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Azozeo® Phenacite Natural Crystal (23mm x 28mm / 76.8 carats)

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Azozeo® Phenacite Natural Crystal (Brazil)
Measures 23mm x 28mm and weighs 76.8 carats
NOTE: The black areas and spots on this crystal is Black Tourmaline—ideal for keeping the stones' energies clear and pure!

“The new Azozeo Phenacite crystals, discovered in June of 2016, came to light at an ideal moment. More and more people have been experiencing or learning about the power and significance of Azozeo Phenacites, and the supply of smaller, more affordable specimens had been almost exhausted. Azozeo Phenacites are the most powerful tools in the process of simultaneously activating the Light Bodies of humanity and the Earth. They are the only stones I know that are capable of taking other stones to higher vibrational levels. This is why we are super-activating almost all of our Azeztulites and Auralite-23 with the Azozeo process, in which these Phenacites play a key role. Those who feel drawn to them can experience astonishing expansions of awareness working with them.”    —Robert Simmons

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