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Lepidolite (Crystallized) Natural Stones

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Crystallized Lepidolite Natural Raw Stones
Picture is an example, (stones sold individually) shapes and color may vary somewhat

“These Crystallized Lepidolites are stones of pure tranquility. They emanate waves of serene, calm, love-drenched peace--fully permeating the body and the auric field. They are a balm to the heart, supporting one’s sense of centeredness and helping one to experience any and all of life’s ups and downs with equanimity. They remind one’s everyday self the one is deeply rooted in the Divine Self, and that no passing event can disturb that connection. From the field of deep peace generated by these stones, one is able to be more generous in one’s dealings with others, and to remember that the fundamental nature of the Universe is love.”  —R.S.

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