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"Noble Shungite" Crystal Vial Wire Wrap Pendants

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"Noble Shungite" Crystal Vial Wire Wrap Pendant
Contains 100% Noble Shungite

"This is one of the best possible ways to wear the  purest, highest quality Shungite. (The stone itself is too brittle to be cut and polished well.)  The high-quartz borosilicate tube protects the  Shungite and amplifies its effects, while the spiral wrap directs the Shungite energies into the most appropriate places in one’s body and energy field. The noble Shungite Vial is one of the most powerful tools one can wear for purifying and energizing the body and energy field."   —Robert Simmons
NOTE: Each Pendant is wire wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver and measures approximately 2" in length,
each comes on a 3" x 2" card as shown with stones and Metaphysical properties listed on the back

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