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Emra Lemuria Tumbled & Polished Stones

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Emra Lemuria Tumbled & Polished Stones
Picture is an example, (stones sold individually) shapes and color may vary somewhat

"Emra Lemuria is a special name given to the greenest of the Aqua Lemuria material. Emra Lemuria has a very strong connection to Nature spirit and the world of Fairie. It aids in perception of and communication with the beings of that spiritual realm, which is the one nearest to our physical Earth. Emra Lemuria can help one to heal one’s body by getting oneself into harmonious accord with the Earth and with one’s natural environment. Emra Lemuria is also an excellent material for establishing emotional rapport and communication with animals and plants. It is highly recommended for those who do spiritual healing with animals. It is also useful to gardeners who wish to establish communion with the plant spirits."   —Robert Simmons

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