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CHALICE WELL Pendant with Rosophia Cabochon & Azeztulite Gem

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Item Number: F578
"Chalice Well" Pendant (Read Below)
Stones: Rosophia 30mm Cabochon & Clear Azeztulite 10x6mm Faceted Gem
NOTE: Pendant sold in .925 Sterling Silver, Please call for 14K Gold price
Pendants of the Chalice Well
   On our Holy Grail voyage to England, we visited one of the Grail sites, the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, renowned for its healing waters. The cover of the Well depicts the ancient Grail symbol of the vessica pisces. The overlapped circles represent the union of all polarities––Heaven and Earth, male and female, above and below, light and darkness––all of which meet within the human heart. Esoteric traditions point to the heart as the living cup from which Divine blessings of Love and life pour into the world, and many teachers say that the heart is the true Grail. 
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