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Crocodile Rock Polished Sphere (75mm)

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Item Number: 54540
Crocodile Rock Polished Gemstone Sphere
Measures 75mm and weighs 656 grams

"The stone we call Crocodile Rock is a black and green quartz-based material from Madagascar. Its wild patterns of green on a black matrix suggest the markings on the skin of a crocodile, which is the derivation off the stone's name. Crocodile Rock is a stone of light-hearted fun and adventurousness. It is an excellent stone to uplift those who are 'down in the dumps,' because its currents bring attention to the humorous side of life, reminding one not to take oneself to seriously. It is a good stone for someone who wants to get out of a way of life that has become too embedded in routine. Crocodile Rock can shake up old patterns and allow one to see new potentials and opportunities."    —Robert Simmons

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