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Azozeo® Phenacite A++ Faceted Gem (Oval 12x9mm / 4 carats)

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Item Number: PG003
Azozeo® Phenacite A++ Faceted Gem
Size: 12mm x 9mm Oval
Weight: 4 Carats

"Because of their purity and clarity, these gems offer some of the most highly intensified currents of spiritual Light that we have yet encountered. We feel it is very beneficial that stones of this vibrational level are now available to be worn in jewelry! Azozeo Phenacites may be the most spiritually valuable stones yet to emerge from the Earth. We have seen numerous people brought to tears the first time they held one of these crystals. They have reported to us that the Azozeo Phenacite crystals are saturated with love, and that this love pours into us when we are in their presence. People also report that much inner Light enters into them through the Azozeo Phenacites. In addition, people tell us that it is very easy to perceive the Being expressing itself as Azozeo Phenacite."   —Robert Simmons

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