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"Happiness" Crystal Vial Wire Wrap Pendants

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Item Number: CV005
"Happiness" Crystal Vial Wire Wrap Pendant
Satyaloka Rose Azeztulite*
White Azeztulite*

*Azozeo Super-Activated Stones!

"These stones have been selected for their uplifting effects on the emotional body, and they combine synergistically to bring a vibrational boost to one’s awareness of one’s joy in life. They support a state of consciousness in which one is vividly appreciative of one’s blessings, and the beauty and wonder of the world. The Happiness Vial offers healing to the emotional body and brings Light to the heart."   —Robert Simmons
NOTE: Each Pendant is wire wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver and measures approximately 2" in length,
each comes on a 3" x 2" card as shown with stones and Metaphysical properties listed on the back

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