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     We are thrilled at this time to introduce an entirely new material to our selection of beautiful, high-vibration stones. It is a combination of Quartz, Kaolinite and a number of trace minerals. In some pieces, we have found sprays of Stibnite within the robin’s-egg blue base material. The stone was found in Arizona, very recently. We have given the it the name Azumar, from azure (blue) and mare (ocean). Its color reminds us of the stunning turquoise shades found in tropical seas, and its energies are definitely evocative of the Water element.
     Robert Simmons writes: “When I first touched a piece of Azumar, inviting the Being of the stone to enter into my bodily energy field, I was surprised by its power and delighted by the qualities of its vibrations. The stone emanated strong, rhythmic pulsations at a regular, steady rate--similar to waves coming in from the ocean. These pulses coursed through my entire body, activating the upper chakras first, then flowing down all the way to my feet. The sensation was intensely pleasurable, like being washed internally with joy. After only a few moments, the waves of the stone established a resonance throughout my entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, with each pulse pouring downward from head to toes. The reaction of my bodily energies was what I can only call ‘rejoicing.’ It was as if a beloved being who had been long absent had at last returned. Or it might be said that my body energies felt as if they were being tuned, like a violin, to make the most beautiful music they could ever make. There is an unmistakable watery feel to the flow of Azumar’s currents, and that energy transforms the body’s inner ocean to a moving sea of rhythmic bliss. It is as if the liquid within us comes alive with joy and enhanced awareness.
     “In my meditation with Azumar, I was met by a vision of the Being of this stone. Azumar appeared to me as a female being of great beauty and power. Her hair was blue like the sky and ocean, and her eyes were turquoise colored. Her skin was very smooth and pale, and she wore a gown of shimmering blue-green, with light glinting from it in the same manner that sunlight reflects on the sea. She beckoned for me to follow her into the water, and down to a sea cave. In my vision, we were pulled through the water cave by strong currents, until we reached a cavern filled with phosphorescent turquoise light, and we stepped back onto the land. The light seemed to come from the walls of the cave, and it pulsed in a slow rhythm. There were blue stalactites reaching down from the ceiling, like the pipes of an organ, and there was an altar with a natural stone basin filled with pure clear water. She motioned for me to approach the basin and look into the water.
     “As I did so, she swirled the water with her hand and when it became still again I saw images within it. Though the Being did not speak, her gaze told me that  She was revealing her nature in the images. I saw visions of the Earth--waterfalls, summer skies, sunsets, beaches, mountains covered with trees. I saw the Being’s turquoise eyes looking out through the landscape of visions, meeting my gaze as if to say, ‘Yes, I am here, and here, and here as well.’ I felt I was being shown that the spirit expressing herself through the new blue stones is very ancient, and is a Being not only of the Water Element, but also of Earth and Air. Then the figure standing beside me in my vision spoke aloud, in a clear and deeply feminine voice: ‘I am Azumar, and I am one of the faces of She who is Earth herself. I manifest as Sky energy, and Earth, though my truest essence resides in the flow of Water. I can aid you in making yourself a clearer vessel for the Water of Life, and I can bring you into the effortless joy with which water moves in the world--wandering through Earth, Sky and Sea. I can teach you how to be like a drop of water--individual yet also one with the ocean of life.’
     “There were more visions in the basin, in which personal counsel for myself was mingled with more disclosures regarding the qualities of Azumar. I will try to summarize these in my own words.
     “Azumar is a powerful stone in the realm of feeling. Its currents wash through the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, bringing refreshment, joy and rejuvenation to every cell. It is a wonderful stone for healing and brightening the emotional body--effortlessly dissolving negative fixations within its peaceful waves of pleasure and power. It can aid in dispelling anger, envy, fear and stress, replacing them with serenity, enthusiasm, confidence and the feeling of being enveloped within an atmosphere of love. As Azumar does its work of transformation within the waters of our liquid crystal structures, dysfunctional patterns dissolve and we are filled with the joy that underlies all life. We are made clear, like a flowing spring, and this clarification of consciousness gives rise to untapped intuitive potentials. We can suddenly begin to develop clairvoyance, telepathic sensitivity, and the capacity for enhanced visionary awareness. Those who are readers of oracles may find their senses heightened and their ability to see future events increased. Those who are channels or mediums will find that their attunement to Spirit is easier and deeper. And all of those who work with Azumar will experience its powerful influx of pleasure, power and joy. Under Azumar’s influence, one’s awareness can rise to the highest possible perspective, while still penetrating to the intimate depths of whatever is the focus of one’s attention. This is one of the most powerful stones I have encountered for personal evolution and the enhancement of consciousness.
     “Azumar demonstrates that life itself is a flow of ecstasy, and that when one is in tune with the truth of life, one is in a state of rapturous joy. This stone silently asks the question, ‘How much joy will you allow yourself to feel?’ When one meditates with Azumar, one discovers that its surging pulsations always move one toward more profound happiness and more intense pleasure. Like the waters of the ocean, there is no limit to the tides of love and joy flowing through these beautiful stones.
     “I tried sleeping with an Azumar stone for several nights, and was surprised to find that the intensity of happiness generated by these stones did not diminish, even during sleep. During the nights I slept with Azumar, I was aware of joy in both my body and my dreams. When I awoke during the night, I could feel my body resonating with the stone’s waves of pleasurable energy, and I remembered the happy atmosphere of all my dreams. I have the sense that these stones could be helpful to those experiencing depression or insomnia, or who are bothered by nightmares. Experiencing such happiness in the sleep state was a new phenomenon for me.
     “Azumar is a stone of insight and communication. It allows one to penetrate to the heart of matters, and it enhances one’s ability to eloquently express one’s deepest truth. It is a stone of compassion, engendering one’s innate capacity to understand and care for others. It is an Earth Spirit stone, allowing one to feel and harmonize with planetary consciousness. As a stone of the Water element, it facilitates empathic communication with sea life, especially the more highly evolved creatures such as whales and dolphins. It can be used by those who are near or on the sea to attract dolphins and whales by centering in one’s heart and calling to them, while asking the Being of Azumar to assist in the communication.
     “In spiritual self-healing, Azumar is recommended for conditions of the circulatory and nervous systems. The internal bodily resonance it engenders can help to implant the pattern of optimal well being into all bodily systems involving the flow of fluids or electro-chemical energies.
     “In spiritual life, Azumar can aid in attaining the state of ecstatic rapture known as samadhi, as well as karuna, the state of true compassion. The loving qualities of Azumar can aid one in remembering that the true purpose of life is the expression of love and the creation of beauty stemming from that love. It also enhances one’s recognition and appreciation of beauty, so that one more clearly understands and truly feels the essential beauty of the Soul of the World.
     “Perhaps most importantly, Azumar is a stone attuned to the times we are now experiencing. Since the 2012 turning point last December, I have sensed a growing feeling of sweetness in the world, and in the people I encounter. It is subtle and rather mysterious, yet I am running into it again and again. People are tending to be gentler and more loving in their interactions. My feeling is that this is because of an increased conscious presence of the Soul of the World, a more vivid experience of Her, which manifests as this subtle but pervading sweetness. The feminine being called Azumar is one of the faces of the World Soul. As I have written elsewhere, I feel that the time between December 2012 and December 2021 will be experienced as the Nine Years of Blessing, leading to the vibrational Ascension of humanity and the Earth into an ecstatic shared consciousness of co-creative unity with the World Soul. As we move through this time, we will have the opportunity to be a part of this evolution of love. Indeed, without the participation of human beings, the harvest of the Earth’s joy cannot ripen. The delightful energy we feel emanating from Azumar is a taste of this most wonderful potential, which we can help to manifest. We are called to open ourselves to joy, pleasure and compassion, and to respond with love and blessing. Azumar can begin the flow of these qualities within us, and if we give ourselves in full participation, we can enter a future more wonderful than we can imagine.
     “Azumar is an ideal companion for Healerite, and the two work together marvelously for bringing energetic wholeness and well being to one’s body and vibrational fields. It harmonizes with all Azeztulites, especially the Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites. It also works well in combination with Arkansas Golden Healer crystals, Lemurian Light crystals, Sugilite, Moldavite, Aquamarine, Azurite, Larimar and Lithium Light. Rathbunite stimulates the exuberant, fun-loving side of Azumar. Phenacite, Herderite, Danburite and Petalite all enhance the experience of expanded spiritual awareness which Azumar can bring to us.”
     As an addendum to Robert’s writing about Azumar, we also want to offer the impressions written by Heaven and Earth’s new manager, Leo McFee. Robert and Leo are the first two people to tune in to these beautiful and powerful new stones, and we think our readers can benefit from both of their perspectives.
     Leo McFee writes: “Azumar is a stone for the time. It is the perfect stone for supporting our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual evolution in 2013 and beyond. It truly represents the new energies that are available for us to embody and experience now. This is a high vibration stone, as well as being very energizing and physically grounding, and emotionally nourishing.  It has a very unusual combination of energies for one stone. It allows us to flow more easily with the changes that are happening in all of us, and surf the waves of change in this post-2012 time on the planet. It is a new day, and this is a very important stone to be with, and open oneself to.”

Azozeo Phenacites
The Azozeo™ Phenacites
     In our last catalog, we introduced Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites, as well as some types of Azozeo Super-Activated Crystals. Over the past six months, we have used the process we discovered on more types of Azeztulite, and on certain other stones, such as Guardianite and Lemurian Seed Crystals, and we have learned that these stones can also be activated to a much higher energy level. This is, to us, a series of amazing and very exciting discoveries. Finding out that we can influence stone energies to bring them to a higher level opens up myriad possibilities for increasing the beneficial qualities of stones for all sorts of applications. It tells us that indeed people can work with the Stone Beings in a powerful co-creative manner, with new potentials we are just beginning to see. We expect in the coming months and years to share what we are learning through the pages of this catalog, and on our website. And we intend to offer an ever-greater array of Azozeo Super Activated crystals and stones.

Robert with the Grandmother Phenacite
The Grandmother Phenacite
     As we described in Catalog #47, the Azozeo Super-Activation process involves a number of factors, which were revealed in a visionary experience I had in the summer of 2012. I was shown the image of our Azeztulite labyrinth, with an Azeztulite-and-Rosophia-filled copper pyramid erected in the center. At the apex of the pyramid, I was guided to place a very large Phenacite crystal weighing about one kilo. On the ground underneath the pyramid, I was shown that I was to place the stone I call the Grandmother Phenacite--a single crystal weighing over sixteen pounds--at the very center of the labyrinth’s central circle. The stones to be activated were to be placed on a glass table in the center of the circle, between the two giant Phenacites. I was also directed to bring in the stones to be activated, in a ritual manner, and to call upon the Azez (the Beings responsible for the awakening of all the Azeztulites) by using the ancient word Azozeo. I followed the guidance carefully and in detail, and was both amazed and delighted when it actually worked! I intuitively sensed that all the components of the process--labyrinth, pyramids, phenacites and ritual invocation--were important, but that also the most important piece was the Grandmother Phenacite.
     The Grandmother Phenacite is the most unique and powerful stone I have met in all my years of collecting. It is, I believe, the largest single Phenacite crystal in the world, but even more importantly, it is clearly a Being, with its own personality, consciousness and purpose. When one sits and holds this crystal, it does more than stimulate the upper chakras--it fills the person holding it with a surprising and inexplicable joy. It is like being in the presence of a friendly, curious and immensely powerful Angel. All of the Heaven and Earth staffers, as well as ourselves and our friends who have held the Grandmother Phenacite, find her to be utterly delightful. In addition, She is capable of filling one’s whole body--all of one’s cells--with the Joy and Light she emanates. I feel certain that it is She who is doing most of the work of transmuting the energies of the stones we place on the activation table in the Azozeo process.
     One of the key things we feel is going on with the Azozeo Super-Activated stones of all kinds is the transmutation of the Earth into a Planet of Light. I feel this is the deep purpose behind all the Azeztulites, and behind humanity’s awakening to all types of crystal energies. Both we human beings and the Earth herself are going through a fantastic and wonderful process of awakening. It is possible that a new Golden Age is upon us, or the vibrational Ascension of ourselves and the Earth together. That is why I am always writing about co-creative union with the Soul of the World. I see that union as the marriage of Heaven and Earth, and the fulfillment human destiny. What I have recently glimpsed is this: The Azozeo process is contagious--stones can “catch” the new higher vibration from each other--and this is what is happening when we call upon the Grandmother Phenacite to bring about the Azozeo activation process. Further, both we and others have intuited that the Azozeo Super-Activated stones can also “turn on” other stones, especially if their human companions participate in the process through clear intention and appropriate ritual. I became very excited by this vision, because it resonated with the message we received from the Azez several years ago--that their mission was to facilitate the activation of all the Quartz in the Earth’s crust to become Azeztulite--to be carrying the Divine energy of the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun. We already know what that feels like, when we hold an Azeztulite, or an Azozeo Super-Activated stone, and I feel sure that if all of the Quartz on Earth were carrying these frequencies, we would be existing on a Planet of Light, and both the Earth and ourselves would experience vibrational Ascension. Now, having discovered the Grandmother Phenacite and her capacity to awaken other stones to higher levels of their potential, I could see a means by which all the Quartz on Earth might ultimately become Azeztulite, or even Super-Activated Azeztulite.  

Grandmother Phenacite's Children
The Grandmother’s Children
     When we came to Tucson for the 2013 Gem and Mineral Show, we were at first very busy getting our showroom set up and coordinating our magazine distribution. However, during that time we received a visit from the source who had found the original Grandmother Phenacite a year earlier. After we purchased the Grandmother Phenacite from him, he went back to the site where it had been found, looking for more specimens. To his (and our) surprise and delight, he found some--a cache of forty-five Phenacite crystals of the same variety. The crystals were all considerably smaller than the Grandmother Phenacite, but they were carrying the same energies! We sensed that this discovery was a further development of the Azozeo story, and that we needed to make these Phenacites available to people who felt aligned with their work of planetary awakening and transformation. In attuning to the group of forty-five Phenacites, we sensed clearly that all of them were connected to the Grandmother stone, and that their purpose is the same as Hers--the transmutation of the Quartz in the Earth’s crust to vibrate as Azeztulite, bringing forth the Earth as a Planet of Light.  
     In my inner vision, I saw these Phenacite crystals, and the people who would claim them, spread out around the planet in a kind of grid, channeling Divine Light into the Earth from the higher realms. The grid I envisioned was not geometric or static, but a moving, flowing, living grid. I saw the people and their stones going to the places where there were the best opportunities for the influx of Light to do the most good. It was almost a kind of dance, where the people and stones would be drawn to the proper spots, and where the people would hold the intention to work with the Beings of these Phenacites to awaken the crystal matrices right below their feet! Because these new crystals and the Grandmother stone were all in the energetic family that gave rise to the Azozeo Azeztulites and crystals, we decided to name them the Azozeo Phenacites.

Robert and Catherine with the Phenacites
The Azozeo™ Group Begins to Take Shape
     During the Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson, we displayed the new Phenacite Crystals in a special glass pyramid case, alongside the Grandmother Phenacite. It was in a rather out-of-the-way spot in the showroom, but a number of individuals were drawn to these exceptionally powerful stones. During the show, some people began to claim the stones which most powerfully spoke to them. In fact, the first person to claim one of the Azozeo Phenacites was waiting in the parking lot when I arrived with them. Catherine experienced a profound connection with the largest of the Grandmother’s Children, finding that it illuminated aspects of her life purpose, and was integral to work she was to do now.
     As Catherine and I talked, we grew excited about the astounding possibilities we were glimpsing. Together, we got the inspiration that, for these Phenacite crystals and their keepers, there should be a means of communication, and we decided to create an online community. We envisioned that a list serve or blog would allow the various members of the Moving Grid to connect and communicate with one another, sharing experiences and discussing the work of planetary transformation in which they would be engaged. We foresaw that some members might decide to congregate and bring their crystals to particular sites, in order to work as a group to activate certain areas. We began to understand what a huge project we had committed ourselves to, in terms of being a part of the Azozeo Earth activation. At the moment, the preliminary name for the association of the holders of the Azozeo Phenacites is The Azozeo Group. This fledgling organization may expand to include communications from anyone working with Azozeo Azeztulites or Azozeo Crystals as well. Catherine has volunteered to organize and host the online community.
     By the time we returned from the Tucson Show, our original group of Azozeo Phenacites had gone from forty-five to twenty-four, thanks to the connections made with people who chose to serve as keepers of twenty-one of the crystals. We are now looking for the rest of the group to come forward and claim their pieces. We ask that those who claim one of the crystals consider becoming part of the Azozeo Group online, to share stories and work in synergy with one another and the Beings of the stones.
     On the energetic level, I can say that the Azozeo Phenacites are in a class by themselves among all stones. They emanate the high frequencies for which Phenacite is well known, and they resonate powerfully with the third eye and crown chakras. They are hugely powerful for Light Body activation, and they bring highly pleasurable currents into the entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. They have the capacity, with the co-creative engagement of their human partners, to bring Divine Light, or Celestial Fire, deep into the Earth, for the benefit of both the planet and all creatures who inhabit it. They can fill the energy body of their human partners with blissful currents of Light, bringing states of awakening and enlightenment. They stimulate the heart chakra, bringing the emotional body into alignment with the Light Body. These are among the most clearly sentient stones of any I have encountered, and I encourage the people who claim them to engage in communication with them. These stones can function as guides as well as energy sources, once one has learned to establish rapport with them.
     The purpose of the Azozeo Phenacites is, in my estimation, both high and serious. It is the stimulation of all the Quartz in the Earth to open to the Celestial Fire, the Divine Light--the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun--for the vibrational Ascension of the Earth and of us as well. To borrow a phrase from my friend Robert Sardello, it is the birth of a New Earth, a New Body and a New Consciousness. This New Consciousness is, in my vision, a consciousness of co-creative unity with the Soul of the World. It is the purpose to which my own heart is most ardently committed, and I look forward to communication with all the present and future members of the Azozeo Community. May the mission of the Azez be fulfilled!

New Azozeo™ Stones
     We have been experimenting with the Azozeo Super-Activation process, trying its effects on a number of stones that felt resonant with the power and purpose of the Azozeo awakening. Below we present our successes, and we are most excited to describe how Azozeo Super-Activaton has affected the energy currents of each of them.

Pink Fire Azeztulite
Pink Fire Azeztulite™
     One of the materials which has taken very well to the Azozeo process is the one we now call Pink Fire Azeztulite. In it’s pre-activation state, it was known as Agnitite (stone of fire), but the Azozeo activation field has brought its currents to such a level that it is now energetically a member of the Azeztulite family--a member with some unique vibrational qualities.
     Robert Simmons writes: “When we first began our work with Azeztulite, we were told by the Azez--the angelic beings who foretold and activated the first Azeztulites, that more Azeztulites would be found. Later, we learned that the Azez intend for all the quartz on Earth to eventually resonate with the frequencies of Azeztulite. This is a profound work of transformation, one which could make the Earth into a Planet of Light. The Azozeo process allows us to facilitate that transformational activation, and one of the stones that proves this to us is Pink Fire Azeztulite. After its exposure to the Azozeo field, it has taken on new properties which we did not observe before. One of these is responsible for its new name.
     “The Hindu Rishis spoke many centuries ago in the Rig Veda about the Divine fire, or Agni, which was both a Being and an internal experience. When Agni enters the body, it transforms the cells into Light-giving sources of vast energy--energy that brings enlightenment, ecstasy and knowledge of truth. Agnitite has always been a conduit of these sorts of energies, but its newly activated Azozeo state makes it much more powerful.
     “In addition to the profoundly powerful energies emanated by these stones, there is a particular experience they can engender. It is the entry of the fire of Divine Love, a pink fire centered in the heart. When one meditates with a Super-Activated Agnitite (Pink Fire Azeztulite), one may feel the streaming power of the stone coursing through the body, and eventually focusing in the area of the heart. As this experience intensifies, one feels interior heat in that area, and one can see interior spiritual Light--a pink Light which is also felt as being quite warm, like a pink fire. Holding the stone over the heart helps to intensify these sensations, and imagining the stone’s etheric image actually moving into the heart can increase the intensity even more. As this occurs, the heat and Light within the chest grows and strengthens, until one may actually sweat from the sense of internal heat, and one may weep from the experience of the Divine Love emanated by the pink Light. Carrying the experience through to its fulfillment can bring about the awakening of the High Heart, a usually-dormant energy center several inches above the heart chakra. This spot is the bodily throne of the Divine Self, and the seat from which inner Wisdom and Truth can begin to be accessed on a continuous basis. When this center is fully activated, one will notice that the Pink Fire is always blazing there, reaching out through us to bless, heal and awaken the world. Thus it is not the physical color of the stone (which is semi-transparent with some reddish inclusions) but the inner experience of the Pink Fire that is the reason for its name.
     “Pink Fire Azeztulite is a stone of passion. It encourages one to love with great intensity, with no holding back. And this expression of total love is not only for a spouse or partner, or for one’s children and friends alone. It is for the world and everything in it. Pink Fire Azeztulite opens the floodgates of the heart, teaching the mind that to withhold love is to stifle life itself. This stone teaches that life is love, and that giving love supports all life. It triggers within us the potential to truly know that love is our foundation, our life force, and the animating energy of the Universe. And it offers us the experience of our own unlimited love, which is the same as Divine Love.
     “Pink Fire Azeztulite circulates its currents through the body, making love a cellular experience. It can eventually teach the cells that love is the antidote to illness and even death. Thus it is an ideal stone for those seeking to heal dysfunctions such as autoimmune disorders, in which the body attacks itself. Visualizing the Pink Fire pouring out of the stone and filling every cell with its loving Light is a recommended way of working with this stone for self-healing.
     “Pink Fire Azeztulite is useful for emotional self-healing as well, bringing an infusion of unconditional love into one’s energy field. The intensity of love emanated by Pink Fire Azeztulite can dissolve old rigid patterns of pain, self-inflicted emotional damage, and the discouragement that comes from having felt abandoned or unloved. Love is both joyful and serious, and it is powerful as well. When one feels the power and purpose of love, one’s attachments to old, fragmented ways of being can be dislodged. This discovery often leads to moments of exuberant joy, as well as inner commitments to serve the flow of love as it rises to permeate and transform our world.
     “Pink Fire Azeztulite raw or polished pieces can be used to fill one’s environment with powerful love energies. The stone can be worn to help keep oneself connected to the currents of Divine Love at all times. It works harmoniously with all other Azeztulites, as well as Azumar, Healerite, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite and Kunzite.”

Azozeo Super-Activated Cinnazez
Azozeo™  Cinnazez™
     We were very excited to come upon the new stone we have named Cinnazez! This is one of the gemstone treasures of New Zealand, combining Sauralite Azeztulite with rich red Cinnabar, and sometimes black or dark gray inclusions. This combination is both beautiful and exceptionally powerful, as Robert Simmons writes:
     Robert Simmons writes: “Only a few weeks before the 2013 Tucson show last February, I received in the mail a stone that I had never dreamed existed. It was a vivid mixture of red, white and translucent gray colors, and its currents were astonishingly powerful. It came from a friend in New Zealand, where the stone was discovered in a remote mountainous part of the South Island. I had been aware for over a year that some New Zealand stones carry  the currents of Azeztulite, and we had been enthusiastically offering both types found thus far--the beautiful Sauralite Azeztulite crystal clusters and the more recently discovered Honey and Cream Azeztulite. What I never imagined was that there might be a stone that combines the high vibrations of New Zealand Azeztulite with the powerful energies of Cinnabar. The name for the new stone--Cinnazez--seemed to practically shout itself into my inner ears. Once again, the mineral realm has revealed a new stone at precisely the moment when it can be of greatest benefit.
     “My felt sense, upon first holding a pair of Cinnazez stones, was of a powerful healing and enlightening wave spreading through my body, beginning in the head, and moving quickly throughout the torso and finally all the way to my feet. The speed at which the currents of these stones spread is surprising, and unexpectedly pleasant. It is as though the cells are receiving a powerful wave of life force, love and wisdom--a wave that is simultaneously comforting and illuminating. I found that once I picked up the stones, I did not want to put them down, and that even when I willed myself to set them aside, I picked them up again within a couple of minutes. The attraction to these stones is palpable, at least in my case, and I think it is because there is something in the currents of Cinnazez that satisfies a powerful evolutionary need.
     “I sat down to meditate with two pieces of Cinnazez, and asked the Being of these stones to tell me of its nature and qualities. Here are some of the insights that came: “We are quickeners of consciousness and awakeners of higher awareness. We can stimulate your nervous systems to actualize their latent capacities of clairvoyance, telepathic communication, attunement to heavenly realms and direct knowledge of Divine truth. We are bringers of Wisdom and we stimulate spiritual enlightenment. We are the solidified essence of the Philosophers’ Stone, and we help the body open to become a conduit of the Celestial Fire of the Great Central Sun. We are as full of Light as any Azeztulite, yet we act faster, to bring the Light through you and into the world. We are teachers of the body, and can awaken the human Bodymind to full self awareness. Meditation with us in silence allows us to penetrate and activate every cell. We are alchemical transformers, turning the leaden unconsciousness of the past into the Golden Truth of the World-coming-to-be. We are first among the new stones of the Earth’s Golden Age, which is now dawning. Those who work with us will receive our blessings, and can become givers of blessing.”
     “I was fascinated at the alchemical references in these initial insights. I had studied enough alchemy to know that the fabled Philosophers’ Stone (believed to be capable of prolonging life indefinitely and transmuting lead to gold) was said to appear in three stages. The initial dark phase (nigredo) signified unenlightened matter, and could refer to most of the Earth’s dormant rocks, which are spiritually asleep. The second phase, the white phase (albedo), signified a state of spiritually awakened matter, capable of attuning to spiritual Light and awakening the alchemist to his or her higher destiny. I have long believed that the original white Azeztulite represents this aspect of the Philosophers’ Stone. The third and final phase of the development of the Philosopher’s Stone is the red phase (rubedo) in which the Stone has fully developed all of its powers. In its red phase, the Philosopher’s Stone is believed to supply the alchemist with power over his or her own longevity, and the ability to heal others and transmute matter from one state to another.
     “The similarities of the red phase of the Philosophers’ Stone to the description of the properties of Cinnazez filled me with excitement. Had the most magical and spiritually potent stone of all arrived at last? This was, after all, not just another red stone--it was Azeztulite combined with Cinnabar. Azeztulite is the most Light-filled stone I know, and Cinnabar is a compound of Mercury and Sulphur, two of the most important elements in traditional alchemical work. I was eager to delve more deeply into the properties of these remarkable stones.
     “My next insights came in a dream that occurred one night after I had meditated with two Cinnazez stones. In the dream scenario, I was in Italy with my wife Kathy, and we were exploring a lovely little town. At one point, when Kathy was out of sight, a woman approached me and began speaking rapidly in Italian. When she realize I didn’t understand her, she switched to English, saying I really must attend a theater performance that night--a dramatization of the story of Mercury. She told me I should record and remember the information in the play. When I awoke, I realized that ‘Mercury’ referred both to the elemental Mercury in the Cinnabar component of Cinnazez, and the mythic being know as Mercury (in the Greek called Hermes), who is the father of Alchemy! I began to meditate more with the Cinnazez, and have been ‘recording’ the information and insights, just as she instructed.”
    Here are some of them: “Cinnazez is a quickener of evolutionary growth. It stimulates the brain and central nervous system, increasing one’s receptivity to fields of knowledge in the inner realms. It aids those who wish to access the akashic records, or to discover the answers to questions or problems in any area. Cinnazez stimulates one’s vibrational field, so that one becomes a better conductor of all kinds of positive energies. It enhances one’s capacity to form and hold inner images, which are often the form in which spiritual “downloads” of Divine knowledge come to us. It makes one more of an “attractor” of new knowledge and insights, in the same way a metal post attracts lightning.
     “Cinnazez also stimulates the intelligence of the heart, and it strengthens the neural networks via which the mind and heart communicate. It can facilitate the inner experience of hearing the voice of one’s heart, and of recognizing and following the heart’s wisdom. As it awakens heart intelligence to a greater degree of conscious awareness, it opens the channels of angelic and interdimensional communication. It is an ally for those seeking to understand the inner workings of the Universe.
     “Cinnazez is a powerful stone of inner alchemy, stimulating the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix to a higher level of coherence and energy. The stone’s vibrational waves can be viewed as waves of resonance, bringing all the cells into harmonious alignment. They stimulate the inner experiences of primordial Light and Sound, allowing one to enter into visionary experiences which are both Light-filled and tangibly vibrational, making one’s body into a resonating chamber of Divine Speech. If one aspires to become a spiritual channel or medium, Cinnazez can facilitate rapid advancement on these paths. Those who work with oracles such as Tarot and the I Ching in conjunction with Cinnazez may discover that their insights are enhanced, and their ability to notice hidden meaningful connections is increased.
     “Wearing or carrying Cinnazez can trigger an increase in synchronicities in one’s life, and a clear awareness of their meaning. These stones tend to engender an alchemical transmutation of oneself from the “lead” of fragmented, ego-driven consciousness to the wholeness and dynamic powerful of one’s Higher Self. To incarnate the Higher Self is to realize true spiritual Gold.
     “Cinnazez harmonizes very well with Phenacite, and with all other Azeztulites. It has a very powerful affinity for the new Azozeo Phenacites. If Cinnazez is Super-Activated with the Azozeo treatment, it becomes a much more powerful version of itself, acting to bring about even more rapid self-transformation and spiritual awakening.”

Azozeo Super-Activated Guardianite
Azozeo™ Guardianite™
     Robert Simmons writes: “Guardianite, before the Azozeo Super-Activation process, is a stone already imbued with profound energies of grounding, protection and personal power. It can directly nourish the etheric and astral bodies, enhancing their full integration with the physical self. When Guardianite’s energies are in one’s field, one feels supported and empowered, safe from all harm. One’s center of Self is strong and stable, and one’s powers of will and manifestation are enhanced. Guardianite can repair damage to one’s subtle body and energy fields, allowing for the healing of many types of physical ailments brought about through energy-field damage. It can reseal a damaged aura, keeping one’s spiritual body protected from all types of negative influences. It stimulates courage, confidence, optimism, creativity and willpower. It is a stone of deep connection to the Earth, which accounts for many of its nourishing qualities. It links us to a source of unlimited power through alignment with the Earth’s chi, and it facilitates the connection through which we and the earth nourish one another in an unending love partnership.  
     “I once wrote that having Guardianite in one’s presence was like having a whole gang of beefy angels at one’s back, ready to handle any threat to one’s wellbeing. When Guardianite is Super-Activated through the Azozeo process, one can go into partnership with those angels, though one may no longer need their protection. When one allows the currents of Azozeo Guardianite into one’s energy field, one’s personal power can expand to levels one has never experienced before. One may learn to move into states of consciousness within which one can direct unseen elemental forces, and in which one’s awareness of the fullness of one’s own being is profoundly expanded. Azozeo Guardianite stimulates the integration of the Higher Self with one’s historical identity, merging the two into the One that they fundamentally are. This means that one can develop previously unknown capacities, including direct knowledge of the akashic records, the capacity to foresee the dynamics of future events, the awareness of invisible Beings of Light and Darkness, and the ability to gracefully handle such vastly expanded knowledge. Azozeo Guardianite kindles unsuspected strengths and profound insights. It can trigger a shift of consciousness within which one releases belief and moves into knowing.
     “Azozeo Guardianite helps one ground the highest Light into one’s physical body and into the Body of the Earth. It does not banish one’s inner darkness, but rather incorporates it into the powerful Light at the core of the Self. It brings a state of kingly or queenly command of all one’s capacities, and allows one to cease all types of self-sabatoge. It clarifies self-reflection and encourages confident action in all realms of inner and outer life.”

Azozeo Super-Activated Sauralite Azeztulite
Azozeo™  Sauralite Azeztulite™  
     Robert Simmons writes: “Sauralite Azeztulite from New Zealand is one of the big reasons that Kathy and I have relocated to New Zealand for most of our year. The land here is veined with reefs of this sweet and powerful Azeztulite, which I came to feel was currently its most evolved form. One can feel a powerful joy coursing through the Earth here--and this is, I believe, the joy which all of the Earth is destined to feel in the coming years.
     “Sauralite vibrates with astonishing intensity, combining the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun with the living vitality of the Earth. It carries the purpose of Azeztulite in its full realization—the living Light of the Divine married to the density of matter. In meditation, these stones literally draw the Light down through the crown while they open the base chakra for the upwelling of Earth energies. They allow one to become a living vessel for the spreading of Light, and for the dissolving of fear, contraction and pain. They are stones of physical enlightenment, making the body a place of ecstatic celebration of union with the Divine Earth. To work deeply with Sauralite Azeztulite is to enter a new way of being––a multidimensional awareness encompassing joy, forgiveness, communion, magic, ecstasy and unity with the Earth. The great Question posed to us by Sauralite is: ‘Will you give up your old life for a new, unknown joy?’
     “When Sauralite undergoes the Azozeo Super Activation process, all of the qualities mentioned above are amplified, and the transformation they affect in the Self is accelerated. One can literally feel an increase in the pace of the stone’s pulsations and increase in the power of its penetration of the body. One can inwardly see the White Light with closed eyes, and one can feel and see the permeation of one’s body by that Light as its effects continue to develop. As this occurs, one may feel the new, unknown joy promised by the Being of Sauralite, as it gently but irresistibly changes one’s consciousness to its very core. This stone embodies the inner state of the New Human Being, and it invites into ecstatic metamorphosis.”

Azozeo Super-Activated Anandalite
Azozeo™  Anandalite™
     Robert Simmons writes: “Anandalite acts to stimulate latent kundalini energies in the body, in ways which are powerful, yet comfortable. Its currents in the lower chakras are usually felt as heat. When they rise to the heart, they are often experienced as joy, and in the brain as spiritual Light. Anandalite is among the most powerful stones for Light Body activation and awakening the dormant potentials of both one’s physical body and one’s consciousness. It profoundly stimulates the central nervous system, all along the spinal column from the root chakra up to the crown. Its currents wash through the whole body, like a tsunami of intense, pleasurable, subtle electricity. At the heart, Anandalite engenders an upwelling of love and joy, and a rush of images often appears in rapid succession. It feels as if the heart is offering its joy upward to the brain. The emotional tone evoked by these stones is one of spiritual pleasure and the thrill of self-awakening.
     “When Anandalite undergoes the Azozeo Super-Activation process, it becomes much more powerful and quicker-acting. The stimulation of kundalini energies can happen all at once, immediately engendering a column of Light from base to crown, and beyond into the etheric chakras. It is through this column that the Divine Nectar then flows down into the head. This can kindle an ecstatic state, but more importantly, it can turn on the switch of evolutionary change. Azozeo Anandalite stimulates the cells to vibrate in harmonic resonance with the kundalini-activated core, making the etheric body into a single pulsing Light-form. When I try to look beyond this point of human Light Body activation, all I can see is Light, Light and more Light, and all I can feel is joy.”

Azozeo Super-Activated Lemurian Seed Crystals
Azozeo™  Lemurian Seed Crystals
    Robert Simmons writes: “Lemurian Seeds can help one attain ‘Lemurian awareness’–– the balancing, nurturing, loving, spiritual and sensuous consciousness that has been long lost by much of humanity. The response to these crystals is often so emotional and so laden with love that one feels them as a balm to the soul. Lemurian Seeds can benefit just about everyone. Most people need the heart opening and emotional/spiritual healing they offer. Healers can use these crystals to bring such experiences to their clients.
     “When one works with Lemurian seed Crystals that have undergone the Azozeo Super-Activation process, the awareness of Lemurian consciousness can become so vivid that it is like watching an inner movie. One can see visions of Lemurian landscapes and ‘remember’ the way the life of Lemuria was lived. One may even recollect one’s own Lemurian past lives. In addition, Azozeo Lemurian Seed Crystals can trigger profound experiences of emotional healing, reaching back into multiple past lives. These stones can also stimulate full empathic awareness, in which one need only look at another person to get an immediate felt sense of the condition of his or her soul and emotional body. Thus, these crystals can be a wonderful aid to all sorts of healing practitioners. They can even work just as profoundly when one conducts an empathic self-examination--something which can clear deeply unconscious negative fixations, In addition, using Azozeo Lemurian Seed Crystals on clients can increase their insights into their own issues, allowing for breakthroughs in their healing processes. Ultimately, Azozeo Lemurian seed Crystals are like lasers of pure Love, directing a flow of compassionate awareness unlike any other stone.”

Azozeo Super-Activated Auralite-23
Azozeo™  Auralite-23
     Robert Simmons writes: “Auralite 23 stimulates higher awareness and telepathic connection with one’s guides and guardian spirits. It offers a direct and immediate link to what is called the ‘Magic Presence’––the Self beyond the everyday ‘I’ that knows one’s life pattern and destiny, and which can help one live one’s life as an expression of one’s true spiritual purpose. The link Auralite provides to higher realms can instigate a process of inner purification. The felt sense of this can seem like a dissolving of one’s cares and worries and an upliftment of one’s spirit and an awakening to the potentialities for a new life. Other effects of Auralite 23 can include an increase of one’s psychic sensitivity, enhanced insight into truth, disappearance of illnesses, awakening of kundalini, awareness of the ‘eternal now,’ visions of future events, enhanced capacity for soul travel and lucid dreaming, and experiences with Angels. On the emotional level, the peace and widened awareness facilitated by Auralite 23 can clear old issues that cripple the emotional body. This stone also helps heal the soul through facilitating remembrance of past lives and stimulating the insight needed to release karmic patterns.
     “When one works with Auralite 23 which has been subjected to the Azozeo Super-Activation process, the first shift one experiences is in psychic awareness. Meditating with an Azozeo Auralite 23 crystal can trigger the ‘flipping of the switch,’ through which one’s latent capacities for clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are suddenly and fully awakened. Another aspect of this dramatic shift can be sudden satori experiences, or breakthroughs into enlightened consciousness. The process of energetic purification is almost instant with these stones, and one can often actually feel negative energies and attachments being flushed away. As this occurs, the emotional body begins to shine with its inborn natural radiance, and one can become a beacon of Love and Light to kindle the Light in others.”

Azozeo Super-Activated Amazez
Azozeo™  Amazez™
     Robert Simmons writes: “Amazez can stimulate and bring Light to any chakra, or to any part of one’s subtle energy body. It fills the whole body with powerful currents of blessing and purification, and it is easily grounded through the feet. It can be used to bring spiritual aid to any weak or afflicted areas of the body, awakening  the power of one’s Divine Blueprint. Amazez can be used as a tool in ‘psychic surgery,’ allowing the practitioner to ‘cut out’ attachments, negative thought forms and entities. Amazez purifies one’s field in a way that enables conscious interaction with higher beings on many spiritual planes, including the Azez themselves. Amazez is an excellent stone for out-of-body travel, raising one’s vibration high enough to transcend the body while simultaneously protecting one from negative influences. It can be used in shamanic journeys, especially to the Upper World. Amazez enhances all the psychic capacities, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, remote viewing, prophetic vision and psychic healing. It can stimulate intuitive abilities, acting as a source of creative inspiration and instant knowing. Amazez can powerfully activate the ‘Mouth of God’ chakra near the top of the spine at the back of the head, so that our latent Divine energies can circulate properly and bring us to enlightenment.
     “Amazez which has undergone the Azozeo process vibrates at a whole new level. It provides instant purification of one’s auric field, banishing any and all negative attachments. In psychic surgery, it becomes a tool for ‘laser surgery,’ providing the practitioner with the ability to inwardly see all of the gray areas or negative fixation points in the client’s etheric body, as well as a Tool of Light capable of ‘burning away’ such dysfunctional fixations. In shamanic journeys, Azozeo Amazez acts like an express elevator to the Upper World, and it enhance the clarity of one’s visions and interactions with the beings one meets in this realm. It so powerfully opens the psychic doorways that the only question is whether one is ready to experience all that it can offer. Yet it also enhances one’s capacity for such an astonishing array of visionary awareness through the cleansing purification of one’s own being. Azozeo Amazez can send out a beam of energy capable of burrowing through all layers of blockage to inner vision and enlightened awareness. It can trigger the establishment of a vibrational link between the third eye and the Mouth of God chakras, sometimes creating powerful experiences of spiritual awakening.”

Azozeo Super-Activated Nirvana Quartz
Azozeo™  Nirvana Quartz  
     Robert Simmons writes: “Nirvana Quartz crystals resonate at the intersection of past and future time. These crystals can aid us in the evolutionary transmutation which is our highest destiny. They can be conduits for currents of profound inner illumination, facilitating the incarnation of enlightenment here and now, in our bodies, on the Earth.  An aspect of this enlightenment is Nirvana Quartz’s capacity to help us unite the consciousness of the brain and the heart, creating a feedback loop of joy, leading to inner Light and ecstasy. This rapturous state is what has earned these stones the name Nirvana Quartz. Its mission involves setting up the blueprint of post-human destiny––a way of being that is beyond the historic human limitations of fear, doubt and violence—living and creating each moment through utter, ongoing, trusting engagement with the fertile unknown which is the future.  The beings expressing through these stones can be viewed as the angels of our potential, or as our future selves calling us into what we can be.
     “When one feels the currents coming through a Nirvana Quartz crystal which has been Super-Activated through the Azozeo process, the enhancement of their energies is palpable. These crystals almost vibrate right out of my hand! They work instantly to clear the energy corridor between the heart and brain, and they encourage these two centers of intelligence to integrate so fully that they become One. This development creates one huge radiant chakra that encompasses the chest, neck, head and the next foot or so above the head. It can trigger the unfolding of the ‘thousand-petaled lotus’--the ancient term for the fully activated crown chakra. Most astonishing is the Azozeo Nirvana Quartz’s capacity to tune one to the flow of the Future coming-to-be. One does not so much ‘know’ the future as flow into it, in a graceful stream of synchronicity. This particular quality is accentuated when one works with a Trigonic Azozeo Nirvana Quartz. All in all, one might say that before Azozeo activation, Nirvana Quartz helped to reveal the path of our potential. Now, when one is under the influence of Azozeo Nirvana Quartz, we do not just see our spiritual potential--we experience it.”

Zincite Crystals
Zincite Crystals
     Zincite is one of most popular (and hard-to-find!) stones in all of our offerings. It also has one of the most unique stories of origin. About fifteen years ago, when an old zinc smelting plant in Poland was being dismantled, thousands of Zincite crystals and clusters were discovered coating the inside of the chimney. They had apparently formed when gaseous zinc vapors combined with oxygen in the chimney to form crystals of pure zinc oxide, or Zincite. The smelter itself was reportedly over 100 years old, and new, more efficient smelters did not produce the crystals. The Zincite crystals came in brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow, and sometimes even silver. For some months we were able to buy large quantities of them, and after that the supply dwindled. For some years now, we have only been able to get a few specimens from collectors. Last February, however, our Polish suppliers brought us the booty of another surprise Zincite discover from a Polish smelting plant. The quantity of crystals was much smaller, but the colors and formations are just as spectacular as any we’ve ever seen. As before, these Zincites are probably not replaceable.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Zincite is an ideal stone for those who are spiritually inclined and need the fire of the lower-chakra energies in order to bring their aspirations into physical reality. Many who are drawn to working with stone energies and other spiritual pursuits have the tendency to dwell too much in the upper chakras and have difficulty with grounding both themselves and their goals in the physical world. Zincite can work very powerfully to amend this deficiency by strongly stimulating the first, second and third chakras and moving those energies upward to link them with the upper chakras. The effect is an increase in one’s overall level of energy and vitality, as well as an enhanced capacity for actualizing the desires one formulates as a result of inspiration from the spiritual realms.
     “Zincite increases life force, courage, passion, creativity, will and personal power. It is one of the really ‘strong’ stones that even people who are not usually sensitive to crystal energies can feel. Its stimulation of the base chakra brings one’s consciousness firmly into the body, while providing an abundance of new energy for physical accomplishments. Its energy operates on the second chakra in a way that kindles the fires of both creativity and sexuality. Where the greater expression will manifest is a matter of one’s personality, situation and choice. Once Zincite awakens the energy, it is up to oneself to decide how to channel it. Zincite charges the third chakra, increasing one’s reservoir of determination, perseverance, focus of intention and capacity for manifestation. It is excellent for providing the ‘last push’ needed to carry creative projects, big loads of work, new health regimens or other goals to completion.
     “Once the lower chakras are activated (sometimes in a matter of minutes), Zincite’s energy moves on to the upper chakras, carrying the awakened energies of the lower three. This can feel like quite a ‘power surge’ to those unaccustomed to operating at their full energy level. Initially, Zincite may be a bit too intense to use all the time. However, humans were meant to operate with all the chakras working in unison, so Zincite’s gift in this area is highly valuable. The increase in emotional, mental and spiritual energies that results from its full activation of the chakras and meridians can be put to use in ways that truly revitalize one’s life.
     “One of the surprising secrets about Zincite concerns its activation of sexual energies. This stone seems to have the capacity to bring powerful vibrations into the second chakra, sometimes manifesting as sexual excitement. (At one of my teaching events, a woman joked that with Zincite around, she didn’t need men!) Although my focus on stone work is oriented toward spiritual growth, I would be less than honest if I did not mention this unusual quality of Zincite.
     “The Silver Zincites are a new arrival on the scene, and their energies are more attuned to the upper chakras than the other colors. Silver Zincites stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, and they work to bring much more power into one’s auric field. They stimulate clairvoyance and all related intuitive capacities, and they support activation of the Body of Light.
     “Zincites combine well with all stones that resonate with the three lower chakras, including Bumblebee Jasper and Genesis Jasper. For increasing prana, I recommend combining Zincite with Crimson Cuprite or Ruby. For increasing one’s power of manifestation, combining Zincite with Heliodor, Golden Labradorite, or Libyan Gold Tektite can be of great benefit. For sexual and/or creative energies, Zincite and Carnelian are a highly stimulating pair. For an almost explosive energy of transformation, awakening and acceleration of one’s path of highest purpose, adventurous souls are advised to combine Zincite with Moldavite. For clearing and removing negative energy entangled in the body, a combination of Zincite and Selenite works well.”

Rainbow Hematite Gallery
A++ Rainbow Hematite
     We were surprised during our buying trip to come upon a new discovery of Rainbow Hematite. Mined in the high desert of the American Southwest, this Rainbow Hematite’s surfaces displays striking iridescent colors--red, gold, blue, green and violet--more vivid than we had ever seen in any other Hematite specimens. We have rated this material A++, because of its astonishing colors and intense energies.
     Robert Simmons writes: “These new A++ Rainbow Hematites are much stronger and more versatile than any Hematite specimens I have ever encountered before. They do much more than the usual grounding and protection for which Hematite is traditionally known. When I attuned to the Being of the A++ Rainbow Hematites, I felt immediately that these are stones of a higher level than other Hematites, and I was shown a wide array of potentials waiting to be realized by those who choose to work with them.
     “One of the prime capacities of the A++ Rainbow Hematites is to initiate an increased crystal ordering of the blood. In all of us, the blood, connective tissues, cellular cytoplasm and even our DNA is liquid crystal. It has been shown that disciplines such as meditation, chi gung, chanting, or playing a musical instrument can increase the crystalline coherence within these bodily system, leading to enhancement of consciousness and activation of latent capacities such as psychic ability and awareness beyond the body. Even such a well-known phenomenon as being ‘in the zone’ or ‘in the flow’ can be understood as the feeling we have when our inner crystalline structure has assumed higher levels of coherence. The A++ Rainbow Hematites work on subtle energy levels to enhance crystalline coherence of the blood, which circulates through the body, bringing harmony to all one’s physical and energetic systems. This may be due to a combination of Rainbow Hematite’s high iron content resonating with the electromagnetic state of the iron in the blood, along with the high-frequency subtle energy emanations of these stones.
     “Another of the beneficial potentials of the A++ Rainbow Hematites is the repair of one’s magnetic field. The picture I am given of this process is related to the increase in crystalline coherence of the blood which I have just described. Our electromagnetic field is generated primarily from the heart. In the chambers of the heart, iron in the blood is ionized by the spiraling motion created by the heart’s pumping action. As the blood literally spins through the heart’s chambers, it works in a way alalagous to an electric motor, which emanates an electromagnetic field around its spinning axis. (The Earth’s electromagnetic field is also similarly created by the spinning motion of the iron in its core.) The A++ Rainbow Hematite’s influence on the iron in the blood, bringing about increased crystalline coherence, acts to make the electromagnetic field of the body more robust and balanced. Subjectively, this makes the individual feel more powerful, more alert, more aware of his or her surroundings, and more available to subtle energies which are experienced as expanded consciousness. This electromagnetic strengthening and realignment also means that one feels more grounded, more clear-headed and more in tune with the Earth.
     “On the level of spiritual self-healing, I was shown a number of potential benefits that the A++ Rainbow Hematites have the capacity to convey, if one works consciously and purposefully with them. The influence of these stones can be used to rectify issues such as anemia, as well as auto-immune illnesses such as MS and post-polio syndrome. It can help one to strengthen the muscles through exercise, perhaps because of its influence on the crystallinity of the blood.
     “The Being of these stones declares, ‘I am the Rainbow Guardian. Whatever Light is needed can come through me. I can aid in manifestation through visualization for those who work in partnership with me. Picture what you wish to bring forth into being, hold the image steady through intention, act in the direction of your desire, and it will be yours.’
     “For those who want to work in the way described above, for those wish to experience visionary consciousness, or for those who feel blocked in that area, the A++ Rainbow Hematites can be powerful helpers. Unlike any other Hematite I have encountered, these stones powerfully stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, working to clear psychic debris, limiting habits and negative attachments. They can quite literally open a third eye which is closed. When this happens fully, one can experience communication with Stone Beings, angels, guides and other spiritual intelligences. This communication most frequently occurs as spontaneous inner pictures which metaphorically depict the meaning of the idea or experience being transmitted.
     “A++ Rainbow Hematites combine powerful influences for grounding and inner alignment with the capability of resonating with the highest-frequency vibrations. They can be used in combination with all types of Azeztulite to ground the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun into one’s body, one’s consciousness and the Earth. Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites are the best for this work. I was shown a vision that was called ‘grounding the Pillar of Divine Fire,’ in which the body--with the help of Azozeo Super-Activated Honey and Cream Azeztulite or Sauralite Azeztulite crystals--acts as a sort of lightning rod for the manifestation of the highest spiritual Light on the Earth plane. This is part of the great Agenda whereby Heaven and Earth are married to one another and the Earth becomes a Planet of Light. When one acts as a willing conduit for this process, one’s own enlightenment happens in concert with the vibrational Ascension of the Earth.
     “Another sort of spiritual Ascension involves the creation of the Rainbow Body of Light. The A++ Rainbow Hematites work in resonant alignment with this process, especially when helped by Azozeo Super-Activated Anandalite. Rainbow Anandalite is best, though all Anandalites can be used, if they have undergone the Azozeo process.
     “Hematite has lone been seen as a stone of spiritual protection. The A++ Rainbow Hematites are the strongest of all Hematites, and they have the capacity to provide the highest level of protection from negative energies and entities. The best stone ally to combine with them is Azozeo Super Activated Guardianite. These stones work extremely well together for spiritual protection and purification.
     “Many of us feel disempowered. We sense intuitively that we are not all we were meant to be. During my attunment to the A++ Rainbow Hematites, I was shown a vision of what was called Unchained Power. The image which came was of a fully awakened and empowered human being, capable of acting on the material world through consciousness alone! This is a vision of the destiny of humanity as I see it, and I was told that the A++ Rainbow Hematites can be used to move toward realization of this vision. Combining them with the Azozeo Phenacite crystals, or with Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites can be of great assistance, especially if one also adds Genesis Stone to the mix. With Genesis Stone, another strong influence of grounding and empowerment helps to increase the flow of Divine energies from the higher worlds--by providing an enhanced capacity for those energies to flow into us, through us, and into the body of the Earth.”

Golden Citrine Laser Wands
Golden Citrine Crystals
     Every time we have found a new batch of these richly colored Golden Citrine crystal points, they are all sold almost immediately. On our last buying trip, we were lucky enough to discover a group of especially fine specimens, including many smaller, less expensive crystals. We even found enough to offer wire wrapped pendants of Golden Citrine Crystals, for the first time ever. We predict that this batch will disappear quickly as well!
     Robert Simmons writes: “The new Golden Citrine Laser Wands from Madagascar emit rich, deep currents of the Golden Ray. They strengthen the Solar Plexus chakra, aiding in finding and wielding one’s personal power. They can assist in creative manifestation through the will, if one works with them meditatively for this purpose. They can facilitate the attainment of mental clarity and they encourage greater self-confidence.
     “Golden Citrine Laser Wands can be used for manifesting prosperity and abundance. Their attunement to the Golden Ray helps in the manifestation of the True Gold on all levels, from the material to the spiritual. For working to achieve financial prosperity, I recommend placing one’s checkbook or ban statement on one’s home altar,  with one of these crystals on top of it. Before doing do, hold the stone at the solar plexus, touching the financial papers to the stone and envisioning an aura of golden light around both oneself and the objects. Imagine the emotional quality one would associate with living in abundance and include it in the visualization. Then place the stones and papers on the altar. One can add a candle and a note stating one’s intention to attract prosperity into one’s life. Express true gratitude for the abundance one has. The Golden Citrine Laser Wand will help to focus the intensity of one’s inner work in this area, and will fill the entire activity with an aura of golden spiritual Light. Any other type of creative manifestation work can be done with these stones and a similar meditative practice, focusing on the desired creative goal.
     “One can enhance the power of these crystal by combining them with North Carolina Golden Azeztulite, Satyaloka Yellow Azeztulite, Himalaya Gold Azeztulite, Phenacite, Libyan Gold Tektite and/or Moldavite. Azozeo Phenacites can bring these stones up to a much higher frequency, as can combining them with Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites.”

Brookite Quartz Crystals
Brookite Quartz Crystals
    Brookite has long been one of our favorite high-vibration stones. It is a titanium oxide crystal with a hardness of 5.5 to 6. Until now, all of our Brookite specimens have been the charcoal-gray, small, squarish specimens from Arkansas. These are indeed very powerful stones, capable of expanding consciousness beyond the boundaries of the body. From our first encounters with them, we were amazed at the intensity of the power coming from these tiny, unglamorous stones.
     On our last buying trip, we happened upon something we had read about, but had never seen before--Brookites which had formed inside clear Quartz crystals. These are from a recent discovery in Pakistan. Although Brookite itself is a rare stone, Brookite within Quartz is much, much rarer. In our twenty-seven years in the stone world, we had never seen them before! When we felt their energies, we were amazed at how powerful they are, and we moved quickly to acquire the best specimens in the collection for our catalog. The Brookite within these crystals occurs not as blackish chunks, but a beautiful golden brown threads clustered and woven together into a dense fabric, with luminous wisps trailing off from the most concentrated areas.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Brookite is one of the primary power stones for expansion of awareness beyond the physical body. It is a powerful activator of the sixth and seventh chakras and the etheric chakras above the head. It can align all the upper chakras with the rest of one’s energy body, allowing one to explore the subtle realms with a highly sensitive and stable awareness.
     “Brookite enables one to reach an expanded state in which one can communicate and commune with beings on the higher vibrational levels. It teaches one the nature of the higher levels of consciousness vibration. It can help one gain the ‘cosmic perspective’ that allows one to see even unpleasant situations as beneficial to growth. It is inspirational and energizing, assisting one in overcoming old patterns and moving ahead to greater inner development.
     “The new Brookite Quartz Crystals take the power of Brookite to a new level. One of the unique qualities of these pieces is their capacity to stabilize states of expanded awareness. Most people who have had experiences of illuminated consciousness understand how difficult it can be to maintain one’s conscious connection with the higher realms. These Brookite Quartz Crystals not only open one to higher states--they also help one to experience such states as ‘normal,’ meaning that one can more readily learn to live in a way which integrates one’s connection to the higher worlds with one’s ongoing life.
     “Brookite Quartz Crystals’ combination of stability with very high-frequency vibrations is fortunate in other ways. Whereas many high vibration stones can make one feel a bit spacey, these feel actually quite comfortable to the brain and the upper chakras. In fact, I use these stones to remedy the unpleasant ‘scrambling’ effect that cell phones tend to have on my energies, particularly the energies in and around the head. Placing one of these Brookite Quartz Crystals at the third eye immediately after a cell phone call brings me back to a balanced, expanded state. My sense is that these crystals can really help highly sensitive people to cope with the jangle of electromagnetic static that permeates the atmosphere these days, without having to sacrifice one’s connection to higher levels of consciousness.
     “Brookite Quartz Crystals resonate at every chakra. This is quite different from Brookite alone, which has little or no connection to the body below the third eye. I can easily feel these crystals bringing their expansive frequencies into the throat, heart and solar plexus chakras, stimulating them all to vibrate at very high rates. The same is the case with the first and second chakras, although it takes a bit more concentration to attune to the stones from these lowest levels. Still, it is quite amazing for any stone of such high frequencies to resonate everywhere in the body. Azeztulite does so, but the Brookite Quartz Crystals have their own effect--rapid expansion beyond the physical body. One can quickly experience the ‘cloud of awareness’ that some esoteric teachings describe as the awakening of the Body of Light.
     “In spiritual self-healing, Brookite Quartz Crystals are recommended for relieving headaches and/or blocked chi, as well as for stimulation of the meridian system. When I attuned to these stones, I was shown an image of Brookite being placed at sites of nerve damage, and I inwardly ‘saw’ the growth of new nerve fibers repairing the dysfunction. In emotional self-healing, Brookite Quartz Crystals are recommended for dissolving negative feedback loops that tend to lead to self-judgement, depression or bipolar tendencies. In people who suffer from attention deficit disorder, Brookite may work in a way opposite to what it does in most people, condensing consciousness rather than expanding it--something which might be a welcome change for those who suffer from such conditions. (Please note, that all the applications described in this paragraph come from visionary intuition, and that I do not advocate substituting stones for traditional medical care.)
     “I was quite excited to try the Brookite Quartz Crystals in combination with other high-vibration stones. When paired with Azozeo Phenacites or Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites, they can take one interdimensional journeys to the highest spiritual realms, and their stabilizing qualities help one to hold one’s link with such states. These stones together also do powerful and rapid work in regard to building the Body of Light. Combining Brookite Quartz Crystals with Petalite, Danburite, Herderite and all of the Ascension stones can bring about equally dramatic journeys into higher consciousness.
     “Other stones that resonate well with Brookite Quartz Crystals include Mani Stones, which stimulate unified simultaneous activation of all the chakras and the entire meridian system. In addition, I felt harmony between Brookite Quartz Crystals and Azumar, Healerite, Golden Citrine Crystals, Rosophia, Morganite, Satya Mani Quartz, Pink Fire Azeztulite, Mystic Merlinite, Charoite, Selenite and Sunset Gold Selenite. Genesis Stone can ad grounding. Empowerite increases its intensity, and Revelation Stone enhances the vividness of the visionary experiences Brookite Quartz Crystals can engender.”

Mani Stone
Mani Stone™
     Mani Stone is a black and white Jasper from the American Southwest. It is composed of alternating bands of black and white, sometimes in dramatic patterns. It polishes very well, and makes a good jewelry stone. It was named Mani Stone after the Third Century mystic teacher Mani. The name Mani means “gemstone,” and the original Mani believed himself to be an incarnation of the Divine--the Paraclete, or Divine Comforter. He dedicated his life to attempting to unite all the world’s religions through mutual understanding and compassion. He believed that darkness was not to be overcome through struggle, but rather to be infiltrated with Light, until it was no longer darkness. The religion known as Manichaeism was named after him. We have chosen to call this new material Mani Stone because its message about its properties is strongly resonant with what we know about Mani’s philosophy.
Robert Simmons writes: “When I attuned to this black and white Jasper and asked about its nature and its intentions for working with people, I first received the message that the rock wanted to be named Mani Stone. Knowing a little about the original Mani, the spiritual teacher, I was only slightly surprised when the Being of the stone continued, describing its qualities in ways which recalled the teachings of its namesake.
     “The energies of Mani Stone encourage forgiveness, inclusion and the regeneration of hope. All of us need to make a practice of forgiveness, for our own benefit as well as that of others. When we hold a judgement against someone else, it is primarily oneself who suffers. Further, holding a grudge or judgement creates a fragmentation of union between beings on the soul level, creating spiritual disharmony. On the individual level, self-judgement brings about inner fragmentation, a sort of low level mental illness which is experienced by most people. Working with Mani Stone with the intention of forgiveness, of self and others, can dissolve all of these complexes of negative attachment.
     “Mani Stone’s quality of inclusion is related to forgiveness. The psychological dynamic of ‘us versus them’ is the dynamic of exclusion, another disease of the ego. (It’s ironic that we can pride ourselves on being members of an ‘exclusive’ club or neighborhood.) Sometimes we exclude others, and at other times we exclude aspects of ourselves. In all cases, these exclusions lead to disunity and fragmentation, and they impede the natural flow of love. Mani stone reinforces the flow of love and the practice of inclusion, within which we recognize all others as being the same as ourselves, and we realize that we are fundamentally One.
     “A third key to Mani Stone’s energies is in the phrase I was given by the stone Being: ‘return of the exiled.’ We are taught to reject the ‘bad’ parts of ourselves and to include only the ‘good.’ Mani the spiritual teacher knew that this sort of intention leads not to the victory of Light over darkness, but to fragmentation of the Self. The rejected parts fall into the unconscious, where they wreak havoc in our lives, sabotaging our plans and undermining our attempts to present ourselves as complete people, when in fact we are only fragments. Our rejected parts need to be accepted, loved and re-integrated into ourselves, if we are ever going to be whole. By looking into the ‘worst’ parts of ourselves--the parts we have placed in exile--from a place of gratitude and forgiveness, we bring them out of exile and into our hearts, making us more whole. All of the spiritual work described above leads to the ‘regeneration of hope,’ as the soul is rewoven into its original unity. This type of work is closely related to soul retrieval--another practice intended for the recovery of our wholeness--which is facilitated through working with Mani Stone.
     “Mani Stone also declares that its energies are attuned to ‘clearing for the Higher Self.’ I interpret this as meaning that all of this inner healing--facilitated by forgiveness, inclusion and return of the exiled or lost parts of ourselves--clears the path for the merging of the Higher Self with our everyday individuality. This is ultimately the goal of all spiritual aspiration.
     “When one works with Mani Stone to reestablish unity and wholeness, one can then turn outward to offer aid and healing to the world. Mani Stone gave me the phrase ‘caring for the emotionally dispossessed’ to describe this work. The energies of Mani Stone inspire one to meet all others from a place of compassion, providing a safe and comfortable opportunity for others to heal through relationship with us.
     “Mani Stone is an ideal mineral ally for treatment of unconsciously held pain. Again, we are looking at the effects of self-judgement, or the incorporation of the judgements of others into our psyches. Mani Stone’s energy of unconditional love allows unconscious pain to be dissolved and released.
     “A surprising phrase that I received during my attunement to Mani Stone’s nature and purpose is, ‘rejuvenation through remembering.’ I see this as indicating that when we figuratively re-member our dis-membered selves, we are rejuvenated in the process. This seems intuitively correct to me, since much aging is psychologically rooted. When we are in a state of inner fragmentation and turmoil, we age more quickly because of our suffering. Mani Stone inspires us to remember that we are whole, and to recapture the youthful spirit of the truth of our wholeness.
     “In regard to spiritual self-healing, Mani Stone is recommended for autoimmune disorders, where the body has turned against itself. This is a physical expression of the psychological dynamics we have been exploring.
     “The last word Mani Stone gave me to describe its effects on human beings is ‘metanoia.’ This word is in contrast to the paranoia in which many of us conventionally live. While our condition may not be clinical, we can still find ourselves expecting the worst from each other and from life. However, metanoia is not merely the cheerful opposite of paranoia. It is much more profound. Metanoia is the word describing the mystical union of oneself with the Divine, and ecstatic union that goes far beyond all the usual states of human consciousness. After the emotional healing work facilitated by Mani Stone is done, one is free to fly to the spiritual heights, or to descend to the deepest corridors of the heart. In both places, one will discover the loving face of the Divine Self smiling to oneself, mirror to mirror.

     On our winter buying trip, we were delighted by one of the new stones we found. Rathbunite is a type of Jasper, characterized by multi-hued looping stripes that curve and curl through the stone. Its colors include reddish brown, yellow, orange, white and gray. Energetically, it is highly positive and dynamic, manifesting a unique and enjoyable “personality.” As of now, we are offering raw or tumbled pieces, wire wrap pendants, and a few special Rathbunite necklaces.
Robert Simmons writes: “Rathbunite is the kind of stone that makes you smile when you pick it up. Its currents are emotionally uplifting, stimulating the voice of the heart to speak from its wisdom. This is stone that can aid one in ‘doing serious work lightly.’ It enhances one’s capacity to take on life’s challenges with a buoyant spirit, combined with a good-natured determination.
     “Rathbunite is a stone of creative manifestation. When placed on the solar plexus, it energizes that chakra and increases one’s capacity to focus one’s will to bring about a desired outcome. When worn, Rathbunite allows one to draw scattered thoughts together and organize them into coherent patterns. It is a great stone for those who are talented but have difficulties bringing projects to completion. Rathbunite helps one achieve goals without losing the enjoyment of the present moment.
     “Rathbunite is a stone of fun and good humor. Its capacity to lift one’s mood helps one to remember to see the humor in life, and it inspires wit and verbal play. It is linked energetically to the archetypes of the Divine Messenger and the Magician, as well as the Fool. As Divine Messenger, Rathbunite enhances intuition, and the capacity to see meaningful patterns in seemingly random events. It stimulates the ‘sixth sense’ and helps one to develop latent psychic capacities. As Magician, Rathbunite aids one in learning to attune one’s will to Divine Will, channeling the flow of the Tao (or Divine energies), and directing the potential of the higher Powers into beneficial creative manifestation. As the Fool, Rathbunite stimulates one’s sense of play, dispelling egotism and encouraging oneself and others to laugh at one’s own (and life’s) absurdities. This can be of great benefit in healing old wounds to the emotional body, and in dissolving old habits of emotional reactiveness.
     “Rathbunite is a wonderful stone for just about everyone. It’s message to us is ‘Lighten up,’ and as we do so, we are unexpectedly lifted into the spiritual Light which our hearts had been seeking all along. In essence, Rathbunite attunes one to Love, Joy, Pleasure and Play. If we truly embrace these qualities, we will move far along the path of enlightenment.
“Rathbunite works well with Moldavite, Arkansas Golden Healers, Mani Stone, Revelation Stone, Empowerite and all forms of Azeztulite, especially the Azozeo Super-Activated varieties. It harmonizes beautifully with Azumar, and these two stones together can dramatically enhance one’s happiness and appreciation of life. With Healerite, Rathbunite and work to advance the healing of the emotional body, and its relationship with the physical.”

Bumble Bee Jasper
Bumble Bee Jasper
     A new arrival from Australia recently caught our eye with its dramatic and unusual patterns of color. Bumblebee Jasper derives its name from the intense yellow and black stripes that permeate these amazing stones. Many of them are also marked with swirling patterns of gray, white and yellow-orange. Bumblebee Jasper’s yellow color comes from Sulfur, though it is composed primarily of Quartz, along with other trace minerals.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Bumblebee Jasper resonates strongly with the second (sexual/creative) and third (solar plexus) chakras. It is highly energizing to both of these areas, bringing inspiration and intensity to the realm of one’s creative manifestation. These stones are powerful aids for melding passion and purpose together for the unfolding of one’s destiny. They can free blocked energies in the second and third chakras, allowing one to fully manifest the things one feels a deep inner calling to do. In this, they are uniquely valuable helpers. All of us have the experience of receiving an inspired idea that makes us want to give ourselves to a new project or artistic creation, and we all know how interferences large and small can slow, and even stop us from achieving our dreams. The stone ally known as Bumblebee Jasper can increase one’s power to persist and overcome obstacles. This is particularly true when one is attempting things which are deeply meaningful to us.
     “Bumblebee Jasper is a stone of adventure. It stimulates one’s mental acuity, so one is more able to notice the ‘cubic centimeter of chance’--the moment when one’s golden opportunities arise, and can be seized, if done quickly. These stones can increase the level of activation of the complex of neurons in the gut--making it possible to more readily be aware of one’s ‘gut feelings,’ or instincts. Our instincts must become conscious in us if we are to benefit from this aspect of our intelligence. Bumblebee Jasper helps this process through its intensification of the energies in these areas.
     “Should one choose one or more creative adventures in life, Bumble Jasper can be an ideal stone companion. It stimulates courage, assertiveness, endurance and concentration. If worn, it can increase mental clarity and sharpness. Its effect on consciousness is to motivate achievement in unusual areas which are specifically suited to one’s inner spiritual makeup.
“In spiritual self-healing, Bumblebee Jasper can help energetically cleanse and clear the intestinal tract, liver and kidneys. In emotional self-healing, it is an antidote to fear, indecisiveness and hesitation. In spiritual evolution, it sets one upon the path of one’s highest destiny.
     “Bumblebee Jasper works with Moldavite for rapid self-transformation. With Phenacite, it helps on bring one’s new spiritual visions into manifest form. It works in synergy with Genesis Jasper for manifestation of one’s dreams in the material world. It also resonates strongly with third chakra stones such as Heliodor, Libyan Gold Tektite and Golden Apatite. Its stimulation of one’s higher purpose is accentuated by all Azeztulites, especially Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites. With Tibetan Tektites and Anandalites, Bumblebee Jasper can help one to raise the kundalini energies above the first three chakras.”

Genesis Jasper
Genesis Jasper™
     Genesis Jasper is a combination of Hematite, Magnetite and Jasper, found in desert areas of the American West. It is formed from multiple thin sedimentary layers of dark gray, red-brown and golden yellow. The stones are estimated to be between 1.8 and 2.5 billion years old. Interestingly, their layers are considered to have been formed from fossilized oxygen-forming bacteria--the organisms that oxygenated the Earth’s seas and atmosphere, setting the stage for the evolution of life on Earth. These are very old, very hard stones, and are difficult to cut an polished. However, there are some hand-sized specimens which have been naturally polished by the desert winds and sand storms, a polishing process that may have occurred over billions of years.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Genesis Jasper is a strongly grounding stone. It energizes the root chakra, drawing Earth currents up through the feet. It activates the auric immune response, keeping negative energies away. It can be used to cleanse the meridian system and move congested chi out of stagnant areas.
     “Genesis Jasper got its name because of its connection to the early origins of life. It has a strong energetic affinity to organic life, and as such it can be a powerful healing stone. It promotes recovery from illness and can be used to increase longevity. It is helpful for those recuperating from long illnesses, allowing one to once again become fully grounded in the physical body.
     “Genesis Jasper is a stone of new beginnings. It works through the first, second and third chakras to help one truly manifest one’s dreams. It clears away negative attachments, allowing positive inspirations to come into consciousness. It aids one’s persistence, so that one pursues one’s inspirations to completion.
     “Genesis Jasper’s highest purpose is in the awakening of the New Earth. Its amazing capacity for grounding high vibrations in the physical realm makes it an ideal anchoring stone for the new energies of super-consciousness now being channeled to the Earth. All Light Workers should have this helpful workhorse of a stone in their tool kits. And speaking of horses, this stone is also an aid to empathic communication with animals--perhaps because of its friendly affinity with all life.
     “Genesis Jasper works with Bumblebee Jasper for manifestation of one’s dreams in the material world. This combination of stones is very powerful! It connects surprisingly well with Phenacites, and  with Violet Flame Opal, both of which bring in very high-frequency currents. Moldavite accelerates its affects, Azeztulite brings its essential frequencies of the Nameless Light further into the material plane...with the help of Genesis Jasper.”

Thunder Bay Amethyst
Thunder Bay Amethyst
      When we were exhibiting at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, we were approached by a mineral dealer from Canada who had several boxes of superb Thunder Bay Amethyst crystals and small clusters. Thunder Bay Amethysts are found in mines in and around Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, on the shores of Lake Superior. We had heard of these Amethysts, but had never seen them before. By the time we had looked them over and felt their energy, we knew we wanted to buy them all. Both the single crystals and the clusters exhibit rich purple color, and many have veils of red Hematite on the surfaces of their terminations. The vivid purple combined with the red overtones makes for some lovely crystals indeed! The single Amethyst points have well-formed terminations, and many of them are Trigonics. These are some of the sweetest little Amethysts we’ve ever seen, and their currents are surprisingly powerful.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Thunder Bay Amethyst is one of the most beautiful and powerful Amethysts I have encountered. Even small pieces emanate strong pulsations which stimulate the third eye and crown chakras. These energies can activate dormant chakras and purify them, dispelling any negative energies or psychic debris. Thunder Bay Amethyst awakens one to one’s Divine Connection, increasing one’s ability to receive and understand guidance from one’s guardian angels and spirit guides. They help one link with one’s Higher Self as well, enabling one to tap into intuitive wisdom.
     “Thunder Bay Amethysts are stones of the akashic record, stimulating one’s consciousness to allow for attunement to the knowledge of past civilizations, and capacities one has developed in past lives. These Amethysts are some of the best stones for ‘fine tuning’ one’s psychic receptivity to all sorts of spiritual communications. They are boosters of one’s capacities for clairauduence, clairsentience and clairvoyance, engendering awareness of the net of wisdom and blessing that surrounds and protects the Earth. This net is literally a net of beings--wise souls and Boddhisattvas who are dedicated to holding the Earth and its inhabitants in a network of love and protection. Thunder Bay Amethysts are naturally attuned to the ‘broadcasts’ from the Net of Blessing Beings.
     “I was amazed at what strong pulses came out of these crystals. They are relatively small, but are far more powerful than most Amethysts. I would put them on a similar level to Auralite 23, in regard to their strength. However, Thunder Bay Amethysts have the special ability to tune one’s consciousness to the Net of Blessing Beings. This is a unique quality among stones, one I had not encountered before. I feel the arrival of these crystals is very timely, since we are entering the time I have seen as the Nine Years of Blessing. In my vision of the years between 2012 and 2021, there will be an ever-increasing flow of sweetness, love, Light and positive synchronicities in the lives of all who are open to it. The Net of Blessing Beings is aware of the crucial nature of the Earth’s and humanity’s situation at this moment, and much Light is being channelled to the Earth. The Thunder Bay Amethysts act as antennae to receive this flood of Divine Love, and to make it available to us. Our call from Spirit is to pass on what we receive from the Net--to the Earth and to all other beings. When we act in accord with the Net of Blessing Beings, we have much more power than we did before, and so do they!
     “Thunder Bay Amethysts can expel any amount of dark or negative energy from one’s body and vibrational field. It is a wonderful self-healing stone, especially for detoxifying oneself. It encourages the healthy replenishment of one’s neuronal network, and it stimulates the link between the mind of one’s brain with one’s heart intelligence.
     “Thunder Bay Amethyst combines harmoniously with Moldavite, Azeztulite, Phenacite, Azeztulite and all the Azozeo stones. It works well with Auralite 23 and Amazez, as well as Nirvana Quartz.”

Lithium Light Bath Stones
Lithium Light™ Bath Stones
In our last catalog, we introduced Lithium Light Bath Stones, and they were a big hit with our readers! We’ll recap their properties here:
     Robert Simmons writes: “Lithium Light is the name we have given to a sparkly, high vibration stone from the western Rocky Mountains. Its mineral constituents include Lepidolite, Quartz and Cronstedtite. It ranges in color from whitish gray to yellow and/or pink. The Lepidolite component of this material contains significant amounts of Lithium, which has a strong influence on its energetic properties. The Quartz component acts primarily as an amplifier of the Lithium energies, while the Cronstedtite aids in allowing the Lithium vibrations to be more easily assimilated by the body.
     “Lithium Light’s currents begin softly, building in intensity until one feels wrapped in a cocoon of spiritual Light, in a deeply comforting and relaxing glow. It builds a vibrational field of safety, pleasure, comfort, joy and healing relaxation. This field is the ideal energetic environment for gestation of the Light Body.  The process of Light Body activation can be greatly aided by the influence of Lithium Light, which aids in bodily and energetic purification, while holding one’s energy field within its Cocoon of Light. In spiritual self-healing, Lithium Light is recommended for mood stabilization, calming nervousness and releasing stress. It is beneficial to the heart and nervous system. It can aid in calming digestive issues brought on by stress or anxiety.
     “One of the most enjoyable ways to immerse oneself in the currents of Lithium Light is to literally bathe with it. These stones’ currents are easily conducted by water (especially salt water), and through the water, via our opened pores, the energies of the stones make their way into our Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. This is a delectable experience, which can waft one upward into the heights of bliss. It is an excellent antidote to stress and a great way to re-connect with the loving emanations of the Divine realms.
     “To make it possible for our readers to easily experience the blissful bathing experience mentioned above, we have put together 1.5 pound bags of Lithium Light stones which can be placed directly into one’s hot bath, to charge the water with their currents of serenity. These stones can be used over and over. Even if one wears out the bag, the stones won’t wear out!”

More New Bath Stones!
     Our introduction of Lithium Light Bath Stones prompted readers to request bags of other types of stones suitable for an energy immersion in the bath. We’ve come up with two for this issue--Madagascar Rose Quartz Bath Stones and Azozeo Bath Stones. Both experiences can be quite amazing!

Rose Quartz Bath Stones
Madagascar Rose Quartz Bath Stones
     For a very special energetic bathing experience, we’ve selected 1.5 pound bags of Madagascar Rose Quartz, the type of Rose Quartz long preferred for its sweet vibrations. You can put the whole bag into the tub and relax into the flow of love. These can be re-used indefinitely, even after the bag wears out!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Madagascar Rose Quartz is the pure stone of love—for oneself, one’s partner, children, family, friends, community, the Earth, the Universe and the Divine. Meditating or bathing with Madagascar Rose Quartz brings an envelope of love around oneself and activates the heart chakra. Its soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions, and they calm and cleanse the entire auric field. It engenders the release of tension and stress, the dissolution of anger and resentment, the dispelling of fear and suspicion, and the rebirth of hope and faith. Madagascar Rose Quartz is one of the stones of the Great Mother. It links one’s personal heart to the heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Universe. Its love vibrations can penetrate to the cellular level, reprogramming the cells for joy and longevity. Rose Quartz can stimulate the crown chakra, third eye and throat chakra, bringing them into harmony and unity with the heart. Even the lower chakras respond favorably to the abundance of love energy which flows from the heart under the influence of Madagascar Rose Quartz. When one bathes in water infused with the vibrations of Madagascar Rose Quartz, one’s pores open to its loving currents, and they are soon received by all the cells of the body. This is a wonderful way to bring Love into every fiber of one’s being.”

Azozeo Azeztulite Bath Stones
Azozeo™ Azeztulite Bath Stones
     As our readers will observe, we are amazed, astonished, excited, enraptured and thrilled by the discovery of the Azozeo Super-Activation process, whereby Azeztulites and certain other stones can be brought to their highest vibrational potential. As we have witnessed hundreds of people connecting with the Azozeo energies, we have been eager to find new ways for them to do it. For this purpose, we have put together special 1.5 pound bags of Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites, and we are now offering them as Azozeo Bath Stones. We use a variety of Azeztulites in each bag, in order to cover the full spectrum of Azozeo Azeztulite energies. (We have also heavily discounted our normal prices for these Bath Stones, so more readers can afford to try them.)
     Robert Simmons writes: “This is a pretty amazing way to take a bath! As I have written elsewhere, the Azozeo Super-Activation process brings the already-potent energies of all forms of Azeztulite to a whole new level. When one works with Azozeo Azeztulites, the activation of the Light-emitting properties of the cells of one’s body is enhanced, and the creation of the Body of Light is accelerated. In the presence of Azozeo Azeztulites, people often experience a rather breathtaking expansion of awareness, and an upliftment to a subtle but unmistakably blissful realm of consciousness. One more rapidly becomes a pure conduit for the Divine energies of the Nameless Light to enter the Earth plane. One’s energy field is cleansed and purified, and one’s consciousness becomes much more receptive to communion with spiritual beings from the higher realms.
“Bathing with Azozeo Bath Stones provides a means for the Azozeo experience to happen more rapidly, and even more dramatically. As one relaxes and opens to the influx of sweet vibrations that permeate the water, one feels oneself cradled in pure Light, and in the arms of the Azez themselves! One may allow oneself to be lifted into higher planes of consciousness, where one may learn and evolve, or simply rest and heal. There is so much potential available to us from this opening...I am only seeing a fraction of what can happen. I hope our readers will try this and report back with their experiences!”

Redwood Opal
Redwood Opal™
     The past couple of years have seen the emergence of several new and beautiful varieties of Opal. One of the most unusual is Redwood Opal, exhibiting richly hued reddish brown or burnt umber layers that remind us of the growth lines on a Redwood tree. This lovely and powerful new Opal is found in a remote part of Mexico, and its energies reflect the solar qualities of that land.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Redwood Opal strengthens the emotional body. It increases patience and helps one to take things from a long-term perspective. It allows on to see one’s situation against the backdrop of the vastness of the Universe and eternity, helping one to release stresses and tensions into the bosom of the Infinite. This new perspective also allows one to understand the ebbs and flows of life’s events and energies, accepting that one is a part of the great turning of all things. As the poet Hafez wrote, in humorous irony, ‘If the way the Milky Way revolves ignores your desires for one or two days, do not sink into sadness.
     “Redwood Opal strengthens emotional body. It increases one’s resilience to life’s ups and downs, and it allows one to bear grief and loss without being dragged into depression. It helps in healing emotional wounds from the past, and it enhances one’s capacity to feel things deeply. It calms inner turbulence and brings confidence, reminding one that one has already survived and thrived through many past trials and tribulations.
     “Redwood Opal increases yang energies, enhancing decisiveness, inner strength and the capacity to persevere in the face of setbacks. It helps one to develop emotional endurance and forbearance, so that one need not be set off by habitual emotional triggers.
     “Redwood Opal increases erotic and creative energies. It is an excellent stone for the first and second chakras, bringing forth powerful Life Force energies which can be expressed through artistic endeavors, new projects, or the expression of carnal love.”

Andean Pink Opal
Andean Pink Opal
     After years of having little or no supply of Andean Pink Opal, we recently came upon some lovely tumbled pieces. Their color is a rich and milky pink, and their vibrational currents go straight to the heart.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Andean Pink Opal is all about love. Its currents circulate in and around the heart, offering support, healing and strength to the emotional body. These are among the gentlest of stones, encouraging one to realize that one is always loved--that in fact the very atmosphere of the Universe is love. Andean Pink Opal aids in healing reactive habit patterns brought about by repeated emotional wounding. This most frequently occurs in family situations, and this plays to the strength of these stones. Their predication is to open our eyes to the love in our environment--even the misguided love of those who have wounded us. It is thus a stone of forgiveness and self healing. And when we heal ourselves, the effects miraculously spread out to include our families, friends and loved ones. This is resonant with the archetype of the Wounded Healer, who heals others by healing herself. Andean Pink Opal provides the energetic impetus and support for one to make this dynamic into a real pattern in one’s life.
     “In a similar vein, Andean Pink Opal helps one to become aware of one’s Inner Child. This being exists within all of us, and it is very important. The Inner Child holds the traces of the wounds which have come to shape our personalities, as well as the natural joy and exuberance that is childhood’s hallmark. By becoming conscious of the Inner Child, we can minister to her (or his) unmet needs, dissolving the bonds which may have tied us down emotionally. In so doing, we also unleash our pent-up joy and childlike pleasure in life, without which life can be a sad and dreary affair.
     “Andean Pink Opal is a stone of general happiness, within the context of an inner atmosphere of love. It is good for the heart, both emotionally and physically, and it teaches us to listen to the heart’s voice--the small, quiet, persistent voice of inner truth.”

Violet Flame Opal
Violet Flame Opal™
     Violet Flame Opal is the name given to a new variety of purple and white Opal, recently discovered in Mexico. It has quickly become one of our most popular stones. It displays amazing and beautiful patterns of white with purple, ranging from pale lilac to Tanzanite blue. In this catalog, we have added a selection of new Sterling Silver jewelry items, in addition to the raw, tumbled and wire wrapped pendants we have offered previously.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Violet Flame Opal has a softening energy. It soothes the emotional body and brings a state of inner tranquility to the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. Its currents exert a gentle influence of healing to the stresses that can linger in the cells and organs, allowing the body’s inner wisdom to prevail. This stone, like other Opals, operates first and foremost at the level of the emotional body, and is its effect is to spiritualize the emotions, transmuting them to higher forms of feeling. It can aid, for example, in transforming jealousy to generosity, fear to courage, or anger to love.
     “Violet Flame Opal stimulates spiritual awareness. It links one to the planes of angelic communication, aiding one in connecting with guardian angels and helping spirits. It helps one activate and focus awareness at the crown chakra, as well as the third eye, aiding in the initiation of visionary experience.
“Perhaps the most significant quality of Violet Flame Opal is its capacity to cleanse and purify the etheric body and the cellular energy matrix. Its vibrations bring deep harmony to these areas, and they dissolve any negative attachments or inner constrictions. They ‘smooth out’ the wave forms of the emotional, etheric and mental bodies, instilling a harmonious accord among them.
     “In meditation, Violet Flame Opal has the capacity to call down the Violet Flame of spiritual fire which has been used for many decades by spiritual groups whose purpose was to bring about the birth of the new Spiritual Human. When one meditates with Violet Flame Opal for this purpose, one is advised to first allow inner attunement with the stones’ vibrational pattern, and then to call inwardly for the descent of the Violet Flame. This will often be felt as an intense tingling at the crown chakra, which gradually permeates the body. (Sauralite Azeztulite with Amethyst is the ideal stone to choose to increase the power of this process.) As one continues, it is good to inwardly ‘toss in’ whatever negative or dysfunctional patterns one wishes to burn away. These can be any sort of bad habits, fearful or angry thoughts, or unhelpful indulgences. When the Violet Flame is present, these can be brought to its purifying fire for successful transformation.
     “Violet Flame Opal is enhanced in its effectiveness by the presence of Moldavite, Azeztulite, Amethyst, and especially Sauralite Azeztulite with Amethyst.”

Indian Raw Carnelian
Indian Raw Carnelian
     One of the richest treasures we brought back from our winter buying trip was a gorgeous batch of Raw Carnelians from India. Though tumbled Carnelian can be found in the everyday crystal marketplace, good raw specimens are hard to come by.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Carnelian activates the first, second and third chakras, bringing an influx of life force, sexual and creative energies, and assertive will. It is a powerful aid to those who wish to build their confidence, courage, passion and power. Carnelian is a stone of physical vitality and energy, and can act spiritually to help one regain one’s strength after illness or injury. Carrying or wearing It can aid in awakening the vital energies of the three lower chakras, increasing zest for living and the willingness to take the risks inherent in all strong actions. These new Indian Raw Carnelians are the most powerful and energetically intense stones I have found for enhancement of both sexual and creative impulses.
     “Carnelian blends its energies well with all other varieties of Quartz, Jasper and Chalcedony. Combining it with Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Quartz and Amethyst can bring about the harmonious activation of all seven chakras in the body. If extra grounding is needed, Smoky Quartz can be added at the root chakra. For higher vibrational activation, activating the Soul Star and etheric chakras, a clear Quartz laser wand can be employed. To go further, adding Moldavite at the heart chakra, Phenacite at the third eye, and Danburite or Petalite at the crown will bring all the energies up to a higher octave.”

Blue Apatite
Blue Apatite
     We were fortunate to find a supply of fine quality tumbled Blue Apatite stones, after years of difficulty. Blue Apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral with a hardness of 5. Its crystal system is hexagonal (trigonal). It is found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Its rich shades of blue make it a popular stone for jewelry and ornaments.
Robert Simmons writes: “Blue Apatite is a cleansing influence on the auric field, especially in the mental body—the vibratory level associated with psychic perception and paranormal abilities. It is stimulating to visionary states and is a good stone to keep in one’s pillowcase for lucid dreaming and astral travel. Blue Apatite can enhance one’s experience of ‘vertical vision,’ in which one is able to see multiple levels of consciousness operating harmoniously and simultaneously. It is a stone of inspiration, capable of making one more susceptible to the ‘aha experience’ in which one has an instant of understanding, which crystallizes the answer to long-standing problems or questions. Its vibration attracts the ‘blue beings’ of the supernal regions—whether they be ets, guides or godlike entities such as Krishna—and it allows one to commune with them.
     “Blue Apatite aids in recovering past life memories and information from ancient civilizations. It is an excellent stone to use in combination with ‘record keeper’ crystals. For purpose of prophetic work, it can be used combined with Trigonic Quartz crystals.”

Imperial Topaz Crystals
Imperial Topaz
     Our big buying trip last winter yielded some amazing pieces of a rare material--Imperial Topaz. These golden crystals with pinkish overtones are among Brazil’s most beautiful treasures. Our supplier saved a small collection for us, and we feel fortunate to offer them in this catalog.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Imperial Topaz is a stone of great value for the enhancement of one’s creativity, personal will and ability to manifest one’s desires. It differs from White Topaz in that its energies move more slowly and are more grounded. It is an excellent stone for creating abundance within the context of what is appropriate for one’s highest path. It helps one bring personal desires into alignment with Divine Will and bring a joyful acceptance and understanding of the operation of Divine Will in one’s life. It is a carrier of the Gold/Pink ray of Christ consciousness, and it can be used to aid one in connecting with that frequency in meditation.
     “Imperial Topaz is a stone of enrichment, of both one’s inner and outer life. It stimulates the solar plexus chakra, and can aid in enhancing one’s capacity for focused attention/intention. This helps one to ‘make dreams come true’ through committing one’s full power to the attainment of goals. Imperial Topaz encourages creativity and spontaneity, and it helps one to enter into the full-hearted joy of life.”

Blue Topaz Crystals
Blue Topaz
     On our winter buying trip, we were very pleased to acquire a collection of fine large Blue Topaz crystals from Brazil. Blue Topaz is an aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide crystal with an orthorhombic crystal system and a hardness of 8. It frequently forms prismatic crystals, often eight-sided with striations along the length. It is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Madagascar, Africa and the USA. Sometimes crystals are treated with radiation to deepen the color.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Blue Topaz can clearly provide an enhancement of one’s mental processing and verbal skills, as well as improving one’s attention span and ability to concentrate on mental tasks. It can help one conceive and achieve perfection in various projects and aspirations, as well as assisting one in making clear discriminations about what one does and doesn’t want in one’s life. It can clear and activate the throat chakra, enhancing one’s ability to articulate one’s ideas and insights. Blue Topaz is a natural magnifier of psychic abilities, and it can aid those who wish to attune to inner guidance, as well as those who hope to serve others through doing readings or spiritual healing work. In fact, these stones should be used in gemstone healing layouts, because they are resonant with the perfected pattern of the human body and energy system. Though it is difficult to find naturally occurring Blue Topaz stones, their energies make them most desirable to anyone who is able to do so. For spiritual work and healing, it is much better to use natural rather than irradiated crystals.
     “Blue Topaz harmonizes with Aquamarine, Owyhee Blue Opal, Moldavite, Danburite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite and Satya Mani Quartz.”

Euclase Crystal Pieces       
     We were recently surprised and delighted to have the opportunity to purchase some scarce pieces of Euclase. These are some of the rarest stones in our entire collection. Euclase is a beryllium aluminum silicate with  a monoclinic crystal system and a hardness of 7.5. Its color is blue to blue green and these were found in Zimbabwe.
Robert Simmons writes: “Euclase is a stone of inner clarity and strength of self. It encourages impeccability and opens one’s eyes to the sea of everyday deceptions in which we live. It helps one ‘clear the air’ of hidden agendas and unhealthy tacit agreements. Yet it works not through righteous anger, but through compassionate, persistent adherence to the truth.
     “Euclase’s effects focus on heart and throat chakras. The heart is the place where truth and compassion reside, and the throat is the place from which these qualities emerge through our communication. The fact that Euclase also stimulates the third eye means that one can clearly ‘see’ the truth it reveals. The third-eye enhancement offered by Euclase also assists clairvoyants and other intuitives in their work. Euclase seems also to have the effect of increasing the frequency of synchronicities in one’s life, and it encourages one to recognize them as messages from Spirit.
     “Euclase harmonizes well with natural Blue Topaz, Blue and Green Tourmalines, Apatite, Moldavite and Ajoite. For its use as an energetic cleanser and balancer adding Black Tourmaline and/or Jet can enhance the effects.”

Black Kyanite Crystals
Black Kyanite
     We were fortunate to have recently been able to replenish our supply of Black Kyanite, after having completely run out of it. Black Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral with a triclinic crystal system and a hardness varying from 4.5 to 7, depending on the axis. It occurs in primarily in Brazil.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Black Kyanite can clear blocked energies in any chakra and can replenish the meridian system. It is both grounding and energizing, increasing one’s vibrational frequencies without taking one out of the body. It is useful in energetic healing, because it clears imbalances and brings forth an unhindered flow throughout one’s various systems.
     “Black Kyanite can take one back to past lives and forward to probable futures. It teaches one to experience interdimensional consciousness without losing one’s connection to Earth.  It lends intensity and vividness to shamanic journeys, and it helps shamanic healers attune to the soul-based issues of their clients, seeing clearly the inner work needed for healing and soul retrieval.
     “Black Kyanite combines synergistically with Nuummite. Both are powerful, dynamic stones that help one plumb the depths of the subconscious world and to return to this world with fresh insights. For shamanic journeying it combines well with Shaman Stone and Master Shamanite. For balancing the meridian system, Healer’s Gold can be a helpful ally. Black Kyanite also works well in combination with Black Tourmaline, Ajoite, Azeztulite and Tibetan Tektite.”

Black Jade Large Stones
Black Jade
     The desert of the American Southwest holds many gems, and one of the most powerful is its Black Jade. There is no stone of purer ebony color, and the feel of these stones is very comforting. We recently acquired some new larger pieces, which we have satin tumbled and are offering at half of our usual per-gram price.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Black Jade is a stone that acts like an etheric ‘bodyguard’ when it is worn or carried, emanating strong energies which clear one’s aura of any vulnerability to attachments by negative forces or entities. It is as though the stone makes one ‘invisible’ to such beings, including energy vampires and people who are projecting anger and aggression. Black Jade can also shield one from morphogenetic fields of negative energy, such as the fear and violence projected through the media. It is an especially helpful ally in times of war or world crisis, when one wishes not to be swept up in the negative mass consciousness.
     “Looking inward, Black Jade can assist in ‘cleaning house’ and ridding oneself of fear, anger, doubt, hatred and other destructive emotions. It allows the unconscious to open and release the traumatic memories which are often the roots of such feelings. Meditation with Black Jade can initiate deep inner voyages, and it is particularly useful for those doing soul retrieval and shamanic journeys, helping one go into the depths and return to a higher state of consciousness.”

Kimberlite Gemstones
     One of the big surprises of out buying trip last winter was the acquisition of some tumbled Kimberlite. Kimberlite is a type of potassic volcanic rock best known for sometimes containing diamonds. It is named after the town of Kimberley in South Africa, where the discovery of an 83.5-carat diamond in 1871 spawned a diamond rush. Kimberlite is the product of particularly powerful and explosive volcanic activity, in which rock from deep in the Earth’s mantle is ejected to the surface. Although it is best known for carrying Diamonds, Kimberlite is rich in a variety of mineral content.
     Robert Simmons writes: “The energetic properties of Kimberlite are complex, and unlike those of most other stones. In the body, Kimberlite’s currents circulate in a non-linear way, entering the head and then the hands, feet and the base chakra, with little or no energy felt moving in between! In the head, however, the currents continue to swirl and intensify, lifting consciousness in an almost intoxicating way. The pleasurable aspect of allowing these currents to go where they will makes meditation with Kimberlite an easy and enjoyable experience. One aspect of this meditation is that it leads quickly to inner visions and sometimes to dreamlike episodes.
     “Kimberlite activates the deep unconscious. If one works with this stone in meditation for a sufficient length of time, one will see the unreeling of numerous past life memories. Further meditation can take one even deeper than one’s personal soul history, and into the  fields of racial and species memory. Going further still, one may penetrate to the mind of the Earth herself, and her memories. This opening can bring forth visionary sequences displaying prehistoric life, or even the birth of the crystals and minerals of the Earth’s crust. Beyond this, one can utilize Kimberlite to fathom the formation of the Earth and the history of the solar system, galaxy and Universe. This journey is like moving down through the Tree of Souls, from the individual “leaf” of one’s current life to the roots of creation itself.
     “Kimberlite is a powerful stone for those engaged in shamanic work. It helps one especially in journeying to the Lower World. It can facilitate a greater vividness of shamanic visions, and can aid shamanic practitioners in soul retrieval work for themselves or their clients. In shamanic healing, it can help the shaman as well as the client to see and clear away the past roots of negative fixations, implants and even possession by negative entities. Working with Kimberlite in this way calls for courage and self discipline, but the rewards can make the effort very worthwhile.
     “Kimberlite has a natural affinity for Guardianite, which can be very helpful for psychic protection and in healing the auric field. It also works well with Moldavite, catalyzing rapid beneficial transformation--burning away karma and becoming one’s destined self.”

Red and Green Tourmaline in Quartz
Red and Green Tourmaline in Quartz
     For over twenty-five years, we have been buying and selling a stones we called Tourmalinated Quartz, a clear or milky tumbled Quartz containing threads of Black Tourmaline. It looked similar to Rutilated Quartz, except that the threads were black. Now, for the first time, we’ve found another type of Tourmaline Quartz--this time containing threads of Green Tourmaline or Red Tourmaline, or sometimes containing both Green and Red Tourmaline threads. These highly polished tumbled stones make excellent pocket pieces or wire wrapped pendants, and they offer an economical way to keep the beneficial energies of Tourmaline (magnified by Quartz) with you at any time.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Green Tourmaline Quartz is a powerful healing stone. It resonates at the heart chakra, sending its beneficial vibrations throughout the circulatory system, as well as the meridian system. Green Tourmaline is one of the premier stones for self-healing. It centers the energies at the heart chakra, and it is more connected to the denser vibrations of physical life than is its heart-oriented cousin, Pink Tourmaline. The physical heart in humans is a powerful generator of bio-electricity, creating a measurable energy field that extends twelve to fifteen feet around the body. Green Tourmaline emanates a subtle-energy field that can harmonize with that of the heart, engendering wholeness, dynamic balance and stability. Because the heart is the center of one’s being, bringing harmony to that chakra creates a flow of wholesome energy to all parts of the self. Green Tourmaline is a stone of beneficial influence to all living things. It can be used to enhance gardens and house plants and to connect with the spirits of plants and animals. It can be used in meditation to commune with Nature spirits. Green Tourmaline can enhance vitality and stamina, and it can evoke courage and strength. It helps spiritual people embrace and enjoy life in the physical world. When it is found within clear or milky Quartz, the currents of Green Tourmaline are highly magnified and stabilized. The influence of the Quartz strengthens and balances the wholesome currents of Green Tourmaline.
     “Red Tourmaline Quartz is a stone of deep feeling and emotional healing. Red Tourmaline strengthens one’s heart and links it to the heart of the Earth. It can open one to the love that permeates the Universe. It is recommended to those with heart ailments, because it carries and emanates the perfected vibrational pattern of the heart. Because it can link the individual heart to the Universal Heart, it helps one tap in to that energy for healing. Red Tourmaline benefits the emotional heart as well. It allows one to draw upon Universal Love energies to heal emotional wounds. It helps those who have fallen into numbness to find their way back into feeling. It aids those who feel passive to rediscover their zest for living. Red Tourmaline makes an excellent gift for one’s romantic partner because of its capacity to fan the flames of passion. Red Tourmaline stimulates the root chakra as well as the heart. It brings an increased flow of prana. Like Ruby, it stimulates courage and inspires one to protect what one loves. It enhances one’s capacity to make and fulfill commitments, if they are inspired by love. When Red Tourmaline occurs within clear or milky Quartz, it is amplified, and its influence more readily permeates the entire body and energy field. The Quartz acts as an ally to enhance the Red Tourmaline’s purpose and power.
     “When Green Tourmaline and Red Tourmaline are found within the same Quartz matrix, one can expect to experience a powerful synergistic blend of the properties of both stones. Personally, I like to have three stones--a Green Tourmaline Quartz, a Red Tourmaline Quartz and a Green and Red Tourmaline Quartz. The vibrational currents of each type are different, and I find that I intuitively choose different ones for particular purposes and self-healing applications.”

Smokey Elestial Quartz Crystals
Smoky Elestial Quartz  
     We were very happy to discover our current batch of Smoky Elestial Quartz crystals! Smoky elestials have been popular with crystal lovers for our entire twenty-seven year history, and the big problem has always been to find smaller specimens. Not everyone wants (or can afford) a hundred-pound Elestial Generator, but anyone can enjoy a pocket-sized Smoky Elestial crystal. Our current batch is just the right size to carry in a pocket or pouch, or to make into a wire wrapped pendant. We know they’ll be disappearing quickly!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Smoky Elestial Quartz is the name given to Smoky Quartz crystals with natural terminations on the faces and body of a layered or etched crystal. They are silicon dioxide crystals with a hexagonal crystal system and a hardness of 7. Our current selection is from Brazil.
     “Smoky Elestial Quartz crystals are like switchboards linking multiple dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another. These crystals constantly emanate vibrations that remind us and reconnect us to the inner worlds of Spirit. They easily attune to the angelic domain. Through this Elestial connection, one may receive a ‘download’ of cosmic love, which can infuse every cell in the body with joy and well-being. Elestials offer the wonder and a joy of seeing the angelic realm through the inner eye and communing with its inhabitants through the heart.
     “Smoky Quartz Elestials are also known to lighten the heart, relieving the burden of sorrow. They can attune one to the Akashic records and to the eternal wisdom that permeates the Universe. They allow one’s consciousness to travel freely through time and space, viewing probable futures as well as past events. Smoky Elestial crystals can help bring accord to personal relationships and can reveal underlying emotional fixations or blockages. Smoky Elestial Quartz can be combined with Moldavite for transformation, attunement and awakening.”

Small Crystal Skulls
Little Crystal Skulls
     We have just acquired a big batch of Little Crystal Skulls. These Crystal Skulls are less than an inch in diameter, and they come to us from a Brazilian collection. They are carved from a variety of materials, including Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, and a few Aquamarines.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Indigenous peoples of Central and South America have long utilized Crystal Skulls for interdimensional communication. They made Crystal Skulls as ceremonial objects with a very practical purpose--to provide an interface for spirit guides and other beings from the invisible realms to use for relating with human beings. It is as though the Crystal Skulls acted as ‘houses’ for the spirit beings, allowing them to locate themselves in an object, in order to better focus on communicating with a particular shaman or practitioner. Crystal Skulls can serve much the same purpose today, allowing one to meet and work with helpful beings from the spiritual realms.
     “The Little Crystal Skulls in this collection are carved quite simply, but are made from high quality stones. This makes them ideal ‘houses’ for the beings one may wish to contact and relate with. The small size makes these skulls both affordable and highly portable. What could be better?”

Charoite Gemstones
     After a long period with very low supplies of Charoite, we have just received an order from Russia which has replenished our stock. We are very pleased to be able to offer high-quality tumbled stones and wire wrapped pendants once again.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Charoite is known for its powerful emanation of the Purple Ray. It can therefore be used to purify and cleanse one’s etheric body, releasing disharmonies and dispelling negativity. It can protect one from psychic attack and dispel the tendency to have bad dreams. It facilitates the release of unconscious fears, serving as a catalyst for the healing and transmutation of old patterns of imbalance. It can help one access past life memories and integrate the lessons of past life experience. For those suffering from difficult-to-diagnose maladies that have their roots in internalized negativity or fear, Charoite can be a powerful aid. It can help one merge the heart and crown chakra energies, allowing for deeper spiritual insights in an inner climate of unconditional love.
     “Working with Charoite can increase the likelihood of synchronicities in one’s life. If one learns to notice these and the messages they imply, one can move through life as if guided by a golden thread, and the pathless path of one’s highest potential will be revealed.
     “Charoite blends its energies synergistically with Moldavite, Phenacite, Seraphinite, Petalite, Amethyst, Kunzite and Blue Apatite. For those using Charoite as protection from negative energies, Sugilite, Jet, Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz are all good allies.”

     Healerite is the name given to a newly discovered magnesium silicate mineral (possibly a form of chrysotile) from the Northwestern USA. It is a bright lime green color, reminding some observers of Key Lime pie! It has a soft feeling in the hand, and is pleasant to hold. It was all hand-dug from a single deposit in a remote mountain area. Healerite was one of the big hits of showroom at the 2013 Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows. We are pleased now to offer Healerite in a variety of polished shapes, beads and jewelry.
     Robert Simmons writes: “This is a stone of profound healing energy, working on multiple levels to restructure misaligned chakras, meridians, and systems in the organic and etheric bodies, bringing a great beneficial infusion of  subtle matter-energy. Healerite’s currents move into the body quite readily at any point, carrying emanations of well-being to body and soul. This stone resonates strongly with the heart, solar plexus and third eye chakras, facilitating an elevation and alignment of the vibratory qualities of these three chakras and one’s entire vibrational field. Through the linking of these chakras, Healerite stimulates the harmonious accord of awareness, love and will, empowering one to manifest these more fully than ever before. Those engaged in self-healing or in facilitating the healing of others will find a valuable ally in this wholesome and powerful stone.
     “Healerite energizes the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, creating revitalization on the cellular level. Its currents encourage all of the cells and internal systems to harmonize with one another, and with the Divine Blueprint of the holistic perfection of the body. This is a stone to carry or wear for the maintenance of one’s resonance with this pattern, as well as for re-connecting with it if one is ill.
     “On the emotional level, Healerite is an excellent ally for encouraging the optimal emotional states of joy, expansiveness, generosity, intimacy and heart-centered awareness.  This stone is a great aid for those seeking to heal old wounds to the emotional body--even those carried unconsciously from past lives. It is excellent for facilitating the recollection of past lives, and for learning the lessons which allow one to correct dysfunctional patterns and move forward. Healerite can also help practitioners break the pattern of being the ‘wounded healer’--one who engages in helping others but neglects one’s own self-healing. It is one of the most profoundly wholesome, balancing, energizing stones I have ever encountered, and I feel it can help one bring about amazing shifts into health and wholeness.
     “For self-healing of the body, I suggest placing Healerite on the afflicted areas, as well as in energy grids around the body. One can also carry or wear the stone to keep its influence in the auric field throughout the day.
     “On the spiritual level, Healerite is a stone of planetary healing. Planting this stone in areas where damage has been done to the etheric body of the Earth through the traumas of war, pollution, deforestation or environmental exploitation can affect the spiritual repair of such areas. If one does such planting with clear intention and ritual, the effects are much enhanced.
     “One very important quality of Healerite is its capacity to infuse one’s body--both physical and etheric--with subtle mater-energy from the higher realms. We are now in a period in which a great cascade of Divine blessings are being showered on the Earth, and onto all human beings. However, we must choose to be receptive to these currents of blessing (and willing to pass them on to others), in order for the full flow to enter us. Healerite magnifies this flow and helps one feel it, which allows the intensity and quantity of subtle matter-energy to increase even further. This ever-increasing infusion is the very essence of the accelerated spiritual evolution we are now called to embody.
     “Healerite’s currents flow into our being through the channels of the energy meridians--the same ones known in acupuncture and other modes of subtle energy medicine. One way to describe its effects is to say it greatly increases one’s chi, or life force. This may be the underlying reason for its multitude of beneficial effects. Healerite can help one calm frayed nerves, balance the body and emotions, attune to the spiritual realms, and increase inner vitality and energy. One can feel years younger when the subtle matter-energy of Healerite fully permeates one’s being. It says to me that it is a stone of longevity and rejuvenation, as well as simple healing.
     “I recommend wearing Healerite at any and all times, as well as placing pieces in one’s environment. Its wholesome emanations teach one’s body, mind and spirit, on the subliminal level, the patterns of health, inner harmony and spiritual awakening. It can open the mind to higher worlds, and it can open the heart to Divine Love.
     “Healerite has a special connection with Shungite, which enhances the flow of energy through the meridian system, and is also said to be a stone of rejuvenation. It works well with Honey and Cream Azeztulite, which mirrors and magnifies the wholesome sweetness of its currents. It  also resonates with Moldavite, Phenacite, Golden Labradorite, Seraphinite and all forms of Azeztulite.”

     Another relatively new and highly popular material which was a big hit with our 2013 Tucson Show customers is a Russian stone known as Shungite. It is black in color, and is said to be almost pure carbon. It is found in the Karelia region of Russia, near the village of Shunga. There are two varieties--the first is “classic” Shungite, which is available in larger quantities and has been shaped into spheres, wands, pyramids and tumbled stones; the second is known as “Noble” Shungite, which is available only in raw form, and is far rarer. Both are believed to have exceptional beneficial energies. One of the fascinating traits of Shungite is that its carbon molecules are known to gather together into hollow, globular molecules known as “fullerenes,” (because of their resemblance to the geodesic domes invented by Buckminster Fuller). In the information on Shungite that we found online, fullerenes are purported to purify water and to act as powerful antioxidants. Fullerenes are currently of great scientific interest, in areas ranging from the creation of body armor to the treatment of cancer. There is also speculation that fullerenes are related to the origins of life. According to astronomer Letizia Stanghellini, “It’s possible that buckyballs (fullerenes) from outer space provided seeds for life on Earth.”
     There is a plentitude of written testimony to the beneficial effects of Shungite. The stone is said to have been known in Russia for centuries, where it was used for healing and water purification. Russian author A. Doronina, in his book Shungite: The Stone-Savior, writes the following: “Fullerenes, getting in our body, behave as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. Today, doctors have great hopes for fullerenes...Researches of Shungite have also shown that direct contact of the stone with the human body ensures relief from pain and releases from a number of serious illnesses, especially of musculoskeletal system, any skin deceases, contributes to a rapid healing of cuts, etc.” Another Russian author, M. Polevaya writes in Shungite: The Magic Stone of Health: “This stone, which possesses amazing cleansing and healing properties, brings more pure and spiritual pleasure. Just contemplation of it calms down and comforts. It literally absorbs negative energy while emitting only positive.”
     With all of this information, plus the testimony of customers who asked us to carry Shungite, we were curious. After some searching, we were able to acquire a supply of high-quality Shungite, in both “classic” and “noble” varieties. We learned that the “noble” Shungite is so named because it is of a higher level of purity. Classic Shungite contains some fraction of other materials.
     Robert Simmons writes: “My first impression upon holding a piece of Shungite was of a wave of cleansing vibration washing through my whole body. My felt sense was that this stone clears the energies of the entire body and open one to receive spiritual Light. Unlike some stones which work on an etheric level, or even a cellular level, Shungite gave me the impression that it operates on the molecular level, freeing the very atoms of one’s body from their bonding the negative patterns and energies. When one feels this, it is a powerful and very surprising sensation.  My sense is that Shungite prepares the atoms and molecules of the body for the direct infusion of spiritual Light. (This is the same subtle matter-energy infusion I sensed being facilitated on the cellular level by Healerite.)
     “My vision is that Shungite works to cleanse and align all the particles of the body, so that they are open to the rapid conjoining with the Light. And I sensed a fascinating thing as this vision presented itself--the Light Body does not fully form until it merges with the physical body. The atoms and molecules of the material body, when they are properly aligned, form the scaffolding or ‘skeleton’ around which the Light Body can coalesce. In most of us, our physical bodies cannot properly align for the creation of the Light Body, because we carry contradictions, diseases and disharmonies within us. These negative patterns keep us from being able to match  our frequencies and patterns with those of the spiritual Light sufficiently for the Light Body to manifest. However, when we are truly aligned and open to receive the Light, it floods into us, and this is a great spiritual fulfillment--a Human Being of Light is manifested! The highest purpose of Shungite is to facilitate this process. It is a process that takes time, but Shungite can greatly accelerate it.
     “On other levels, Shungite can be used to clear the body of dysfunctional patterns which can manifest as disease, emotional difficulties or various types of negativity. Placing Shungite on an affected area can facilitate accelerated resolution of the problem. However, simply holding or meditating with Shungite affects the whole being.
     “Shungite aids ungrounded people to better connect with the Earth. It provides an aura of psychic protection, primarily because of the energetic alignment it facilitates.
     “Shungite is a stone of truth. Under its influence, one cannot act or speak falsely without becoming very uncomfortable. This is because Shungite dispels negativity and brings in so much spiritual Light that one immediately feels the unpleasant sensation of disharmony if a negative or false thought or statement is introduced. The clearing influence of Shungite tend to dispel one’s self-harming or self-defeating habitual patterns. On an emotional level, it is excellent for letting go of deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt or shame. My inner vision shows me that Shungite may even be able to help clear ‘hardwired’ negative or defensive patterns such as those stored in the brain’s amygdala--an area thought to be unavailable to change.
     “Noble Shungite is the most potent form for meditation and acceleration of the great Conjunction which brings forth the Body of Light. However, it is good to have both types, because the Classic Shungite can be shaped and polished into forms such as spheres, wands and pyramids which can amplify and direct its energy currents. Shungite Pyramids are excellent for placement on the body, because their energy fields penetrate in mirror image to the physical pyramid resting on the skin. Spheres are wonderful for filling one’s meditation space with its beneficial currents, or for cleansing the auric field. Wands are good healing tools because the currents can be directed and concentrated through the point, or diffused more gently through the rounded end. Also, tumble-polished pieces of Classic Shungite can be readily worn or carried, and this allows its energies to be an ongoing influence.
     “Shungite resonates profoundly with Healerite. The two used together are wonderful for perfecting the physical body’s alignment with the spiritual Light. Shungite also facilitates the powerful Light-infusion carried by all types of Azeztulite. If one wishes to work toward the rapid evolution and spiritual transformation catalyzed by the potent new Azozeo Azeztulites, Shungite can be a highly valuable aid. For visionary consciousness, pairing Shungite with Phenacite is highly recommended. For serenity leading to ecstatic rapture I recommend combining Shungite with the new Lithium Light stones, as well as crystallized Lepidolite.”

Empowerite from New Zealand
     Empowerite was a very well-received addition to our offerings in our previous catalog and at the 2013 Tucson shows. It is a highly-silicated form of chert rock, similar in chemical composition to flint. These stones were discovered in New Zealand’s dense forest, hidden under heaps of moss and ferns. Our guides joked to us that they called the stones “petrified swamp,” because of their damp and oozing locality. In fact, the stones may have been a part of the swamp many millions of years ago, and sometimes a tiny fossil can be found embedded in one of them.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Empowerite was named for the way it makes one feel--full of confidence, strength and personal power. It is a tremendously potent stone for grounding one’s energies in the Earth, and for receiving and storing the Earth’s Life Force currents or chi. Empowerite reconnects one to one’s natural energetic link with the Earth, even though most of us are so cut off from it that we have forgotten that the Earth is our primary source of power. Those who feel disconnected from the Earth--especially Star Children who long for home--will find that Empowerite can completely shift this disorientation and bring the felt sense of Earth as one’s true home.
     “Empowerite helps one to become fully embodied. Many people have not actually decided--on the soul level--that they want to be in a physical body. Usually, they are not conscious of this reluctance, but it can result in many problems--including spaciness, weakness, being ‘all in one’s head,’ being accident prone, having little physical energy, and even being invaded by negative entities. The grounding influence of Empowerite can work like magic to bring our souls into full embodiment, where we discover that living in a physical body is really great! Once this occurs, many of one’s symptoms can quickly dissolve.
     “Empowerite is a stone of confidence and courage. It encourages a state of wakeful self-awareness in which one is fully in command of all of one’s faculties and abilities. It dispels hesitation and indecision, enhances will power, inspires courage, stimulates practicality and encourages one to act with resolve in every moment. It is a stone of destiny, since most people fail to fulfill their destiny through hesitation and discouragement.
     “Empowerite is a stone of commitment, and as such it leads one into the inner state of ‘unconflicted behavior.’ Most of us live in a consciousness of inner conflict--of some degree of self-doubt and second-guessing. It is trained into us, and we are surrounded by it. However, in extraordinary moments we can find ourselves fully committed, and in that state we can do astonishing things. (We have all heard stories of individuals lifting an automobile off of a child, etc.) What allows this is the complete concentration of one’s whole being into a fully committed act. The currents emanated by Empowerite support a state of consciousness in which self-doubt and fear are increasingly erased, and we are more and more able to focus our intention completely. When we do this, we can go completely beyond what we once thought were our absolute limits.  
     “As a healing stone, Empowerite’s influence can strengthen the digestive system and intestines. It vibrationally supports the liver and gall bladder, as well as the hands, feet and shoulders. It is useful in body-building, and for strengthening the muscles and skeleton. It is highly recommended for anyone convalescing after an illness or injury, and for those who wish to put the psychological effects of grief or trauma behind them.
     “Empowerite harmonizes with Hyperstene, as well as Black Strongstone, Illuminite, Smoky Quartz and Crimson Cuprite. It works well with Auralite 23 for purifying and repairing the etheric body. With Moldavite, it can facilitate the process of spiritual evolution and transformation.”

Revelation Stone from New Zealand
Revelation Stone™
     One the new stones we brought back from our 2012 New Zealand adventure, and a reason for our return to New Zealand,  is Revelation Stone. This is a type of Jasper, found scattered both inland and near the sea, which varies through the color range of red, yellow, brown, green and black. Energetically, it is quite different from any Jasper we have ever encountered.
     Jasper has long been considered a sacred stone. It was one of the twelve stones mentioned in the Old Testament as composing the breastplate of the High Priest, via which he could communicate with the Divine realms. In the Book of Revelation, Jasper is mentioned as the gemstone out of which the walls of the New Jerusalem (the city of Heaven on Earth) are to be constructed. This heavenly city is believed to exist already on the higher realms, and it is prophesized that the entire city will descend to Earth when the Divine and Earthly realms conjoin.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Revelation Stone was literally that for me--a revelation. In appearance, these stones are like other humble members of the Jasper family, but on the vibrational level they are extraordinary. They have a powerful resonance with the heart, and they stimulate the heart’s capacity to be conscious of the unfolding pattern of the future. It we work with these stones, we can learn to receive and understand the heart’s perceptions (or revelations) of the time stream of the future.
     “When I held a Revelation Stone in meditation, the first thing I noticed was a sense of being enveloped in a soft cloud of peaceful awareness. As I held the stone to my chest, I felt my heart ‘jump’ and thump, as if in recognition of its affinity with this stone. This gesture of the heart repeated itself a number of times, making me certain it was a response to the stone.
     “My felt sense, from the time I encountered this stone, is that it facilitates the gift of prescient vision--of seeing the future--so I paid attention to this possibility as I attuned to Revelation Stone for this writing. Immediately I was shown that Revelation Stone indeed stimulates the heart’s awareness of the future time stream, and that it displays that awareness to the mind’s eye as images or visions rather than words. With that insight I was also shown that the future one sees is not a precise, predetermined set of events, but a pattern of possibility--the potential future, or the blueprint for what may happen, depending on human choices. It is something like watching a weather report--one sees the sort of situation that is coming, but not the details of how it will play out. Our free will determines these details. And thank goodness we do not see an exact picture of what will happen--it would leave us no room to make a difference!
     “Having said that, it is still of great value to experience the future visions presented through working with Revelation Stone. The pictures on sees are readable, in much the same way one can read and decipher the I Ching or Tarot cards. And similar to these oracles, the patterns require interpretation to make practical use of them. However, the divination precipitated by Revelation Stone is completely within oneself, given as a vision or series of visions.
     “Perhaps it is best to say that Revelation Stone can stimulate one’s innate capacity for prophetic vision, through opening a channel of communication between heart awareness and mental consciousness. It is an excellent tool for anyone who wishes to improve their psychic capacities, and it can augment to abilities of professional or amateur readers, channels or mediums.
     “Another trait of Revelation Stone is its ability to enhance one’s awareness of communication from the realm of souls who have died. It one wishes to learn to do such communication, meditation with Revelation Stone is highly recommended.
     “While meditating with Revelation Stone, if one directs one’s attention in another direction, it can facilitate vivid experiences of past life recall. For those working shamanically, Revelation Stone enhances one’s visionary experiences of those realms as well. Even in areas of simple intuition, wearing or carrying one of these stones can stimulate clearer and more frequent insights. These stones seem to help one to bypass linear thinking and experience direct knowledge.
     “In healing work, I recommend Revelation Stone for instances of amnesia or suppressed memories. It is also potentially beneficial for those wishing to overcome excessive worry or irrational fears of the future. Revelation Stone, in addition to its capacity to awaken vision, is a steady healing influence for the physical and emotional heart, as well as the brain and mind.
     “Revelation Stone resonates with Nirvana Quartz (especially the trigonic crystals) and Phenacite, both of which enhance prophetic vision. Moldavite can accelerate the effects of Revelation Stone. The entire Azeztulite group works well with Revelation Stone, especially in regard to manifesting the vision of Earth as a planet of Light. Any stone which has been super-activated with the new Azozeo process will work synergistically with Revelation Stone.”

Honey & Cream Azeztulite
Honey & Cream Azeztulite™
     The stone called Honey and Cream Azeztulite is an ocean-tumbled Quartz, with softly modulating patterns of honey gold and creamy white. The natural pieces range from one to about six inches in diameter. Many of them are pockmarked with small cavities that contain tiny glittering crystals. They have been found in a single remote spot on the South Island of New Zealand. They were scooped up in quantity by many of our buyers at the 2013 Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows, and we have returned to New Zealand to search for more of these sweet and powerful stones.
     Robert Simmons writes: “During our New Zealand adventure in April-May of 2012, we were synchronistically led to an area on New Zealand’s South Island which had once been covered with ocean. Here, among tons of other stones and ancient sand, we found a small number of tan and white stones. Upon picking them up, I immediately recognized them to be a new form of Azeztulite. Of course, I could not tell if the stones had carried their vibrations for many years or if they had been recently activated, but my felt sense was the latter. I believe these and the Sauralite Azeztulites from New Zealand to be among the most recently awakened forms of Azeztulite, and also among the most highly evolved.
     “Honey and Cream Azeztulite emanates currents that fill the body with waves of Light and something I have to call sweetness. It is a highly pleasurable sensation, stimulating one’s higher capacities, filling one with soft, comforting vibrations. These are stones one could easily fall in love with, as they seem to generate love within every cell of the body. They are different from many high-energy stones, which can be powerful and intense. Honey and Cream Azeztulites combine power with love in a way that calls to mind Nature in her most fertile and lovely expressions. This stone is the mineral version of warm waves on a quiet beach, or a garden of lilies, or a rainbow after a spring shower. It kindles Divine Light in one’s cells, in a way that feels gentle, kind and intimate. There is a great deal of power as well, and it builds to higher and higher levels the longer one holds the stone. Yet it is never overwhelming or uncomfortable--it strengthens at just the pace one is ready for. This is one of the reasons I view Honey and Cream Azeztulites as among the most evolved types of Azeztulite. It feels as if the intelligence which guides the expression of these stones is learning to gauge our sensibilities more precisely, so that the newest Azeztulites are the ones most perfectly matched with human energies.
     “Honey and Cream Azeztulites (and Sauralite Azeztulite crystals) emanate the most feminine currents of all Azeztulites. They feel very nurturing, and they have a soothing quality, even as they bring a great deal of Light into one’s body and consciousness. In particular, I recommend sleeping with the Honey and Cream Azeztulites. While the original White Azeztulite and Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite are probably too intense for most of us to be able to sleep comfortably in their presence, Honey and Cream Azeztulite can waft you on a carpet of sweetness into the realm of dreams. And the dreams one experiences with these stones are often profoundly spiritual. One can travel through the levels of the Cosmic Spheres to the Great Central Sun, feeling successive waves of bliss. (This experience can also occur when one meditates with these stones.) One may meet the angelic beings who are the Azez themselves, or even encounter Sophia, the Soul of the World, in the dream or meditative state. Such experiences are ecstatic in nature, and the pleasurable waves engendered by Honey and Cream Azeztulite can help one attune to the frequencies of ecstasy that are the nature of the highest realms.
     “On more Earthly levels, Honey and Cream Azeztulites are ideal allies for emotional healing. They can help one soothe and comfort one’s inner child, allowing recovery from old patterns of shame or feelings of abandonment. They can be used in soul retrieval work, providing a cocoon of loving currents within which one may ‘call home’ any lost parts of one’s original wholeness.
     “Last but not least, I recommend working with Honey and Cream Azeztulite’s to engender the Activity of Blessing. Holding one of the stones over one’s heart, one is recommended to imagine that, with each inhalation, one is receiving a blessing in one’s heart from the stone. (This IS actually what is happening!) With each exhalation, one is to release a blessing from one’s heart to the stone (to its spiritual essence). This is to be repeated indefinitely, and the longer one does this, the stronger will be the current of blessing one experiences. It is easy to move into an ecstatic state doing this meditation. Ultimately, practicing this will teach one how to meet every experience and each perception within a similar state of mutual blessing. If enough people were to do that, we could transform our world.
     “Honey and Cream Azeztulite vibrates in resonance with all other types of Azeztulite. It also works synergistically with Shungite, which quickens its infusion of Light and bliss. For healing applications, I recommend combining these stones with Healerite. All Azozeo-activated stones harmonize with Honey and Cream Azeztulite...and of course an Azozeo-activated Honey and Cream Azeztulite is quite a wonderful thing in itself! These stones also harmonize with Ascension stones such as Danburite, Petalite, Herderite, Brookite and Satya Mani Quartz.”

Azozeo Gemstone Essences
Azozeo™  Azeztulite™ Gem Essence
     Our time at the 2013 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show was full of magic, and some of the most remarkable reactions we saw among our customers were to our newest experiment--the Azozeo Essences. We watched literally hundreds of people try the Azozeo Essence for the first time, and many were astonished by the vibrational potency of this new water-borne energy. We sold hundreds of bottles of Azozeo Essence, and have had many orders since the show. Clearly something wonderful is resonating among the people who are trying out these blue bottles filled with magical energies!
     Our new manager Leo McFee is an expert at creating Gem Essences and he has been doing so for many years. (We are hoping he’ll write a book about it.) As we continued to be amazed by the currents of the stones we were bringing out of the Azozeo energy field, we decided to try making an Azozeo Gem Essence there. Once again, we were astonished by the results. It was definitely the strongest bodily response either of us had ever felt to a stone essence. Upon taking a few drops under the tongue, there was an immediate subtle “rush” through the whole body, and a feeling of quickening vibration. Then as the day went on, both of us felt an increase in energy, and a link with higher levels of consciousness. For myself, I can say that I was surprised that I did not feel ungrounded. Instead, I simply felt as though my personal field was full of Light, and that I was aware on more levels than usual. Also, I noticed a much stronger “body consciousness,” and I believe this is what the Azozeo cellular activation I wrote about earlier in this article feels like. As of this writing, I have completed my first thirty-day program of using the Azozeo Essence each morning. I have kept off the weight I lost, my dream life remains very vivid, and my receptivity to stones has deepened considerably. I am having more frequent spiritual insights and my capacity to glimpse the unfolding future has intensified. I am definitely planning to keep working with the Azozeo Essence!

NEW Azozeo™  Phenacite Gem Essence
     Our newest Essence takes its vibrational pattern directly from the Grandmother Azozeo Phenacite--the largest known Phenacite crystal in the world. As we wrote at the beginning of this Newsletter, the Grandmother Phenacite is unique in our experience of stones. It fills the person holding it with a surprising and inexplicable joy. It is like being in the presence of a friendly, curious and immensely powerful Angel. It is this Phenacite Being that is the key to the whole Azozeo Super-Activation process, which has transformed and uplifted the energies of a growing number of stones, and people as well. The Azozeo Phenacite Essence we have made carries the essential qualities of the Grandmother Phenacite, and it has the capacity to organize and activate the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, stimulating the cells to full attunement with the Nameless Light. This attunement is of enormous spiritual potential, and the major thrust of our work with stones now is to facilitate the world-awakening that is implicit within the power and purpose of the Azozeo stones. We are spreading it in every way possible, and our new Azozeo Phenacite Essence provides the means to spread it through the waters of the human body, and the waters that circulate through the whole Earth. We look forward to hearing from our readers with their impressions of this powerful new offering.

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