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Anandalite™ Six Stone Energy Grid Sets

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Anandalite Six Stone Energy Grid Sets:
We use these to create a field of energy around the reclining body, when healing or ascension work is being done. For this, we use a set of six larger Anandalites. Our most powerful application for stimulating the body and energy field of an individual is to combine the chakra set with the body grid set. In this configuration, one is lying done inside an oval grid made from the six larger Anandalites, and the nine smaller Anandalites are placed at each of the chakra points. Meditating in the energy environment made by this pattern of powerful stones is an amazing experience, one that can potentially initiate one into the path of kundalini-awakened evolution. (Note: This grid/layout can be further enhanced by adding Tibetan Tektite at the crown and root chakras, or at all of the chakras. Adding Azeztulites will bring in the Nameless Light energy to activate spiritual Light on the cellular level.)
NOTE: Picture is an example of the medium size; shapes will vary somewhat 

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