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Mineral Info: Glacierite occurs in layers, and is usually white in the center with rich blue color in the edges. There is a black/gray crust on the outside of the blue areas. The material consists of tightly intergrown crystals that form a solid mass.

Healing Properties: Glacierite can bring grace and order to the energies of the physical body as well. It reminds the body of its Divine pattern of perfection, and it brings a sweet and subtle vibrational harmony into all the cells. This can be beneficial to everyone, and especially to those who experience disharmony in bodily systems that has been brought on by stress, worry or past trauma.  

NOTE: There is some debate as to whether the material is naturally occurring, or if it is an accidental by-product of a now-defunct smelting operation, as was the case with the Zincite crystals from Poland. Regardless of this question, the material is unquestionably crystalline in nature, and has been perceived to emanate profound and beneficial energies.

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