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Angelinite™ Raw Stones

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Angelinite Raw Stones
Picture is an example, (stones sold individually) shapes and color may vary somewhat

NOTE: Other sizes available, please call 1-802-476-4775 for more information
Angelinite brings an immediately sense of lightness to one’s consciousness, as it stimulates the third eye and crown chakras. It is a stone of very rarified and high-frequency currents, and it can ‘pull one up’ to the angelic realms. It is a stone of vibrational Ascension, and it lifts one’s energies very high, very quickly. In this way, it stretches one’s capacity for consciously entering into levels of higher and higher vibration. It increases one’s capacity to concentrate one’s awareness in these high realms, and to call upon angelic guides and helpers. This can be of great benefit in spiritual self-healing and in interdimensonal exploration.

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