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Crystal Properties: Cinnazez is a red, white and black mixture of quartz, cinnabar and zinc, recently discovered in New Zealand. Its vibrational qualities have earned it a place among the several types of New Zealand Azeztulites.

Crystal Healing: Cinnazez is a quickener of consciousness and an awakener of higher awareness. It can stimulate one’s nervous system to actualize latent capacities of clairvoyance, telepathic communication, attunement to heavenly realms, and direct knowledge of Divine truth. It is felt as the solidified essence of the Philosopher’s Stone, and it can help the body open to become a conduit of the Celestial Fire of the Great Central Sun.  

All the Cinnazez shown here has been Azozeo Super-Activated!

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Cinnazez™ A++ Polished Altar Stone (4.75" x 3")
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Cinnazez™ A++ Polished Altar Stone (4.75" x 3")
Azozeo Super-Activated
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