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Azozeo™ Phenacite Gemstone Essences (Spray)

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Item Number: AZA204
Azozeo Super-Activated Phenacite Gemstone Essences (Spray Bottle)
Ingredients:  Azozeo Super-Activated Essence, Arkansas Crystal Spring Water, 10% Alcohol
(Note: Each Bottle Contains 1 FL OZ)
“As we continued to be amazed by the currents of the stones we were bringing out of the Azozeo energy field, we decided to try making an Azozeo Gem Essence there--we were astonished by the results. It was definitely the strongest bodily response we had ever felt to a stone essence. Upon taking a few drops under the tongue, there was an immediate subtle ‘rush’ through the whole body, and a feeling of quickening vibration. Then as the day went on, we felt an increase in energy, and a link with higher levels of consciousness.”  --Robert Simmons

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