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Energy Wands: "Auralite-23"

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Item Number: NPW09
"Auralite-23" Energy Wands
Contains 100% Auralite-23
NOTE: Pictured is an example; Wands measure approximately 6.5" in Length
"The central component of the Energy Wands is a clear tube filled with one of eleven different stone selections. Each wand also has a terminated tip and a sphere on each end, made from pure Clear Quartz. The tube creates a ‘channel’ of energy which flows in both directions through the wand. You can use the pointed end to direct a focused beam of energy, and the sphere end to send out a diffused 'spray' of high vibrations. We’ve pulled together our most potent stones to make the ultimate energy tools for personal transformation, healing, awakening and ascension. The Auralite-23 Energy Wand enhances telepathy and psychic ability."   —Robert Simmons

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