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Welcome to Newsletter #51!
    We are living in exciting times! Many of us who connect with stones and work with them for self-healing, spiritual evolution and awakening have felt the intensification of vibration all over the Earth, and have experienced the quickening of our own paths. As this happens, more people are waking up to their capacity to sense subtle energies and to extract meaning and aid from what author Steven Buhner terms the Metaphysical Background of the World. We view the Earth as a living being and the stones as her expressions, her children, the same as ourselves. We experience crystal communication as a kind of communion with spiritual beings who are ready to join us in co-creation to birth the Universe of Love.
     In our own work, a number of amazing new stones have come to us in the past months, and we are pleased to offer them in this new catalog. Some, such as Red Fire Azeztulite, Black Azeztulite, Pakulite, Green Taralite, Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite and Coromandel Stonewood, are entirely new to us.
    A number of other amazing stones, such as Dream Quartz, Tibetan Black Quartz, Green Herderite, Brookite, Aegirine and Petalite are making a welcome return after our old stocks had been exhausted.
    The Azozeo Transformation continues to unfold, and its effects are so noticeable and so powerful that we have decided to subject all of our Azeztulites, Auralite 23, Nirvana Quartz, and other selected stones to the Azozeo Super-Activation Process. These energies are so strong and so highly evolved that we felt it was essential to bring them to as many people as possible.
    Until recently, all of the smaller Azozeo Phenacite Crystals had been sold. Our hopes were answered in September when we were able to acquire several new crystals from the Azozeo discovery site in Brazil, and we offer those in this catalog. We also have sliced a couple of the larger pieces into small Azozeo Phenacites so that more people could afford them. They too are featured in this catalog.
     The Azozeo Azeztulite World Labyrinth project continues to grow, as people around the planet continue to claim their pieces and place them in appropriate locations. We are now expanding our offerings to include tumbled stones and wire wrapped pendants made from the Azozeo World Labyrinth stones. Wearing or carrying one of these helps to spread the Azozeo World Labyrinth energy throughout the world and humanity. As you read on, you’ll discover these and many more amazing stones to awaken and delight you!

Red Fire Azeztulite

Red Fire Azeztulite™
    Red Fire Azeztulite is a newly discovered member of the Azeztulite family, a micro crystalline silicon dioxide mineral with a hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system and a hardness of 7. It is native to New Zealand, and is deep red in color. Red Fire Azeztulite’s currents are greatly amplified when the stone is put through the Azozeo super-activation process, taking it to a completely different, and higher, vibrational level.  All of the pieces we offer have been through this process.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Red Fire Azeztulite is a very powerful stone. It’s currents are capable of stimulating and awakening any of the chakras. Its vibrations enter the body wherever one is touching it, and they quickly spread through one’s entire energetic system. This makes it a very useful stone for a multitude of applications, from spiritual healing to evolutionary transformation.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite resonates powerfully with the blood, heart, lungs and circulatory system. It seems to bring its high vibrations directly into the bloodstream, spreading throughout the body and into the tissues as the blood flows. As one experiences this full-body pulsation, it can feel as though spiritual Light and expanded consciousness are filling one’s body, cell by cell, yet very quickly. One can sense an ‘inner rejoicing’ as the consciousness of the cells is awakened to the presence of the Nameless Light. With this stone, however, there is heat as well as Light—as if an interior Fire has been kindled. With that Fire comes a flood of passion, confidence, optimism and power. One can feel the intensity of energy within oneself like red fire, which is the reason these stones were named Red Fire Azeztulite.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite carries a tremendous amount of Life Force. It works spiritually to replenish one’s strength, endurance and vitality. It is an excellent stone for overcoming fatigue and stress. If one feels depleted or anxious, meditating or sleeping with a Red Fire Azeztulite is highly recommended. This stone also stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, enhancing their spiritual functions. Thus it is a stone of visionary experience and enhanced capacity for insight. It can help one to access guidance from angelic guides and teachers in the higher realms.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite is a stone of intense passion. It can stimulate the energy centers linked to sexuality, and can even enhance the sexual currents between partners. It is one of the most powerful ‘gemstone aphrodisiacs,’ if the partners are spiritually linked. It is an excellent stone for those on the tantric path.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite comes from New Zealand, and it is a perfect complementary partner for the white Sauralite, also from New Zealand. Where Sauralite’s energies are gentle, loving, receptive and yin, Red Fire Azeztulite’s vibrations tend to be active, assertive and yang. These are amazing stones for helping one to move forward with one’s plans and goals. They aid in manifestation by enhancing one’s own power to achieve whatever one desires. These are stones of great intensity, and their currents take one unswervingly toward one’s chosen destiny.
    “The vibrational stimulation provided by Red Fire Azeztulite effects one’s intelligence as well. Perhaps these stones stimulate dormant areas of the brain. (One can certainly feel them moving strongly inside one’s head!) Whatever the reason, Red Fire Azeztulite appears to get the brain ‘fired up,’ increasing one’s ability to solve problems and aiding one’s access to inspired ideas. It also greatly enhances one’s enthusiasm and energy for carrying one’s visions forward into manifestation.
    “As a stone of the bloodstream and body, Red Fire Azeztulite also aids in awakening the intelligence of the cells, organs and bodily systems. This intelligence can develop into another mind—the body-mind—that can dialog with the brain, giving one much greater self-awareness and wisdom. Red Fire Azeztulite also kindles the inner fire of heart intelligence. Thus, it stimulates the activation of the Trinity of Intelligence—in brain, heart and body. This is one of the culminations of the original promise of Azeztulite—to bring Divine Light and Divine Awareness into human beings, and into the Earth through us.
     “Because Red Fire Azeztulite does so much to bring Light, joy and vitality into the cells, it is a stone for the enhancement of our physical life. My impression is that exposure to Red Fire Azeztulite, especially when combined with one’s conscious affirmation and cooperation with its currents, can aid in increasing both the quality and duration of one’s life. When one’s cellular consciousness awakens and aligns with the Nameless Light, the effect can penetrate all the way into the DNA and its telomers, bringing greater longevity through greater joy. Red Fire Azeztulite has the capacity to permeate the entire body with its life-affirming currents.
     “Red Fire Azeztulite has a special relationship with the heart, lungs and bloodstream, and its currents link into the body through those channels. They bring enlightened energies into the blood, and then to all of the tissues in the body. They work to transmute the blood’s cellular material into etheric forces that act upon all of the body, and indeed our entire being—physical and nonphysical. This process was called the ‘etherization of the blood’ by the spiritual genius Rudolph Steiner. I feel strongly that Red Fire Azeztulite is a long-awaited catalyst for fulfilling Steiner’s vision of the spiritual transformation of humanity through this process.
     “As a stone of spiritual self-healing, Red Fire Azeztulite resonates beneficially with the heart, lungs and bloodstream, as well as the brain. However, its vibrations can be utilized for any organ, or any bodily system. This stone’s energetic link with the blood means that its currents can move to any part of the body, carrying its  blessing vibrations wherever they are needed.
     “Red Fire Azeztulite carries powerful vibrations in its initial state, just as it comes from the ground. However, when it is subjected to the Azozeo Super-Activation process, its power is multiplied and it becomes almost a whole new stone. (This is transmutation in action!)
     “Red Fire Azeztulite works synergistically with all other Azeztulites, as well as Master Shamanite, Phenacite, Danburite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Zincite, Crimson Cuprite, New Zealand Carnelian, Rosophia and Morganite.”

Black Azeztulite

Black Azeztulite™
    Black Azeztulite is a newly discovered Azeztulite. Chemically, it a combination of Quartz and black Calcite, found only in Vermont, USA. Black Azeztulite is found in the same areas where Vermont’s White Azeztulite has been discovered. In some instances, the Black Azeztulite has been found attached to White Azeztulite stones!
    Robert Simmons writes: “The discovery of Black Azeztulite heralds a new chapter in the saga of the penetration of the substance of the Earth and of humanity by the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun. These stones physically embody the metaphor of the Light within Darkness, and their energies can impart that experience to whomever attunes to these stones.
    “When I first sat down to meditate with a Black Azeztulite, I was taken completely by surprise as I felt its currents. I had been expecting a somewhat softer or more muted version of what I already knew from the White Azeztulites. Instead, I felt a truly awesome power. At first, as I held the stone over my heart and invited it into my field, I experienced waves of energy filling my body with a strong tingling sensation. Next came a feeling of low-level discomfort at several locations on and within my head, especially at the crown chakra. When I inquired inwardly about this, I was shown that the stone was dissolving some inappropriate patterns or attachments, clearing my chakras where they needed it. As this progressed, the waves of energy grew more powerful and began to resonate within my whole body, from head to toe. In my head there appeared the most lovely white Light, beginning as a flash and increasing in intensity. As this continued, I experienced a feeling of wonder and pleasure, and the nearness of something holy. Touching the third eye and crown chakras with the stone increased these sensations. Next, I touched the Mouth of God chakra point at the back of the head, just above the neck. This seemed to be the most powerful placement, and while I held the stone there I was washed inwardly with waves of Light and Power, and began receiving more information about the stone.
    “Black Azeztulite is a stone of the Midnight Sun. It is related to the huge Black Hole at the center of our galaxy, and it represents the moment of the Singularity, in which all the laws of the universe become fluid and changeable. It is a stone of the Zero Point, and as such it can be a very powerful catalyst for spiritual transformation. When one fully attunes to Black Azeztulite, one can change literally anything about oneself, and can ultimately create profound changes in the outer world as well. Making both sorts of changes involves a commitment of one’s will which is free from hesitation or doubt. If one can fully focus in this way, the co-creative potential of working with these stones is unlimited.
    “As a stone of spiritual self-healing, Black Azeztulite is very powerful indeed. It naturally works to cleanse and clear one’s body and energy field of negative energies, disharmonious attachments, implants, psychic parasites and inappropriate karmic patterns. This stone means business! It suggests that it can be applied in the spiritual healing of conditions in which the body attacks itself, as in cancer and autoimmune illnesses. Yet its power to dispel what is negative is coupled with an infusion of blissful and even ecstatic Light. This Light reminds of who and what we truly are, and this can be the most profound healing of all. To awaken to the real memory that we are emanations of Divinity rather than isolated personalities is perhaps the greatest gift these stones can convey.
    “The Black Calcite and White Quartz components of Black Azeztulite entwine energetically to offer power and protection to those who work with it. It can help one attune to the Light deep within the heart of the darkest density of matter, and to call to that Light for guidance and assistance. For those working with stones shamanically, Black Azeztulite is a perfect ally. Its Light keeps one safe from the approach of negative entities, allowing one to work on the inner planes without being vulnerable to psychic attack.
    “Black Azeztulite, even though it is very powerful, is more grounded than some of the other Azeztulites, and it can help sensitive people to take on high vibrations without losing hold of their physical bodies. In fact, Black Azeztulite tends to work on the body so that it can handle much higher and stronger energies than it could before.
    “On the emotional level, Black Azeztulite is excellent for purging attachments to old emotional wounds, grief, resentment, anger and fear. It reminds the subconscious that the Light and Love of the Divine is always present. These stones are themselves the very embodiments of that presence.
    “In terms of spiritual Alchemy, Black Azeztulite completes the triad of Red, White and Black, the three major aspects of the Philosophers’ Stone. The other two are Red Fire Azeztulite and White Azeztulite. (Sometimes I utilize different stones to represent the three aspects, but these have become my favorites.) Working with these three stones together can open one to experiencing the multiple transformations of self that brought successful alchemical aspirants to enlightenment, and the fulfillment of the Great Work on an individual level. However, the simultaneous enlightenment of oneself, the whole of humanity and the Earth itself is the ultimate goal of the Alchemical Opus. This is the purpose behind the activation of all the Azeztulites, and is the journey that the Azez have invited all of us to take.
    “Black Azeztulite is especially powerful at times of eclipses or the new moon, and those so inclined are invited to create rituals for receiving and channeling its currents during such events. These stones resonate to the Judgement card of the tarot deck, and as such they are awakeners to the call of one’s highest spiritual destiny.
    “Black Azeztulite combines harmoniously with all other Azeztulites, as well as Master Shamanite, Black Obsidian, Black Jade, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Guardianite, Z Stone, Prophecy Stone, Phenacite, Natrolite, Herderite, Brookite, Danburite and Petalite. It responds favorably when subjected to the Azozeo super-activation process.”

Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite

Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite™
    A few months back, we made a trade with a New Zealand rockhound for a batch of the Azeztulites we call Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite. These specimens have complex forms unique among all the minerals we know. And their energies are just amazing!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite is a unique formation. No other Quartz or mineral I have seen forms in such intricate and beautiful convolutions. They look a little like ocean coral, or angel food cake, or a honeycomb. And the sweetness of their energies is utterly delicious! They enter one’s body like the caressing hand of an angel. Yet, even though the currents are loving and pleasurable, these are very powerful stones! They can activate the third eye chakra of almost anyone, and they are equally strong at the heart.
     “The pulses of Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite reveal a web of spiritual Light to one’s inner eye, once the initial connection with the stone has opened it. This web of Light is the image of the communication network which is linked with all Azeztulites. The original channelings about Azeztulite mentioned that the Azez utilize these stones to communicate in Light Language to other angelic beings throughout the universe. The link to the network is so strong in Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite that it can enable its human caretaker to tap in to that angelic exchange of Love, Light and creative manifestation.
    “Of course, the participation of humans in the intergalactic network of Light which the Azez serve has always been a part of the destiny that is the mission of Azeztulite. Through receiving and becoming vessels for the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun, we become Light-filled and able to resonate on much higher energy frequencies, such as those where these communications take place. When I inwardly crossed the threshold of that realm during meditation with Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite, I was shown that angelic communication is unlike human language. Instead of being composed of words symbolizing bits of information, the angelic web of Light exists in order to communicate the joy and love that is the essence of the awakened universe. It also functions as a living, growing network of Light, and the currents that flow through it are also serving to constantly create and expand the Light, in a state of ecstatic joy and love. The Light-Language can be transposed to audible sound, but it’s ‘content’ is still primarily vibrational, creating states of exstatic awareness.
    “This is the meaning of the sweet currents one receives through Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite. When we feel this stone’s energies, we are actually experiencing the inflow of ecstatic Light-Language via which the Azez and other angelic beings link with one another and keep spreading the Light. This energy come through all Azeztulites, however the Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite offers a particularly clear connection. The purpose of Azeztulite has always been to expand the Light here and make the Earth into a planet of Light. With Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite, one can experience what this feels like, and how the whole Earth can ultimately feel.
    “In spiritual self-healing, Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulites can be used to dissolve patterns of negative or constricted energy, clearing the area and infusing it with the joyful vibration of pure life. When used in groups, it can facilitate mutual resonance during meditation, and stimulates harmonious communication. Also, if one wishes, Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite can be very helpful in making a conscious connection with one’s guardian angels and angelic guides.
    “Sauralite Honeycomb Azeztulite works synergistically with all other Azeztulites, as well as Petalite, Danburite, Angelite, Brookite, Herderite, Amblygonite, Kunzite, Morganite and Rosophia.”

Sauralite Azeztulite Points

Sauralite Azeztulite™ Crystal Points
     We recently acquired a small batch of Sauralite Azeztulite individual crystal points from a private collection in New Zealand. The new Zealand Azeztulites rarely form in single crystal points, and are seldom found in this large a size.
    Robert Simmons writes: “The small batch of Sauralite Azeztulite Crystal Points we received is a treasure trove for energy workers. These crystals work like hand-held lasers, focusing the Light of Azeztulite on any point one wishes to stimulate. Like all Sauralites, they are filled with emanations of sweetness, love, joy and spiritual  levels. They literally pulse with inner Light, and one can feel this when holding the point of one of these crystals at any spot on the body. These will be very beneficial stones for those working with cutting away negative attachments and clearing afflicted areas. The fact that these stones can be used intentionally to detach negativity and simultaneously transmit Divine Light into the same point will make them highly valuable to spiritual healers and Lightworkers engaged in transformative activities.
    “Sauralite Azeztulite Crystal Points resonate with all types of Azeztulite, as well as virtually any other high-vibration stone. They are excellent stones to add to the point of a crystal wand or other energy tool.”

Pink Fire Azeztulite

Pink Fire Azeztulite™
    Since we introduced Pink Fire Azeztulite, it has been one of our most popular stones. We recently acquired some more of the raw material, so fortunately our supplies are replenished!
    Robert Simmons: “When we first began our work with Azeztulite, we were told by the Azez--the angelic beings who foretold and activated the first Azeztulites, that more Azeztulites would be found. Later, we learned that the Azez intend for all the Quartz on Earth to eventually resonate with the frequencies of Azeztulite. This is a profound work of transformation, one which could make the Earth into a Planet of Light. The Azozeo process allows us to facilitate that transformational activation, and one of the stones that proves this to me is Pink Fire Azeztulite. After its exposure to the Azozeo field, it has taken on new properties which I did not observe before. One of these is responsible for its new name.
    “The Hindu Rishis spoke many centuries ago in the Rig Veda about the Divine fire, or Agni, which was both a Being and an internal experience. When Agni enters the body, it transforms the cells into Light-giving sources of vast energy--energy that brings enlightenment, ecstasy and knowledge of truth. Agnitite has always been a conduit of these sorts of energies, but its newly activated Azozeo state makes it much more powerful.
    “In addition to the profoundly powerful energies emanated by these stones, there is a particular experience they can engender. It is the entry of the fire of Divine Love, a pink fire centered in the heart. When one meditates with a super-activated Agnitite (Pink Fire Azeztulite), one may feel the streaming power of the stone coursing through the body, and eventually focusing in the area of the heart. As this experience intensifies, one feels inner heat in that area, and one can see interior spiritual Light--a pink Light which is also felt as being quite warm, like a pink fire. Holding the stone over the heart helps to intensify these sensations, and imagining the stone’s etheric image actually moving into the heart can increase the intensity even more. As this occurs, the warmth and Light within the chest grow and strengthen, until one may actually sweat from the sense of internal heat, and one may weep from the experience of the Divine Love emanated by the pink Light. Carrying the experience through to its fulfillment can bring about the awakening of the High Heart, a usually-dormant energy center several inches above the heart chakra. This spot is the bodily throne of the Divine Self, and the seat from which inner Wisdom and Truth can begin to be accessed on a continuous basis. When this center is fully activated, one will notice that the Pink Fire is always blazing there, reaching out through us to bless, heal and awaken the world. Thus it is not the physical color of the stone (which is semi-transparent with some reddish inclusions) but the inner experience of the Pink Fire that is the reason for its name.
    “Pink Fire Azeztulite is a stone of passion. It encourages one to love with great intensity, with no holding back. And this expression of total love is not only for a spouse or partner, or for one’s children and friends alone. It is for the world and everything in it. Pink Fire Azeztulite opens the floodgates of the heart, teaching the mind that to withhold love is to stifle life itself. This stone teaches that life is love, and that giving love supports all life. It triggers within us the potential to truly know that love is our foundation, our life force, and the animating energy of the Universe. And it offers us the experience of our own unlimited love, which is the same as Divine Love.
    “Pink Fire Azeztulite circulates its currents through the body, making love a cellular experience. It can eventually teach the cells that love is the antidote to illness and even death. Thus it is an ideal stone for those seeking to heal dysfunctions such as autoimmune disorders, in which the body attacks itself. Visualizing the Pink Fire pouring out of the stone and filling every cell with its loving Light is a recommended way of working with this stone for self-healing.
    “Pink Fire Azeztulite is useful for emotional self-healing as well, bringing an infusion of unconditional love into one’s energy field. The intensity of love emanated by Pink Fire Azeztulite can dissolve old rigid patterns of pain, self-inflicted emotional damage, and the discouragement that comes from having felt abandoned or unloved. Love is both joyful and serious, and it is powerful as well. When one feels the power and purpose of love, one’s attachments to old, fragmented ways of being can be dislodged. This discovery often leads to moments of exuberant joy, as well as inner commitments to serve the flow of love as it rises to permeate and transform our world.
    “Pink Fire Azeztulite raw or polished pieces can be used to fill one’s environment with powerful love energies. The stone can be worn to help keep oneself connected to the currents of Divine Love at all times. It works harmoniously with all other Azeztulites, as well as Azumar, Healerite, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite and Kunzite.”

Azozeo World Labyrinth Stones

Azeztulite World Labyrinth Stones
    The response to our Azozeo World Labyrinth project has been really fantastic! People from all over the world have been writing us to claim pieces from the original Azeztulite/Rosophia Labyrinth where the Azozeo Super-Activation process was first discovered. Now we have decided to start offering smaller tumbled pieces and wire wrapped pendants so those drawn to these energies can wear or carry them whenever they choose. We are most grateful to everyone who has become part of this important project of Earth-Spiritual integration.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Many readers are already aware that Kathy and I have moved to New Zealand, where we spend most of the year. When we moved, there was much discussion of what to do with the labyrinth that had been set up at our house in Vermont. This is the labyrinth within which we first encountered the Azozeo affect, and where we brought many stones for the Super-Activation process. Through months of exposure to the very high vibrations generated there, all of the labyrinth stones became very strongly saturated with these energies.  Ultimately we were inspired by the idea of releasing the stones into the world, for the purpose of spreading the Azozeo currents throughout the Earth. This is how the concept of the Azeztulite World Labyrinth was conceived. We decided that it was important to make it as easy as possible for people to acquire these stones, so we reduced the prices far below our usual rates for Azeztulite (and Rosophia, which was also part of the labyrinth).
    “Since the beginning of this project, hundreds of people have claimed Azozeo Azeztulite World Labyrinth stones, and are working with them for the Vibrational Ascension of themselves and the Earth. Some have felt drawn to choose several, or even a dozen of the stones. We still have many more stones to distribute, and we have now broken some up  into smaller, less costly sizes.
    “We have been delighted to see the labyrinth Azeztulites and Rosophia stones go all over the world, just as we had envisioned. To date, they have been claimed by people from, the USA, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, France, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Holland and other countries. They have been kept in people’s healing spaces and used to work with clients. They have provided energetic assistance to meditators in their personal work. They have been planted at sacred sites, and in secret places where their keepers were drawn to put them for the benefit of the Earth. They are being used by many to activate the Quartz within the ground beneath them, and some people have used them to heal places which have been polluted. In Japan, some of the labyrinth stones were left in areas made radioactive by the Fukishima disaster, while others were given as offerings to repair the lingering wounds in the Earth and the human psyche at Hiroshima. All of these utilizations of the stones are being made with the intention of worldwide healing and upliftment, and they are truly contributing to the making of a World Labyrinth. I am personally grateful to everyone who has been moved to join in this work, and trust that in following our own inner promptings, we will perform the actions most beneficial to all.
    “We realize that in order for the project to be fully fulfilled, we will also have to give away some of these stones. If readers of this article feel that they may be among those who need to plant or work with one of the Azeztulite World Labyrinth stones and cannot afford to buy one, we invite you to email, using the subject line World Labyrinth. Let us know your vision for what you would do with one of the World Labyrinth stones. We cannot promise to give a stone to everyone who requests one, but we will send a piece to at least one out of ten  people who request one, until the designated Gift Stones are all used. We will periodically put the names in a hat and draw out a name for each of the allocated Gift Stones. I do hope that those who can afford it will buy one or more stones if they are drawn to them, so that our Gift Stones will go to those who are supposed to work with them, but could not otherwise do so. In any case, our thanks to all who participate!
    “PS: If you already have one or more of the World Labyrinth stones, or if you acquire one, we’d like to hear from you! What have you been drawn to do with it, what have you experienced energetically, what are your visions about what is going on with all of this? We’ll share some of your stories on our website!”

Azozeo Phenacite Crystals

NEW Azozeo™ Phenacite Crystals
    Ever since the arrival of the first Grandmother Phenacite, which began the Azozeo Super-Activation project, we have been seeking more of these exceptional stones. In September, we were able to acquire a few more crystals from our friend in Brazil, who continued the search on our behalf. Also, we decide to slice and tumble one of the original larger crystals so that readers could get one more affordably.
    Robert Simmons writes: “On the energetic level, I can say that the Azozeo Phenacites are in a class by themselves, among all stones. They emanate the high frequencies for which Phenacite is well known, and they resonate powerfully with the third eye and crown chakras. They are hugely powerful for Light Body activation, and they bring highly pleasurable currents into the entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. They have the capacity, with the co-creative engagement of their human partners, to bring Divine Light, or Celestial Fire, deep into the Earth, for the benefit of both the planet and all creatures who inhabit it. They can fill the energy body of their human partners with blissful currents of Light, bringing states of awakening and enlightenment. They stimulate the heart chakra, bringing the emotional body into alignment with the Light Body. These are among the most clearly sentient stones of any I have encountered, and I encourage the people who claim them to engage in communication with them. These stones can function as guides as well as energy sources, once one has learned to establish rapport with them. The purpose of the Azozeo Phenacites is, in my estimation, both high and serious. It is the stimulation of all the Quartz in the Earth to open to the Celestial Fire, the Divine Light--the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun--for the vibrational Ascension of the Earth and of us as well. To borrow a phrase from my friend Robert Sardello, it is the birth of a New Earth, a New Body and a New Consciousness. This New Consciousness is, in my vision, a consciousness of co-creative unity with the Soul of the World. It is the purpose to which my own heart is most ardently committed, and I look forward to communication with all the present and future members of the Azozeo Community. May the mission of the Azez be fulfilled!”

Brazilian Phenacite Crystals

Brazilian A+++ Phenacite Crystals
    We were really lucky last September to buy a small collection of Brazilian A+++ Phenacites from one of our suppliers. These had come from a batch of Phenacite crystals dug up many years ago, and held in a University’s collection in Brazil. It is very difficult to find top quality Phenacite crystals, and we were especially pleased with these, because their small size makes them unusually affordable.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Phenacites can activate one’s third eye, crown chakra and inner-visioning capacities. They are highly beneficial for Light body activation, and are the best stones for interdimensional travel. They can give instant cleansing to the auric field, and can be used as conduits for communication with spirit guides, angelic beings and other entities of the higher domains. In working with Phenacites, one may undergo a series of initiatory experiences, each one serving as a platform from which to launch one’s consciousness to a higher level. Phenacite is the supreme stone of the third-eye chakra. Its pulsing energies are so strong they can be felt at the third eye, even by people not normally sensitive to crystal energies. It opens the interdimensional portals for inner journeying, allowing one’s consciousness to plunge through unending corridors of sacred geometric forms. It can also be used to awaken the latent special capacities housed in the prefrontal lobes of the brain. This can sometimes bring spontaneous experiences of telepathy, psychokinesis, prophetic vision or remote viewing. Phenacite can raise the vibrational frequencies of almost any other stone.”

Green Taralite

Green Taralite™
    We are excited to present another of Robert’s New Zealand stone discoveries—the lovely stone called Green Taralite. It is a volcanic stone, with a composition of about 50 to 60% silicon dioxide, as well as augite, plagioclase and hornblende. The name Green Taralite refers to the stone’s spiritual properties.
    Robert Simmons writes: “After a few moments holding my first piece of the stone now called Green Taralite, I felt pleasant currents moving around and through my heart. The stone presented itself energetically as flowing, friendly, happy, compassionate and wise. From the heart, where those qualities were apprehended, the currents moved up into the third eye area, where they stimulated a series of visions of a green female deity surrounded in light. I suddenly recognized the being as the Tibetan bodhisattva Green Tara. With that recognition came a bodily resonance of confirmation. Thus the stone presented itself as a set of qualities resonant with a Being, and kindled its name.
    “Green Taralite is a stone of well being, happiness and spiritual Light. It connects one’s awareness to the cosmos, and helps one recognize oneself as a member of the entire Universe. This stone can enable one to enter vibrational resonance with Divine beings in the spiritual realms. This resonance allows one to ‘travel’ to them in a very real way. In the inner worlds, to shift one’s resonance it to travel to the new vibration level upon which one’s attention is focused. Green Taralite has a wide range of resonances, which it can communicate to the user. One can use this capacity to attune to the vibrations of self-healing, out-of-body travel, contemplative insight and numerous other spiritual states.
     “Green Taralite represents and emanates the qualities of the being for whom it is named. Tara means ‘star’ in Sanscrit. Her themes are Universal Unity, peace, cooperation, destiny, energy and spirituality. In Hindu myth, Tara is a Star Goddess who encompasses all of time and the spark of life. She extends these energies to us, fulfilling our spiritual hunger. Green Tara is the ‘Mother Earth’--she is a fierce Goddess who overcomes obstacles and saves us from dangers, both physical and spiritual. The stone Green Taralite provides the embodiment of these qualities in a stone, allowing us to more readily ‘meet’ the Being known as Green Tara.
    “In spiritual self-healing, Green Taralite offers its energies for supporting all bodily systems that depend on flow. The heart and circulatory system, lungs, lymphatic system, liver and digestive system are all included. On the cellular level, Green Taralite offers the opportunity to invite Divine presence into the nucleus of every cell. This places Light in every cell, and is what is meant by Light Body Activation. It can also mean being overlighted by the enlightened Divine image of Green Tara herself.
    “Green Taralite is an intensely feminine stone. In men, it invokes an enhanced awareness and appreciation of the Feminine Divine, as a Being, and as represented in women. In women, it can expand self-awareness to the level at which one recognizes oneself as both an individual and as an emanation of the Goddess. Most frequently, this Goddess is, like Green Tara, a representative of both the Stars and the Earth, uniting them in herself and in the awareness of those who meet Her.
    “Green Taralite harmonizes with almost all other stones. It has a special resonance with Moldavite, and with all of the Azeztulites. With Moldavite, the Star aspect of Green Tara is emphasized. With Azeztulite, the emphasis is on the Divine Earth.”



     A surprising discovery for multiple reasons is the material called Pakulite. Its named is derived from Mt. Paku, a New Zealand volcano which produced these unique and remarkable spherulitic rhyolites. They are also called New Zealand Chrysanthemum Stone, because of the flowerlike patterns within it. (It is not the same mineral as the other Chrysanthemum Stone.) This type of stone is found in only two places in the world.
    Robert Simmons writes: “The appearance of Pakulite is subtly psychedelic. These stones display unbelievably complex and intricate patterns, but usually in earth-tone colors that can make their trippy show easy to miss. You have to look carefully at Pakulite, but then it will blow your mind! Some pieces are like explosions of thousand-petaled lotus flowers infinitely connected to one another. Others show off high-contrast patterns that look like slabs of fractal hieroglyhphics. But all of the Pakulites, if you scrutinize them carefully, compulsively confess to their volcanic origins. They are solidified, visual vibrations that speak of the intensity of the Earth’s energy in the lava-flow events that formed Paku Mountain. The currents of these stones enter you first through your eyes, which will be enlivened by the sight!
    “Pakulite is something of a sexy rock. It stimulates all three of the lower chakras, arousing one’s life force energies, creativity and power. It can help artists find inspiration and it can benefit one’s love relationship through the vibration of intimacy that it provides. It can kindle the fires of will and persistence that combine in the controlled explosion which is called personal power. The power that arises under the influence of Pakulite is balanced and friendly rather than dominating or aloof. When one resonates fully to the subtle currents emanated by these stones, one learns the feeling of full commitment to one’s chosen path, neither needing the approval of others, nor shunning it.
    “Pakulite has a way of providing grounding at a high energy level. It draws one in to an attentive and purposeful connection with the Earth, in which one’s awareness of feeling grounded is experienced as interesting and pleasurable. One’s entire energy field is infused with an awareness of being touched by the Being who is the Earth. This touch engenders a powerful attraction, within which the simple act of knowing one is deeply connected to the Earth creates a conscious relationship between oneself and Gaia. That is what I mean by grounding at high energy.
    “Pakulite stimulates the inner state of youthfulness, characterized by strong vitality, optimism, humor, playfulness, and an eagerness for new adventures. It arouses a relaxed sense of self-confidence, and the desire to offer comradeship to others. It stimulates curiosity, and it encourages one to look for new ways of seeing and understanding other people and the world in which we live.
    “In spiritual self-healing Pakulite supports one’s overall energy level, and it boosts the immune system through its infusion of vitality. It supports the liver, kidneys, bladder and sexual organs. For men, carrying or wearing a Pakulite can help dispel issues causing impotence. For women, it energetically protects the ovaries.  
     “Pakulite provides a spiritual connection to the Divine Feminine, as She manifests within the Earth, and acts as the Earth’s vitality. This being is related to the Hawaiian goddess Pele--perhaps best described as a sister energy. One can connect to this being in many places in New Zealand, because the land there is still very alive, both physically and spiritually. To many who have encountered Her, this Feminine One seems to be rising in presence and power, as one of the vivid faces of the awakening Earth.
    “Pakulite vibrates harmoniously with Peridot, Amulet Stone,  Moldavite, Phenacite, Revelation Stone, Empowerite, Sauralite Azeztulite, Honey and Cream Azeztulite, Moonlight Agate and New Zealand Carnelian.”

New Zealand Greenstone

New Zealand Greenstone™
     The best-known of all gemstones found in New Zealand is New Zealand Greenstone. It is a beautiful material, and we knew we wanted to offer it to our readers. Greenstone is a name used to include the fine grained rocks consisting essentially of either tremolitic amphibole or serpentine, which were used originally by the Maoris of New Zealand. The Maoris have made intricate ornamental carvings, weapons and tools from this material, which is considered sacred in their culture. It is called, ‘a stone of the wairua, the world of the spirit realm that surrounds all.’
     Robert Simmons writes: “Just about everyone in New Zealand has a piece of Greenstone, or Pounamu, its Maori name. Bankers, bakers, mystics and carpenters--they all wear it, and just about everyone believes it has beneficial powers of healing and protection. The custom in New Zealand is that one should not purchase Greenstone for oneself (at least not the first one), but that it should be received as a gift. Greenstone is said to connect you to the land of Aotearoa (New Zealand), to protect you when you travel, and to bring you back. Certainly the rich green color of Pounamu seems to reflect the living green of much of the New Zealand countryside, and both have a way of working their magic on you.
     “Greenstone is a stone of life, and it emanates currents of strong life force energies. Just as practitioners of various martial arts endeavor to collect chi, the life force of the Earth, carrying or wearing Greenstone allows one to receive a powerful infusion of those same currents. Greenstone is a stone of longevity, and it can be used in healing work to implant the vibrations of vitality and the program of long life into the body-field.
     “Greenstone is also a stone of power. In physics power refers to using energy to do work in a given time. Magical or spiritual power has to do with using spiritual energies to make changes in the material realm. One’s power could be imagined as the amount of effect in the material world that results from one’s utilization of spiritual energies. The power of a stone can be considered as the amount of change its energies bring about. When we hold a particularly high-energy stone, we say it is powerful because of the degree to which it changes our consciousness. Greenstone, in this regard is a very powerful stone. Its currents can easily enter one’s energy field through the heart or the third eye. They then continue moving, filling one’s entire auric field with strength and vitality. This power is the power of the Earth, and its life force. When one’s vibrational field is full of this energy, one is able (like martial arts practitioners) to do much more difficult things than one might otherwise accomplish.
     “Greenstone can also put one in touch with one’s own innate power. It stimulates the emotions of courage, loyalty, passion and freedom, and it brings to consciousness how important it is to honor each of them. A person acting out of one’s own power, out of commitment to one’s true emotions, is able to manifest a great deal of magic. Greenstone has always been seen as a stone of magic, a stone capable of transferring power to the one who carries it. This is one of its greatest gifts.
     “Greenstone has been treasured by humans far back before history. It carries the morphic memory of the peoples who were connected with it, and it is possible to call upon those spirits for aid in healing or for overcoming problems. It creates a ‘wall of allies’--an energy field populated by helping spirits, reinforcing one’s intent and amplifying its effects.
     “In spiritual self healing, Greenstone acts as a fountain of vitality, helping one to overcome fatigue and stress. Greenstone supports the heart and lungs, and the circulatory system. It can be used to clear out congested energies and to purify the auric field of debris. It enhances one’s inner radiance, and allows the emergence of one’s true, strong self.
     “In emotional healing, Greenstone helps one find the deep self-loyalty that allows one to dispense with unhealthy relationships, bad habits, self-doubt, anxiety and/or depression. It teaches that self love is the affirmation of life, and that one should always treat oneself as one would treat life--with great respect, care and love. At the same time, it can engender a very light-hearted mood, in which one can do serious work...lightly.
     “Greenstone is whole unto itself, and does not need the aid or other stones. However, it can work in synergy with Moldavite, Crimson Cuprite, Tibetam Tektite, Empowerite, Revelation Stone and Sauralite Azeztulite.”

Coromandel Stonewood

Coromandel Stonewood™
    Another New Zealand stone with wonderful energies is Coromandel Stonewood, named for its location on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula, a beautiful and enchanted area where other high-energy stones are found as well.  Coromandel Stonewood is a rich brown form of Petrified Wood. It is a silicon dioxide with a hardness of 7.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Coromandel Stonewood carries deep memories of the ancient Earth. It was present in New Zealand during the times of Lemuria, carrying the memories of New Zealand’s Lemurian history, as well as the  Lemurian qualities of deep intuition, empathy and bodily knowing. It encourages one to envision the potential for a Lemurian revival in the world today, and suggests that the New Consciousness for which humanity is destined is one of empathic rapport. It enhances one’s receptivity to the subtle vibrational currents of the Earth. It allows one to sink into a slower vibration than is usual for humans, and to appreciate the strength and power of the Earth’s heartbeat from the depths This can be a powerful and even ecstatic experience. It permeates one’s being on all levels--spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
    “Coromandel Stonewood emanates a curative vitality that is placid, slow-moving and long-lasting. It is ideal for spiritually aiding recovery from chronic conditions. These stones vibrationally benefit the telomers on one’s DNA, helping to preserve cellular memory and supporting longevity. They exert a gentle calming force on the emotional body, helping to alleviate anxiety, and supporting a sense of quiet self-confidence.
    “Coromandel Stonewood harmonizes well with all stones in the Jasper family, especially Revelation Stone. It resonates to the currents of other varieties of Petrified Wood, and one can work with these to further enhance one’s earth connection. Meditating within a grid of Coromandel Stonewood and other types of Petrified Wood can result in a ‘web’ of connection to the underlying memory field of the whole Earth. This can be a boon to psychics and intuitives. High-vibration stones that harmonize with Coromandel Stonewood include Sauralite Azeztulite, Cinnazez, New Zealand Carnelian, Red Fire Azeztulite, Empowerite and Sanda Rosa Azeztulite.”

New Zealand Vivianite

New Zealand Vivianite
   A rockhound friend in New Zealand recently helped us acquire a box of rare New Zealand Vivianite. These stones formed in bubbly-looking boytroidal masses, unlike other, blade-shaped Vivianite.  Since all Vivianites are rare, we were really happy to get these very unique ones!
    Robert Simmons writes: ” Vivianite helps one to dive deeply into the pool of the heart. It assists one in achieving inner silence during meditation and helps one to hear the wordless voice of the heart’s urgings. Vivianite allows one to enter a state of enlightened compassion. It helps to remove negativity from one’s thoughts and clear one’s auric field. It works below one’s level of awareness to dispel self-inflicted wounds and low self-esteem. It supports feelings of altruism and kindness, and it inspires generosity. Vivianite can re-inspire those in the helping professions who suffer from exhaustion and ‘burnout.’ Caregivers can receive a refreshing boost from simply sitting and holding one of these stones. Through its kindling of the heart, Vivianite can remind one of the love that dwells behind all things. It emanates offers the heart a thread leading to its own essence. If one goes all the way, one discovers an ocean of love.
    “Vivianite’s energy blends well with Morganite, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Moldavite, Emerald, Kunzite and Pink Calcite. Natrolite, Scolecite, Herderite and Phenacite bring the mind into resonance with the enlightened heart energy of Vivianite. Tugtupite brings passion and intensity to Vivianite’s heart opening.”

New Zealand Green Garnet

New Zealand Green Garnet
    “On a trip to a New Zealand crystal and mineral show, Robert and Kathy purchased some rare Green Garnets from the South Island. These are tumbled stones, with a nice shine and lovely colors.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Green Garnets like these New Zealand beauties are excellent natural grounders of abundant manifestation. If one can conceive of it clearly in the etheric, these crystals are ready tools for bringing one’s visions into reality. Their vibrational pattern creates an eager confidence, a motivation to get down to business and make things happen. Paired with Moldavite, these would be unbeatable for bringing into reality one’s rightful abundance and highest path of achievement in this world.
    “New Zealand Green Garnets harmonize well with Aventurine, Green Jade, Emerald and Malachite. For directing their power of manifestation into more spiritual areas it is helpful to combine them with high-vibration stones such as Ohio Celestite, Azeztulite, Natrolite and Clear Apophyllite.”

Dream Quartz

Dream Quartz
    We were thrilled when we got a batch of small Dream Quartz crystal pieces on our Fall buying trip. This is the first time they have been found in Madagascar, and they have wonderful energies! Dream Quartz is mostly silicon dioxide with inclusions of Epidote.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Dream Quartz emanates a soft, soothing energy, conducive to states of deep meditation and lucid dreaming. These stones can help bring peace to the heart and relaxation to the body and mind. Holding one during meditation, or placing it on the solar plexus, one can more easily enter the inner gateways to visionary experience and interdimensional travel. Dream Quartz can facilitate conscious contact with spirit guides and can be an aid to the development of psychic abilities and channeling.
    “Dream Quartz, as the name implies, is attuned to the realm of dreams. If one sleeps with one of these stones near the head—either in the pillowcase or on the night table—one may find it easier to remember dreams, and the spiritual quality of one’s dreams is likely to be enhanced. In the waking world, Dream Quartz allows one to more clearly envision and manifest one’s dreams for the kind of life one wishes to create.
    “For those looking to recall and understand experiences from past lives, Dream Quartz can facilitate opening one’s consciousness to such memories. One is reminded to ask clearly for the visions that will serve one’s highest good, and to relate them to what is going on in one’s life now. Dream Quartz can help one access and understand the patterns from the past which may still be governing one’s life, and to break away from those that do not serve one anymore. In addition, past life exploration with Dream Quartz can help one remember skills and talents that one once possessed before, but which now lie dormant in the unconscious. For instance, a yearning to paint pictures may stem from a past life as an artist, and recovering those memories may help one to activate that aspect of oneself in this life.
    “Dream Quartz harmonizes well with Moldavite and Herkimer ‘Diamonds’, both of which intensify vivid dream activity. Oregon Opal and Alexandrite increase recall of past lives. Dream Quartz works very well with Fairy Wand Quartz for moving into conscious communion with the inner worlds.”

Tibetan Black Quartz Points

A++ Tibetan Black Quartz
    Tibetan Black Quartz has been in high demand and short supply for years. When we got a new batch in September, we were very excited!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Tibetan Black Quartz crystals are powerful stones of spiritual protection. Their currents create a ‘bubble of Light’ around the body, allowing only positive vibrations to penetrate the auric field. Sleeping with Tibetan Black Quartz protects one from lower astral energies and disturbing dreams. It can energetically purify and cleanse one’s living space. In meditation, Tibetan Black Quartz emanates a silent ‘om,’ and it can awaken the third eye. In addition, Tibetan Black Quartz crystals can activate and balance the chakras and meridian system, clearing energy blockages. One can use these stones to make crystal grids around one’s bed or meditation space, creating a mini-vortex of good vibrations. Also, placing them at the outside corners of one’s home, as well as at each door or window, can enhance the subtle energies of the entire environment. Rituals done with Tibetan Black Quartz will be amplified in power and pure in their positive effects.
    “Tibetan Black Quartz harmonizes with Moldavite, Lemurian Seed Crystals, Lithium Quartz and Faden Quartz. Combining these stones with any or all of the Azeztulites will bring in angelic energies, and using them with Phenacite can enhance visionary experiences.”

Brookite Blades

NEW Brookite Blades
     On our Fall buying trip, one of our rockhound suppliers introduced us to a whole new form of Brookite! These are tiny black blades, less than ½  inch long, but WOW, are they powerful! We are planning to use them in making energy tools, and putting them into some of our Crystal Vial pendants, but just holding one to the third eye can produce extraordinary levels of energetic activation!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Brookite is one of the primary power stones for expansion of awareness beyond the physical body. It is a powerful activator of the sixth and seventh chakras and the etheric chakras above the head. It can align all the upper chakras with the rest of one’s energy body, allowing one to explore the subtle realms with a highly sensitive and stable awareness.
    “Brookite enables one to reach an expanded state in which one can communicate and commune with beings on the higher vibrational levels. It teaches one the nature of the higher levels of consciousness vibration. It can help one gain the ‘cosmic perspective’ that allows one to see even unpleasant situations as beneficial to growth. It is inspirational and energizing, assisting one in overcoming old patterns and moving ahead to greater inner development.
    “Brookite combines well with high-vibration stones such as Phenacite, Azeztulite, Danburite, Herderite, Seraphinite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Tibetan Tektite, Satyaloka Azeztulite, Petalite, Tanzanite, Elestial Calcite and Moldavite. For grounding, use Zincite or Black Tourmaline.”


NEW Stock of Herderites
     We were really, really, REALLY fortunate to acquire our new stock of Herderites. As of last September, we had almost run out of all types. Now we have a fresh batch of tumble polished small Green Herderites, as well as nice new crystal pieces of African Gray Herderite and Golden Herderite. All Herderites produce amazingly strong activation of the higher energy centers, as well as visionary experiences. They are members of both the Synergy Twelve and the Ascension Seven groups of high-vibration stones.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Herderite is one of the pre-eminent stones for awakening and charging the upper chakras of the body and fully connecting one’s conscious awareness to the higher dimensions linked to the chakras above the head in the etheric body. All varieties of Herderite share this trait, and they are incredibly powerful tools for interdimensional travel, communication with spirit guides and Light beings, and embracing enlightened awareness as a full-time state of being. Herderite initiates growth in consciousness. It opens the third- eye and crown chakras, as well as the first two etheric chakras, expanding one’s sense of self. In fact, with Herderite, one can experience oneself as an energy field that exists far beyond the confines of the physical body.
     “Though their core energies are similar, different types of Herderite exhibit somewhat different traits. African Gray Herderites are very high-vibration stones, yet their energies are quite smooth and softly elevating. They have the property of parting the veil that lies over our everyday awareness and opening the mind to visions of the true spiritual nature of existence. In working with these Herderites, especially in meditation, one can see the archetypal patterns and energy flows underlying the material world and what appears here. These are excellent stones for clairvoyants and for those who wish to enhance their psychic abilities and capacities for spiritual vision. Astrologers and tarot readers use their symbol systems to understand the patterns, but what the Herderites can kindle is direct vision. The effect will vary with the sensitivity and preparedness of the individual, but the inner opening will be felt by all, to at least some degree.
     “The African Gray Herderites will work even more powerfully if paired with Golden Herderite, and they are also enhanced by White Azeztulite, Phenacite, Petalite, Natrolite and Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite. Golden Herderites from Brazil assist one in accessing different aspects of expanded awareness. As the energies on Earth continue accelerating, Golden Herderites bring the already-advanced energies of Herderite to a higher octave. These are Herderites of the Golden Ray vibration, and they are here to assist those ready to ascend in meditation to the domain known as the Golden Void. In this area of consciousness, the atmosphere is like ‘warm gold dust.’ There is a deep sense of Divine presence in this realm, and it is the domain in which our vibrational frequencies are stepped up to the next octave of our evolution.
    “In the years ahead, there will be a quantum leap of evolution, and humans will become less dense. They may evolve to a trans-physical state in which they identify themselves as a field of consciousness, rather than a personality inside a skin. This is an experience to which Golden Herderites can introduce one.
    “Green Herderites are the rarest variety of all, and are the only Herderites which resonate strongly with the Heart, as well as the higher chakras. These special stones are ideal for infusing Spirit into one’s earthly body, and increasing the inner Light emanated by the cells. Green Herderite’s currents cross the bridge between Spirit and matter, helping to make them one. These stone are of great value in the bodily evolution of consciousness. Combining these with both Golden and Gray Herderite can produce extraordinary spiritual experiences.
     “Herderite is one of the Synergy Twelve stones, along with Moldavite, Phenacite, Tanzanite, Danburite, Azeztulite, Tibetan Tektite, Brookite, Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite, Natrolite, Scolecite and Petalite. This combination is the most powerful, harmonious grouping of stones yet discovered for inner awakening and well-being. Herderite also resonates powerfully with Merkabite Calcite, Elestial Calcite, Cinnazez and Cinnabar Quartz.”


    Another wonderful stone of which we were lucky enough to acquire new stock is Petalite. This stones soft, angelic energies are loved by virtually everyone. The lithium content of Petalite may be involved with the serene states it can induce.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Petalite has a deep connection to the realm of Spirit. It can take one to a dimension of rest and healing, allowing one to bathe in the quiet bliss of the unencumbered spirit. Petalites are also stones of vision. They can open the inner eye to the many mansions of the higher dimensions, allowing the questing mind to discover multiple new horizons. Petalite can be used to enhance all the psychic powers, such as clairvoyance and telepathy, and to help one attune to the knowledge of one’s dharma, or path of highest destiny. Petalite also has a grounding aspect that helps one stay connected to earthly life while one explores the inner dimensions it opens. Thus it is also a stone of manifestation, helping one bring to physical reality the exalted visions one finds as one journeys to the higher worlds. Healers are advised to wear Petalite during sessions with clients, and to place Petalites on the client in appropriate places, as this will help to open spiritual channels of healing.
    “Petalite is one of the Synergy Twelve Stones. It also works harmoniously with Merkabite Calcite, Papagoite, Elestial Calcite, Ajoite, Lepidolite, Gel Lithium Silica, Tourmaline, Amblygonite and Morganite.”

Golden Lemurian Seed Crystals

Golden Lemurians
    Our Fall buying trip also yielded a nice selection of lovely Golden Lemurian Seed Crystals. These are highly prized, especially those with the best formations and deepest colors. Our new batch has both!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Golden Lemurians are crystals of remembrance. They aid the soul in recollecting its history, origin and purpose. This can include a great deal of past-life recall, including one’s lives in Lemurian and/or Atlantis. Most specifically, Golden Lemurians can aid one in discovering any past issues that may be holding one back from one’s spiritual destiny. They can help one to release attachments from these old wounds, losses, fears and sorrows, giving one a glimpse of one’s potential as a free and fully awakened being. They can, in this sense, lead one ‘back to the Garden of Eden,’ the paradisal state in which one is inwardly open and attuned to the Divine.
    “Golden Lemurians are stones of spiritual alchemy. They encourage the soul to transform from ‘lead’ (the relatively unconscious state of sorrow, anxiety and attachment) to ‘gold,’ (the state of awakened, enlightened, loving awareness necessary for fulfilling one’s potential as a spiritual human). This transformation also involves becoming aware of one’s inner ‘ally,’ the true Self that reincarnates and evolves from life to life. The inner partnership between the personal identity and the Self is essential to alchemical transformation, and it is facilitated by meditating with Golden Lemurians.  Through the inner spaces opened by these crystals, one can begin to dialog with the Self, and to learn of its knowledge and love for oneself. In spiritual healing, Golden Lemurians are excellent for calling in the Divine Blueprint––the perfected pattern of the body’s optimal health and functioning. Once again, this is an expression of the return to wholeness facilitated by these stones.
    “As one might imagine, Golden Lemurians are ideal for calling in the spiritual Light of the Pure Golden Ray. This is an energy of enlightenment, often called the ‘Christ Consciousness.’ In this state, one may experience one’s inner and/or outer reality as permeated by soft golden Light. This Light is very peaceful, and it is deeply imbued with Love energy. It can be directed for purification of one’s body and energy fields, and it can also be transmitted to others for their healing and awakening. This makes Golden Lemurians ideal stones for healers. Golden Lemurians harmonize well with Azeztulite, especially the Golden Azeztulite crystals and Himalaya Gold Azeztulite. They also resonate with Golden Labradorite and Agni Gold Danburite. All of these stones help link the currents of Golden Lemurians to the energies of the Great Central Sun.”

Rhodocrosite Spheres

Rhodocrosite Shapes and Spheres
    These times require much emotional healing, in order for us to make the transformations we need to undergo in our evolution as spiritual human beings. Perhaps this is why a number of now-rare Rhodocrosite pieces have come into our hands. Whatever the reason, we now have perhaps our best selection ever, and you can probably feel their sweetness right off the page!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Rhodochrosite is a stone of love, directed first toward the self, for purposes of emotional healing. It assists in doing the necessary work of recovering, reliving and releasing the memories of one’s emotional woundings. Rhodochrosite works vibrationally to support self-healing in these important areas. Through its energy of self-love and compassion for one’s inner child, Rhodochrosite can be a valuable ally. It emanates currents of inner peace and self-forgiveness, allowing one to fully blossom.
    “Rhodochrosite can cleanse, soothe and heal the energy field around the heart. It can repair ‘holes’ or damaged areas in the auric field, especially the emotional body. It can deepen meditations and past-life regressions. It is also a stone of joy. Taking a Rhodochrosite outdoors on a lovely day and allowing the beauty of Nature to enter one’s senses, one can re-enter the sense of grace and magical happiness that are natural in the child who feels safe and loved.
    “Rhodochrosite harmonizes with the heart stones, including Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite, Rhodonite, Morganite, Emerald, Tsavorite Garnet and Rosophia. Moldavite can increase its intensity. It also works well with Phenacite, Alexandrite, Oregon Opal, Black Tourmaline and Jet.”

Rhodonite Crystal Pieces

Rhodonite A++ Raw Pieces
     We love Rhodonite, and we were thrilled when a supplier offered us these new and amazing deep-red Rhodonite pieces. These are certainly the most beautiful Rhodonites we’ve ever had, and we feel their currents are stronger too!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Rhodonite promotes the energy of love. In this case, the love is more outer-directed than with stones such as Rhodochrosite. Rhodonite encourages using one’s gifts and talents for the benefit of the community. The outer-directed love engendered by Rhodonite is one of altruism and generosity, using one’s talents to bring gifts to others. This path of generosity often offers greater satisfaction then any amount of receiving ‘what one wants.’ Rhodonite attracts the people and situations best suited for one’s unique talents, and in so using them, one can experience fulfillment of the deep desire to love and be loved. Rhodonite can also enhance the depth, clarity and meaning of ones inner experiences, making it easier to understand the messages behind one’s dreams and visions. It can provide a psychic link to the archetypal pattern of personal destiny, helping one remain ‘on the beam,’ for the fulfillment of one’s highest aspirations.
    “Rhodonite harmonizes with most other heart stones, including Rosophia, Rose Quartz, Pink Calcite, Morganite and Emerald. It also works well with Phenacite, Scolecite, Natrolite, Herderite, Sugilite and Tibetan Black Quartz.”

Large Pink Danburite Crystals

Large Pink Danburites
    Danburites have always been one of our favorite types of crystals. They are often beautiful, and their highly pleasurable currents feel totally angelic! We recently got a small quantity of surprisingly large and amazingly pink Danburites. We think the pink ones are definitely the best!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Danburite is a gentle and powerful aid to the upliftment of one’s awareness to the higher spiritual vibrations. Danburite clears and opens the crown chakra, linking and harmonizing it with the heart. It activates and integrates the transpersonal and etheric chakras above the head, all the way up to the fourteenth chakra. This allows one to move in consciousness into the angelic domain, with which Danburite has a special resonance. It also facilitates interdimensional travel and communication with spiritual entities other than angels.
    “Danburite is excellent for those who need to release stress and worry. It soothes the heart and sends it the message that all is well. Holding a Danburite in each hand can be a very calming experience and a boon to meditation. Those who have difficulty sleeping are advised to hold a Danburite in the hand or place one in the pillowcase, in order to bring peace to the subconscious self. Danburite has a way of calming down the mind chatter that can create a cycle of stress.
     “Pink Danburites have the deepest resonance with the heart of all the Danburite types. They are utterly soothing, loving, and healing to the emotional body. They open the heart, and keep it open, allowing a delicious flow of soft joy to pour through. They are powerful stones of forgiveness, and they can dissolve any negative attachments to past wounds or injustices. They can be used as healing tools, especially if a large crystal is placed at the feet and another just above the head of the client. This arrangement nurtures the Light Body and brings an aura of love and protection, like a cocoon around the person.
   “Danburite is one of the Synergy Twelve stones (including Moldavite, Phenacite, Tanzanite, Azeztulite, Petalite, Herderite, Tibetan Tektite, Brookite, Natrolite, Scolecite and Satyaloka Azeztulite). It harmonizes with Lilac Lepidolite, Amblygonite and Lithium Quartz (for stress relief) and Merkabite and Elestial Calcite (for interdimensional travel).”

Angel Aura Quartz Points

Angel Aura Large A++ Points
     Angel Aura Quartz is very beautiful, and our new large points are just phenomenal! We chose a group of A++ Brazilian Quartz points to be treated, and when they came back we were amazed, and very excited to offer them to our readers.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Angel Aura Quartz is produced when clear Quartz points or clusters go through a special treatment process in which their surfaces are bonded with vaporized or finely powdered platinum, silver and other trace metals. The resulting crystals exhibit silvery surfaces with flashes of brilliant iridescent color. The name Angel Aura Quartz derives from this color’s likeness to images of the gossamer wings of angels.
     “Angel Aura Quartz is a stone of attunement to beauty, and it can assist one in remembering to pay attention to the beauty surrounding one, in both Nature and Spirit. Wearing Angel Aura Quartz helps one to be a beacon of inner beauty, peace and spiritual awareness. Meditating with these stones, one can easily move beyond the body and go to one’s ‘inner temple.’ This is a place of purification and rest, in which one’s angelic guides are present, ready to help one release stress and move into deep peace.
    “Remembrance of past incarnations, insights into one’s spiritual purpose, the ability to channel higher knowledge, and the opportunity to commune with loving spiritual entities are among the possibilities available through working with Angel Aura Quartz. And all of these things take place in a ‘bubble’ of peace, tranquillity and contentment.
     “Angel Aura Quartz harmonizes well with Aqua Aura Quartz, Danburite, Petalite, Seraphinite, Oregon Opal, Alexandrite and Kunzite.”

Aegirine Crystals

    Aegirine is one of those elusive minerals. It is hard to find good crystals, especially small ones. But last September were lucky enough to do so, and we even got enough of them to offer Aegirine wire wraps for the first time!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Aegirine crystals are wonderful tools for removing negative or stuck energies from all levels of the subtle bodies. They are stones of confidence and strength, allowing one to shine one’s Light, even in the darkest places—in the inner or outer world. There are few stones as effective as Aegirine for breaking the attachment of negative entities or patterns to one’s etheric body. Such attachments are not normal for energetically healthy and balanced individuals, but anyone can become vulnerable in moments of strong fear or anger, or through abuse of alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
    “Carrying or wearing Aegirine can be an effective stop-gap measure for forcing the release of these vampiric energies, and working with Aegirine in body layouts or in conjunction with other subtle energy healing modalities can, in time, regenerate the damaged protective auric shield.”

Azozeo Lemurian Seed Crystals

Azozeo™ Lemurian Light Crystals
     Lemurian Light Crystals are the very finest of Lemurian Seed Crystals. They are found only in Colombia, and they tend to be especially bright and clear. Energetically, they are very high, much higher than the usual Lemurian Seeds. We are always on the lookout for some, and we got a new batch of lovely one on our buying trip. To make them even better, we put them through the Azozeo Super-Activation process.
      Robert Simmons writes: “Lemurian Light crystals aid meditation and visionary experience. They can open the ‘Mouth of God’ energy point at the back of the skull, initiating powerful mystical awakenings. They allow one to see visions of ancient Lemuria, and to experience Lemurian consciousness. Lemurian Light Crystals are deeply soothing and quieting to one’s consciousness, even as they awaken the inner Light. They can help one enter quickly and deeply into meditative states, releasing stress and opening the mind to receive inner guidance and inspiration. They can stimulate the organization of one’s Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, enhancing one’s capacities for many varieties of expanded awareness.
    “In spiritual self-healing, Lemurian Light Crystals can be used to support the brain and central nervous system. They may be spiritually useful in working with Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of dementia.
     “When Lemurian Light crystals receive the Azozeo Super-Activation process, their vibrations move up a quantum leap both in their frequency and their intensity. It takes a high-vibration stone to fully receive this activation, which is why most Azozeo stones are Azeztulites. However, Lemurian Light Crystals do very well with this process, and when they have been super-activated  they are like lasers of pure spiritual Light.
     “Lemurian Light Crystals work well with Moldavite, Azeztulite of all varieties, Rosophia, Natrolite, Danburite and Agni Gold Danburite. With Mystic Merlinite or Black Merlinite one can experience integration of one’s Light and Shadow sides. With Phenacite, one’s capacity for visionary experiences is much enhanced.”

Bloodstone Raw Pieces

Bloodstone A+ Raw Chunks
     Bloodstone has long been a favorite stone of those who enjoy and work with crystal energies. We have always had tumbled pieces, but  good quality raw ones were hard to find. A few months ago, we bought a collection of them, and are happy to be able to offer them at last!
     Robert Simmons writes: “Bloodstone is a great purifier, a healing tool for dispelling negative influences from the auric field and bringing one’s subtle energies into wholeness and balance. It grounds one fully in the body, for the enhancement of one’s strength, determination and courage. It increases vitality, and can aid one in facing physical mortality. It is a good talisman for those who are ill, even if curing the illness is not possible, because of its power to let one look unflinchingly at the truth. Bloodstone is a stone of noble sacrifice, and it can offer courage and solace. It can elicit the highest, most altruistic character traits in whoever carries or uses it. At its most effective, it stimulates the urge toward Christ consciousness.
    “Bloodstone strengthens the root chakra, increasing one’s zest for living and endurance in physical activity. It supports blood purification and purging the body of toxins. Bloodstone works harmoniously with Cuprite, Smoky Quartz, Zincite, Black Tourmaline, Jet and Obsidian. For connection with the vibrations of Christ consciousness, one may combine Bloodstone with Imperial Topaz and/or Golden Azeztulite.”

Kaurilte Specimens from New Zealand

     Kaurilite is an Amber-like substance which formed from the resin excreted by the ancient Kauri trees of New Zealand. Since we introduced it a year or so ago, it has become very popular in the USA. We were glad to receive the new batch Robert recently acquired.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Kaurilite carries a tremendous amount of life force, bringing an infusion of prana into one’s auric field and one’s Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. This is because Kaurilite comes from hardy and long-lived trees, whose lifestream spans many millions of years. The Kauri Being is strongly present in Kaurilite, and is naturally friendly to humans. Love is simply in the nature of the Kauri Being, as are wisdom, majesty, patience and humor. When one aligns with Kaurilite, one resonates with all of these qualities. Kaurilite can work metaphysically to enhance one’s physical, mental and emotional vitality. It is a good material for all types of self-healing practices, lending energetic support to the immune system as well as one’s blood and lymph systems. Kauri trees produce natural anti-microbial substances, which may have something to do with Kaurilite’s spiritual capacity to aid one in overcoming microbial invasions and other types of illness. Kaurilite is itself a liquid crystal substance, and perhaps this accounts for its strong healing resonance with our own liquid crystal cells and tissues.”

Azumar Tumbled, Raw and Shapes

     Azumar is new material from our selection of beautiful, high-vibration stones. It is a combination of Quartz, Kaolinite and a number of trace minerals. In some pieces, we have found sprays of Stibnite within the robin’s-egg blue base material. The stone was found in Arizona, very recently. We have given the it the name Azumar, from azure (blue) and mare (ocean). Its color reminds us of the stunning turquoise shades found in tropical seas, and its energies are definitely evocative of the Water element.
    Robert Simmons writes: “When I first touched a piece of Azumar, inviting the Being of the stone to enter into my bodily energy field, I was surprised by its power and delighted by the qualities of its vibrations. The stone emanated strong, rhythmic pulsations at a regular, steady rate--similar to waves coming in from the ocean. These pulses coursed through my entire body, activating the upper chakras first, then flowing down all the way to my feet. The sensation was intensely pleasurable, like being washed internally with joy. After only a few moments, the waves of the stone established a resonance throughout my entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, with each pulse pouring downward from head to toes. The reaction of my bodily energies was what I can only call ‘rejoicing.’ It was as if a beloved being who had been long absent had at last returned. Or it might be said that my body energies felt as if they were being tuned, like a violin, to make the most beautiful music they could ever make. There is an unmistakable watery feel to the flow of Azumar’s currents, and that energy transforms the body’s inner ocean to a moving sea of rhythmic bliss. It is as if the liquid within us comes alive with joy and enhanced awareness.
    “In my meditation with Azumar, I was met by a vision of the Being of this stone. Azumar appeared to me as a female being of great beauty and power. Her hair was blue like the sky and ocean, and her eyes were turquoise colored. Her skin was very smooth and pale, and she wore a gown of shimmering blue-green, with light glinting from it in the same manner that sunlight reflects on the sea. She beckoned for me to follow her into the water, and down to a sea cave. In my vision, we were pulled through the water cave by strong currents, until we reached a cavern filled with phosphorescent turquoise light, and we stepped back onto the land. The light seemed to come from the walls of the cave, and it pulsed in a slow rhythm. There were blue stalactites reaching down from the ceiling, like the pipes of an organ, and there was an altar with a natural stone basin filled with pure clear water. She motioned for me to approach the basin and look into the water.
     “As I did so, she swirled the water with her hand and when it became still again I saw images within it. Though the Being did not speak, her gaze told me that  She was revealing her nature in the images. I saw visions of the Earth--waterfalls, summer skies, sunsets, beaches, mountains covered with trees. I saw the Being’s turquoise eyes looking out through the landscape of visions, meeting my gaze as if to say, ‘Yes, I am here, and here, and here as well.’ I felt I was being shown that the spirit expressing herself through the new blue stones is very ancient, and is a Being not only of the Water Element, but also of Earth and Air. Then the figure standing beside me in my vision spoke aloud, in a clear and deeply feminine voice: ‘I am Azumar, and I am one of the faces of She who is Earth herself. I manifest as Sky energy, and Earth, though my truest essence resides in the flow of Water. I can aid you in making yourself a clearer vessel for the Water of Life, and I can bring you into the effortless joy with which water moves in the world--wandering through Earth, Sky and Sea. I can teach you how to be like a drop of water--individual yet also one with the ocean of life.’
    “There were more visions in the basin, in which personal counsel for myself was mingled with more disclosures regarding the qualities of Azumar. I will try to summarize these in my own words.
    “Azumar is a powerful stone in the realm of feeling. Its currents wash through the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, bringing refreshment, joy and rejuvenation to every cell. It is a wonderful stone for healing and brightening the emotional body--effortlessly dissolving negative fixations within its peaceful waves of pleasure and power. It can aid in dispelling anger, envy, fear and stress, replacing them with serenity, enthusiasm, confidence and the feeling of being enveloped within an atmosphere of love. As Azumar does its work of transformation within the waters of our liquid crystal structures, dysfunctional patterns dissolve and we are filled with the joy that underlies all life. We are made clear, like a flowing spring, and this clarification of consciousness gives rise to untapped intuitive potentials. We can suddenly begin to develop clairvoyance, telepathic sensitivity, and the capacity for enhanced visionary awareness. Those who are readers of oracles may find their senses heightened and their ability to see future events increased. Those who are channels or mediums will find that their attunement to Spirit is easier and deeper. And all of those who work with Azumar will experience its powerful influx of pleasure, power and joy. Under Azumar’s influence, one’s awareness can rise to the highest possible perspective, while still penetrating to the intimate depths of whatever is the focus of one’s attention. This is one of the most powerful stones I have encountered for personal evolution and the enhancement of consciousness.
    “Azumar is an ideal companion for Healerite, and the two work together marvelously for bringing energetic wholeness and well being to one’s body and vibrational fields. It harmonizes with all Azeztulites, especially the Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulites. It also works well in combination with Arkansas Golden Healer crystals, Lemurian Light crystals, Sugilite, Moldavite, Aquamarine, Azurite, Larimar and Lithium Light.”

Healerite Tumbled, Raw and Shapes

    Healerite is the name given to a newly discovered magnesium silicate mineral (possibly a form of chrysotile) from the Northwestern USA. It is a bright lime green color, reminding some observers of Key Lime pie! It has a soft feeling in the hand, and is pleasant to hold. It was all hand-dug from a single deposit in a remote mountain area. Healerite was one of the big hits of showroom at the 2013 Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows. We are pleased now to offer Healerite in a variety of polished shapes, beads and jewelry.
    Robert Simmons writes: “This is a stone of profound healing energy, working on multiple levels to restructure misaligned chakras, meridians, and systems in the organic and etheric bodies, bringing a great beneficial infusion of  subtle matter-energy. Healerite’s currents move into the body quite readily at any point, carrying emanations of well-being to body and soul. This stone resonates strongly with the heart, solar plexus and third eye chakras, facilitating an elevation and alignment of the vibratory qualities of these three chakras and one’s entire vibrational field. Through the linking of these chakras, Healerite stimulates the harmonious accord of awareness, love and will, empowering one to manifest these more fully than ever before. Those engaged in self-healing or in facilitating the healing of others will find a valuable ally in this wholesome and powerful stone.
    “Healerite energizes the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, creating revitalization on the cellular level. Its currents encourage all of the cells and internal systems to harmonize with one another, and with the Divine Blueprint of the holistic perfection of the body. This is a stone to carry or wear for the maintenance of one’s resonance with this pattern, as well as for re-connecting with it if one is ill.
    “On the emotional level, Healerite is an excellent ally for encouraging the optimal emotional states of joy, expansiveness, generosity, intimacy and heart-centered awareness.  This stone is a great aid for those seeking to heal old wounds to the emotional body--even those carried unconsciously from past lives. It is excellent for facilitating the recollection of past lives, and for learning the lessons which allow one to correct dysfunctional patterns and move forward. Healerite can also help practitioners break the pattern of being the ‘wounded healer’--one who engages in helping others but neglects one’s own self-healing. It is one of the most profoundly wholesome, balancing, energizing stones I have ever encountered, and I feel it can help one bring about amazing shifts into health and wholeness.
    “Healerite has a special connection with Shungite, which enhances the flow of energy through the meridian system, and is also said to be a stone of rejuvenation. It works well with Honey and Cream Azeztulite, which mirrors and magnifies the wholesome sweetness of its currents. It  also resonates with Moldavite, Phenacite, Golden Labradorite, Seraphinite and all forms of Azeztulite.”

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