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Ascension Seven Stone Sets

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Ascension Seven Stone Sets Include:
Phenacite (4-7 Carat Tumbled Stone)
Natrolite (5-10 Carat Tumbled Stone)
Herderite (3-5 Carat Natural Crystal)
Scolecite (5-10 Gram Natural Crystal)
Brookite (Appr. 1 Carat Natural Crystal)
Petalite (5-10 Gram Raw Stone)
Azozeo White Azeztulite (5-10 Gram Raw Stone)
Pictured is an example set, shapes and colors will vary

“The group of stones we call the Ascension Seven is comprised of seven very high-vibration stones that work in harmonic mutual amplification to bring a huge volume of spiritual Light into one’s energy field. This illumination is synonymous with the processes of Light Body activation and Vibrational Ascension. Each of them alone is a powerful influence for consciousness expansion, and when they are used together, the effect is multiplied! Use this group in body layouts and meditation grids, in a pouch, or just in your hands. I like to lie down with them on and all around my head!”    —Robert Simmons

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