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Dream Cloud Chalcedony (New Zealand) A++ Polished Pieces

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Azozeo Super-Activated

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New Zealand Dream Cloud Chalcedony A++ Polished Pieces
Pictured are examples, (stones sold individually) shapes and colors will vary

NOTE: Other sizes available, please call 1-802-476-4775 for more information

"Dream Cloud Chalcedony is an antidote to stress and a tonic for frayed nerves. When one invites the currents of this stone to enter the body, one feels wrapped in a cocoon of sweetness and love, safe and warm as the womb. These stones are replenishing to the soul, and they feel like poetry running through one’s veins. They teach the body that it is safe to let go of tension and anxiety, and to trust in the overriding goodness of the Universe. Dream Cloud Chalcedony is a wonderful stone to meditate or sleep with, and it can increase the frequency and spiritual quality of lucid dreams."   —Robert Simmons

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