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Crystal Canteen Elixir Bottle "Nameless Light" Recipe

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Crystal Canteen Elixir Bottle with "NAMELESS LIGHT" Stone Recipe
NOTE: Bottle measures 9.5" x 2.7" and comes with sleeve as pictured below. Stone Set also available without bottle, pictured is an example.

This Recipe Contains: White, Satyaloka Clear and Himalaya Gold Azeztulites

“These three Azeztulites have a powerful synergy with each other. They emanate the Gold-White Light of the Great Central Sun, which activates our Light Body. Drinking water charged with these energies brings this influence down to all the cells. Excellent for awakening the inner Light!”   —Robert Simmons

NOTE: These glass water bottles contain a special sealed chamber to be filled with stones. This chamber is adjacent to the water in the bottle, but the water is not physically touched by the stones. Instead, the stones’ energies penetrate through the glass, charging and realigning the water. Thus, one can receive the energetic benefits of the charged water, free from any concerns that could arise from having the stones sloshing around in the water itself. We’ve tried this elegant solution, and it works just as well on the energetic level as placing the stones into the drinking water itself.

Crystal Canteen Bottle with Sleeve
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