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Palm Stones: Amaranthine™

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Item Number: AZA635
Azozeo Super-Activated
Amaranthine Polished Palm Stones
Pictured example measures 42mm x 40mm x 7mm thick, colors and sizes will vary

Ideal for carrying, meditation and body layouts!

"Amaranthine is a mixture of minerals, consisting primarily of Quartz and Fluorite. It exhibits beautiful hues of purple-violet, mixed with stunning white patterns and streaks of golden tan. Amaranthine is, on all levels, an embodiment of its name. The rich patterns of purple, white and tan would be at home on an immortal celestial flower. And in fact, because Amaranthine is a stone, it is, in a sense, an ‘undying flower of the Earth.’ Its vibrational currents are sweet, powerful and purifying, and they bring one’s awareness to a higher spiritual octave."    —Robert Simmons

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