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Azeztulite™ Raw Stone Sets

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Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulite Stone Set (Raw)
Includes 16 types of Azeztulite:
Original White
Sanda Rosa
Honey & Cream
Pink (Rhodazez)
Himalaya Gold
Satyaloka Yellow
Satyaloka Rose
Satyaloka Clear
Black Azeztulite
Red Fire Azeztulite
Pink Fire Azeztulite
Black Tourmaline Azeztulite 

Picture is an example, shapes and colors will vary

“When one spends time attuning to Azozeo Azeztulite, the currents one feels entering the body are not mere ephemeral energy--they are streams of subtle matter which bond to the gross matter in every cell and molecule of the body in a way that spiritualizes them, aligns them, ‘teaches’ them to open themselves to the Light. This can rapidly increase the development of the Mind of the Body. This is an intelligence which resides in the entire Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, and which is an aspect of enlightenment.”  --RS

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