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Chakra High-Vibration Gemstone Set

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Chakra High-Vibration Stone Set
NOTE: Pictured are examples, shapes and colors will vary

These stones each range from 25mm to 35+mm and include:
Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite (Polished)
White Azeztulite (Polished)
Auralite-23 (Polished)
Azumar (Polished)
Rosophia (Polished)
Himalaya Gold Azeztulite (Polished)
New Zealand Carnelian (Raw)
Cinnazez (Polished)

“Chakra Stone Sets can activate, harmonize, balance and stabilize one’s whole energy system. They are excellent for all types of body layouts--whether for self healing, expansion of awareness, increasing one’s vitality or simply becoming conscious of how the chakras feel--these sets can be valuable tools. These High Vibration Chakra Stone Set provides the most elevated energies for awakening to higher levels of consciousness.”  —Robert Simmons

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