-creation of the Earth as a Planet of Light.
     “On more mundane levels, I highly recommend these Arkansas Golden Healers to anyone who is interested in healing oneself or others, working from the innermost center of one’s being, outwards to the outer layers of the material body. This is how these stones want to work with us. I wondered if we ought to ‘plant’ some of them in the ground for Earth healing, but a received a very strong ‘No.’ The Golden Healers want and need to work with us.
     “I have read that Golden Healers give access to Christ Consciousness. I can’t say whether that is Who was speaking through the stone, or whether the waves of bliss were the beginning of that experience...but I will say that the being on the other side of these stones is a VERY big being, and very wonderful. All of this came to me through holding a small hand-size crystal. I wonder what working with the really big clusters will do?”

Inkalite™ Quartz Spheres  
     In the spring of 2012, we purchased a small collection of remarkable spheres from Peru. Their primary component is quartz, but they vary widely from one to the other--some being all white-clear Quartz, and others containing inclusions of Green Chlorite, Agate or even Amethyst. Several of the spheres have pockets of sparkling Druzy crystals. The most unique quality of these spheres, however, is that all of them are composed of hundreds of individual intergrown crystals, which have bonded as a solid mass and stayed together when the spheres were cut. This gives the spheres the appearance of a crystal honeycomb--unlike any we have seen before or since. We have given them the name Inkalite Quartz, because of their Peruvian origin and their high-vibrational currents.
     Robert Simmons writes: “These amazing Inkalite Quartz spheres are more than beautiful--they are some of the most powerful stones I have encountered. I experienced their energies as very rapid pulsations which increased in speed and intensity the longer I held the stones. They powerfully activate the third eye, crown chakra and the Soul Star above the head. They enhance one’s receptivity to the currents of Celestial Fire which are pouring into the world at this time, and they help one to become a conduit for the Living Light. I believe that the parallel growth of the crystals composing these spheres has something to do with their vibrational intensity. It seems that the multiple crystals act in unison to radiate a synergistically magnified pulse. They also can be utilized to initiate interdimensional travel, allowing one access to multiple corridors of Light.
     “The high vibrations of Peru itself are definitely embodied in these spheres. They are visionary, like the auyahuasca vines which grow in the same habitat. If people are participating in visionary journeys, these spheres will make powerful partners, opening the third eye and facilitating attunement to psychic and shamanic channels. Inkalite Quartz is powerful, and it is neither slow nor gentle. It has a dramatic way of parting the veil between the mundane world and the spiritual realms.
     “One might say that each of the Inkalite Quartz spheres is a unique being of the same tribe--the tribe of the Powers of Light. Their orientation is completely positive (one need not be intimidated by the power they emanate) and their essential gesture is one of sweeping away limitation and opening one’s awareness.
     “For spiritual healing purposes, I highly recommend the Inkalite spheres with Chlorite inclusions. For pure expansion of consciousness, the ones which are white and clear are best. For a somewhat more grounded experience, the spheres of mixed Inkalite Quartz and Agate are recommended. For spiritual purification, spheres with Amethyst inclusions are most ideal, though the white-clear ones work very well.
     “Inkalite Quartz Spheres work in a highly synergistic way with Azozeo-Super Activated Azeztulite, Nirvana Quartz and Auralite 23 crystals. They also harmonize with Shungite, Illuminite and Elestial Selenite. Healerite can be used effectively with these, especially if one wishes to program one of the spheres for healing work.”

Crystallized Lepidolite
     Friends from Brazil recently introduced us to a new discovery--multi-layered crystallized Lepidolite wafers in a deep red-purple color. These were the purest and richest Lepidolite crystals we have ever encountered, and we eagerly bought all we could.
     Robert Simmons writes: “These Crystallized Lepidolites are stones of pure tranquility. They emanate waves of serene, calm, love-drenched peace--fully permeating the body and the auric field. They are a balm to the heart, supporting one’s sense of centeredness and helping one to experience any and all of life’s ups and downs with equanimity. They remind one’s everyday self that one is deeply rooted in the Divine Self, and that no passing event can disturb that connection. From the field of deep peace generated by these stones, one is able to be more generous in one’s dealings with others, and to remember that the fundamental nature of the Universe is love.
     “Crystallized Lepidolite is the purest and most powerful form of Lepidolite, and it exemplifies all of Lepidolite’s beneficial properties. It is effective in calming frayed nerves, helping one to release stress and worry, and setting one on the path of willing acceptance. This Lepidolite not only brings calm to stormy emotional seas, it also provides an energy of enlightened awareness that keeps one ‘on the beam’ so one can handle the situation in the highest way. Crystallized Lepidolite is a stone of serenity. It encourages one to respond to hostility without putting up defenses, to find the path of harmonious action and to see problems as opportunities to learn. It is also a stone of spiritual purification, and meditation with it can clear blocked energies in any of the chakras and throughout the meridian system. It can dispel negative thoughts and remove negative emotional attachments.”

A+++ Rhodocrosite   
     Rhodocrosite is a stone loved by just about everybody, for its beauty and the love it engenders. For the past few years, it has been nearly impossible to get good quality Rhodocrosite stones, and we are told it is because the mine is exhausted, and the site has been taken over by the Argentine government. But we were lucky, last August, to acquire some absolutely gorgeous specimens of old A+++ Rhodocrosite from old stock. Even our photographer’s eyes bugged out when he saw them!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Rhodochrosite is a stone of love, directed first toward the self, for purposes of emotional healing. It assists in doing the necessary work of recovering, reliving and releasing the memories of one’s emotional woundings. Rhodochrosite works vibrationally to support self-healing in these important areas. Through its energy of self-love and compassion for one’s inner child, Rhodochrosite can be a valuable ally. It emanates currents of inner peace and self-forgiveness, allowing one to fully blossom.
     Rhodochrosite can cleanse, soothe and heal the energy field around the heart. It can repair ‘holes’ or damaged areas in the auric field, especially the emotional body. It can deepen meditations and past-life regressions. It is also a stone of joy. Taking a Rhodochrosite outdoors on a lovely day and allowing the beauty of Nature to enter one’s senses, one can re-enter the sense of grace and magical happiness that are natural in the child who feels safe and loved.
     “Rhodochrosite harmonizes with the heart stones, including Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite, Rhodonite, Morganite, Emerald, Tsavorite Garnet and Rosophia. It can be combined with Healerite to bring healing love energies into any part of the body. Rhodocrosite’s power and intensity are increased by Moldavite. It also works well with Phenacite, Alexandrite, Oregon Opal, Black Tourmaline and Jet.”

Magenta Fluorite
     On our Fall buying trip, we found a nice collection of rare Magenta Fluorite clusters from Mexico. Their color is unique, and the currents coming out of these stones are as lovely as their colors.
Robert Simmons writes: “Have you ever met a stone that makes your heart melt the first time you see it? That’s what Magenta Fluorite did to me. Before I even touched one, I could see/feel its sweetness, and very pleasant tingles went through me. When I held the stone, the tingles got a lot stronger!
     “Magenta Fluorite is a stone of the heart, allowing one to become consciously aware of the heart’s thought, desires and knowledge. It is a stone of inner truth, enhancing clarity and bringing emotional concerns into a state of peaceful understanding. It is a highly spiritual stone, linking the energies of the heart and crown chakras and opening one to higher awareness.
     “Magenta Fluorite is a stone of emotional healing. It encourages forgiveness--of oneself and others, for whatever wounds have been caused. It teaches that forgiving is the only path that can heal the world, and that we must surrender our wounds if we want them to heal.
     “In meditation Magenta Fluorite stimulates the pineal gland in the center of the brain, encouraging the secretion of its Divine nectar. When this occurs, one can easily enter a state of ecstasy. For this purpose, I recommend holding a Magenta Fluorite in one’s hands, with the eyes open, gazing at the stone. Imagine the rich color flooding your mind and finally permeating the center of the brain. As you invite this to happen, you may begin to see the magenta color even if you close your eyes. Practice with this mediation can lead to spectacular results.
     “Magenta Fluorite is also helpful in clearing the emotional body. It aids one in dispelling emotional confusion, and in knowing which choices are best for the good of all.
     “Magenta Fluorite works well in combination with crystallized Lepidolite, as well as Rhodocrosite, Madagascar Rose Quartz, Rosophia and Pink Tourmaline.”

Elestial Selenite™
     Over the past year, we have been painstakingly gathering a collection of rare Elestial Selenite crystals. The intricate and beautiful growth patterns of these unusual Selenites are unlike any we had seen before, and their energies are unique among all forms of Selenite.
     Robert Simmons writes: “When I sat down to meditate with a pair of Elestial Selenites for this writing, I placed one pointing toward the third eye and the other pointing down into the crown chakra. Within seconds, I felt a strong infusion of subtle matter-energy pouring into both centers, and meeting in the area at the center of the brain. I sensed spiraling pulsations stronger than I had ever felt from any Selenite before. Along with the pulsations can a torrent of images and information. Some of this came as insights into spiritual structures of the universe, while another portion regarded the capacities and benefits of these stones. Before going further, I just have to say Wow! These are some powerful crystals!
     “Elestial Selenites are antennae for reception of the currents of subtle matter-energy which are always streaming down on the Earth from the spiritual core of the Universe, the Great Central Sun. These currents are now reaching levels not recalled in recorded history, as we enter the Nine Years of Blessing which I feel is leading us to planetary enlightenment. Among the many preparations we are called to make for this world-reshaping transformation, perhaps the most important at this time is vibrational attunement. This is the term for our latent capacity to shift our attention to other levels of consciousness, and to thereby resonate with higher states of being. Like a tuning fork that begins to vibrate when it is brought near another tuning fork that is vibrating, we can move into sympathetic resonance with the streams of blessing that are now coming to the Earth, and this will awaken dormant parts of ourselves. It will be like discovering new senses we never knew we had, and the process has already begun.
     “Elestial Selenites work like a bridging device to allow us to resonate with higher-frequency vibrations than we can normally sense. Experiencing this resonance entrains the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix to become sensitive to these frequencies. As we become more sensitive, we resonate more strongly, which makes us even more sensitive, creating a self-generating feedback loop that can bring us to entirely new and expanded levels of awareness. Another aspect of this process is that we are speaking not only of ephemeral energies. The subtle currents (sometimes known as Celestial Fire) that are now pouring into the world are composed of a spiritual substance that can work to transform the very matter of our bodies into a higher, more refined form. These are the currents we can bring into ourselves with the aid of Elestial Selenite.
     “Elestial Selenites are so named, not only because of their shapes but also because, like Elestial Quartz, they act like switchboards linking multiple dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another. They are bridges to higher dimensions, but they are living spiritual bridges. It might be more appropriate to call them Selenite Angels, since, like angels, they carry the Divine Message or vibration into the human world.
     “Elestial Selenites can stimulate many of our latent higher capacities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, prescient vision and empathic healing abilities. This is done through their ability to bringing one into resonance with one’s Higher Self--the Self which is our true identity. Working with these crystals in meditation, body layouts and/or energy grids are all excellent ways to encourage the development of these capacities, through bathing in the high vibrations brought through these exceptional stones.
     “In spiritual healing work, I recommend Elestial Selenites for bringing the entire body into resonance with the Divine blueprint of perfection, via the infusion of Celestial Fire into the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. More specifically, the currents carried by these crystals can dissolve dysfunctional patterns on the energetic level, which allows the natural healing process to take place.
     “Elestial Selenites can be combined with other Selenites in energy grids, and this will lend the special power of Elestial Selenite to the other Selenites being utilized. Elestial Selenite has special resonance with the Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites, Nirvana Quartz and Aurilite 23 crystals. It also works powerfully in conjunction with Shungite, Healerite and Illuminite. Phenacite increases the visionary quality of the insights awakened by these crystals, while Petalite and Danburite emphasize conscious experience of Elestial Selenite’s angelic connection.”

Albatine™ Aragonite
     One of the big prizes of our Fall buying trip was a collection of exquisite white Aragonites that we’ve named Albantine Aragonite. These gorgeous clusters have a myriad of phantasmagoric shapes that make them look almost like flowers.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Albatine Aragonites link directly to the Angelic domain. Their shapes are reminiscent of the Blossoms of Living Light one encounters in the heavenly realms. Like the Angelic beings whose energies they express, these Aragonites are each distinctly individual while also obviously belonging to the same family. Energetically, they are among the most uplifting of stones. They glow with an inner Light that echos the beauty of their physical forms.
     “Albantine Aragonite can stimulate the pituitary gland, generating the inner experience of White Light. They are stones of interdimensional communication, and meditation with one of them can help one attune in order to telepathically converse with one’s Guardian Angels. People who regularly engage in Angelic communication will find their connections enhanced by working with Albantine Aragonite.
     “Albantine Aragonite helps one to purify one’s auric field or living space. These make ideal altar stones, as they can infuse the atmosphere of the room with spiritual Light, and they can call in helpful spiritual beings. Keeping an Albantine Aragonite in one’s office or workspace goes far toward keeping it clear of negative energies.
     “Albantine Aragonite harmonizes well with white Azeztulite, as well as other varieties of Aragonite, such as the red Aragonite clusters from Morocco, the Blue Aragonites from China, and the Bi-Color Spanish Aragonites. They also combine with Lithium Light to creat an energetic atmosphere of absolute serenity.”

     Illuminite is the name given to an unusual stone native to Vermont, USA. It is composed of intermingled layers of white Calcite and black Quartz. It has two different hardnesses--3.5 for the Calcite and 6 to 7 for the black Quartz. Its unusual blending of disparate elements carries through into its spiritual properties as well.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Illuminite speaks to us of the possibility of intermingling darkness with light, thereby bringing what is in darkness out of exile. It stimulates the whole energy system, from the crown chakra to the feet, doing so in a very interesting way. When one holds a piece, it begins with pulsations in the hands, which move upward to the third eye and crown. Then the energies begin to circulate throughout the body, pervading the meridian system and ultimately grounding through one’s feet. There is a strong felt sense of the integration of one’s entire energy field, making it congruent with the Liquid Crystal body Matrix. This is essential for realizing the potential of dynamic wholeness that exists in each of us, but is rarely manifested.
     “Part of the reason for the difficulty of manifesting our wholeness is that most of us have exiled parts of ourselves into the darkness--usually because we have accepted the judgements of others (parents, teachers, peers, etc.) and thereby judged ourselves. The judged parts of ourselves then become divorced from our ‘sunlit selves’--the acceptable parts  approved of by others. This split of the self goes into our unconscious and keeps us from wholeness. In order to become whole and realize our potential, we need to bring our judged or ‘dark’ qualities out of exile. Here is where Illuminite can be of great assistance.
     “Holding an Illuminite stone over one’s heart, one will feel one’s interior channels activating and the stone’s energy coursing around and through oneself. As this is occurring, I suggest imagining one’s ‘worst’ quality, placing an image of that quality in one’s heart and inwardly saying, ‘I am so grateful for this part of myself.’ At this point, one may feel some inner turbulence, but I encourage you to continue repeating this inner affirmation in relation to your ‘worst’ qualities, until you feel the inner conflict dissipate, as the Illuminite currents circulate and the inner chunk of darkness becomes blended with one’s inner Light. If one works in this way, with the aid of the Illuminite, until one has brought all of one’s exiled parts back into oneself (with gratitude), one will feel a huge increase of vitality and enthusiasm for life, as one’s previously frozen energies come back. Most of us, until this occurs, didn’t even realize what we were missing!
     “Illuminite is also an ideal stone for meeting darkness with Light in all situations of life. It can dissolve and dispel negative energies in one’s environment, and carrying the stone lends vitality to one’s entire vibrational field. Because it has both elevating and grounding qualities, Illuminite can provide a boost in whatever areas are depleted within one’s field.
     “On the level of spiritual self-healing, Illuminite is excellent for opening blocked energies and stimulating congested chi to circulate. It supports blood circulation and can do the same for the lymphatic system. Its ability to move energy in the body also can vibrationally benefit the digestive and nervous systems.
      “Illuminite works synergistically with Nuummite, Master Shamanite, Phenacite, Petalite, Danburite, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz and all types of Azeztulite. For rapid transformational effects, it can be combined with Moldavite and/or Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites.”

Black Strongstone™
     Black Strongstone is the name given to a powerful Black Quartz material from Mexico. Apparently, these stones have spent many years in the ocean, because they are all naturally rounded forms. We have come across very few Black Quartz stones in our years of collecting, and none of them have exhibited the interesting energetic qualities we found in these!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Surprisingly, when I held the Black Strongstones for the first time, their energetic currents went straight to my head. That is not the sort of thing I would have expected from a stone as dense and black as these appear to be. Yet, that’s what I have felt--the first time and every time since. The feeling is that the stone is causing energies to be drawn down from above. As one continues to attune to these stones, the currents work their way further and further down into the body, finally reaching the feet and going into the Earth. But the energies never leave any part of the body, so by the time the currents reach the feet, one is vibrating all over! At that point, more things begin to happen.
     “Black Strongstone helps to bring the Supramental Force--the wave of consciousness that is attempting to ground itself in the Earth at this pivotal time in history--down into the body and into the Earth. These are stones of transmutation. They are capable of making vibrations which are normally too high for us to pick up available to our awareness and our bodies. This is of great importance, for the great spiritual task of our times is to find ways to resonate with the high frequency energies being showered upon the Earth. These energies are here to help us, but we must connect with them for that to happen. That is what Black Strongstone is good for.
     “Black Strongstone aids one is building vitality and stamina. It emanates a strong current of Life Force, and it spreads this throughout the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. It can keep negative energies at bay, and it stimulates the heart and solar plexus to bring forth a courageous will. It increases one’s capacity to endure long, arduous tasks, either physical or mental. In general, it makes one feel strong--which is how it got its name.
     “Black Strongstone works harmoniously with Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites, because it  has the capacity to bring its powerful high vibrations fully into the body. It also combines synergistically with Master Shamanite, Auralite 23, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline, It can help the blissful energies of Lithium Light to fully permeate the body.”

     The response to our offerings of Auralite-23 has been so strong that we literally bought a ton of it! Much of the new material was sent off to make polished shapes and beads, but we selected the the best raw pieces for our catalog and website. Lovers of Auralite-23, or readers looking to try it out will find a great selection in these pages.
     Robert Simmons writes about Auralite-23: “When I sat down to meditate with two crystals of Auralite-23, I was surprised by the sheer volume of energy coming from them. They are much stronger than regular Amethyst! When a stone is held at the crown chakra, its pulsations move fully through the brain, activating both the crown and third eye. They engender sensations of peace and tranquility in the mind, and bring into one’s awareness a sense of being in the presence of the sacred. They remind one of the sacred nature of one’s own consciousness, and they bring a quality of inner focus that facilitates deep meditation. The mind is quieted and calmed, the emotional body is stilled and the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix is attuned to its Divine Blueprint. When one holds one of these stones at the crown chakra and a second one at the heart, a powerful circuit is created, helping to integrate heart awareness with one’s usual sense of self.
     “Auralite-23 stimulates higher awareness and telepathic connection with one’s guides and guardian spirits. It offers a direct and immediate link to what is called the “Magic Presence” in esoteric literature––the Self beyond the everyday “I” that knows one’s life pattern and destiny, and which can help one live one’s life as an expression of one’s true spiritual purpose. In the poetic mystical tradition, this aspect of oneself––so different that it seems like a Divine being beyond oneself––was known as the Beloved of the Soul. Union with the Beloved was fervently sought by many spiritual aspirants. The connection facilitated by Auralite-23 is to that Higher Self, and although it does not guarantee full union without one’s own efforts, it does give offer an energetic link which greatly assists one’s journey to the Divine within.
     “The link Auralite provides to higher realms can instigate a process of inner purification. Those willing to receive this stone’s blessings are inwardly ‘inspected’ and cleansed of various inner knots of negative fixation. The felt sense of this can seem like a dissolving of one’s cares and worries––a release of patterns of anxiety, resentment, judgement, depression and defeat. As this dissolution occurs, one feels an upliftment of one’s spirit and an awakening to the potentialities for a new life. This rising of optimism and new hope is felt all the way into one’s cellular consciousness. The body itself is awed and made reverent by the clearing of the veils of illusion and the dawning of the presence of one’s true self, one’s Higher Self.
     “Other effects of Auralite-23 can include an increase of one’s psychic sensitivity, enhanced insight into truth, disappearance of chronic problems with the body, a balanced awakening of kundalini, an awareness of the “eternal now”, spontaneous visions of future events, enhanced capacity for soul travel and lucid dreaming, and experiences with Angels.
     “As a stone of the Divine Blueprint, Auralite-23 makes an excellent stone tool for spiritual healing. It can be applied to any area of the body in order to rebalance and heal through the re-installation of one’s Pattern of Perfection. Auralite-23 remind the body, on a cellular level, of its proper vital function. As such, this is a stone of regeneration and rejuvenation. On the emotional level, the peace and widened awareness facilitated by Auralite-23 can clear many triggers and snags that cripple the emotional body. This stone also helps heal the soul through facilitating remembrance of past lives and stimulating the insight needed to release karmic patterns.
     “Auralite-23 encourages one to recognize the blessings of one’s life in relationship with the world. It encourages one to meet each moment of experience with the positive intention to bless the world with one’s own love and self-giving. This Activity of Blessing is the essence of the New Consciousness, and is at the core of Auralite’s nature. I hope those who acquire it will allow themselves to be awakened to this new and sacred way of being.
     “Auralite works most harmoniously with all forms of Azeztulite, as well as Rosophia. Its protective and purifying qualities are enhanced by Guardianite. Using Auralite-23 in conjunction with Mystic Merlinite will enhance one’s potential to magically transform oneself and to make positive magic in the mundane world. Master Shamanite aids both in purification and in deepening the meditative experience initiated by Auralite-23.”

     One of the most popular stones we are always running out of is Hiddenite. This stone is a green variety of Spodumene, the same mineral that is called Kunzite in its pink form. Both stones are associated with the emotions of love and gratitude. Last September we bought a nice collection of raw Hiddenites--large enough to fill a page with rare large pieces, and also, for the first time, to offer Hidden wire wrap pendants!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Hiddenite vibrates to the true chord of the spontaneously loving heart, attuned to the future yet unconcerned about future consequences. It teaches, through the feelings it generates in the self, that loving is its own reward, and that getting what one wants through manipulation sours the grapes. This is a very liberating state, and one which would change the entire human world into a paradise if it were universally practiced. Hiddenite’s message is simple—even if love and loss go hand in hand, loving is still the best, the only thing to do. Those who are ready to reclaim their ability to love with their whole hearts are recommended to wear or carry Hiddenite. Spreading Hiddenite in all directions is good for one’s relationships and good for the world.
     “Hiddenite works synergistically with all heart stones, such as Ajoite, Kunzite, Morganite, Rose Quartz, Pink and Green Tourmaline, Aventurine, Pink Calcite, Emerald, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite and many others. When combined with interdimensional stones like Phenacite, Herderite or Natrolite, it allows one to ascend meditation to the realms of Universal love.”

     On our Fall buying trip, we encountered Hypersthene, a stone new to us, but well loved by the crystal community. Hypersthene is a magnesiun iron silicate, a stone related to Labradorite and other feldspar minerals. Its appearance is striking, with a deep black brown color swept through with slashes of golden brown iridescence. We were excited to add this interesting stone to our collection of offerings.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Hypersthene is a stone of psychic vision. Holding a piece t0 the third eye, I could immediately see vivid images, as if in a waking dream. Once one is attuned to this stone and can direct one’s intention with good control, the visions one encounters tend to be on situations one wishes to see and understand better. If there are problems or difficulties one wishes to solve, the symbolic content of the visions provided by Hypersthene will frequently direct one to a helpful answer.
     “Hypersthene is also a stone of magic. Its visionary qualities can aid those who wish to manifest their intentions by increasing one’s capacity to envision the desired situation clearly, and to send it out into the morphic fields of the inner worlds, where it will be received, and from which the response will come. Manifestation is like learning to be a radio broadcast tower, when one is setting and sending out the intention. Afterwards, one is advised to become receptive, like a lightning rod attracting an electrical discharge. Working meditatively with Hypersthene in such situations can help one in both directions.
     “In spiritual self-healing Hypersthene can be used to promote the healing process through creative visualizations. We all know that such visualizations can help everyone, from athletes for improving their performance to invalids attempting to regain strength. Using Hypersthene’s capacities to enhance vision and magnify intention, the results of visualization therapy can be improved.
     “Hypersthene combines synergistically with Labradorite, Golden Labradorite, Spectrolite, Pheacite, Danburite and Moldavite. With Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites, Hypersthene lends a vivid visionary quality to the experience of spiritual awakening and transformation.”

Magnetic Epidote
     On our Fall buying trip, we discovered some of the most unusual crystals we had ever encountered. Our find was a small batch of beautifully formed Epidote crystals, which are not just lovely--they’re magnetic! We were astonished to discover that when two of these crystals are held near each other, one can feel a palpable magnetic attraction. We were eager to get these home and learn more about their energetic properties.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Epidote tends to bring one more of what one already has, in accordance with one’s highest good. For example, if one is filled with love and generosity, working with Epidote will bring more of these traits into one’s life. If, on the other hand, one is filled with negative thoughts, jealousy and intolerance, Epidote will greatly increase the supply of those! Epidote is thus a powerful stone for working with the Law of Attraction, and the new magnetic variety is the highest expression of Epidote’s nature as a stone of attraction and manifestation. It is an ideal stone to be used to consciously attract whatever one deeply desires--love, abundance, enlightenment--you name it.
     “To do this, one can work meditatively with the stone, and it is good to hold a token of what one wishes to attract, and to visualize it while doing so. It is also advisable to add another token, or a little more each day, of whatever the object of one’s longing is, and to imagine it in greater abundance with each meditation. In addition, one is advised to give away some of whatever the desired thing is. Magnetic Epidote works in conjunction with you when you act out what you wish to happen. (i.e. If you want to Universe to give you money, you need to give some money away.)
     “When used consciously and programmed to enhance desired outcomes, Magnetic Epidote can be a very powerful tool. It can be used to create abundance and prosperity, to attract new loving relationships, to catalyze the creative process, etc. Yet one must always contain at least the seed of what one is trying to attract. If one desires prosperity (generosity from the Universe), one must act generously. If one wants love, one must be loving, and so forth. Epidote does not provide a ‘free ride,’ yet it can be of great aid to those prepared to give a little of what they wish to receive.
     “Magnetic Epidote combines with Moldavite to accelerate its magnetization processes. It also harmonizes with Seraphinite, Tsavorite, Azeztulite, Herkimer ‘Diamonds’ and Phenacite.”

Blue Liberite™
     Blue Liberite is an unique-looking material--a conglomerate sttone stone from the Feldspar family, also containing numerou other minerals, such as Iron oxides, Magnetite, Clinozoisite and Leucozene. It is multi-colored, with a blackish base material, punctuated with inclusions of blue, pink, white, tan, etc. It is found in Brazil.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Blue Liberite is an ideal ally for attuning to higher realms of consciousness, and for bringing the energies and messages of those domains into one’s awareness. It is helpful for understanding the urgings of one’s spirit guides, and for learning to ‘switch channels’ in the spiritual communication streams. It aids psychics and clairvoyants in becoming more accurate in their readings, and is of similar benefit to those who consult oracles such as the Tarot and I-Ching.
     “Another quality of Blue Liberite is its capacity to lift the shroud of depression, anxiety or nervousness. These stones remind one that the Universe is perfect, and oneself as well! They help uplift one’s mood and set the wheels of optimism rolling. They are an excellent antidote to worry and tend to bring insights that lead to a more peaceful appreciation of life. In fact, the sense of inner freedom engendered by Blue Liberite is the reason for its name!
     “Blue Liberites are stones of inner Light. In meditation, they can help one ascend vibrationally into the realms of spiritual Light. They can facilitate the experience of seeing the Blue Pearl of mystic awakening. They also help one stay grounded during such experiences.
     “Blue Liberites harmonize with all varieties of Azeztulite, which increases its access to spiritual Light. They also work synergistically with Phenacite, Herderite and other Ascension Stones. With Moldavite, they activate spiritual transformation.”

Rare XLarge Fairy Wands
     Last September on our buying trip, we were completely surprised to fine a small collection of Fairy Wand Quartz available. Not only are Fairy Wand crystals exceedingly rare, but these were also the largest ones we’d ever seen! they ranged from two to over three inches long, which is HUGE for Fairy Wand Quartz. Usually they are less than an inch. We jumped at the chance to buy the lot, and readers can see them in this catalog or on our website.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Fairy Wand Quartz crystals are keystones of interdimensional travel, assisting the user in moving freely into and out of many of the inner worlds, especially the fairy realm. This domain looks and feels much like Earth, except that it has no seasons, living on in a kind of eternal summer. Though this realm is bathed in beautiful light, there is no sun, and time as we think of it does not exist there. Traveling interdimensionally with Fairy Wand Quartz is done best through meditation, though it can also happen in dreams. In either situation, Dream Quartz can be an empowering aid. Fairy Wand Quartz stimulates the third eye and activates visionary consciousness. Holding it near the forehead, one can experience a ‘rush’ through the geometric interdimensional corridors. In accessing the highest dimensions, pairing Fairy Wand Quartz with Phenacite can enhance the effect.
     “Fairy Wand Quartz also facilitates emotional healing, the release of traumatic fixations from the past, including past lives, and the activation and enhancement of creativity, especially in art and music.”

     On our Fall buying trip, we were surprised to come upon a little-known and previously obscure stone called Novaculite. It is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz, which has been used for sharpening knives and other tools. Its name derives from a Latin word meaning “razor” or “sharp knife.” Although its appearance is rather plain, we found its energetic qualities to be most unusual.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Novaculite is a powerful stone for stimulating the upper chakras. Its pulsations come at a slower rate than those of Phenacite or Azeztulite, but they are very powerful, and they grow in intensity the longer you hold the stone. More remarkably, the effects linger for quite some time after you stop! After just a few moments of holding a pair of Novaculites at my third eye and crown chakras, I found my entire head was tingling, inside and out, and the feeling continued more over half an hour after I put the stones down.
     “Novaculite is one of the newly-emerging stones that acts as a conduit for the infusion of subtle matter-energy, or Celestial Fire. My vision is that these stones bring in currents that are actual influxes of a kind of matter--subtle matter that changes and rapidly evolves the very cells and molecules of our bodies. This alteration makes one far better attuned to the frequencies of the higher spiritual realms, bringing to life one’s latent capacities for spiritual powers, or siddhis. Thus, one might think of Novaculite as a sort of ‘guru stone,’ teaching our material bodies how to reach enlightenment.
     “Novaculite is a stone of discrimination. Under its influence, one can greatly enhance one’s powers of discernment. This stone also tends to sharpen intelligence and enhance intuition. In energy work, one can use Novaculite to sever unhealthy ties (sometimes called ‘cords’) to individuals and habits that keep one from making spiritual progress. It one wishes to break a connection with a source of negative energy, making an ‘etheric knife’ by attaching a piece of Novaculite to a Quartz crystal can be a useful activity. Once one has attached the Novaculite to the crystal, one can envision the etheric cord linking one to the negative source, and slash through it with the ‘knife’ one has made. A Quartz Laser Wand works especially well for this.
     “Novaculite’s power is enhanced by combining it with Azozeo stones, and its effects are quickened by combining it with Moldavite and/or Shungite. It can be used very successfully for spiritual healing when combined with Healerite and/or Seraphinite.”

     We had been seeking more Beryllonite specimens for a long time. Beryllonite is one of the most powerful stones for the third eye--probably stronger than most Phenacite, and certainly rarer. Last August we purchased a fine old collection, which we saved for this catalog!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Beryllonite is a stone which sends Light to pierce the veil and reveal the way in which the highest good is constantly manifesting, even in the midst of suffering. It can be a remedy to the ‘dark night of the soul.’ It strongly activates the third-eye chakra, initiating visionary experiences and helping one to develop clairvoyant sight. This stone can aid one in seeing the blockages or imbalances which hold one back from full consciousness and realization of one’s spiritual destiny. It can provide the validation one needs to believe in the help available from the higher planes, by making it possible for one to see one’s guides and angels. On deeper levels, Beryllonite also energizes the heart and crown chakras and is a powerful aid to consciousness expansion.
     “Beryllonite is a hugely powerful companion for the Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites, magnifying their energies and enhancing their visionary qualities. It also combines synergistically with Brookite, Phenacite, Azeztulite, Herderite, Petalite, Danburite, Natrolite, Scolecite and Azeztulite—all stones of the highest vibrational levels. Combining Beryllonite with Moldavite will accelerate its effects and will assist in attracting synchronous experiences. Beryllonite also harmonizes with Aquamarine, Emerald, Heliodor, Goethite and Morganite.”

Brookite Clusters
     Our last buying trip yielded something we had been seeking for years--small clusters of Brookite. It has always been a challenge to get enough Brookites for our clients, because they’re rare and they’re very powerful. And they make a fantastic combination with the Beryllonites we just found!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Brookite is one of the primary power stones for expansion of awareness beyond the physical body. It is a powerful activator of the sixth and seventh chakras and the etheric chakras above the head. It can align all the upper chakras with the rest of one’s energy body, allowing one to explore the subtle realms with a highly sensitive and stable awareness.
     “Brookite enables one to reach an expanded state where one can communicate and commune with beings on the higher vibrational levels. It teaches one the nature of the higher levels of consciousness vibration. It can help one gain the ‘cosmic perspective’ that allows one to see even unpleasant situations as beneficial to growth. It is inspirational and energizing, assisting one in overcoming old patterns and moving ahead to greater inner development.
     “Brookite combines well with high-vibration stones such as Phenacite, Azeztulite, Danburite, Herderite, Seraphinite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Tibetan Tektite, Satyaloka Azeztulite, Petalite, Tanzanite, Elestial Calcite and Moldavite. For grounding, use Zincite or Black Tourmaline.”

Natrolite Clusters and Crystals
     Another one of the very high-vibration stones we treasure is Natrolite. On our buying trip, we acquired a new collection of small Natrolite crystals from the old New Jersey find (a sought-after rarity!). And we also discovered something brand new for us--beautiful large clusters of slender Natrolite crystals from Russia. These big clusters are super-powerful, and they can really light up the upper chakras!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Natrolite is one of the two or three most powerful stones for stimulation of the third-eye and crown chakras. It can actually cause the merging of these chakras into one huge energy center. Natrolite’s energy moves beyond the confines of the physical body, activating one’s conscious link with the eighth through fourteenth chakras above the head. These chakras are aligned with one’s higher bodies, the astral and causal, as well as the Higher Self. Natrolite helps open the inner gateways to a myriad of inner realms, for one’s exploration and enlightenment.
     “Natrolite provides psychic protection, making it impossible for negative entities or influences to penetrate one’s auric field. Its pulsating vibrations can bring Light to any area of the body where energies are blocked. It can be used to clear the chakras and meridians and is useful in stimulating the nervous system to higher levels of sensitivity to the subtle spiritual energies that surround us. Natrolite is an Ascension stone, along with Herderite, Phenacite, Danburite, Azeztulite, Scolecite, Brookite, Phenacite and Satyaloka Quartz. This is the optimal group of stones for raising one’s vibrational energies into resonance with the higher worlds. Natrolite is also one of the Synergy Twelve stones, and works well with Tibetan Tektite, Moldavite and Tanzanite. It makes an incredibly powerful partner for working with the Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites.”

     As we continue with our section of very high-vibration new stones from our buying trip, the next discovery is a collection of fine small golden-tan Brazilian Herderite crystals. Herderite is a calcium beryllium phosphate with a monoclinic crystal system and a hardness of 5 to 5.5. These are highly sought-after, especially in small sizes like these. And the currents they  emanate are anything but small!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Herderite is one of the pre-eminent stones for awakening and charging the upper chakras of the body and fully connecting one’s conscious awareness to the higher dimensions linked to the chakras above the head in the etheric body. All varieties of Herderite share this trait, and they are incredibly powerful tools for interdimensional travel, communication with spirit guides and Light beings, and embracing enlightened awareness as a full-time state of being. Herderite initiates growth in consciousness. It opens the third eye and crown chakras, as well as the first two etheric chakras, expanding one’s sense of self. In fact, with Herderite, one can experience oneself as an energy field that exists far beyond the confines of the physical body. Herderites can kindle is direct spiritual vision. The effect will vary with the sensitivity and prepared-ness of the individual, but the inner opening will be felt almost universally.
     “Herderite resonates powerfully with the other Synergy 12 stones: Moldavite, Phenacite, Tanzanite, Danburite, Azeztulite, Tibetan Tektite, Brookite, Satyaloka Quartz, Natrolite, Scolecite and Petalite, and also with Merkabite Calcite, Elestial Calcite and Cinnabar Quartz. It vibrates in high resonance with the new Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites.”

Zambian Phenacite
     In this catalog, we are spotlighting two special types of Phenacite. The first is Zambian Phenacite. These crystals came from a small find around twelve years ago. They are very unusual for African Phenacites for two main reasons. First, they have the semi-hexagonal disc shape typical of Brazilian Phenacites. Second, and most importantly for metaphysical use, almost all of them had Black Tourmaline crystals attached to them. his has important implications.
     Robert Simmons writes: “I have always loved all sorts of African Phenacites. They tend to have a very pure, high vibration, and they strongly stimulate both the crown and third eye chakras. These Zambian Phenacites are no exception. They currents are of a high intensity, and they enter through the third eye area with powerful pulsations. After a few minutes meditation, they open up portals on interdimensional pathways for soul travel, and one can choose any gateway and go exploring. This can be an exhilarating experience, and sometimes an enlightening one. These Zambian Phenacites can uplift one’s consciousness to levels of the Angelic realm, and they can even help one to find the frequency upon which one can interact with the Azez, the guardians of Azeztulite. (You may recognize these beings by their tall, radiant white forms, and by the fact that there are three of them--at least in all of my encounters this is how they appeared. I can only guess why the Azez are accessible through the gateways opened by some Phenacites, but it seems to be the case. And, of course, the Azez famously ‘borrowed’ a large Phenacite to activate the first Azeztulite crystals--so they clearly resonate with it.)
     One reason why I recommend the Zambian Phenacites for interdimensional travel is that the crystals have naturally attached Black Tourmaline crystals on them. This keeps the Phenacites clear of any negative psychic entities or debris, and it makes certain that the portals it opens for interdimensional travelers are all positive ones.
     “Zambian Phenacites work well in combination with all other Phenacites, and all types of Azeztulite. They are particularly powerful with the Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites. They also resonate with all of the Synergy Twelve and Ascension stones.”

African Clear Phenacite  
     Two or three years ago, there was a new Phenacite discovery in Africa. These crystal pieces are remarkable clear, both visually and energetically. They are ‘classic’ in regard to the way they carry the Phenacite vibrational pattern. And they are among the purest, clearest and highest-vibration stones we know.
     Robert Simmons writes of Phenacite: “Phenacites can activate one’s third eye, crown chakra and inner-visioning capacities. They are highly beneficial for Light body activation, and are the best stones for interdimensional travel. They can give instant cleansing to the auric field, and can be used as conduits for communication with spirit guides, angelic beings and other entities of the higher domains. In working with Phenacites, one may undergo a series of initiatory experiences, each one serving as a platform from which to launch one’s consciousness to a higher level. Phenacite is the supreme stone of the third-eye chakra. Its pulsing energies are so strong they can be felt at the third eye, even by people not normally sensitive to crystal energies. It opens the interdimensional portals for inner journeying, allowing one’s consciousness to plunge through unending corridors of sacred geometric forms. It can also be used to awaken the latent special capacities housed in the prefrontal lobes of the brain. This can sometimes bring spontaneous experiences of telepathy, psychokinesis, prophetic vision or remote viewing. Phenacite can raise the vibrational frequencies of almost any other stone.”

     A buying excursion last August yielded a small parcel of Marialite crystals from Brazil. Marialites are Golden Scapolite crystals, and are rather rare. We were excited to discover these new crystal treasures.
Robert Simmons writes: “Marialites are pure expressions of the Golden Ray. They help one to master one’s will and to achieve mental clarity. They aid one in dispelling habits that are not for one’s highest good, and they inspire the development of new patterns of behavior which work for the good of all. They stimulate the solar plexus, seat of the will, and indeed they do enhance one’s willpower. They are ideal allies for anyone who is dieting or attempting to stop smoking, as they help to cleanse the cells of the tendency to repeat longstanding precedents of self-harm. The mental clarity they engender helps one to follow the paths one knows are good, but may have had trouble following because of confusion based in emotional imbalance.
     “Marialites are connected to the Divine Feminine, and one can call upon Her to aid one in making the wholesome changes one wishes for one’s life. Marialite inspires generosity and selflessness, and it encourages the open sharing of affection with others.
     “Marialite works synergistically with Moldavite, especially for self-transformation. It also harmonizes with Golden Azeztulite, Heliodor and Golden Labradorite.”

     In September, we were thrilled to find a nice collection of Covellite polished stones. Years ago, it was one of our most popular items, but it had disappeared from the market. Covellite is a copper sulfate mineral with a deep shimmering blue color. We eagerly acquired these lovely new specimens from Peru.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Covellite connects strongly with physical reality and Earth energies and at the same time carries much of the higher spectrum of vibrations from the etheric planes. It makes an energetic bridge between worlds, and it can be an important ally for anyone attempting the evolutionary leap to the next level of being. Covellite is also a facilitator of the deep journey into the self and can be of great assistance in bringing the unconscious shadow side into one’s awareness. This is where the energy necessary for fully awakened consciousness has been frozen—in old traumas, losses, shame and fear. Those who work with Covellite in meditation or dreaming may find themselves unearthing and reliving memories of old traumas, losses, shame and fear. This can facilitate a healing release.
     “Covellite harmonizes with Nuummite for added emphasis on the deep journey. Adding Azeztulite helps one “carry a Light into dark places.” Phenacite or Cinnabar Quartz can bring forth additional powers of insight for understanding the symbols and ideas that emerge from the depths of the unconscious.”

     Last summer we happened to come across a small collection of lovely green Wavellite specimens, which we immediately purchased. We had been asked for this stone many times over the years, but this was our first opportunity to acquire good pieces at a reasonable price. Wavellite is a phosphate mineral, named after Willian Wavell, an English doctor who discovered it.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Wavellite is a stone for the satisfaction of curiosity. It enhances psychic abilities in an unusual way--it answers inner questions with meaningful synchronicities. If one wishes to know something not within one’s ordinary realm of awareness, one can meditate with a Wavellite, and then look into the events of the coming days for a synchronistic answer. For example, if one wants to know whether whether Mr. Milk or Mrs. Corn will win the next election, one could meditate on this question. If, within the next short span of time, one develops a corn on one’s foot, or spies a can of corn on an odd shelf in a store, where there are no other similar items, one could say that Wavellite is telling you Mrs. Corn will win. Admittedly my example is a bit silly, and the stone’s answers are sometimes humorous, but they tend to be uncannily right. I believe this is because Wavellite amplifies prescient vision, but also carries something of a Trickster quality. If one can learns its eccentric language, it can be an amazing ally. Even if one just plays with the stone out of curiosity, it can be a lot of fun. And ultimately, it is one’s own capacity for psychic awareness and the understanding of the symbolic meanings in everyday that is being enhanced.
     “Wavellite harmonizes with Hypersthene, Labradorite, Nuummite and Phenacite, all of which enhance visionary awareness. It loves to work with Moldavite, which has its own Trickster nature.”

     Another old favorite crystal of ours, that had long been out of stock is Magnesite. Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral with a rhombohedral crystal system and a hardness of 3 to 4.Seven years ago, we had bought a collection of Magnesite clusters from a Brazilian miner, but we hadn’t seen him since. Last September, we found him again, and this time we purchased an even bigger and better collection!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Magnesite is one of the most powerful stones for activating the third eye and crown chakras. Placing one of these stones upon the forehead and closing the eyes, one can expect to feel a rhythmic pulsing energy, becoming stronger as the minutes pass. This is the beginning of the activation of the eye of inner vision in the prefrontal lobes of the brain. If one receives the full experience of this opening, the crown chakra ‘blooms’ into the ‘thousand-petaled lotus,’ and this experience indeed feels like a flower suddenly opening at the top of the head.
     “Magnesite can help one in the process of self-reflection and can clarify inner seeing. It is something of a ‘truth detector’ when one is doing inner work, and it can help one to see through the unconscious blinders that may keep one in a state of confusion. Among Magnesite’s mystical properties is the awakening of the mind to communication with the heart. Magnesite doesn’t activate the heart chakra, but it does stimulate the part of the brain/mind which can hear and respond to the heart’s ‘voice.’ This listening to the heart is the beginning of true wisdom.”

Tangerine Quartz
     Last September, we acquired a spectacular batch of Tangerine Quartz Crystals from Brazil. Tangerine Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal with a natural coating of iron oxide, which gives them a lovely color, as well as some wonderful energetic properties. We had not seen a good batch of these crystals for ten years, so we were overjoyed to find these!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Tangerine Quartz activates the second chakra, stimulating one’s creativity and sexual energies, blending these to enhance spiritual growth. The currents of these stones can trigger great bursts of creative power. Meditation with Tangerine Quartz can facilitate an upwelling of new ideas and inspirations from deep within the self, and these crystals can help one find the zest and energy to implement them. Tangerine Quartz can be use for activation of sexual desire as well, especially if the stone is placed at or near the second chakra. Partners can meditate or sleep within a grid of these crystals, for enhancement of mutual creativity and inspirations to pursue together. Such a grid may increase the level of eroticism in the relationship. If one prefers to focus on only one of these activations, one can program the crystals to enhance only the desired energies. One can use Tangerine Quartz to enhance a creative endeavor by meditating with the stone and asking for assistance.
     “The currents of Tangerine Quartz are amplified by Orange Calcite, Zincite, Carnelian and Padparadsha Sapphire. Cuprite brings in additional life force, and Golden Labradorite empowers the will. Phenacite, Azeztulite and Herderite can be added to increase spiritual creativity.”

Rutile Crystals
     One of the small but wonderful surprises on our Fall Buying trip was a little batch of natural Rutile Crystals from Georgia, USA. There modest-looking stones are powerhouses of energy, and we were highly impressed with them. They were definitely the most powerful Rutile crystals we’ve ever encountered.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Rutile crystals are like radio antennas tuned to the frequency of Divine intention. They assist one in seeing the cosmic flow, thus allowing one to enhance synchronicities and experiences of grace. Rutile helps one raise one’s ‘antennae’ of psychic sensitivity. Rutile intensifies one’s capacity to sense good or bad ‘vibes.’ Just as it is an antenna, Rutile is also an amplifier. It can magnify and accelerate the effects of one’s intention and is an aid to manifestation. Rutile can amplify the energy of consciousness, opening access to the higher worlds. Similarly, Rutile is an accelerator, quickening the activities of manifestation, intuition, emotional catharsis, psychic opening, consciousness expansion, interdimensional travel, learning and the creative process. It assists one in making leaps of insight and enhances one’s ability to synthesize information. It can help writers and artists find new inspiration. In busi-ness, it can accelerate the accumulation of wealth and the implementation of new ideas.
     “Rutile harmonizes with high-vibration stones like the Synergy Twelve. With interdimensional stones such as Phenacite, Merkabite Calcite, Danburite, Elestial Calcite, Herderite, and Brookite, Rutile can work to bring about an instant linkage to the higher realms.”

     In our last catalog, we introduced Amazez, a new form of Amethyst-containing Azeztulite. It was highly popular, and we have expanded our stock since last spring. Readers who check our color pages will find a lovely new collection.
     Robert Simmons writes: “”When I first saw the crystals we call Amazez, I was struck by how beautiful they were, and how much they physically resembled Auralite 23. I thought to myself that the stones of the Purple Ray are really stepping forward to center stage! However, unlike Auralite 23, these new stones are not all purple Amethyst––they contain bands of white as well. When I first felt their currents, I realized they had a much stronger vibration than I had expected––stronger than any Amethyst-bearing stone I had ever come across. (One of the workers in our studio called it a ‘freight train,’ because that’s how hard it hit her...but in a good way!) And although Amazez emanates very powerful currents, it is clear that they are of the high-vibrational nature that is the signature of Azeztulite.
     “It is very exciting to see the Azeztulite frequencies expanding into stones in the Amethyst family, and very helpful. Amethyst has long been known as a stone of Divine Connection, and a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It is one of the oldest healing stones, and is perhaps the most popular crystal in the world. As the currents of the Nameless Light continue to spread through the stones of the Earth, more crystals are awakened and activated to the Azeztulite vibration. In Amazez,we have the best possible combination of Azeztulite’s spiritual Light with the traditional beneficial energies of Amethyst.
     “When I held a piece of Amazez in meditation, I tried it on various chakra points. The first thing I noticed was that it can stimulate and bring Light to any chakra, or to any part of one’s subtle energy body. Although Amethyst’s natural ‘home’ is at the third eye and crown chakras, Amazez was equally able to activate the throat, heart, solar plexus, and even the first and second chakras. It fills the whole bod y with powerful currents of blessing and purification, and it is easily grounded through the feet. In fact, I sensed that a major part of this stone’s program is to ground spiritual Light into the Earth through us––a purpose completely in alignment with all the other Azeztulites.
     “Amazez is an ideal therapeutic stone for crystal practitioners. It can be used to bring spiritual aid, in the form of is powerful and purifying energies, to any weak or afflicted areas of the body. It does this through working primarily in the subtle body aspect of the individual––clearing any ‘clouds’ or gray areas from the auric field and ‘waking up’ the power of one’s Divine Blueprint. This allows the pattern of perfection to reestablish itself on the subtle body level, leading to the manifestation of wholeness and well-being on all other levels. Amazez is powerful enough to be used as a tool in ‘psychic surgery,’ allowing the practitioner to ‘cut out’ attachments, negative thought forms and unhelpful entities.
     “The sheer power of Amazez, combined with its purifying qualities, make it an ideal stone to use when clearing and individual or an area of  all types of negativity. Whether these are subconscious negative programs carried in from past lives, or from bad experiences in this life––or whether they are energy-depleting entities picked up in bad environments––Amazez, used with clear intention, can dispel them from one’s energy field, as well as one’s environment. Wearing or carrying a piece can keep one’s personal field in a clear, pure, healthy state, while placing whole crystals of Amazez in one’s environment can have the same effect on one’s surroundings. These stones not only bring in the Light––they also keep the darkness at bay!
     “Amazez can purify one’s field in a way that makes possible conscious interaction with higher beings on many spiritual planes. The angels, and even the Azez themselves, can more readily approach one who has been purified by this stone. Amazez is an excellent stone for out-of-body travel, raising one’s vibration high enough to transcend the body while simultaneously protecting one from negative influences. It can be used in shamanic journeys, especially to the Upper World.
     “Amazez enhances all the psychic capacities, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, remote viewing, prophetic vision, psychic healing and many more. It can stimulate intuitive abilities, acting as a source of creative inspiration and instant knowing of whatever one turns one’s attention to.
     “Amazez can powerfully activate the ‘Mouth of God’ chakra near the top of the spine at the back of the head. This is an extremely important point on the energy body, and is the source of many mystical experiences. It coincides physically with what is called the ‘reptile brain.’ The reptile brain, our oldest brain structure, has been mistakenly maligned, because it is seen as a ‘primitive’ part of the brain. However, it is also spiritually the portal of the risen kundalini as it pours in to illuminate the whole brain. It is called the ‘mouth of God’ esoterically because it is through this portal that the Breath of God flows into us, when conditions are right. Amazez can awaken and help open this critical passage so that our latent Divine energies can circulate properly and bring us to enlightenment. For this purpose, I recommend using a pair of crystals, one held at the third eye and another at the Mouth of God point.
     “Amazez harmonizes with all of the Azeztulites, as well as Auralite 23, Angeline Stone, Elestial Angel Calcite, Violet Flame Opal, Phenacite, Danburite, Scolecite, Brookite, Natrolite, Merkabite Calcite and Nirvana Quartz. It has a special affinity for Guardianite, and together they emanate a hugely powerful vibration of protection, purification and empowerment. Amazez is one of the stones that accepts the Azozeo activation, so now there is also Azozeo Super-Activated Amazez!”

Sauralite Azeztulite™  
     Our trip to New Zealand last April-May yielded a number of new Sauralite Azeztulite clusters, some of which we dug ourselves! We still are deeply in love with these lovely crystals, which carry the Nameless Light energies more sweetly than any other kind of Azeztulite. We have learned in recent weeks that some of the Sauralites will take on the Azozeo activation, so we now are offering a small selection of Azozeo Super-Activated Sauralites. We think our readers will be amazed and delighted by both types of Sauralite.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Of all the stones I love (and there are many!) Sauralite is the stone I most delight in introducing to people. It is so much fun to watch their faces as the stones’ energies begin to pour into them! First the eyes display the recognition that energy is flowing, then there’s a smile as they feel the stone’s friendliness. Next there often comes a flush of emotion or a murmur of ‘Wow!’ as the person senses the currents circulating more and more deeply within the body, bringing Light and joy throughout. This sort of thing happened many times at the crystal and gem shows, as well as in our Vermont studio. These stones kindle a feeling of delight and love in a way that is unique, even among Azeztulites.
     “Since my first article about Sauralite Azeztulite, I have worked with them more and feel some new insights arising. I view Sauralites as the stones carrying the vibration of the Divine Feminine in her new manifestation as the consciousness and joy of the illumined Earth. Sauralite tells me that the Garden of Eden is not in the past, but in the future, and that this future is approaching rapidly, even in the face of all the environmental degradation we see in the daily news. The Earth is arising to meet the Light of the Great Central Sun, and in this merging will come the healing and the joy for which all our hearts are longing. When we work with Sauralite Azeztulite, allowing that energy to permeate us, it is as if one cell in the body of the Earth has turned on its inner Light. As more of us do so, more Light is kindled in Her body, and the cascade of Light which is Her full awakening is kindled. All of the Azeztulites, as well as many other stones, are serving this purpose, but in Sauralite, the gentle, playful, loving Light is most accessible.
     “In self-healing work, I recommend Sauralite Azeztulites for issues around depression or grief. These stones can also be used to help dispel stress and inner tension, and to relieve negative obsessions about things which have happened in the past. They can aid in clearing past-life negative fixations which are impairing emotional or physical well-being.
     “In meditation, Sauralites can put one in touch with the co-creative edge of the World-coming-to-be, the flowing stream of eternity entering into time. These stones can guide one into the state of heart-sovereignty, in which one’s consciousness is heart-centered and the mind defers to and serves the heart’s wisdom. Sauralite Azeztulites also stimulate the imagination, trigger inspiration and encourage living in the world within a state of constant blessing. They are at the leading edge of the New Consciousness, and they can provide us with both a vision of the New Earth and the experience of how we can enter it, while simultaneously helping bring it to birth.
     “I hope that all our readers will claim a piece of this wonderful new stone, and to make that easier, we have decided to offer lower prices on many pieces of Sauralite Azeztulite. Also, we have cut and tumbled some of the pieces to make wire wrapped pendants and small, less expensive pocket stones. To me, it is highly important that these stones get into the hands of as many rock-lovers and practitioners of crystal healing as possible. I feel this so strongly that we are making another trip to New Zealand to bring back more of them, if we can find them. When readers receive this catalog, that’s where we will be. In the meantime, I hope your experiences with Sauralite Azeztulite will be as joyful and illuminating as ours!”

Sauralite™ with Amethyst
     On our New Zealand trip, we were also able to acquire some new stock of the rare Sauralite Azeztulite clusters with Amethyst. These are of the greatest rarity, and we were pleased to have new pieces to offer.
     Robert Simmons writes: “When I held a piece of Sauralite with Amethyst, I felt a focus of currents at the crown chakra, and I saw an interior light of deep violet hue, pulsating in my inner vision. I felt intense currents in the crown chakra, which gradually flowed down through the whole body. There was a strong sense that I was experiencing an inner purification, operating simultaneously on the cellular and etheric levels. When the currents reached my feet, there was an upwelling of energy from the Earth into my body, and a rush of ecstatic joy. I felt that this was the Earth’s joy rather than my own, and that I was feeling Her consciousness after the stone had energetically cleansed my body. It made me aware that we cleanse our inner temple not simply to honor the Divine, but to make it possible for the Divine to enter. And this Divine energy was clearly that of the Spiritual Earth rather than any cosmic entity from beyond. I am convinced that the work of Sauralite with Amethyst is to purify us so that we are able to attune to the frequency that allows the Earth’s rapturous Self to enter and permeate us.”

Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite  
      Our friends in Mexico recently came up with a fresh batch of Angel Wing Anhydrite clusters. Angel Wing Anhydrite is a calcium sulfate mineral with an orthorhombic crystal system and a hardness of 3.5. These one-of-a-kind crystals are always popular, and we are glad to have them once again.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite is one of the most powerful ‘soft’ energy stones in the mineral kingdom. It is ideal for clearing blocks, erasing implants, soothing all sorts of disharmony and providing a conduit of strength through which one can reconnect with Source. In meditation, this stone can provide the experience of ‘flight.’ For those who are ‘angels in human form’—those who have taken on a human incarnation in order to assist in the planetary transformation of consciousness—Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite can facilitate a deep remembrance of one’s true identity.     
     “Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite harmonizes with Azeztulite, Petalite, Dan-burite, Diamond and all types of Azeztulite. All of these stones have connections with the Angelic realm. In addition, combining Seraphinite with Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite can help one ‘call down’ the angelic energies for healing purposes. Combining Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite with or Oregon Opal can aid in healing and rebuilding a wounded emotional body. Adding Alexandrite can increase one’s ability to see and remove limiting implants and ‘crystallized’ emotional blocks.”

New Healer’s Gold™ Items
      Healers Gold has been one of our most popular stones for many years. The beneficial currents of this Pyrite/Magnetite combination are known far and wide, and our biggest problem has always been simply getting enough of it! Recently our cutting factory sent us a new batch of Healers Gold items, and we are glad to be able to offer them in this catalog.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Healer’s Gold emanates such a powerful positive energy. It harmonizes the astral, subtle and causal bodies and aligns them correctly with the physical. It is balancing to the male and female aspects of the self. It activates weak or lazy chakras and enhances the flow of subtle energies throughout the meridian system. It helps people with low energy and eliminates passivity. In healing sessions, Healer’s Gold brings about a synergy in which both practitioner and client are likely to feel a marked increase in their energy levels both during and after a session.
     “Healer’s Gold can be used on any chakra. This stone is a source of prana, as well as an integrative balancer of all one’s energy systems. Healer’s Gold promotes a positive outlook and facilitates the initiation of new creative projects. Wearing Healer’s Gold can create an overall sense of well-being, comfort in the body, confidence in oneself, acceptance of others and balance on all levels. Healer’s Gold harmonizes with Moldavite, which can speed and strengthen its effects. It also works in synergy with Seraphinite, Sugilite, Aegirine, Smoky Quartz, Carnelian, Phenacite and Black Tourmaline.”

Stone Energy Grid Sets
     We’ve been using Stone Energy Grids in our personal work for many years, and have been meaning for some time to offer Stone Grid Sets for our readers. Recently our guidance told us that this is the essential time to make these grids available. As we transition into the New Consciousness of the coming Golden Age, we will benefit greatly from being able to immerse ourselves in energy environments that we choose to create for various spiritual purposes. As a start, we’ve created ten Stone Energy Grid Sets, and we’ve discounted the prices of the stones making up the sets, so they are very affordable. (Look on our website for more Energy Grid Set options.) We’ve also tested them and they are quite powerful!
     Note: For those wishing to amplify the power of any and all Energy Grids, we highly suggest adding a set of Selenite Energy Enhancer Wands. They magnify whatever stones you place with them, and create a more palpable energy field, which does its work even more thoroughly and more quickly.

Here is our list of our first batch of
Stone Energy Grid Sets:
Angelic Realm: This set includes: Angelite, Seraphinite, Angel Aura Quartz, Morganite, Danburite and Petalite. It is for entering the Angelic realm and communing with the Angels
Healing, Clearing,  Love and Balance: This set includes: Midnight Obsidian, White Azeztulite, Healerite and Rosophia. It is for drawing out disharmony and dysfunction, filling one’s field with love, healing and positive energies.
Shamanic Journey: This set includes: Nuummite, Master Shamanite, Mystic Merlinite and Midnight Black Obsidian. It is for protection, vision, awareness and power in the shamanic realms.
Azeztulite Light Awakening: This set includes: White Azeztulite, Honey & Cream Azeztulite, Pink Azeztulite, Satyaloka Clear, Rose and Yellow Azeztulite, Amazez, Sanda Rosa Azez, Himalaya Gold Azeztulite and Golden Azeztulite It is for opening consciousness to the Nameless Light, and filling the cells of the body with its transformative energy. This grid is our strongest set for attuning to the coming transformation of the Earth into a Planet of Light.
The Nameless Light: This set includes: Amazez, Golden Azeztulite, Pink Azeztulite, Sanda Rosa Azez, Himalaya Gold Azez, plus Satyaloka Clear, Yellow and Rose Azeztulites. (polished stones) It is for linking to all frequencies of Azeztulite and the Central Sun; for enlightening ourselves & the Earth.
Protection and Empowerment: This set includes: Auralite 23, Midnight Obsidian, Guardianite, Black Tourmaline, Master Shamanite and Amazez. It is for providing absolute protection from negative energies and entities, and for establishing a high level of personal power.
Love, Peace and Serenity: This set includes: Lithium Light, A+ Madagascar Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Danburite, Rosophia and Petalite. It is for finding and maintaining a state of blissful, calm, loving, relaxed, expansive, elevated, heart-based consciousness.
Uniting Heaven and Earth: This set includes White Azeztulite and Midnight Black Obsidian. It is for drawing the Light of Heaven into incarnation within one’s body and within the Earth. This very powerful grid set is one of the most important for facilitating the human inner transformation that frees us to become Beings of the Light.
Ascension: This set includes: White Azeztulite, Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite, Celestite, Natrolite, Sauralite Azeztulite, Phenacite, Natrolite, Danburite and Petalite. It is for bringing one’s body and consciousness into vibrational Ascension. This combination includes some of the rarest high-vibration stones, and it tested as one of the most powerful sets in the group.

New Power Strands
     For this issue, we designed four new Power Strand necklaces, which we are very excited to offer. They incorporate a number of our new stones, and our testing with them has convinced us of their powerful synergies of energies. They are listed below:
Divine Connection: This strand combines Auralite 23, White Azeztulite, A+++ Amethyst and Amazez. It is for stimulating knowledge of one’s link with the Divine, protection from negative energies, elevating awareness and enhancing psychic abilities. This is our finest piece for energetic purification and attunement to enlightened energies.
Healer’s Talisman: This strand combines: Healerite, Stonehenge Bluestone, Healers Gold, Infinite, Danburite, Petalite, Crimson Cuprite and Lemurian Golden Opal.  It is for providing healers, and those who need healing, with the most beneficial combination of energies for their work and/or recovery. We are very excited to hear from people who work with this necklace, because we feel it is the best combination for spiritual self healing which we have ever put together.
Shaman’s Power: This strand combines a Quartz Crystal Skull with Sugilite, Jet, Black Tourmaline, Magnifier Quartz, Moldavite, Nuummite and Dragon Stone. We created this for crystal skull lovers who are also interested in shamanism. We think it is the ultimate wearable talisman for the shamanic practitioner. It provides power and protection in the inner realms.
Lithium Serenity: This strand combines Lithium Light, Brazilian Kunzite, Rubellite Tourmaline, Australian Kunzite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline, Lilac Lepidolite and Petalite. It is for Mood enhancement and elevating awareness to levels of Divine serenity. Every stone in this strand contains high levels of Lithium, and the chord of vibration they create together provides an immediate, uplifting and long-lasting energetic experience.

NEW Energy Wands and
Power Pendulums
     We’re really excited about our new Energy Wands! They are the strongest, and most beautiful energy tools we’ve ever created! The central component of the Energy Wands is a clear tube filled with one of eleven different stone selections. Each wand also has a terminated tip and a sphere on each end, made from pure Clear Quartz. The tube creates a ‘channel’ of energy which flows in both directions through the wand. You can use the pointed end to direct a focused beam of energy, and the sphere end to send out a diffused “spray” of high vibrations. We’ve pulled together our most potent stones to make the ultimate energy tools for personal transformation, healing, awakening and ascension. (Let us know if you have a special combination in mind, and we’ll make it just for you!)
Here’s a list of the new Energy Wands we’ve created, and a bit about what they’re for:
Light of the Azez: Contains all ten types of Azeztulite. Helps one attune to the Great Central Sun, transform to the Light Body and awaken!
Purple Ray of Purification: Contains Auralite 23, Purple Angeline, Amazez. Violet Flame Opal. For dispelling negative implants, purifying and healing  the energy body.
Healer’s Wand: Contans Healerite, Seraphinite, Healer’s Gold, White Azeztulite. The ultimate tool for healing and recovery
Protection & Power: Contains Guardianite, Black Tourmaline, Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Jet. The strongest tool for banishing negativity and enhancing one’s personal power.
100% Moldavite: Facilitates transformation and accelerated evolution. Awakens capacities for higher awareness.
100% Phenacite: Activates the 3rd eye and crown for visionary experience. Facilitates visionary experience and interdimensional travel.
100% Zincite:  Stimulates 2nd and 3rd chakras, activates creative and sexual energies.
100% Guardianite:  For protection and personal power. Infuses strength, vitality, confidence and life force while dissolving negative patterns and attachments.
100% Auralite 23:  Enhances telepathy and psychic ability, provides spiritual protection and purification, aids in past life recall.
Ascension Wand: Lifts consciousness to the highest levels, raises the vibration of physical and etheric bodies, allows the Higher Self to merge with one’s physical being. Opens one to the Light.
Synergy 12 Wand: Brings spiritual awakening and wholeness, facilitates merging with one’s Higher Self, increases one’s will forces and coordinates one’s energies for greater harmony and effectiveness.

Power Pendulums
     We’ve also taken six of the same stone combinations used to make our Energy Wands, and we’ve created a selection of Power Pendulums. One can use these in ways similar to the Energy Wands, aligning the vibrational flow that naturally comes through the tip of the pendulum with whatever area one wishes to affect. They can be used to douse the energy state of the chakras or other parts of the body, and they can also be used to charge or enhance any area. (Once again, we can also make custom Power Pendulums with your choice of stones.)
     We hope to hear from readers who try these Energy Wands and Power Pendulums. To us, they are the most potent energy tools we’ve ever felt, and we are eager to learn about your experiences with them!

Quartz Crystals with Indicolite   
     We recently acquired a very limited supply of small Quartz crystals with inclusions of blue Indicolite Tourmaline. We had some crystals of this type in past years, but they were larger and much more expensive. These sweet little crystals have lovely energy and they are just what many of our readers have asked us to look for. The Quartz portion of these stones acts as an amplifier of the Indicolite currents, so these can actually be stronger energetically than a piece that is only Indicolite.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Blue Tourmaline, or Indicolite, helps one develop the psychic gifts—clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, prophecy and spirit communication. It is particularly useful for those who wish to become channels and mediums, because it enhances one’s ability to see and hear through the veil that separates us from the deceased and our spirit guides. Placing a Blue Tourmaline upon the sixth chakra enables one to open the third eye and ‘tunnel through’ to the other world. Blue Tourmaline energizes the throat chakra, helping one translate psychic impressions into verbal communication. In everyday communication, Blue Tourmaline aids one in gracefully expressing deep feelings and insights. Blue Tourmaline also aids in attuning to and channeling the healing energies offered from higher dimensions. It facilitates contact with benevolent spiritual beings and the reception of their blessings. Meditation with Blue Tourmaline can open the doors to the highest spiritual realms, offering experiences of ecstatic rapture. If one has difficulty returning to the grounded state, Black Tourmaline is recommended.
     “When Blue Tourmaline is combined with pure Clear Quartz within a single stone, there is a mutual amplification that makes for strong and positive currents. I’m always searching for specimens of these!”

Madagascar Rose Quartz  
      We have had many requests for top quality Rose Quartz, and we finally got a very good batch from Madagascar. We received an array of polished hearts, as well as some fine raw pieces, from tiny ones to football-size chunks. They are in several different places in the catalog, and we hope you’ll seek them out and have a look!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Rose Quartz is the pure stone of love—for oneself, one’s partner, children, family, friends, community, the Earth, the Universe and the Divine. Meditating with Rose Quartz brings an envelope of love around oneself and activates the heart chakra. Healing the heart of its wounds and reawakening its trust are among Rose Quartz’s gifts. Its soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions, and they calm and cleanse the entire auric field. It engenders the release of tension and stress, the dissolution of anger and resentment, the dispelling of fear and suspicion, and the rebirth of hope and faith. Rose Quartz is one of the stones of the Great Mother. It links one’s personal heart to the heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Universe. Its love vibrations can penetrate to the cellular level, reprogramming the cells for joy and longevity rather than despair and death. Rose Quartz can stimulate the crown chakra, third eye and throat chakra, bringing them into harmony and unity with the heart. Even the lower chakras respond favorably to the abundance of love energy which flows from the heart under the influence of Rose Quartz.
     “Rose Quartz harmonizes with all stones. Moldavite activates Rose Quartz’s capacity for spiritual awakening through the power of love.”

The 2021 Bracelets
     “The 2021 Bracelets are a limited edition collection. Between now and the 2012 Solstice, we will make no more than 2021 pieces of each design. (This is the number given by inner guidance as being appropriate in this time frame, and it focuses energy on the 2021 Ascension year.) Also, I have committed to program each and all of these with the intention that they facilitate the Vibrational Ascension of every person who wears it, as well as facilitating the actualization of Planetary Vibrational Ascension. Each 2021 Bracelet will be signed and numbered on its tag, which will also include a statement of its purpose. I feel that the programming and written statements are important in our co-creating the Years of Grace and the Vibrational Ascension, for each and all of us. I urge everyone who chooses to wear a 2021 Bracelet to program it, and yourself, to bring forth this Divine potential here on Earth, for the love of Earth.
     “While all of  the 2021 Bracelets are attuned to Vibrational Ascension, each combination of stones emphasizes certain energetic properties. (As readers might imagine, the Azeztulites figure strongly into this plan, but there are a number of other important stones included.) The 2021 White Ray Azeztulite Bracelet stimulates connection to the Azez, caretakers of humanity and avatars of the Nameless Light, who are here to facilitate our awakening and Ascension. The 2021 Guardian Angels Bracelet, made from pure Guardianite, is intended to provide protection, grounding, purification and personal power, all of which are essential during the times we are entering. The Protection and Power Bracelet brings together a team of strong stones for grounding and shielding oneself from any type of negative influence, as well as asserting one’s own spiritual power. The 2021 Azeztulite Awakening Bracelet combines six different varieties of Azeztulite to bring the power of the Nameless Light fully into one’s cellular energy matrix. The 2021 New Consciousness works to actualize one’s unimagined latent spiritual capacities with the aid of Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite, Circle Stone, Rosophia, Mystic Merlinite and White Azeztulite.  The 2021 Vibrational Ascension Bracelet draws together a symphony of the highest-vibration stones––White Azeztulite, Scolecite, Satya Mani Quartz, Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite and Anandalite–– to fill one’s vibrational field with the highest possible frequencies.

Announcing: Crystal Source Natural Water from the Crystal Hills of Arkansas
     Just before press time we learned that the crystal water we’ve been waiting for is expected soon.  Crystal Source water is naturally charged with beneficial energies from being percolated through some of the richest quartz-laden land near Hot Springs, Arkansas. We’ve tried it, and we believe it is the ideal water for stone essences, infusions and all types of metaphysical applications. Robert Simmons reports, “Just drinking a few ounces of it filled me with energy. It was far better than coffee.”
     Crystal Source water was not available as of press time, but is expected soon. We plan to offer it for $5 per 16-ounce bottle. We’ll also be using it as the base for our stone essences. Keep checking our website, or give us a call to see when it’s available!

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