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Azeztulite Awakening By Robert Simmons

There are so many stories to tell about Azeztulite. Some of them have been presented in my latest book, Stones of the New Consciousness. Along with Moldavite, (and now Rosophia) Azeztulite has been a central focus of my spiritual path with the stones––both in my work and in my life. In this little article, I want to say something about a phenomenon that has been happening for a few years. It involves the discovery of new forms of Azeztulite, in new locations, as part of an unfolding that potentially involves the whole Earth. When I think of it now, I call it the Azeztulite Awakening.

The unspoken point of view that most of us have regarding stones and their spiritual properties is that the stones, with whatever properties they may have, are more or less sitting there in the ground, broadcasting their properties, and when we find them and start working with them, we feel their energies, receive their benefits and evolve as a result. This may be exactly how it is, but the Azeztulite story has always been different. Eighteen years ago, my friend Naisha, whom I did not yet know very well, called to give me the message (from an angelic group soul entity called “Azez”) that I would soon have in my hands a new stone, which was to be called Azeztulite. It was, she told me, called something else in the human world, though she didn’t know what. When the stones miraculously arrived as predicted, sent to me by a stranger in North Carolina, they felt so powerful, and their frequency was so high, I associated them with Phenacite, the most powerful inter dimensional stone I knew back then. But it wasn’t Phenacite. It was a chunky, even clunky-looking variety of the humblest of minerals––quartz. Yet it was capable of giving me head-to-toe goose bumps, lighting my upper chakras up like a pinball machine, and touching my heart with a tenderness that brought forth tears. No other quartz I had touched before, or since, could affect me so strongly. The Azez had said that they programmed the stone Azeztulite to carry the frequencies of the Nameless Light, and it seemed to be true. Nothing else we knew could explain it.
Almost twenty years later, I have seen so many others experience Azeztulite with wonder and astonishment, with tears and illumination, with goose bumps and joy, that I am utterly convinced that Naisha’s original story is true. There are these invisible (to us) benevolent beings, the Azez, who serve the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun, and who have awakened certain varieties of particularlyreceptive quartz, in special places around the Earth. These stones, as they said through Naisha, carry currents of Light which can help us to awaken, to heal, and to dissolve all our old habits of fear, illness, destruction and death. They carry the spiritual pattern of regeneration, and they hold the longing of the Divine Light to incarnate in us here upon the Earth. That’s pretty big stuff, and it has taken years for me to see this as clearly as I feel I do now. It is rather daring to say all of this so plainly. And all of this is not fate, but destiny. Fate one cannot avoid, but destiny must be chosen in order to be fulfilled. What Azeztulite offers can change us, and can change the world, but only if we claim the destiny that is available to us, only if we choose to accept the Azeztulite’s gift. And, we have been told, we must offer our gift as well. If enough of us work with Azeztulite, we were told, we make it possible for more Azeztulite to be awakened. In Naisha’s original messages, we were told that the Azez were stationed etherically in power spots around the Earth, and that over time, more Azeztulite would be activated, and then discovered. Think of that! It is different from the old assumption that stones are just sitting around broadcasting the same energies forever. Azeztulite seems unique, an intentional gift from some high angelic beings, perhaps from the Light itself. Chemically, it is quartz, but clearly, not all quartz is Azeztulite. Will that always be so?

Perhaps not! As the Azez predicted so many years ago, more Azeztulite has been found. (Always, we identify a new form of Azeztulite by testing its energy currents. Their presence is what reveals it as Azeztulite.) After the original Azeztulite from North Carolina, Vermont Azeztulite was discovered, and then Satyaloka Azeztulite from South India. In the couple of years, things have accelerated and evolved. In 2008, we came upon a new type of Azeztulite from North Carolina, which we called Sanda Rosa Azeztulite. This material, in addition to quartz, contained spessartine garnet and green mica. I found it to be an excellent stone for my own physical healing.

In the fall of 2008, Pink Azeztulite (Rhodazez) was found in the Rocky Mountains. This was another mixture, containing quartz and pink dolomite. It unmistakably carries the Azeztulite currents, but the pink dolomite attunes it perfectly for the soothing and regenerating of the emotional body.

The winter of 2008 brought forth the first true Azeztulite prismatic crystals, once again from the North Carolina mountains. Because they were mostly citrine colored, and because they evoked the gold-white spiritual Light, we named them Golden Azeztulite.

The energetic wealth of Azeztulite has come to amaze us, as has the rapidity of Azeztulite’s recent expansion into new varieties. In the early months of 2009, a friend brought us yet another new stone, a bright yellow quartz from the lands bordering the Himalaya mountains. It revealed itself, when we tested it in meditation, to be a newly activated Azeztulite, keyed to the development of creative manifestation and will. We have named it Himalaya Gold Azeztulite. In 2010, the same site in India yielded two new kinds, Himalaya Red Azeztulite and Himalaya red-Gold Azeztulite.

Why is all of this happening? I believe we are seeing the development of the original agenda of the Azez and the Light they serve. These beings said that they serve the Light, and that they come as helpers to planets ready to make the next great leap of their spiritual evolution. The last communication Naisha shared with me was that the ultimate agenda of the Azez is for all the quartz on Earth to eventually carry the energies of Azeztulite! I have written of this before, but I must repeat it, because the implications are so important. Those who have felt the currents of Azeztulite, and who have felt the response to Azeztulite in their souls and bodies, can readily imagine what this could mean. If all of the Earth’s quartz, which makes up 26% of the Earth’s crust, begins to vibrate at the frequencies of Azeztulite, at the intensity of Azeztulite, we will be living on a different kind of planet––a Planet of Light. And we, ourselves, will change simultaneously with the Earth, into our true nature––Beings of Light. As I think of this, and as I see the gradual (though actually quite rapid) unfolding of this agenda, through the new Azeztulite discoveries, I am awed. It is so big, it is hard to take it in, hard to feel the enormity of it. Yet I am moved, as others have been, to try my best to help it all come true.

So, naturally, I invite everyone who is moved by this vision to join in and help. How? By working with Azeztulite, opening ourselves to the inner Light of the Central Sun, the seed of which is in our hearts. Let all our fearful habits dissolve, and trust the Light, trust the heart and trust the unknown. I think it is good to meditate and sleep with Azeztulites of all sorts, and to wear it. I like and encourage giving Azeztulite to others and planting pieces of it in the Earth, in the ocean, in rivers and cities and vacant lots and houses––everywhere that the heart suggests. I planted pieces of Azeztulite at Stonehenge in 2007, inviting the giant megaliths to wake up and become like Azeztulite. I like to do this, leaving bits of Azeztulite, and the invitation to the “beneficial contagion,” in different places where inspiration dictates. Even if you are not planting stones, I encourage you to invite the quartz embedded in all fields you walk upon, and the sidewalks, and in the buildings you pass, in the highways, the beaches, the tombstones, the gravel, the layers of quartz deep, deep under the soil––invite them all to wake up and carry the currents of Azeztulite. This invitation from us is a way of inviting the Nameless Light of the Divine to fully enter the Earth, and to weave its way into our whole being. Because it is based in Love, this Light will never force itself upon us. It, like love, will only enter where it is welcomed.

In the two years I have learned that Azeztulite has a partner––the stone called Rosophia. I wrote about the amazing occasion of Rosophia’s discovery in the 2010 Metaguide Magazine. I like to imagine Azeztulite as the Divine Light from the spiritual realms, reaching down from above, one might say. And Rosophia is like the spirit of the Divine Feminine––the Soul of the World, already deeply within matter, reaching for union with the heavenly Light. The Light of Heaven can meet and marry with the Love of Earth, and our hearts are the place we can offer for them to incarnate––we are their living vessels, if we choose. And when they have met in our hearts, their joy becomes our own. And if we invite it, this Joy/Love /Light will pour from our hearts and flow to every cell, and our bodies will become bodies of Love and Light.

Or so is the vision I hold. I invite all who feel a resonance with these stones, or these words, or the energies behind the words, to try some of these things for yourselves. If it is true for you, your hearts will know. We create as much as we discover, and we discover as much as we create. This is what I mean by the Azeztulite Awakening. Let’s create it!

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