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Hi Robert,

I can’t believe it’s been three years since we first came together to get the 18 large Azeztulite labyrinth stones for my lavender farm. It was an extraordinary beginning that continues to expand. I can’t thank you enough for instantly perceiving how important that initial contact was.

I’ve attached a condensed chronology of what the Azez and I have been doing with the stones since then to enliven the lavender and hence the essential oil and hydrosol we’re distilling. (See Running Spring Ranch Lavender below)

You may not remember, but during the Alchemy of Stones workshop in Vermont, this came through me from the Azez to relay to that wonderful group you gathered there. It’s resonance grows ever stronger and more true:

“Beloveds of the Light, We are gathered here in great numbers as a confirmation of the forward momentum of this activity, this blessing, to thy beloved planet which does indeed rise. We welcome all of fine heart who wish to engage with us in this time of convergence with the Higher Realms of Light. Thou are all Wayshowers and Light Bearers here and the sooner these shoes are comfortable on thy feet the better for All.

For it is the All that you are blessing with this joyful work, this path you have embarked upon. Breathe easily in this connection to Source as it is your birthright, Welcome Home Beloveds. We honor thee for thy open hearts and willing spirits, for your participation is required for this planetary Ascension.

We see the ever increasing Light and enhance thy efforts to the degree allowed. For centuries We have been ever present, fanning the tiny flames which are now growing into magnificent bonfires of Divine Light.  
We congratulate you.
We love you.”

Thanks so much for all you, your lovely wife and your team do to expand Awareness, Love and Light to the world at large.

Much Love from here,

CLICK HERE to download: Running Spring Ranch Lavender


Dear Robert & Kathy,

I feel compelled to write you and tell my little story.  

Many years ago now—probably the late 80's early 90's I had what I will call a very brief "vision".  In the vision I saw two pairs of sandaled feet walking along. It was as if I was looking down as they walked along. It felt like master talking to student but I cannot be sure of that. I heard a name that I have always spelled Azsus. I have no idea how the name should have been spelled. I also had no idea what that meant and have never been able to find any reference to it anywhere, but I have always wondered about the experience and keep the name in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to the present—I came across your book about stones—pardon me if I don't have the name correct—Stones of the New Consciousness. Actually someone else was purchasing it and I had asked them if they minded if I looked at it since it was the only copy available. A friend of mine noticed my interest and began telling me about your website and catalog. They offered to bring in a catalog supplement they had for me to look at. As I opened the first page I was struck by the Azeztulite and the Azez—the name being so similar to the name I have carried with me all these years. The synchronicity was too much. I had to order one.

It arrived today and although I don't feel I am a person who connects strongly with stones—some I can feel, most not—this stone sent out immediate powerful vibrations (as you said it would of course). I am very pleased to have ordered it.  

I still am not sure why I feel compelled to tell you this story—maybe I just needed to share the experience, but thank you for listening. I would call myself a pretty grounded person and not prone to visions or flights of fancy. I do however have strong spiritual beliefs in many things that others poo-poo. Many thanks for making this wonderful stone available.




Hello Robert and the Heaven and Earth team!

I ordered the 3-stone raw set as well as the 3-stone necklace today and just wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for your generosity and spiritual leadership in these strange times. I believe this is a time of transformation and as you so beautifully articulated in your video, of initiation! I've been looking for new ways to anchor light and raise my vibration in order to help all this unfold as peacefully as possible and I feel that I have been strongly guided to work with these stones, via your marvellous offer!

Yesterday, I did not know what Azeztulite or Rosophia were! I love crystals, have a lovely little collection and work with them heaps but I had never heard of those two. On a whim, I thought it would be fun to do some research and find out which out of all the crystals was thought to have the highest spiritual vibration. I consulted your wonderful Book of Stones and looked up Ascension which lead me to Natrolite. I read the entry and it sounded incredible but I felt that wasn't the one. Then at the end of the entry was the list of  Ascension stones so I decided to read up on all of them, starting with the one I resonated with the most and that was, of course, Azeztulite. I read that entry, got tingles and knew I had to buy some and work with it. I read about Rosophia at the end of that entry, read up on it and decided I definitely needed them both as achieving sacred union of the masculine and feminine within has been something I've been working towards for some time. I also believe that is an aspect of what is playing out on the planet right now - that we are seeing the possible end of a phase of unenlightened masculinity and the rising of the divine feminine which will unlock the sacred masculine! I realised that working with both Azeztulite and Rosophia couldn't be more relevant right now! :D

I spent ages researching and almost bought some chunks from other sellers about 3 times but something always stopped me in the end - I guess I knew they weren't right. Then it finally dawned on me that the people who wrote The Book of Stones would probably have a pretty awesome website so I googled you and there was your offer on the home page! I couldn't believe it! The photos of the 3 stones on that page actually made me gasp - they seemed to be radiating light. So perfect!!

I think you must have sent out a 'bat signal' to anyone who was meant to work with these stones at this time and my spiritual support team got the message loud and clear and sent me off to research high vibrational stones! :) I'm not sure if this is even possible but I think I can feel my energy already tuning in with the energy of the stones that will eventually come to me - it's like a crystal light matrix - particularly the Azeztulite.

Anyway, many thanks again for your leadership and many blessings to you. May you all stay safe and healthy and as harmonious as possible.

In solidarity


Hi Robert,

My name is MaryAnne. We met at your show in Denver. I'm an acupuncturist. It was great meeting you!  I bought your new book there—it's great fun to read. I love how you describe your experiments and your pictures of treatments for people — wow — I'd love to sit in the middle of so many stones! I can see how tame my own work is.

I bought some Azeztulite. One piece is a heart shaped piece. I wore it for a week. It's an amazing stone. I have had very strong experiences with the stone and I love it. It's beautiful. I realize I can't wear it all the time. What I think is happening is, I think I have a lot of heat in my chest, and it creates a lot of heat, which I can feel in my pulse. I have such a strong effect with it. I'm thinking maybe the chemistry of my working with it and the stones is cracking it—does that make any sense to you?

I wear a piece of Nuummite with it, which grounds it somewhat. I think your intuition to use it with Rosophia is right on. The Rosophia is nourishing to the heart blood. That's what it feels like. I also noticed, I think you were wearing a piece of purple jade which is beautiful and is cooling to the body. I have a jade necklace. I'll see if wearing the two together cools off the experience.

I do love the Azeztulite stone. Thank you for your great work. It's very exciting.



Dear Robert Simmons,

I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. A few weeks ago my son-in-law, 29 years old, was diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his chest. He has had some very religious upbringing and does not believe in alternative healing methods, although my daughter, Tanya, was raised on them.

The young people have been very brave and upbeat and I have been using Reiki and other healing methods. One method which was suggested to me was to use various plant extracts and make a decoction, imagine him the size of a small doll, and to bathe his aura with this decoction, using cotton wool  which is then burnt in the fire at the earth’s core.

I took this one step further, working with Arch Angel Michael and in a Fifth Dimensional Pyramid of Light, I placed the imagined image of my tiny son on the crystal table which is set over the Violet Flame and under the huge capstone crystal and was bathing his aura, finding a sticky black substance coming out of his body where the tumour is situated and then placing the used cotton wool in the Violet Flame to have it transmuted into Love/Light which again bathes his aura.

A few days ago, a friend was unpacking and labelling some of his stones and one of these was Azeztulite. We looked it up in a gem book and I found it was also used for cancer and various healings. I held it in my hand and proceeded to use my healing sequence, while holding the tiny crystal, not more than ¼” in diameter.

I received the most amazing blast of energy which travelled right up my spinal column and nearly took off the top of my head! It brought tears to my eyes and was truly amazing. The most powerful healing sequence I had yet performed.

I wanted to find out more about the crystal and went to my computer to Google it. The first site I clicked on was your site and there was all the information! Wow. We really are directed and given information when the time is right!

I thought you would be interested in knowing about my experience. We do not yet have a complete prognosis as to what type of cancer my son has, but I am doing a daily healing sequence, using the Azeztulite and have now also, mentally, made a crystal essence of the stone and added it to my healing decoction.

With thanks, love, light and peace



Dear Robert

Last year in September I had a vision on Glastonbury Tor in the UK and about two months later—after being suddenly very seriously ill—just after the solstice I started a series of daily spiritual writings, which I began posting on my blog. The reason why I am writing to you is that after reading your latest Newsletter, I have just realised that maybe these writings are linked to the Azez and Azeztulite.

First, in May/maybe June last year, two or three months before the vision and getting ill and about four or five months before the writing began, I bought a piece of clear white Azeztulite that came from North Carolina. I knew nothing about it at the time and simply started wearing it. The funny thing is that I had the name of the stone in my head suddenly and had never heard of it before, then found it at a crystal fair.

Secondly, when I was ill, I felt like my body became a liquid—similar to what you describe as the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix in your piece. At the time the process was really, very painful, and it felt like my nervous system somehow opened or activated as I was constantly hot, as if I was being cooked from the inside out. the sensation for about seventy-two hours was like it was raining pins and needles through my energy. Afterwards I felt as though my entire vibration had changed and become much, much higher ...

Thirdly, your piece on the Grandmother Phenacite mentions the intention behind the Azozeo-Activated stones as being the transformation of earth to a Planet of Light. Well, just look at my blog post today. (It says virtually the same thing.)

Fourthly, about two weeks ago, magically, someone gave me a stone which nobody knew what it was. A week ago they got in touch and told me it was a piece of Satyaloka Azeztulite, which I am wearing now. The heat sensations have returned (but they are not uncomfortable this time thankfully!) and my writings have begun to mention, more and more, enlightenment and how the whole vibrational frequency of Earth is being converted to love.

Fifthly, in February this year I was given the name of that overall love energy. It is a Light frequency linked to the sun known as "Anuune." I was told it means ... "without a name." The correspondence with the "Nameless Light" of the Azez is rather compelling as I am sure you will agree.

Many thanks and very excitedly,



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