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Welcome to Newsletter #49
     It’s hard to believe we have produced almost fifty issues of the Heaven and Earth Network News! Even more amazing is looking back at our journey of over twenty-seven years of bringing forth the most powerful high vibration stones for the metaphysical community. We started with Moldavite and a handful of crystals, and we never suspected what wonders and blessings our path would have in store for us, or how far we would come.
     In this issue, a lot of new things are being introduced. The agenda of the Angelic beings known as Azez--for world enlightenment through the various forms of Azeztulite--is still in high gear. The quantum leap of our discovering the Azozeo Super-Activation process continues to reveal new potentials to be explored and manifested, and synchronicity is playing its guiding role.
      We were surprised and delighted last September to learn that some large Azozeo Phenacites were found at the site where our original Azozeo Grandmother Phenacite was uncovered two years ago. Our acquisition of these new crystals means we can establish powerful Azozeo energy nodes for planetary awakening in Vermont, New Zealand, and wherever else on Earth someone wants to join us in helping to draw more Light into the Earth.
    We were also inspired to work for the spreading of the Nameless Light in another way--the initiation of the Azozeo World Labyrinth. We have taken the stones from the original Azeztulite/Rosophia labyrinth at our Vermont residence and are now making them available to our readers at greatly reduced prices. Our vision is that the dispersion of these stones around the world will stimulate the formation of a World-grid of spiritual Light, a World Labyrinth. Third, we have just had the great good fortune to purchase one of the world’s largest and finest collections of Sauralite Azeztulite crystals, which we are calling the Great New Zealand Sauralite Collection. These crystals are simply amazing, in both energetic and aesthetic terms.
     Looking back, it seems to us that all of the things described above are parts of the same great plan unfolding. The Light is moving into the Earth, and into ourselves. Soon, and with our participation, the Earth may transform into a Planet of Light, with the aid of Angelic Beings, Human Beings and Stone Beings. It is a time to move with enthusiasm, pure intention and joy, serving the Light lightheartedly, and with full commitment.

Great New Zealand Sauralite Collection

The Great New Zealand Sauralite™ Collection
Robert Simmons writes: “In the first several months after Kathy and I moved to our new home in New Zealand, a rare opportunity arose. Readers will remember that one of the powerful things drawing us here was a deep connection to New Zealand’s Azeztulites--both the crystallized Sauralites and the ocean-tumbled Honey and Cream Azeztulites. We felt that these are the most energetically evolved Azeztulites yet discovered, and definitely the sweetest--the most love-laden. We were drawn here to bring forth these stones, as well as other mineral treasures from New Zealand, to the wider world.
     Of these, the hardest to acquire are the Sauralite crystal clusters, especially those of high quality. Sauralites are also the ‘cream of the crop’ energetically, and are among the stones I work with most frequently in my own meditations. So I was amazed and delighted when rockhound friends informed us of the opportunity to purchase one of the largest and finest Sauralite collections ever assembled--the personal collection of a man who was probably the oldest crystal-digger in New Zealand. ‘Glenn’ (not his real name) had been a rockhound for over forty years, combing sites at abandoned gold mines, creeks, silver mines, cliffs, beaches and volcanic hills with a relentless enthusiasm. The New Zealand crystals we call Sauralites were his passion, and although the metaphysical qualities of stones were not part of his world-view, it was easy for us to see that he had a deep love connection with Sauralite, and an awareness of their energies on an almost instinctual level. The crystals had a way of calling to him, which may account for his uncanny ability to find them, hidden under mud, moss and roots in the thick bush of wild New Zealand. When we met Glenn two years earlier, he was already over ninety years old, and he proudly showed us his collection, which was displayed in a large array of glass cases in his garage. I remember being astonished at the variety and beauty of his collection, and being almost overwhelmed by the energy in his garage!
     “Months after we moved into our New Zealand home, we found out that Glenn wanted to sell his collection. He was now ninety-three, his wife had passed away, and he was ill as well. We felt privileged to be the ones who were allowed to buy these crystalline treasures. There were hundreds of amazing pieces, large and small, and each seemed more beautiful than the one before. More importantly, they were bursting with the sweet, loving vibrations of Sauralite Azeztulite. We felt it was our job to honor and accept Glenn’s crystal legacy (which was truly a life’s-work) and to do our part in spreading its blessing around the world. It is unlikely that there will ever be another collection like this one, and we urge our readers to consider, as we do, the fact that what appears on these pages is unique--perhaps even sacred. What we are showing here is not the whole collection. More will be presented over time, both on our website and in future catalogs. But we have not held back the best--this is as good as it gets!
     “It took weeks for me to sort and catalog the many crystals in the collection, and to price them. While I was doing so, a number of our New Zealand friends came to visit, and to see the collection. Virtually everyone was deeply moved by the energy and beauty of these crystals, and most people were unable to leave without taking at least one piece with them. During those weeks, I was saddened to learn that Glenn had passed away. Again I felt the sense of a legacy having been conveyed to us, and a duty to bring the stones out to the world. (However, I was not immune to the attraction--I kept a good number of pieces for my own healing studio and meditation space. I couldn’t help it!)”

Great New Zealand Sauralite Collection

White, Golden, Gold-White and Amethyst Sauralite™
     “In the Great New Zealand Sauralite Collection, virtually every specimen is unique. Glenn did not keep any run-of-the-mill specimens. However, there are numerous groups or types of crystals, some having to do with form and shape, others with color. I’ll let the forms (which are evident in the catalog and website photos) speak mostly for themselves and say a few words about colors and their comparative energies.
     “White Sauralites have already been extensively described in my other articles. However, I can summarize by saying they are the purest and sweetest of all Azeztulites (and perhaps all crystals!), Awakening the upper chakras from the heart to the crown (and above), and stimulating every cell in the body to become literally en-Lightened. I have inwardly seen that these crystals trigger the DNA in every cell to emanate greater amounts of spiritual Light. Also, they bring about a profound inner purification in which old negative attachments and habits can be dissolved, from the mental and emotional levels all the way down to the cells. White Sauralites are uniquely tuned to the angelic realms, and particularly to the realm of the Azez, the Azeztulite Angels. It is perhaps this direct connection that makes them such sources of joy. They can take one on meditative journeys that lead to ecstatic rapture and merging with the pure Light of Source.
     “Golden Sauralite clusters are almost Citrine-colored, and like Citrine, it is iron that makes them look as they do. On the energetic level Golden Sauralites share the sweet, uplifting and transformational qualities of all Azeztulites (and of New Zealand’s Sauralites in particular), plus some other special energies. Golden Sauralites resonate with the Crown, Third Eye, Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, facilitating and enlightened awareness along with a powerful ability to manifest through the will. They are powerful stones of prosperity, and can aid in acquiring wealth, particular if the use of the abundance is for spiritual goals.
     “Gold-White Sauralites partake of the qualities of both white and Golden Sauralites. They are something of a bridge between the energetic qualities of both stones. In addition, they are uniquely attuned to the Gold-White Ray of the Great Central Sun, and can be powerful aids in making a meditative journey to that wondrous Star. (I have been there once, and it was a life-transforming experience.) Gold-White Sauralites are excellent allies for manifesting one’s spiritual ideals, and help one discover the incredible power of radical receptivity. These stones help one relax the personal will, allowing Divine will to work through the individual self.
     “Amethyst Sauralites have also been described elsewhere, but by way of summary, I can say that these crystals add an emphasis on purification and protection to Sauralite’s already-powerful energies. They aid one in consciously finding one’s Divine connection to guidance, and they cleanse the auric field of psychic debris. They are probably the ultimate stone for overcoming addictive behaviors and self-destructive habits.
     “Since the world is radically interconnected, and is always operating through webs of synchronicity, everything that happens is both effect and cause of everything else. This is a way of saying that it’s all One, and also that nothing is a random accident. Yet at the same time, we have unlimited of freedom of choice and action, and the choices we make and the actions we take can radically influence the web of synchronicity within which we exist. All this is my way of hinting that the appearance of the Great New Zealand Sauralite Collection at this time is not accidental, but is indeed an auspicious opportunity. If we choose to PARTICIPATE in the beautiful spiritual unfolding and planetary awakening that Azeztulite in all its forms is seeding here on Earth, we make ourselves into one of the resonating sources for the energy of the Nameless Light to enter the world more profoundly. This is so emotionally and spiritually rewarding to ourselves individually that our participation is experienced more as a blessing than a duty. That is how I feel about my participation in the dispersion of these new Sauralites into the world. To me, these stones are pure Love and Light in solid form, and they awaken those qualities within us. What greater reward could we ask?

Azozeo™ Super-Activation of the Great New Zealand Sauralite™ Collection
     “Well, maybe we could enhance the reward some more after all. That was what occurred to me when Heaven and Earth’s manager Leo suggested that we might go ahead and treat this collection to the Azozeo Super-Activation process. It took me all of a nanosecond to agree. Our experience over the past year and a half has shown us that the Azozeo treatments strengthen the qualities of all the stones that respond to them (as Sauralites do), and that there is an unmistakable increase in the ‘liveliness’ of the stones we have treated. It is as if the stones come into full wakefulness and are even more available to resonate with their human partners in co-creation. So, now that we have in our hands some of the most wonderful Sauralites ever found, we have chosen to bring all of them to their highest energetic potential. (There has been no price increase because of this. We simply felt it was something that needed to be done).
     “For myself, I feel a bit like a child on the night before Christmas--I have the unmistakable feeling that something wonderful is about to happen, and I just can’t wait until it does! We look forward to sharing the unfolding of joy with all those drawn toward the exquisite crystal Beings that make up the Great New Zealand Sauralite Collection.”

Large Azozeo Phenacites

New Large Azozeo™ Phenacites
     The link between Phenacite and Azeztulite goes all the way back to the beginning. Readers of Stones of the New Consciousness may remember that the very first Azeztulite was brought into full activation through the influence of a powerful Phenacite crystal (which the Azez themselves “borrowed” from us!). Almost two years ago, the Grandmother Phenacite (largest single Phenacite crystal in the world) was found, and it led to our discovering the Azozeo Super-Activation process for Azeztulite, Auralite 23, Lemurian Light Crystals and certain other stones. After this, we began calling the Grandmother Phenacite the Grandmother Azozeo Phenacite.
     Last February, our hopes for the discovery of more Azozeo Phenacites were manifested, as an array of smaller Phenacites, mostly pocket size or hand size, were found at the original digging site. Then, this past September, our miner friend in Brazil cam up with another Azozeo Phenacite discovery. This time, the crystals were large, including one almost as big as the Grandmother Azozeo Phenacite. This very large Phenacite is being taken to New Zealand, to anchor the Nameless Light energies more deeply into the Southern Hemisphere. The rest of this new group of world-class Phenacite crystals is on display in this catalog, available to be claimed by Lightworkers who also want to participate in world-transformation through the power coming through these exceptional stones.
     Robert Simmons writes: “What an astounding and exciting discovery this is! When we acquired the Grandmother Azozeo Phenacite, I felt something major had happened in my own life as a crystal worker. Of all the stones I had ever known, this one was the most clearly a Being, a stone ensouled with a presence that was truly angelic and individual. I know this is true of many crystals, but this was a VERY BIG Being, and a HUGELY joyful one! No one could hold her without feeling that presence and that joy. I knew I would always want to keep that crystal near me.
     “However, I was soon to feel quite torn. When we discovered that the Grandmother Phenacite could bring about the Azozeo Super-Activation process in an apparently unlimited number of Azeztulites and other stones, I felt that it was wrong to take my crystal with me to New Zealand, because the stones needing activation were mostly in Vermont.
     “We asked for a solution, and both Leo and Kathy felt that we would somehow receive another very large Azozeo Phenacite, which would dispel the problem. This past September, it happened. We now have two Great Azozeo Phenacites, one for each hemisphere. And on top of that (as Spirit so often gives us more than we ask for) there are another NINE Azozeo Phenacite large crystals which were discovered at the same time! This kindles in us the vision of a world-wide distribution of the Great Phenacites of Light and Vision, the Azozeo stones, going out around the world to enhance and deepen the super-activation of ALL THE QUARTZ in the Earth’s crust! I feel that this World Grid can be just about anywhere in terms of location. The main thing is for the stones to be distributed to enough different people--individuals who carry the intention of grounding the Nameless Light--this is my vision of the essential reason for the coming forth of these great stones of power at this time.
     “In terms of vision, the new large Azozeo Phenacites, as well as their smaller cousins, are among the most powerful stones for initiating visionary experience. Sleeping or meditating with any of them can be an incredibly transformative experience. They are powerful talismans for interdimensional travel, and for linking with angelic intelligences for guidance and spiritual initiation. For those who have read the Lord of the Rings books, I could make the comparison of these crystals to the legendary Palantir and Silmaril stones. The Palantir stones were visionary, allowing individuals to see both far and deep, while the Silmarils were powerful talismans of spiritual Light. These Azozeo Phenacites carry both sets of qualities, and are like a combination of Tolkein’s mythical power stones come to life! As in his story, one is advised to bring a pure and positive intention in order to use these stones for the highest good.
     “These Phenacites are capable of fully opening the third eye and crown chakras, and they also stimulate consciousness in the Soul Star and the etheric chakras above the head. In addition, they send strong vibrational waves into the heart, greatly enhancing heart awareness and linking the heart and brain. The full awakening of the heart and upper chakras together can bring about the activation of a huge ‘super-chakra,’ which is the unified activation of all the higher energy centers. This is an aspect of Light Body Activation, a process these stones strongly facilitate.
     “In regard to the heart connection, an interesting aspect of the new Large Azozeo Phenacites is the pink color on the outside edges of them. This is, amazingly, a pink feldspar with powerful heart currents--veritably touch of Rosophia on these huge Phenacites! It is as if the whole of the transformation were embodied in these crystals--the Light of Heaven joins with the Love of Earth to bring Heaven and Earth together as one. And the remaining inclusions on these astonishing Phenacites continue to amaze me--they are Black Tourmaline. Their function is to keep the Love and Light pouring through these stones clear, pure and grounded-free from negative influence. If ever there were stones embodying the highest destiny of the Earth and ourselves, it is these! I am so amazed and grateful that they have come forth, and I look forward to helping to find the people who will claim them.”

The Azozeo Azeztulite World Labyrinth

Announcing: The Azozeo Azeztulite™ World Labyrinth
     As we mentioned in the introduction to this Newsletter, when we moved our personal residence from Vermont to New Zealand, we disassembled the original Azeztulite labyrinth which we had constructed at our Vermont home. We have kept the stones aside, and our new inspiration is to offer for sale (at greatly reduced prices) the various Azeztulite and Rosophia stones that were in our first labyrinth. This labyrinth and the stones that constituted it held a great deal of spiritual energy, not only from the stones themselves, but also from all of the energy currents that poured through them during the work we did in that labyrinth. And of course, it was this labyrinth in which the Azozeo Super-Activation process was first discovered, so all of the stones are about as high-vibration as Azeztulite (or Rosophia) can be. Our vision is that these stones, as they move to new positions, with new people around the world, will help make the Earth into a Living Labyrinth of Light.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Since the beginning of our association with Azeztulite, and with the Azez, the Angelic beings who first communicated with us through Naisha, one of the psychological challenges we continually faced was the sheer magnitude of the situation we had become involved in. We had to stretch our ideas of reality just to understand what was happening! In introducing the Azeztulite World Labyrinth, I want to summarize part of the story.  
     “The Azez presented themselves as an Angelic group soul Being, in service to the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun. At the same time, they themselves are in some way an expression of the Nameless Light, and are identified with it. They told us (through Naisha) that their function is to find planets where the inhabitants and/or the planet itself are about ready to make a leap of consciousness that allows a great deal more of the Nameless Light to permeate that world and its people. This is a shift from relative ignorance and suffering into a state of enlightened unity with the Divine. It is the Great Change that many spiritual traditions have predicted. The Azez said that the Earth and humanity are nearing epochal turning point, and that our choices have much to do with the success of the change. They predicted the arrival in our hands of the first Azeztulites, which they said they were activating the carry the frequencies of the Nameless Light, in order to bring that energy to us and (through us) to the Earth. An infusion of this energy is essential to the great transition.
     “That prediction of the Azez came true, as have many others they made, including the discovery of new types of Azeztulite at different locations in the world. (Considering the number of spiritual predictions that DON’T come true, this in itself is quite amazing to me.) Over the approximately twenty years since the Azeztulite saga began, many thousands of people have felt the special energies of these stones, and there are now people with Azeztulites all over the globe, holding the intention for the infusion of the Nameless Light, into themselves and the Earth. This, too, was predicted, and also astounds me. Twenty years is a long time for interest in such a plan to be maintained. However, the central forecast and the most important goal of the Azez is still ahead of us. They have said that when a sufficient number of people are working with Azeztulite, and a sufficient number of fully activated stones are spread around the Earth, it will be possible for them to facilitate the infusion of Nameless Light energy into ALL the Quartz in the Earth’s crust, essentially turning all the Quartz into Azeztulite. This is the key, in their plan, to the worldwide vibrational shift by which the Earth becomes a planet of Light and we humans enter into co-creative partnership with our conscious and enlightened Earth.
     “So, how’s that for a big idea to get your head around? I’ve been watching this unfold, and participating enthusiastically, for almost twenty years, and it still boggles my mind. But so many predictions have been fulfilled, and the goal is so important, that I keep going, whether I fully comprehend it or not.
     “Two things have happened that stand out as (to me) irrefutable evidence that these beings are real and their plan is indeed unfolding. The first was my synchronistic discovery a few years ago of an ancient Gnostic text describing beings, with names sounding very like AZEZ, that were involved in aiding humans in the spiritual ascension process almost two thousand years ago. (How’s that for persistence!?) When I read the translation of that text, I felt a powerful shiver of recognition, much like the goose bumps I and others often experience when the Azez are present. In this text, I also encountered the ancient word AZOZEO, which was used to call for the aid of these beings.
     “The second big jolt was the recent inspiration to try to intensify the activation levels of Azeztulites by placing them in a high energy environment (under and Azeztulite pyramid inside the Azeztulite/Rosophia labyrinth at our Vermont residence) with the Grandmother Phenacite and another large Phenacite crystal. This idea came as a vision--a spiritual ‘download,’ I suppose. My job was to try it rather than ignore it, and when I did so, the results were amazing. These are the Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites. The fact that something like this can be done to shift and intensify the energies of certain stones amazed me, and it seemed very similar to the planetary activation of the Earth’s Quartz predicted by the Azez.
Earth Labyrinth

    “Now has come a new spiritual ‘download.’ I have seen a vision of the stones from the original Vermont labyrinth, where so much work was done, and where many of the Azozeo stones were activated, dispersing all over the world. The image I was shown was symbolic, showing the image of a Labyrinth of Light superimposed on the image of the Earth. I understood this to mean that the dispersal of our labyrinth stones will serve in the transmutation of the Earth’s Quartz into Azeztulite, so that the feeling of elevated awareness, peace and joy that was commonly experienced by people who walked our labyrinth will pervade the world, becoming available to all people. And more than that, this shift will greatly intensify the effect, as all of the Earth’s energy field is transmuted. Our first labyrinth was an oasis, a little taste of Heaven. How will it be when Earth and Heaven are in union?
     “This is as much as I have seen. I don’t know precisely how it will unfold, and I don’t expect the spiritual transformation to be automatic. We, as living souls on Earth, are always a key component of change. Our old habits tend to keep things the way they are. Our new visions, if we commit ourselves to them, can transform old patterns into new possibilities. This is he invitation of the Azez and the purpose of their plan. It won’t be real if we don’t help to make it real, but experience has shown me just how magical the possibilities can be.
     “So I invite others who feel resonance with this tale to claim some of the labyrinth pieces and work with them. Meditate with them, plant them in sacred spots, or not-so-sacred spots. Soon, all the Earth may become sacred (as it already truly is). Share these stones with friends. Break off bits and give them away, or simply follow the vision that comes to you. And if you don’t take a labyrinth stone, it may not  matter all that much. Use any Azeztulite, or just follow your heart and invite the Nameless Light into yourself and into the Earth. May the vision of the Azez succeed. Namaste.”

Azozeo New Zealand Carnelian

Azozeo™ Carnelian from New Zealand
     Since our recent move to New Zealand, I have been eagerly searching out the native crystals and gemstones here. (Of course, it was the exquisite Sauralite Azeztulite crystals which we discovered on our first visit to New Zealand that greatly influenced our decision to relocate!) We have already introduced New Zealand’s Revelation Stone and Empowerite to our readers, and now we have acquired a collection of rare New Zealand Carnelian. It is found in some of the same digging areas where Sauralite Azeztulite is found, and it has a much higher vibration than ordinary Carnelian, perhaps because of that association.
     When I first attuned to New Zealand Carnelian, I was surprised to receive a powerful inner suggestion, apparently from the Being of this stone, to subject it to the Azozeo Super-Activation process. It was a thought I had never considered, because my prior experiences with Carnelian placed it firmly in a lower vibrational category, which would not be able to take on the energies of Azozeo. However, these Carnelians were already vibrating at a much higher frequency than Carnelians from other locations, so I decided to try it. I aligned a piece of the New Zealand Carnelian with one of the smaller Azozeo Phenacites, within the spiral Azeztulite installation we have constructed in the yard of our New Zealand home. When I removed the stone from the spiral and began to meditate with it, I was amazed at what I felt:
     “When I held the Azozeo Carnelian near my forehead, I felt immediate and powerful pulsations in the third eye and crown chakras. This was the first time Carnelian had ever affected me in these areas, and I was astonished at the change in the stones precipitated by the Azozeo Super-Activation process. As I moved the stone down the chakras one by one, I found that it stimulated every chakra. This was an amazing shift! My felt sense was of a permeation of my vibrational field by powerful creative energies of the Fire element. The Azozeo Carnelian exhibits the capacity to kindle Agni, the Universal Fire of Creation, and to bring that powerful current into one’s body in a way that is both intense and balanced. I experienced not only activation, but also a harmonization of the chakras and my vibrational field at a higher level.
     “Azozeo Carnelian is a stone of initiation. It can trigger an expansion of awareness that reveals one’s capacity for creation, and for co-creation with the Soul of the World. Under the influence of these stones, one can experience insights into the path of one’s destiny.  In this case, my sense is that our destiny is less about what one ‘is’ and more about what one creates. In creating, we are engaged with the world--beyond the boundaries of our individual selves--and are offering ourselves to it. In so doing, we become co-creators of the world which we and others experience.
“Once our creative fire is lit, what shall we create? Azozeo Carnelian’s stimulation of the heart chakra, which is equal in intensity to its activation of the third eye, ensures that we will be guided by the heart’s wisdom in our creating endeavors. The heart always moves for the well-being of the whole, and the heart is in touch with the unfolding of the future into the now. Thus the awakening one can experience with Azozeo Carnelian is a shift into working creatively with love for the transformation of oneself and the world, all in the flow of the heart’s sense of appropriate action and timing. When one’s works with these energies, one can find oneself falling into a state of grace, a sort of fluid motion which is both active and receptive at the same time. In this mode, one begins to create effortlessly, and we may be as amazed as anyone else at what comes through us!
     “Azozeo Carnelian speeds the process of inner and outer evolution, both of which are acts of creating. It can clear blockages in all the chakras and meridians, and can be used to cleanse one’s energy field of negative attachments and unwanted entities. These stones can bring ‘tongues of fire’ to the top of one’s head, opening portals of vision to the higher realms and making it impossible for lower vibrational critters to stay in one’s auric field.
     “Azozeo Carnelian brings passion to one’s will, allowing one to ‘burn through’ roadblocks and overcome past discouragement. These are powerful stones of encouragement, literally bringing in courage, which is simply an aspect of our true selves. Any soul that incarnates in this world is a bold and courageous adventurer, though many of us have forgotten that, and are in bondage to shame and fear. Azozeo Carnelian reminds us of our boldness and our power, and of the fact that the appropriate surrender or abandonment of self into action IS power. That is how we got here in the first place! The inner harmonization of all one’s energies which these stones can trigger is what allows us to see this, and to begin imagining the future we want to co-create.
     “Sexual energy is another dimension of creative power, and Azozeo Carnelian can stimulate new awakenings in this area as well. Those who are engaged in the spiritual path of tantra (or those who wish to be), will find a ready ally in these stones. The natural resonance of Carnelian with the sexual/creative second chakra, in conjunction with the high vibrations turned on by the Azozeo process, can open the way to ecstatic experiences on both the spiritual and physical levels. Bringing both of these domains together at such a level of intensity opens a portal via which an outpouring of Divine energy can flow through a pair of loving partners and into the world at large.
     “On more everyday levels, Azozeo Carnelian can be applied in numerous self-healing modalities. On the physical level, these stones give energetic support to the nervous system, sexual organs, blood flow and digestive system. They aid the immune system through purification of the auric field. In the emotional body, Azozeo Carnelian works to overcome hesitancy and lack of conviction brought on through past experiences of disempowerment. It encourages one to dare to attempt what was once thought to be unachievable and to push past the boundaries of past limitation. Azozeo Carnelian works to dispel spiritual amnesia, reminding one of who and what one truly is. This leads to the reawakening of one’s natural state of joy.
     “Azozeo Carnelian works harmoniously with all other Azozeo Super-Activated stones. It also combines synergistically with Healerite for bodily self-healing, and with Azumar for emotional self-healing. For an amplification of its power (if one can imagine that!) I recommend combining it with the Devaquartz Green Phantoms. Anandalite and Azozeo Carnelian work together for awakening, balancing and directing the energies of kundalini.”

Azozeo Carnelian Goddess Pendants

Azozeo™ Carnelian Goddess Pendants
     Graham, one of our New Zealand rockhound friends, is also a very talented stone carver. Alongside his beautiful carvings made from Greenstone and other traditional materials, we saw his New Zealand Carnelian carvings of the designs shown above. We recognized that he had intuitively created an amazing representation of the World Goddess (whom we know also as Sophia). She has the body of a woman, showing Her nature as the Divine Feminine. Her head, however, is not human-looking, but is instead a loop that appears as one half of the symbol of Infinity. Her pregnant body makes up the other half of the ‘Infinity Sign,’ signifying the Goddess’ infinite fertility. She creates endlessly, always coming into being as the totality of the world in each unfolding moment. Her pregnancy signifies not only Her Infinite creative nature, but also our place in relation to Her. We are the Children of the Goddess, yes, but we are not yet born. We are still gestating and growing within Her womb. And Her pregnancy is nearing its fulfillment, at which moment we will be born into full awareness of our true nature, living in ecstatic co-creative unity with the World Soul.
     Well, that’s a lot of story, and a lot of power for one pendant! But it all rings true to us, and we could not think of a better stone than natural New Zealand Carnelian, super-activated with the Azozeo energies, to carry it all. We encourage our readers--those who are drawn to these pieces--to experience for yourselves the potent energies of these special treasures.

Kaurilte from New Zealand

     One of the truly amazing materials we discovered when we came to New Zealand is the amber-like substance we call Kaurilite. It is a fossilized or semi-fossillized resin of the ancient Kauri tree, native to New Zealand, and among the most majestic trees on Earth. Kauri trees have been in existence for about 150 million years, going far back into the dinosaur age. Their amazing vitality and longevity make them among the most ancient tree species. The trees grow up to over 150 feet tall, with an extravagant crown of branches emanating from the top of their thick, straight trunks.
     When European settlers arrived in New Zealand there were huge tracts of Kauri forests. The trees could be as much as 2000 years old, and have a trunk circumference of over sixty feet. Many were cut down for lumber and ship’s masts, and by the early 20th century, about 90% of the Kauri forests were gone. Although it is no longer legal to log Kauri trees, certain swamp excavations have led to the discovery of buried Kauri trees up to 50,000 years old--some with their bark and seed cones still intact. These “swamp Kauris” are now used to make beautiful carvings, bowls and furniture.
     In addition to harvesting the trees, both the native Maoris and the European settlers found numerous uses for Kauri resin, which the Maoris called kapia and the Europeans called Kauri gum. The Maoris used the rich, amber-colored material   for fire starting and making torches, as well as for tattooing and for a kind of chewing gum. Europeans discovered that Kauri gum dissolved in linseed oil made excellent varnish, and harvested thousands of tons of it during the nineteenth century. The material has also long been used for making jewelry and carvings. Because of the industrial uses in 19th century Europe, the once-plentiful Kauri resin is now relatively rare. However, it is still used to make a special high-quality varnish for expensive violins. On New Zealand’s North Island, there is now a large museum dedicated to the Kauri tree and Kauri gum.
Robert Simmons with Kauri Trees

     We received our first pieces of Kauri resin (which we now call Kaurilite) as a gift from some Kiwi rockhound friends. They showed us Kaurilite’s trait of exuding a sweet, fresh fragrance when one rubs a piece briskly between one’s fingers. I like to carry a piece in my pocket to rub every so often and get the scent of the ancient Kauri forests of New Zealand. Inhaling the scent is highly refreshing and revitalizing. Kaurilite is often quite beautiful as well, exhibiting translucent tones of gold and brown (ranging from the color of lager beer to old whiskey), and appearing in a myriad of phantasmal shapes. Most Kaurilite is much younger than Amber, ranging from a few thousand to over fifty thousand years old. As a result, Kaurilite is energetically much more active than Amber, feeling as though it is still a living substance.
     One can work with Kaurilite for its metaphysical benefits, just as one might work with Amber or Jet--both of which are organic compounds that are classified as true “gemstones.” In fact, Kaurilite has unique energetic traits unlike any other substance. Some of these traits are derived directly from the Kauri tree itself, while others are harder to pin down.
     When I attuned to Kaurilite, I was shown that it carries a tremendous amount of life force. Carrying or wearing Kaurilite brings an infusion of prana into one’s auric field and one’s Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. This may be because Kaurilite comes from such hardy and long-lived trees, whose lifestream spans so many millions of years. The Kauri Being is strongly present in Kaurilite, and is naturally friendly to humans (in spite of our history of destroying the trees). Love is simply in the nature of the Kauri Being, as are wisdom, majesty, patience and humor. When one aligns with Kaurilite, one resonates with all of these qualities.
Kaurilite can work metaphysically to enhance one’s physical, mental and emotional vitality. It is a good material for all types of self-healing practices, lending energetic support to the immune system as well as one’s blood and lymph systems. Kauri trees produce natural anti-microbial substances, which may have something to do with Kaurilite’s spiritual capacity to aid one in overcoming microbial invasions and other types of illness. Kaurilite is itself a liquid crystal substance, and perhaps this accounts for its strong healing resonance with our own liquid crystal cells and tissues.
     Kaurilite is a purifying substance. Crumbled pieces can be burned like incense to clear an area, to purify one’s aura, or to cleanse crystals and stones. Carrying or wearing Kaurilite can renew one’s energy field and bring a wholesome sense of well-being. Kauris are among the best of all trees for absorbing and transmuting carbon dioxide and replenishing the air we breathe. Kaurilite embodies this power of purification for spiritual applications of all types.
     Kaurilite is an enhancer of longevity. Exposure to this substance links one with the qualities of the trees themselves, including their long-lived nature. (There are current living Kauri trees at least 1200 years old, and some of the eldest Kauris have lived over 2000 years.)
     Kaurilite offers a direct connection to the consciousness of Nature. It aids one in communicating with Nature Spirits and devic beings. In meditation, it can stimulate access to wide areas of the akashic records--especially those linked to ancient Lemuria. It helps one to inwardly hear the voice of Wisdom, and to converse with the Soul of Nature.
     Kaurilite resonates energetically with Amber, Copal and Jet, as well as Sauralite Azeztulite, Empowerite and Revelation Stone. It works synergistically with Healerite, Sugilite and Seraphinite for spiritual self healing. For emotional well being, it can be combined with Azumar, Lithium Light, Lilac Lepidolite and Larimar. For purification, Kaurilite works well with Jet, Black Tourmaline, Amazez and Auralite-23.

DevaQuartz Green Phantom Crystals

DevaQuartz™ Green Phantoms
     On our most recent buying trip, we came upon a trove of rare Green Phantom Quartz crystals. These were the first we had seen in over ten years, and they are far better than the ones we had back then! They are well formed points with vivid Green Phantom inclusions of Celadonite. And they are amazingly powerful, stimulating the crown, third eye and heart chakras with exceptional intensity. We were pleased to be able to buy enough of them to make wire wrap pendants in addition to offering the unset crystals.
     Robert Simmons writes: “This is the era of the conscious awakening of the Soul of the World, and the minerals are like Her hands reaching out to touch us and enter into partnership with humanity. Nowhere is this more evident than with the crystals I am calling Devaquartz Green Phantoms. These crystals emanate the pure, joyful frequencies of Nature. They are emissaries of the Living World, eager to enter into communion with those willing to meet them. If one simply holds one of these crystals and makes a silent offer to be receptive, their sweet, vibrant energies of soul healing and heart awakening will permeate one’s body and energy field. These crystals can trigger new capacities of awareness, most notably the ability to perceive the devas and Nature spirits of the nearest level of higher vibration, where the soul-creatures of the Earth work and play to create the beauty of the world.
     “Devaquartz Green Phantoms are powerful activators of the third eye and crown chakras, stimulating visionary experience and sending powerful pleasurable currents throughout the central nervous system. In healing, they support the circulatory system, the nerves and the energy meridians, increasing and regulating the flow of chi or life force through the body. They can activate dormant brain areas and aid in the discovery of one’s full capacity for consciousness. They are empowering to the heart, and help one realize that the heart is the true seat of Wisdom within us. Their vibrancy makes one aware of the fierce joy of Life itself.
     “Devaquartz Green Phantoms are stones that encourage one’s total commitment to whatever creative actions one has chosen. They show one that it is folly to give less than 100% of oneself to any choice one makes. These stones veritably insist that one go ‘full on’ into the dance of life. They reveal that, when we are completely committed, we discover the immense power that lies within each of us, but that can only be released through the intensity of one’s surrender into action. This exuberant self-giving is the mode by which the Devas and Nature beings enact their world-creating activity, and it is in this way that we can co-create with them, and with the Soul of the World. To feel the pulsations of these crystals is to feel that very same passionate intensity arise within oneself.
     “As one may gather from what I have written, one of the surprising insights I received from these crystals is that the Devas and Nature Spirits are not delicate, flimsy creatures which are barely present. On the contrary, they are veritable whirlwinds of creating power, organized and held together by graceful, joyful and complete commitment to the expression of their nature and their gift of themselves to the world. They invite us to meet them and to discover the ecstasy of living as they do.
     “Devaquartz Green Phantoms are joyfully harmonious with all of the Azeztulites, and they resonate especially with Azozeo Super-Activated stones. They combine well with heart stones such as Seraphinite, Healerite and Azumar. With Phenacite, there is greater emphasis on visionary experience and support of the nervous system. In particular, the Azozeo Phenacite crystals can activate Devaquartz Green Phantoms to even higher levels of vibrational activity.

Green Angel Dreamstone Crystals

Green Angel Dreamstone™ Crystals
     Our fall buying trip yielded a small collection of truly amazing crystals from Inner Mongolia. They are quartz with inclusions of Hedenbergite, the same rare mineral which is present in Seriphos Green Quartz. The crystals themselves are much larger than their Greek cousins from Seriphos--some of them over four inches long--and their energies are very different.
     Robert Simmons writes: “These creamy green natural crystal wands from the interior of China are some of the most beautiful and amazing stones I have encountered in years! They have exquisitely articulated forms, resplendent with cathedral turret formations, and they are all nicely terminated for focusing their energies. However, it is the Being of these newly discovered crystals and their unique energies that are truly captivating.
     “My felt sense of these crystals when I first attuned to them was of a pleasant, soft and gentle energy that circulated through and around the heart, bringing profound sensations of peace and well-being. As I asked the inner question regarding what words could best capture their spiritual nature, I heard the word ‘Dreamstone.’ I resisted this, because there is already a crystal called Dream Quartz, and it is not the same sort of stone. Nonetheless, the Being of the stone insisted that it was Dreamstone, so I surrendered and allowed the experience to unfold. (Later I realized the whole name of the crystal was to be Green Angel Dreamstone, as we shall see.)
     “In a few moments, I began to see inner visions, displaying the kinds of meditative experiences this stone can offer. And indeed they were in modes of consciousness that we primarily associate with dreams. I was shown that one can sleep with these crystals, and that doing so can catalyze one’s potential for conscious out-of-body experience. These stones soothe the body into a state of calm receptivity, such that it is comfortable even if the soul chooses to travel to other realms. Also, (and more importantly in my own case), Green Angel Dreamstones can assure the conscious self so that one feels safe and protected enough to allow oneself to travel outside the body. If one sleeps with a Green Angel Dreamstone, the departure of the astral body from the physical may be accompanied by a sort of ‘pop’ sound that awakens the self sufficiently to be conscious of what is happening, but not so much that one wakes up the body. Once this ‘unmooring’ from the body has occurred, one is met by the guiding being of the stone, who appears as a Green Angel! I saw her inwardly after several minutes of having been shown the aforementioned aspects of what the stone can offer.
     “The Green Angel of this stone appeared to me as a human-looking being, sparkling with mirth and mystery, standing within a shimmering aura of twinkling green light, as if she were surrounded by glowing green fireflies. Her manner is friendly, and her beauty is powerful. Her clothing appears in the same green shades as her eyes, skin and hair. She communicated with me, not in words, but in gestures and in pictures planted into my consciousness. Her manner is enthusiastic and adventurous, and she encourages us, through the influence of her crystals, to join her in inner travels, both for learning and for delight.
     “In the company of this being, one can move beyond the near astral realm, and into higher levels of the Devic world, the angelic domain, as well as traveling to distant parts of the Universe. One can make etheric journeys to other planets as well, seeing them as they appear on the etheric (rather than the physical) plane. On this level, one finds that the planets are ALL inhabited by spiritual beings, as is the Sun itself.  
     “Green Angel Dreamstone can teach one’s soul to fly. In the etheric realms, one has a kind of body, which is a more or less human-shaped field of light, which can sometimes show details such as facial features and other times is more diffuse. In this body, the mode of movement is ‘flying,’ directed by fusing one’s will and one’s heart and allowing them to take one where one needs or desires to go. The inner realms where one can travel with Green Angel Dreamstone can be as empty as the Void or as full as the Earth itself--just as our dreams can be. Working with the Angel of this stone in conscious meditation can ultimately reveal the entire landscape of the dream world to one’s awake consciousness. One can learn to see how the incredibly malleable dream world is made by the projection of thoughts as images--some of them from us and others from Spirit beings around us. With Green Angel Dreamstone, one can learn how to discern what is projected from within oneself, and eventually to choose such contents. From this clarity, one can learn to meet consciously what is being offered from Spirit, and to respond to it. This is the true meaning of ‘lucid dreaming.’
     “Yet this is not the end. The path to which the Green Angel beckons leads also into the material realm. Through inner learning and travel, one can discover the relationship between the waking world and the dream realm, and one can learn to see how the contents of waking life are also projected and influenced by our unconscious (and/or conscious) thoughts and longings, as well as those of other living creatures and Spirit beings. Green Angel Dreamstone can reveal that there is no firm line between dream and ‘reality,’ but that they are instead in a constant flux of relationship and ongoing creation. The Angel of the stone said one sentence to me: ‘Lucid dreaming leads to lucid awakening.’ That is the core message of Green Angel Dreamstone. Those who claim one of these crystals and open to its mysteries are likely to learn it for themselves.
     “Green Angel Dreamstone is beneficial to the heart. It can be used for self-healing in all areas, so long as its energetic entry point remains at the heart chakra. This stone can be of great help in emotional self-healing, aiding one in self-understanding by projecting one’s unconscious imbalances into consciousness as symbolic images and stories. It is good to keep a diary of one’s experiences with these stones, as well as a dream journal. It is highly recommended to sleep with these crystals, as this is the easiest way to begin the journey of discovery to which they invite us.
     “Green Angel Dreamstone can be combined with Moldavite to enhance the quantity and intensity of dreams. Sugilite can work with Dream Angel Dreamstone to focus on the inner path of healing. Any of the Azeztulites combined with Green Angel Dreamstone can lead one into ecstatic journeys to the Realms of Light.”

Moonlight Agate

Moonlight Agate™
     As we have been exploring New Zealand and the mineral treasures native to the land, we recently became aware of a lovely stone with a unique array of beneficial energies. It is a beautiful translucent Agate found on remote stretches of beach on the South Island. Its name, Moonlight Agate, indicates much about its spiritual qualities.
     Our friend Kay Ford is a talented intuitive reader and healer in New Zealand, and she introduced us to this stone by the name (Moonlight Agate) that she and her husband Rick had coined. We found both the name they chose and her interpretation of the stone’s energies to be highly congruent with our own insights. Here are Kay’s words: “Moonlight Agate is the name we have given to this silver agate from the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It shares many metaphysical qualities with moonstone, among them assisting hormonal balance in women and enhancing intuition. We have found it ideal to place on the third eye in chakra layouts, where it seems to ‘glow’ when activated. It is also effective to place a large stone in the left hand during crystal healing or meditation. Moonstone is a traditional stone to give for protection in travel and this is a wonderful gift to give when someone is travelling overseas, particularly if they are a New Zealander or have been drawn here.”
     Robert Simmons writes: “Moonlight Agate is a stone that loves to be touched. When one holds it, there is a sense of mutual satisfaction, as though both the stone and oneself are being nourished by the contact. There is an immediate soothing sensation, a calming of the emotional body and a steadily increasing sense of serenity. It is a stone one feels immediately drawn to put into one’s pocket, but the hand soon follows, wanting to touch the stone again!
     “Gazing upon Moonlight Agate has an almost hypnotic quality. Its translucent depths call to the soul, beckoning one to enter the domain of dreams, of inner travel, venturing through the veils of lost memory into the realms of past lives and the world’s spiritual history. Moonlight Agate can be a helpful ally for entering easily into deep meditative states, and to actualize one’s intentions to see and remember clearly what is discovered there.
     “Moonlight Agate is a stone of self-healing. It can be a powerful ally when one needs to rest and replenish one’s energies, as in times of illness. It is an excellent sleep stone, helping one to release worry and stress, relaxing both body and mind, allowing the healing influence of the soul to permeate one’s being.
     “Moonlight Agate is a stone of the deep Feminine. It kindles the memory of priestesses and holy women, putting individual women in touch with this archetype of the Goddess. It is a Stone of Avalon, recalling the power of women’s magick and aiding women in achieving initiation into the Mysteries.
     “For men, Moonlight Agate can be powerfully attractive, offering access to, and understanding of, the Feminine. It can reveal to a man the Divine nature of all women, and help him to see this in individual women as well. It is an excellent stone for facilitating deep and loving communication between males and females in intimate relationships. It helps the male release the intellect and respond intuitively to the woman. It can sometimes reveal a woman’s femininity to herself, showing her the deep power of receptivity. (It can also enhance receptivity in men.)
     “Moonlight Agate works alchemically to help bring about the grand Conjunction--the ultimate union of the masculine and feminine, envisioned as the marriage of the Sun and Moon. For this purpose, it can be usefully combined with a Sunstone, or with other Solar energy stones such as New Zealand Carnelian, Heliodor, Golden Labradorite, Kaurilite, Golden Azeztulite or Himalaya Gold Azeztulite.
     “For other purposes, Moonlight Agate combines synergistically with Sauralite Azeztulite, Revelation Stone, Empowerite, Lithium Light, Danburite, Morganite, Pink Calcite and Rose Quartz. Both Moonstone and Rosophia enhance the capacity of this stone to evoke the power of the Divine feminine.”

New Zealand Dragon Eggs

New Zealand Dragon Eggs™
     One of he many mineral marvels we’ve discovered since coming to New Zealand are the stones we have named New Zealand Dragon Eggs. They are oval or round, relatively flat pieces of Schist, native to New Zealand’s South Island. These are complex stones, in terms of their composition, containing Quartz, Albite, Mica, and trace minerals such as Amphibole, Garnet and Piemontite. The “Dragon Egg” pieces are naturally shaped through long years of being tumbled in streams, rivers and ocean.
     Robert Simmons writes: “New Zealand Dragon Eggs are very lively stones! They have the capacity to stimulate all of the chakras, and to enliven the meridian system. They make excellent stones for body layouts, because they can be placed anywhere to bring energy to that spot. And their flat, rounded shapes make such layouts very easy to do. For energy workers, I’d suggest a dozen or so in one’s tool kit, so one can use them in multiple places on a client’s body, wherever they might be needed. The energy coming through these stones is both stimulating and grounding, energizing and balancing. New Zealand Dragon Eggs can bring about an increase in overall vitality and an enhanced enthusiasm for life. They have a strong Yang type of energy, and are ideal companions for those who are convalescing after an illness. They also can be beneficial if one is coming out of grief or depression, because of the zesty exuberance they transmit. These are good stones to carry for increasing one’s enjoyment of life, because they tend to magnify one’s appreciation of each moment. New Zealand Dragon Eggs can spiritually support an active and healthy metabolism, adding to one’s enjoyment of food, exercise and sleep. They are an energetic tonic for overall health, and their optimistic currents support a positive attitude.
     “One of the best ways to work with New Zealand Dragon Eggs (besides carrying or wearing one) is to sit for a few minutes in the morning or evening with one of these stones in each hand. As you exhale, allow the stress of he day to be released into the stones through your hands. As you inhale, draw the vitality and enthusiasm emanated by the stones into your body through your hands, allowing it to flow everywhere in your body and field. On the next exhalation, feel all of the negative energy within and around you, even in the room you are sitting in, being vacuumed away and dissolved. Doing this for two or three minutes can be amazingly helpful at any time of day.
     “So why are the stones called ‘Dragon Eggs?’ When I attuned to the Being of the stone to learn of its qualities, it appear to my inner vision as a dragon, surrounded by a heap of the stones we are calling Dragon Eggs. It indicated by gesture that these were indeed its ‘eggs’--the embryonic embodiments of its energies. I saw the Dragon Being bending down to caress the ‘eggs’ with its neck and chest, gesturing its love and showing me a smile that revealed huge sharp teeth. I was reminded that dragons as described in myths and legends are highly intelligent creatures, who are completely untamed, though often highly civilized. They are beings of powerful enthusiasms, and they show no self-doubt. They have the ability to fly, even though they are huge. They can produce fire from within their bodies. The are ancient, magical, powerful, smart, decisive, intimidating and often cultured. And they sometimes display a keen sense of humor. A Dragon may decide to be one’s ally, but never one’s servant. As I considered all of these qualities of the dragon, the Dragon Being whom I saw in my inner vision gave another of those frightening smiles and bowed deeply, to indicated that he/she agreed that I had understood. Then he/she gestured again to the stones, and looked directly at me, as it to say, ‘These Eggs contain my qualities, and they can help you attain those same traits.’
     “I much enjoyed my encounter with the Dragon, and evaluate the vision as I do many of the living images I am shown by the various Stone Beings. It seems clear that the Dragon itself was the answer to my question about the stones’ metaphysical qualities. If one wishes to attain more of these sorts of energies--to be a bit more of a Dragon in one’s own life--these stones are there to plant that seed within us.  
     New Zealand Dragon Eggs work well in combination with Moldavite, which has a wildness of its own. In addition, they can work synergistically with Midnight Black Obsidian, Black Jade, Zincite, New Zealand Carnelian, Empowerite, Cinnazez and Pink Fire Azeztulite.”

China Pink Calcite Crystals

China Pink Calcite Crystals
     On our Fall Buying trip, we learned that a small discovery in Inner Mongolia, China, had yielded a new and beautiful array of rare Pink Calcite crystals. Pink Calcite is uncommon in crystal form, and these we like no others we had seen before. Their fanlike shapes create a ‘spray’ of lovely energy currents that can be felt at any chakra, but most powerfully at the heart.
Robert Simmons writes: “These newly discovered and rare Pink Calcite Crystals emanate the power of Pure Love. This is indeed an awesome power, since on the spiritual level, Pure Love is the animating force that underlies everything. If one works meditatively with these crystals, one can enter into resonance with this Pure Love energy, and in so doing, one begins to be able to work with Love to manifest any positive, benevolent goal one can imagine. This power is truly miraculous, working through the heart and through the actions of synchronicity, bringing forth the manifestation of visions that would seem impossible by ordinary standards. Just being with these stones infuses one’s field with the joy of being at one with Love.
     “These China Pink Calcite Crystals provide a lovely soothing quality to the emotional body, and they are perfect stones for helping one release stress and fatigue. Keeping one of these crystals on one’s work desk, in one’s office or kitchen (or especially on one’s bedside table) can help one to dissolve tension and re-center in the heart. Holding one of these stones at the end of a stressful day, one can feel the nervous tension that was built up, just flowing out through the stone.
     “The China Pink Calcites are especially respondent with the qualities of Kwan Yin, the Boddhisattva of Compassion. The gentleness and loving energy one feels from these stones is like being touched by Kwan Yin Herself.
     “China Pink Calcites resonate synergistically with Green Angel Dreamstone, Moonlight Agate, Brazil Rhodonite Crystals, A++ Tourmaline/Lepidolite, Green Datolites, Devaquartz Green Phantoms, Danburite, Rosophia and Pink Azeztulite.”

Green Datolite Crystals

Green Datolites
     We are always on the lookout for good specimens of Datolite. It is one of the hard-to-find minerals that only appears occasionally, and is often quite expensive. Several months ago, we had the opportunity to acquire a small batch of really fine Yellow-Green Datolites from Mexico. They are very powerful, and also quite beautiful. Many of the specimens are coated with fine sparkling Druzy Quartz, which both decorates and enhances the power of the Datolite beneath. We know these rare, high vibration stones won’t last long!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Datolites are strong crystals for the third-eye, crown and etheric chakras. They open one’s subtle vision, allowing one to see auras, as well as beings in the astral, causal and subtle domains. Nature spirits, angels, guides, non-physical teachers, healers and helpers all become visible and available for communication. The fast-pulsing energies of Datolite increase the vibration of one’s energy field so one can consciously experience one’s own spiritual body, using it to explore the many higher dimensions surrounding us.
     “These stones can retrieve lost memories of childhood, past lives, and even the Akashic record of humanity’s ancient history. They can enhance the accuracy of one’s memory and sharpen all mental abilities. They especially aid in developing mathematical intelligence but also improve linguistic learning, memorization, analysis of systems, abstract geometries and other applications of the thinking mind. Datolites are excellent stones for one’s work desk or meditation altar. They will work differently in each case, but the benefits are great.
     “Green Datolite in particular can be used to enhance the heart and solar-plexus chakras and their links with the etheric chakras. In order to truly evolve, one must develop the high heart and the high will, the exalted aspects of the fourth and third chakras. Green Datolite assists in this process, because its vibrational pattern exhibits this exact dynamic in finished form. Being near this type of Datolite, one can develop an energy resonance with it that moves one’s own pattern into this ideal spectrum.
     “Datolite works very well with high-vibration stones like Phenacite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Danburite and Azeztulite. All of these will strengthen Datolite’s awakening of one’s awareness of beings in the higher vibrational realms. For enhancing the mental/intellectual properties, Datolite can be combined with Heliodor, Lapis and Cinnabar Quartz. Datolite also harmonizes with all the Calcites, which will help one in attuning consciously to the emotional body. Fluorite, Pyrite and Axinite assist in grounding Datolite’s energies and in keeping one free of illusion and confusion while one’s consciousness is immersed in other dimensions.”

Lepidolite with Rubellite Tourmaline

A++ Lepidolite with Rubellite
     Those who love the Lithium minerals, as we do, are always happy to find specimens of Lepidolite and Tourmaline growing together. Our recent acquisition of a small collection of A++ specimens of rich lavender Lepidolite laced with embedded crystals of Rubellite Tourmaline was a major thrill. In all our years, we had not seen this combination in such a high ‘gemmy’ quality. There blissful, soothing and elevating currents of Lithium energy practically oozing out of these sweet stones! Because the metaphysical qualities of both Lepidolite and Rubellite are present in these stones, we will present information on both minerals separately, but readers are reminded that all of this is present in these stones, in a pleasant synergistic blend.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Lepidolite is effective in calming frayed nerves, helping one to release stress and worry, and setting one on the path of willing acceptance. Lepidolite not only brings calm to stormy emotional seas, it also provides an energy of enlightened awareness that keeps one ‘on the beam’ so one can handle the situation in the highest way. Lepidolite is a stone of serenity. It encourages one to respond to hostility without putting up defenses, to find the path of harmonious action and to see problems as opportunities to learn. Lepidolite is also a stone of spiritual purification, and meditation with it can clear blocked energies in any of the chakras and throughout the meridian system. It can dispel negative thoughts and remove negative emotional attachments.
     “Lepidolite harmonizes with other lithium-bearing minerals, such as Pink or Rubellite Tourmaline, Kunzite, Petalite and Amblygonite. Its higher spiritual energies can be augmented by Phenacite, Azeztulite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Elestial Calcite and Merkabite Calcite.
     “Rubellite Tourmaline strengthens one’s heart and links it to the heart of the Earth. It can open one to the love that permeates the Universe. It is recommended to those with heart ailments, because it carries and emanates the perfected vibrational pattern of the heart. Because it can link the individual heart to the Universal Heart, it helps one tap in to that energy for healing. Rubellite benefits the emotional heart as well. It facilitates healing emotional wounds and helps one overcome numbness and rediscover one’s zest for living. Rubellite makes an excellent gift for one’s romantic partner because of its capacity to fan the flames of passion. Rubellite stimulates the root chakra as well as the heart. It brings an increased flow of prana. Like Ruby, it stimulates courage and inspires one to protect what one loves. It enhances one’s capacity to make and fulfill commitments, if they are inspired by love.
     “Rubellite harmonizes with all other Tourmalines, as well as Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Kunzite, Rosophia, Pink Azeztulite, Satyaloka Rose Azeztulite, Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite, Gaia Stone, Danburite, Petalite and Satyaloka Rose Azeztulite and White Azeztulite.”
     “When Lepidolite and Rubellite Tourmaline occur together, there is a strong mutual amplification of their properties. These stones are ‘a match made in Heaven,’ and it is no surprise that Nature sometimes provides us with this deliciously sweet combination.”

Indonesian Red Fire Amber

Indonesian Red Fire Amber
     A recent discovery of Amber in Indonesia has yielded some of the first raw Amber pieces we have ever had the chance to offer.  Though it is a bit difficult to see in our photos, the interior color of this Amber is a rich, deep red-gold when a piece is held up to a light source. Both this color and the energies of this Amber have cause us to give it the name Red Fire Amber.
     Robert Simmons writes: Many stones help us to connect with Light, but Amber brings us to Warmth. The energies of Amber are very solar, and they have the quality of creating a comfortable sense of warmth, health and well-being in the wearer. Amber is recommended to be worn or carried by anyone recovering from illness or injury, because its warm and nurturing energies put us in touch with our own essential strength and security. It is excellent for convalescence, because it warms the inner being and activates the life force, as well as one’s emotional desire for wellness. It helps one to see the path to recovery and have the courage and confidence to follow it.
     “Indonesian Red Fire Amber feels as if it could be the most powerful type of Amber for infusing one with Life Force energies. It stimulates the Solar Plexus, Sexual/Creative and Root chakras, filling all of them with warm pulsations. This Amber is ideal for those recuperating from illness, or for individuals wishing to do preventative spiritual self-healing. It energetically supports the immune system, as well as the vital organs, circulatory and respiratory systems. All this is on the etheric level, where one’s Soul Body links with the physical.
     “Indonesian Red Fire Amber is an excellent companion stone for shamanic work. It stimulates the lower chakras, and also aids one in visiting the Lower World of Power Animals. This stone can be envisioned as a kind of energetic ‘torch’ that can light one’s way through these deep realms. Also, when one is engaged in shamanic journeying, one may make an offering of the Red Fire Amber, on the altar or in the fire, in order to ‘feed’ the spirit beings one may encounter.
     “Indonesian Red Fire Amber facilitates connections with Nature Spirita, and as such it is an ideal companion to DevaQuartz Green Phantoms, if one wishes to really connect with these lovely beings in the Near World. It works especially well for purification when combined with Jet. Moldavite can add extra power to Indonesian Red Fire Amber’s beneficial energies.

Brazilian Phenacites

New A+++ Brazilian Phenacites
     On our most recent buying trip, we were thrilled to acquire a batch of small, clear, A+++ Phenacite crystals. Pieces like this, with transparent interiors and natural crystal faces are always very popular, and very powerful. High quality Phenacites seem to emanate a clearer, more intense energy than lower grades.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Phenacites can activate one’s third eye, crown chakra and inner-visioning capacities. They are highly beneficial for Light body activation, and are the best stones for interdimensional travel. They can give instant cleansing to the auric field, and can be used as conduits for communication with spirit guides, angelic beings and other entities of the higher domains. In working with Phenacites, one may undergo a series of initiatory experiences, each one serving as a platform from which to launch one’s consciousness to a higher level. Phenacite is the supreme stone of the third-eye chakra. Its pulsing energies are so strong they can be felt at the third eye, even by people not normally sensitive to crystal energies. It opens the interdimensional portals for inner journeying, allowing one’s consciousness to plunge through unending corridors of sacred geometric forms. It can also be used to awaken the latent special capacities housed in the prefrontal lobes of the brain. This can sometimes bring spontaneous experiences of telepathy, psychokinesis, prophetic vision or remote viewing. Phenacite can raise the vibrational frequencies of almost any other stone.”

Lithium Quartz Points

A++ Lithium Quartz Crystals
     Our Fall buying trip yielded one of the best batches of Lithium Quartz Crystals we have ever found. Many are double terminated, their shapes are excellent, and all of them have lovely inclusions of lithium. This new batch of Lithium Quartz Crystals came from a remote region of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Upon holding a Lithium Quartz crystal, one may feel gentle yet powerful energies moving through one’s body. The heart chakra will open, followed by a wave of pleasant euphoria. In the next moment, the third eye is stimulated and one feels rhythmic pulsations of positive energy flowing into all the mind centers. These crystals are surprisingly strong, given the usually gentle energies of other Lithium minerals. They can be used to activate any chakra, and will enhance the depth of meditation as well as the quality of one’s inner visions. Their vibration is one of profound healing, emotional peace, release from tension, and awakening of the Higher Self. This makes it an ideal meditation stone. Also, wearing Lithium Quartz will bring the user into a more continuous state of connection to his or her own higher mind and heart. ‘Planting’ these crystals in gardens will provide positive stimulation of growth and an invitation for the participation of the devas and Nature spirits.
     “Lithium Quartz harmonizes with Kunzite, Tourmaline, Amblygonite, Lepidolite and all other Lithium minerals.”
Elestial Selenite Crystals
Elestial Selenite
     Our most recent buying trip yielded a new supply of good quality Elestial Selenite crystals from Mexico. We were please to have them once again.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Elestial Selenites work like a bridging device to allow us to resonate with higher-frequency vibrations than we can normally sense. Experiencing this resonance entrains the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix to become sensitive to these frequencies. As we become more sensitive, we resonate more strongly, which makes us even more sensitive, creating a self-generating feedback loop that can bring us to entirely new and expanded levels of awareness. Another aspect of this process is that we are speaking not only of ephemeral energies. The subtle currents (sometimes known as Celestial Fire) that are now pouring into the world are composed of a spiritual substance that can work to transform the very matter of our bodies into a higher, more refined form. These are the currents we can bring into ourselves with the aid of Elestial Selenite.
     “Elestial Selenites are so named, not only because of their shapes but also because, like Elestial Quartz, they act like switchboards linking multiple dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another. They are bridges to higher dimensions, but they are living spiritual bridges. It might be more appropriate to call them Selenite Angels, since, like angels, they carry the Divine Message or vibration into the human world.
     “Elestial Selenites can stimulate many of our latent higher capacities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, prescient vision and empathic healing abilities. This is done through their ability to bringing one into resonance with one’s Higher Self--the Self which is our true identity. Working with these crystals in meditation, body layouts and/or energy grids are all excellent ways to encourage the development of these capacities, through bathing in the high vibrations brought through these exceptional stones.
     “In spiritual healing work, I recommend Elestial Selenites for bringing the entire body into resonance with the Divine blueprint of perfection, via the infusion of Celestial Fire into the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. More specifically, the currents carried by these crystals can dissolve dysfunctional patterns on the energetic level, which allows the natural healing process to take place.
     “Elestial Selenites can be combined with other Selenites in energy grids, and this will lend the special power of Elestial Selenite to the other Selenites being utilized. Elestial Selenite has special resonance with the Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites, Nirvana Quartz and Auralite 23 crystals. It also works powerfully in conjunction with Shungite, Healerite and Illuminite. Phenacite increases the visionary quality of the insights awakened by these crystals, while Petalite and Danburite emphasize conscious experience of Elestial Selenite’s angelic connection.”

Quartz Crystals with Blue Indicolite

Quartz Crystals with Indicolite
     We recently acquired a very limited supply of small Quartz crystals with inclusions of blue Indicolite Tourmaline. We had some crystals of this type in past years, but they were larger and much more expensive. These sweet little crystals have lovely energy and they are just what many of our readers have asked us to look for. The Quartz portion of these stones acts as an amplifier of the Indicolite currents, so these can actually be stronger energetically than a piece that is only Indicolite.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Blue Tourmaline, or Indicolite, helps one develop the psychic gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, prophecy and spirit communication. It is particularly useful for those who wish to become channels and mediums, because it enhances one’s ability to see and hear through the veil that separates us from the deceased and our spirit guides. Placing a Blue Tourmaline upon the sixth chakra enables one to open the third eye and ‘tunnel through’ to the other world. Blue Tourmaline energizes the throat chakra, helping one translate psychic impressions into verbal communication. In everyday communication, Blue Tourmaline aids one in gracefully expressing deep feelings and insights. Blue Tourmaline also aids in attuning to and channeling the healing energies offered from higher dimensions. It facilitates contact with benevolent spiritual beings and the reception of their blessings. Meditation with Blue Tourmaline can open the doors to the highest spiritual realms, offering experiences of ecstatic rapture. If one has difficulty returning to the grounded state, Black Tourmaline is recommended.
     “When Blue Tourmaline is combined with pure Clear Quartz within a single stone, there is a mutual amplification that makes for strong and positive currents. I’m always searching for specimens of these!”

Robert Simmons Programmed Honey & Cream Azeztulite

Honey and Cream Azeztulite™ Programmed by Robert Simmons
Not Yet Available OnLine - Please Call 800-942-9423 for Availability
     Honey and Cream Azeztulite is our name for a variety of New Zealand Azeztulite that exhibits swirling patterns of creamy white and honey brown. It is similar energetically to white Sauralite Azeztulite, although Honey and Cream Azeztulites make especially good sleep stones, and are also beneficial in body layouts. We just received a new batch of raw (ocean tumbled) pieces that Robert and Kathy gathered themselves on New Zealand’s South Island. (Note: The availability of these stones is strictly limited.)
     Robert Simmons writes: “I have sometimes been asked to program stones for people. It is something I often do for myself, and for specific purposes. Recently, I decided to try programming a whole batch of Honey and Cream Azeztulite stones. I asked that each stone be directed to the person it is meant for, and that it facilitate the manifestation of each person’s highest good. It will be interesting to see how the people who choose these stones are affected, and if they feel the programming was effective for them. I have often been surprised at how well such programmed intention can work. I can promise one thing--these are fine quality Azeztulites, and they all have a lot of good energy. And I’ve done my best to program them for the benefit of those who receive them.
     “Honey and Cream Azeztulite emanates currents that fill the body with waves of Light and something I have to call sweetness. It is a highly pleasurable sensation, stimulating one’s higher capacities, filling one with soft, comforting vibrations. These are stones one could easily fall in love with, as they seem to generate love within every cell of the body. They are different from many high-energy stones, which can be powerful and intense. Honey and Cream Azeztulites combine power with love in a way that calls to mind Nature in her most fertile and lovely expressions. This stone is the mineral version of warm waves on a quiet beach, or a garden of lilies, or a rainbow after a spring shower. It kindles Divine Light in one’s cells, in a way that feels gentle, kind and intimate. There is a great deal of power as well, and it builds to higher and higher levels the longer one holds the stone. Yet it is never overwhelming or uncomfortable--it strengthens at just the pace one is ready for. This is one of the reasons I view Honey and Cream Azeztulites as among the most evolved types of Azeztulite. It feels as if the intelligence which guides the expression of these stones is learning to gauge our sensibilities more precisely, so that the newest Azeztulites are the ones most perfectly matched with human energies.
     “Honey and Cream Azeztulites (and Sauralite Azeztulite crystals) emanate the most feminine currents of all Azeztulites. They feel very nurturing, and they have a soothing quality, even as they bring a great deal of Light into one’s body and consciousness. In particular, I recommend sleeping with the Honey and Cream Azeztulites. While the original White Azeztulite and Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite are probably too intense for most of us to be able to sleep comfortably in their presence, Honey and Cream Azeztulite can waft you on a carpet of sweetness into the realm of dreams. And the dreams one experiences with these stones are often profoundly spiritual. One can travel through the levels of the Cosmic Spheres to the Great Central Sun, feeling successive waves of bliss. (This experience can also occur when one meditates with these stones.) One may meet the angelic beings who are the Azez themselves, or even encounter Sophia, the Soul of the World, in the dream or meditative state. Such experiences are ecstatic in nature, and the pleasurable waves engendered by Honey and Cream Azeztulite can help one attune to the frequencies of ecstasy that are the nature of the highest realms.
     “On more Earthly levels, Honey and Cream Azeztulites are ideal allies for emotional healing. They can help one soothe and comfort one’s inner child, allowing recovery from old patterns of shame or feelings of abandonment. They can be used in soul retrieval work, providing a cocoon of loving currents within which one may ‘call home’ any lost parts of one’s original wholeness.
“Honey and Cream Azeztulites provide a natural balm for frayed nerves, and a salve for anxiety. Their currents allow one to dissolve stress and relax into a state of comfort and security. They help one to live joyfully in the eternal present, rather than in worries about the future or regrets about the past. This stone’s soothing quality can work its way even into the body, facilitating the release of muscle tension, the quieting of upset stomachs, or quelling the pain of a tension headache.
     “Honey and Cream Azeztulite vibrates in resonance with all other types of Azeztulite. It also works synergistically with Shungite, which quickens its infusion of Light and bliss. For healing applications, I recommend combining these stones with Healerite. All Azozeo-activated stones harmonize with Honey and Cream Azeztulite...and of course an Azozeo-activated Honey and Cream Azeztulite is quite a wonderful thing in itself! These stones also harmonize with Ascension stones such as Danburite, Petalite, Herderite, Brookite and Satya Mani Quartz.”

Bulgarian Power Crystals

Bulgarian Power Clusters
     We recently discovered, in a corner of our warehouse, a very small batch of Quartz clusters from a purchase we made in Bulgaria over ten years ago. We were pleased to find them, because these are very powerful crystals, and there has been nothing available from Bulgaria since we acquired these.
     Robert Simmons writes: “The clusters we call Bulgarian Power Clusters consist of multiple small Quartz crystals linked with pieces of Pyrite and/or Sphalerite. Energetically, they are very positive, ideal for bringing one’s intentions into manifestation. They can be used to enhance vitality and strength, bringing all of one’s energies into harmony and focus. They are both energizing and grounding, carrying the properties of both Pyrite and Sphalerite in amplified form.
     “Sphalerite energizes the first chakra, increasing one’s life force, courage, strength and vitality. It stimulates the second chakra, enhancing sexual energy, creative inspiration and zest for life. It strengthens the third chakra, for greater success in manifestation, clearer thinking and more willpower. It helps one draw energy and vitality up from the Earth and release excessive energy down into the Earth. It can be useful in bringing energetic balance and grounding. Sphalerite is also a stone of discrimination. Meditating with Sphalerite, one can easily distinguish between guidance and fantasy, between true spiritual insights and wishful thinking. Using it in body layouts, one can more easily detect whether problems are physical or energy-based. In counseling, it sharpens one’s perceptions so that one’s ‘truth detector’ is working at its best. It can aid those who consult oracles in making correct interpretations.
     “Pyrite is excellent for increasing the power of the third chakra in both men and women. It imparts an immediate increase in vitality. It enhances willpower, assisting one in overcoming bad habits and establishing new patterns of health and positive energy. It aids one in overcoming anxiety and helps one establish a ‘can-do’ attitude about whatever one has decided to attempt. It can screen out negative influences and give one the courage to banish them. Pyrite can be a helpful tool for balancing polarities and creating harmony within the auric field. Pyrite stimulates creativity in art, mathematics, sculpture, architecture, science and other disciplines. It feeds the qualities of ambition, commitment and persistence. It increases mental clarity and focus. It supports one in taking assertive action and developing the inner warrior for the benefit of the community.
     “When Pyrite and/or Sphalerite are combined with Quartz, as in these clusters, all of their qualities are amplified.”

Azozeo Lemurian Light Crystals

Azozeo™ Lemurian Light Crystals
     On our Fall buying trip, we also got the chance to hand-pick a batch of  A++ Lemurian Light Crystals. These are water-clear, perfectly formed Lemurians, mostly finger-sized, and amazingly powerful. We spent an entire day choosing our 10 kilos of crystals from a 200-kilo barrel. The miners had been extraordinarily careful, wrapping each crystal individually to preserve its surface from chips or scratches. Then we high-graded the best of the best from their stock, so we could offer something truly lovely to our readers. In the past few months, we discovered that the Azozeo Super-Activation process can enhance the fine, clear energies of Lemurian Light Crystals.
     Robert Simmons writes: “When I held these a Lemurian Light Crystal, I experienced a definite flow of pleasurable currents, primarily in the head. They were not confined to the third eye and/or the crown chakra. Instead, they emitted cool, clear energies that flowed wherever in the skull that the crystals were pointed. I did not want to take the stones away from my head! Upon working with an Azozeo Lemurian Light Crystal, I found all the effects were greatly intensified. I sensed the inner message from the stones that their purpose with us involves expanding our brain function and consciousness, and showing us that increased consciousness equals increased pleasure.
     “Azozeo Lemurian Light Crystals can powerfully stimulate the ‘Mouth of God’ point in the back of the skull, at the top of the spine. This was where I felt their currents most powerfully, and they seem to radiate in a kind of Light-web, like circuits or subtle wires connecting all the parts of the brain. There was a wave of pleasure as this occurred. I then added another crystal at the third eye, and a clear circuit between the two stones was formed.
     “Azozeo Lemurian Light Crystals are deeply soothing and quieting to one’s consciousness, even as they awaken the inner Light. They can help one enter quickly and deeply into meditative states, releasing stress and opening the mind to receive inner guidance and inspiration. Further, they can help one to become more coherent, in the sensed of enhancing the organization of one’s Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. Because they have undergone the Azozeo Super-Activation process, their affect is the most profound. As I have written in Stones of the New Consciousness, increased crystalline coherence in the body seems to enhance one’s capacities for all sorts of expanded awareness.
     “Azozeo Lemurian Light Crystals work well with all types of Azozeo Super-Activated stones, as well as Moldavite, Azeztulite of all varieties, Rosophia, Natrolite, Danburite and Agni Gold Danburite. With Mystic Merlinite, one can experience deeper integration of the consciousness, joining one’s Light and Shadow sides. With Phenacite, one’s capacity for visionary experiences is also much enhanced. With Lemurian Seed crystals, one can experience the fullest possible resonance of one’s true whole self on all levels. When these are combined, I recommend using a Lemurian Light Crystal at the third eye or at the ‘Mouth of God’ energy point, and a Lemurian Seed Crystal at the heart.”

Sunstone Polished Shapes

Sunstone Lingams and Spheres
     Last Fall, we were able to get a small group of very good quality Sunstone Lingams and Spheres. Their color is excellent, and they have a very good flash of iridescence. They came out of a collection in India.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Sunstone is a stone of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. It reflects the qualities of Solar Light‚ openness, benevolence, warmth, strength, mental clarity and capacity to bestow blessings. Sunstone can kindle the fire of leadership within those who wear or carry it. It helps leaders find the inner conviction and self-discipline to move forward. It melts away the sense of unworthiness that can keep one from fully being who one is. Sunstone engenders a sense of abundance in regard to all one’s needs and desires, and it can assist one in manifesting prosperity, acquiring knowledge and attaining wisdom. It can bring the heart’s wisdom into alignment with the mind’s inspirations. Meditating with Sunstone on the third eye will help one to see one’s highest path of action in any situation. Sunstone energizes the second and third chakras, stimulating leadership and will, creativity and sexuality. It can bring exuberance and innovation into one’s romantic and/or artistic expressions.
     “Sunstone’s yang balances Moonstone’s yin, making a beautiful harmony. It also harmonizes with Labradorite, Moldavite, Amber, Selenite, Golden Labradorite, Prasiolite, Jet, Danburite, Larimar and Quartz.”

Azozeo Cinnazez Altar Stones

Azozeo™ Cinnazez
     We were very excited to come upon the new stone we have named Cinnazez! This is one of the gemstone treasures of New Zealand, combining Sauralite Azeztulite with rich red Cinnabar, and sometimes black or dark gray inclusions. This combination is both beautiful and exceptionally powerful.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Only a few weeks before the 2013 Tucson show last February, I received in the mail a stone that I had never dreamed existed. It was a vivid mixture of red, white and translucent gray colors, and its currents were astonishingly powerful. It came from a friend in New Zealand, where the stone was discovered in a remote mountainous part of the South Island. I had been aware for over a year that some New Zealand stones carry  the currents of Azeztulite, and we had been enthusiastically offering both types found thus far--the beautiful Sauralite Azeztulite crystal clusters and the more recently discovered Honey and Cream Azeztulite. What I never imagined was that there might be a stone that combines the high vibrations of New Zealand Azeztulite with the powerful energies of Cinnabar. The name for the new stone--Cinnazez--seemed to practically shout itself into my inner ears. Once again, the mineral realm has revealed a new stone at precisely the moment when it can be of greatest benefit.
     “My felt sense, upon first holding a pair of Cinnazez stones, was of a powerful healing and enlightening wave spreading through my body, beginning in the head, and moving quickly throughout the torso and finally all the way to my feet. The speed at which the currents of these stones spread is surprising, and unexpectedly pleasant. It is as though the cells are receiving a powerful wave of life force, love and wisdom--a wave that is simultaneously comforting and illuminating. I found that once I picked up the stones, I did not want to put them down, and that even when I willed myself to set them aside, I picked them up again within a couple of minutes. The attraction to these stones is palpable, at least in my case, and I think it is because there is something in the currents of Cinnazez that satisfies a powerful evolutionary need.
     “I sat down to meditate with two pieces of Cinnazez, and asked the Being of these stones to tell me of its nature and qualities. Here are some of the insights that came: “We are quickeners of consciousness and awakeners of higher awareness. We can stimulate your nervous systems to actualize their latent capacities of clairvoyance, telepathic communication, attunement to heavenly realms and direct knowledge of Divine truth. We are bringers of Wisdom and we stimulate spiritual enlightenment. We are the solidified essence of the Philosophers’ Stone, and we help the body open to become a conduit of the Celestial Fire of the Great Central Sun. We are as full of Light as any Azeztulite, yet we act faster, to bring the Light through you and into the world. We are teachers of the body, and can awaken the human Bodymind to full self awareness. Meditation with us in silence allows us to penetrate and activate every cell. We are alchemical transformers, turning the leaden unconsciousness of the past into the Golden Truth of the World-coming-to-be. We are first among the new stones of the Earth’s Golden Age, which is now dawning. Those who work with us will receive our blessings, and can become givers of blessing.”
     “I was fascinated at the alchemical references in these initial insights. I had studied enough alchemy to know that the fabled Philosophers’ Stone (believed to be capable of prolonging life indefinitely and transmuting lead to gold) was said to appear in three stages. The initial dark phase (nigredo) signified unenlightened matter, and could refer to most of the Earth’s dormant rocks, which are spiritually asleep. The second phase, the white phase (albedo), signified a state of spiritually awakened matter, capable of attuning to spiritual Light and awakening the alchemist to his or her higher destiny. I have long believed that the original white Azeztulite represents this aspect of the Philosophers’ Stone. The third and final phase of the development of the Philosopher’s Stone is the red phase (rubedo) in which the Stone has fully developed all of its powers. In its red phase, the Philosopher’s Stone is believed to supply the alchemist with power over his or her own longevity, and the ability to heal others and transmute matter from one state to another.
     “The similarities of the red phase of the Philosophers’ Stone to the description of the properties of Cinnazez filled me with excitement. Had the most magical and spiritually potent stone of all arrived at last? This was, after all, not just another red stone--it was Azeztulite combined with Cinnabar. Azeztulite is the most Light-filled stone I know, and Cinnabar is a compound of Mercury and Sulphur, two of the most important elements in traditional alchemical work. I was eager to delve more deeply into the properties of these remarkable stones.
     “My next insights came in a dream that occurred one night after I had meditated with two Cinnazez stones. In the dream scenario, I was in Italy with my wife Kathy, and we were exploring a lovely little town. At one point, when Kathy was out of sight, a woman approached me and began speaking rapidly in Italian. When she realize I didn’t understand her, she switched to English, saying I really must attend a theater performance that night--a dramatization of the story of Mercury. She told me I should record and remember the information in the play. When I awoke, I realized that ‘Mercury’ referred both to the elemental Mercury in the Cinnabar component of Cinnazez, and the mythic being know as Mercury (in the Greek called Hermes), who is the father of Alchemy! I began to meditate more with the Cinnazez, and have been ‘recording’ the information and insights, just as she instructed.”
     Here are some of them: “Cinnazez is a quickener of evolutionary growth. It stimulates the brain and central nervous system, increasing one’s receptivity to fields of knowledge in the inner realms. It aids those who wish to access the akashic records, or to discover the answers to questions or problems in any area. Cinnazez stimulates one’s vibrational field, so that one becomes a better conductor of all kinds of positive energies. It enhances one’s capacity to form and hold inner images, which are often the form in which spiritual ‘downloads’ of Divine knowledge come to us. It makes one more of an ‘attractor’ of new knowledge and insights, in the same way a metal post attracts lightning.
Azozeo Cinnazez Jewelry  

   "Cinnazez also stimulates the intelligence of the heart, and it strengthens the neural networks via which the mind and heart communicate. It can facilitate the inner experience of hearing the voice of one’s heart, and of recognizing and following the heart’s wisdom. As it awakens heart intelligence to a greater degree of conscious awareness, it opens the channels of angelic and interdimensional communication. It is an ally for those seeking to understand the inner workings of the Universe.
     “Cinnazez is a powerful stone of inner alchemy, stimulating the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix to a higher level of coherence and energy. The stone’s vibrational waves can be viewed as waves of resonance, bringing all the cells into harmonious alignment. They stimulate the inner experiences of primordial Light and Sound, allowing one to enter into visionary experiences which are both Light-filled and tangibly vibrational, making one’s body into a resonating chamber of Divine Speech. If one aspires to become a spiritual channel or medium, Cinnazez can facilitate rapid advancement on these paths. Those who work with oracles such as Tarot and the I Ching in conjunction with Cinnazez may discover that their insights are enhanced, and their ability to notice hidden meaningful connections is increased.
     “Wearing or carrying Cinnazez can trigger an increase in synchronicities in one’s life, and a clear awareness of their meaning. These stones tend to engender an alchemical transmutation of oneself from the “lead” of fragmented, ego-driven consciousness to the wholeness and dynamic powerful of one’s Higher Self. To incarnate the Higher Self is to realize true spiritual Gold.
     “Cinnazez harmonizes very well with Phenacite, and with all other Azeztulites. It has a very powerful affinity for the new Azozeo Phenacites. If Cinnazez is Super-Activated with the Azozeo treatment, it becomes a much more powerful version of itself, acting to bring about even more rapid self-transformation and spiritual awakening.”

Azumar Altar Stones

     We were thrilled in our last Newsletter to introduce an entirely new material to our selection of beautiful, high-vibration stones. It is a combination of Quartz, Kaolinite and a number of trace minerals. In some pieces, we have found sprays of Stibnite within the robin’s-egg blue base material. The stone was found in Arizona, very recently. We have given the it the name Azumar, from azure (blue) and mare (ocean). Its color reminds us of the stunning turquoise shades found in tropical seas, and its energies are definitely evocative of the Water element.
     Robert Simmons writes: “When I first touched a piece of Azumar, inviting the Being of the stone to enter into my bodily energy field, I was surprised by its power and delighted by the qualities of its vibrations. The stone emanated strong, rhythmic pulsations at a regular, steady rate--similar to waves coming in from the ocean. These pulses coursed through my entire body, activating the upper chakras first, then flowing down all the way to my feet. The sensation was intensely pleasurable, like being washed internally with joy. After only a few moments, the waves of the stone established a resonance throughout my entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, with each pulse pouring downward from head to toes. The reaction of my bodily energies was what I can only call ‘rejoicing.’ It was as if a beloved being who had been long absent had at last returned. Or it might be said that my body energies felt as if they were being tuned, like a violin, to make the most beautiful music they could ever make. There is an unmistakable watery feel to the flow of Azumar’s currents, and that energy transforms the body’s inner ocean to a moving sea of rhythmic bliss. It is as if the liquid within us comes alive with joy and enhanced awareness.
     “In my meditation with Azumar, I was met by a vision of the Being of this stone. Azumar appeared to me as a female being of great beauty and power. Her hair was blue like the sky and ocean, and her eyes were turquoise colored. Her skin was very smooth and pale, and she wore a gown of shimmering blue-green, with light glinting from it in the same manner that sunlight reflects on the sea. She beckoned for me to follow her into the water, and down to a sea cave. In my vision, we were pulled through the water cave by strong currents, until we reached a cavern filled with phosphorescent turquoise light, and we stepped back onto the land. The light seemed to come from the walls of the cave, and it pulsed in a slow rhythm. There were blue stalactites reaching down from the ceiling, like the pipes of an organ, and there was an altar with a natural stone basin filled with pure clear water. She motioned for me to approach the basin and look into the water.
     “As I did so, she swirled the water with her hand and when it became still again I saw images within it. Though the Being did not speak, her gaze told me that  She was revealing her nature in the images. I saw visions of the Earth--waterfalls, summer skies, sunsets, beaches, mountains covered with trees. I saw the Being’s turquoise eyes looking out through the landscape of visions, meeting my gaze as if to say, ‘Yes, I am here, and here, and here as well.’ I felt I was being shown that the spirit expressing herself through the new blue stones is very ancient, and is a Being not only of the Water Element, but also of Earth and Air. Then the figure standing beside me in my vision spoke aloud, in a clear and deeply feminine voice: ‘I am Azumar, and I am one of the faces of She who is Earth herself. I manifest as Sky energy, and Earth, though my truest essence resides in the flow of Water. I can aid you in making yourself a clearer vessel for the Water of Life, and I can bring you into the effortless joy with which water moves in the world--wandering through Earth, Sky and Sea. I can teach you how to be like a drop of water--individual yet also one with the ocean of life.’
     “There were more visions in the basin, in which personal counsel for myself was mingled with more disclosures regarding the qualities of Azumar. I will try to summarize these in my own words.
Azumar Gemstone Jewelry

     “Azumar is a powerful stone in the realm of feeling. Its currents wash through the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, bringing refreshment, joy and rejuvenation to every cell. It is a wonderful stone for healing and brightening the emotional body--effortlessly dissolving negative fixations within its peaceful waves of pleasure and power. It can aid in dispelling anger, envy, fear and stress, replacing them with serenity, enthusiasm, confidence and the feeling of being enveloped within an atmosphere of love. As Azumar does its work of transformation within the waters of our liquid crystal structures, dysfunctional patterns dissolve and we are filled with the joy that underlies all life. We are made clear, like a flowing spring, and this clarification of consciousness gives rise to untapped intuitive potentials. We can suddenly begin to develop clairvoyance, telepathic sensitivity, and the capacity for enhanced visionary awareness. Those who are readers of oracles may find their senses heightened and their ability to see future events increased. Those who are channels or mediums will find that their attunement to Spirit is easier and deeper. And all of those who work with Azumar will experience its powerful influx of pleasure, power and joy. Under Azumar’s influence, one’s awareness can rise to the highest possible perspective, while still penetrating to the intimate depths of whatever is the focus of one’s attention. This is one of the most powerful stones I have encountered for personal evolution and the enhancement of consciousness.
     “Azumar demonstrates that life itself is a flow of ecstasy, and that when one is in tune with the truth of life, one is in a state of rapturous joy. This stone silently asks the question, ‘How much joy will you allow yourself to feel?’ When one meditates with Azumar, one discovers that its surging pulsations always move one toward more profound happiness and more intense pleasure. Like the waters of the ocean, there is no limit to the tides of love and joy flowing through these beautiful stones.
     “I tried sleeping with an Azumar stone for several nights, and was surprised to find that the intensity of happiness generated by these stones did not diminish, even during sleep. During the nights I slept with Azumar, I was aware of joy in both my body and my dreams. When I awoke during the night, I could feel my body resonating with the stone’s waves of pleasurable energy, and I remembered the happy atmosphere of all my dreams. I have the sense that these stones could be helpful to those experiencing depression or insomnia, or who are bothered by nightmares. Experiencing such happiness in the sleep state was a new phenomenon for me.
     “Azumar is a stone of insight and communication. It allows one to penetrate to the heart of matters, and it enhances one’s ability to eloquently express one’s deepest truth. It is a stone of compassion, engendering one’s innate capacity to understand and care for others. It is an Earth Spirit stone, allowing one to feel and harmonize with planetary consciousness. As a stone of the Water element, it facilitates empathic communication with sea life, especially the more highly evolved creatures such as whales and dolphins. It can be used by those who are near or on the sea to attract dolphins and whales by centering in one’s heart and calling to them, while asking the Being of Azumar to assist in the communication.
     “In spiritual self-healing, Azumar is recommended for conditions of the circulatory and nervous systems. The internal bodily resonance it engenders can help to implant the pattern of optimal well being into all bodily systems involving the flow of fluids or electro-chemical energies.
     “In spiritual life, Azumar can aid in attaining the state of ecstatic rapture known as samadhi, as well as karuna, the state of true compassion. The loving qualities of Azumar can aid one in remembering that the true purpose of life is the expression of love and the creation of beauty stemming from that love. It also enhances one’s recognition and appreciation of beauty, so that one more clearly understands and truly feels the essential beauty of the Soul of the World.
     “Perhaps most importantly, Azumar is a stone attuned to the times we are now experiencing. Since the 2012 turning point last December, I have sensed a growing feeling of sweetness in the world, and in the people I encounter. It is subtle and rather mysterious, yet I am running into it again and again. People are tending to be gentler and more loving in their interactions. My feeling is that this is because of an increased conscious presence of the Soul of the World, a more vivid experience of Her, which manifests as this subtle but pervading sweetness. The feminine being called Azumar is one of the faces of the World Soul. As I have written elsewhere, I feel that the time between December 2012 and December 2021 will be experienced as the Nine Years of Blessing, leading to the vibrational Ascension of humanity and the Earth into an ecstatic shared consciousness of co-creative unity with the World Soul. As we move through this time, we will have the opportunity to be a part of this evolution of love. Indeed, without the participation of human beings, the harvest of the Earth’s joy cannot ripen. The delightful energy we feel emanating from Azumar is a taste of this most wonderful potential, which we can help to manifest. We are called to open ourselves to joy, pleasure and compassion, and to respond with love and blessing. Azumar can begin the flow of these qualities within us, and if we give ourselves in full participation, we can enter a future more wonderful than we can imagine.
     “Azumar is an ideal companion for Healerite, and the two work together marvelously for bringing energetic wholeness and well being to one’s body and vibrational fields. It harmonizes with all Azeztulites, especially the Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites. It also works well in combination with Arkansas Golden Healer crystals, Lemurian Light crystals, Sugilite, Moldavite, Aquamarine, Azurite, Larimar and Lithium Light. Rathbunite stimulates the exuberant, fun-loving side of Azumar. Phenacite, Herderite, Danburite and Petalite all enhance the experience of expanded spiritual awareness which Azumar can bring to us.”

Leo McFee

A Crystal Journey Workshop
     Our resident “Crystal Alchemist” and General Manager Leo McFee is offering a crystal workshop May 24-25th, 2014 in Central Vermont. The weekend is called A Crystal Journey: Exploring the Wisdom of Nature through the Mineral Kingdom. This will be an experiential class on co-creating with crystals, gemstones, and minerals. The topics will include: crystal healing layouts and grids, gem essences, modern healing stones, quartz crystals, colored gemstones, metals and elements, and crystal singing bowls.
     Leo founded a school called Crystal Sun Academy in 2010 in Asheville, N.C. to offer a well-rounded and in-depth experience of the mineral kingdom, a historical perspective of crystal healing, with a practical hands-on approach to learning. This class is the first to be offered in Vermont, with other courses to follow. Leo’s philosophy is “The crystals are the curriculum.” This will be an intimate group, in the beautiful town of Stowe (only a 45 minute drive from Burlington). The cost for the weekend is $330.00 but space is limited so sign up early!
Testimonial from a Crystal Sun Academy Student: “During the CSA weekends I was amazed at how my body felt and the visions I had simply by  meditating with the stones.  The stones helped me to open up all of my senses in new ways somehow and to trust my intuition.  I highly recommend anyone interested in crystals to study with Leo. He has such an open beautiful crystal like heart that radiates out so much joy and beauty. His teaching style is organic and unstructured which for me was perfect in learning how to access my own inner wisdom with the help of the mineral kingdom.”   ~Amanda T., PhD
For more info and to reserve your space, call 802-477-2868 or Email: or find Crystal Sun Academy on Facebook.

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