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Mineral Properties: Guardianite is a complex material, composed of Aegirine, Feldspar, Nepheline, Analcime, Riebeckite-Arfvedsonite, Biotite, Olivine and Apatite. Its color is black on gray-white, and it is found in Oregon, USA.

Crystal Healing: Guardianite brings a deep and immediate grounding through the root chakra. It offers an instantaneous connection with the Earth and its upwelling life force. As Guardianite’s currents flow into one’s field, they permeate the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix with a humming vibration of well-being. Guardianite makes one feel happy, calm and safe. It nourishes the etheric and astral bodies, enhancing their integration with the physical self.

All the Guardianite shown here has been Azozeo Super-Activated!

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