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Fairy Eggs (Natural Stones)

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"Fairy Eggs" Natural Stones

Pictured are examples, (stones sold individually) shapes and color may vary somewhat

"The newly discovered Fairy Eggs have similar qualities to Fairy Stones, and they also seem to offer the opportunity to relate with a specific being in the Fairy realm. By this I mean to say that each Fairy Egg carries an inner ‘seed’ of a Nature Spirit, deva or Fairy. These names are merely approximations for the ‘species’ of these entities. They are all individualized centers of consciousness who are emanations of the living Earth. Meditating with a Fairy Egg offers one the opportunity to meet the Earth in one of her friendliest, most accessible expressions. Fairy Egg Beings are delightful, and are lovely creatures when one views them in contemplation. They exude a playful and innocent energy that invites one to shrug off one’s cynicism and enjoy existence for its own sake."   —Robert Simmons

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