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Free-Form Bead Bracelets (Choose from 17 Gemstones)

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Free-Form Bead Gemstone Bracelets

Available In:  (Pictured Examples Below)
Fluorite:  Mental enhancement and clarity, clearing the energy filelds
  For inner vision, communication of truth, living with virtue

Citrine: For mental clarity, alertness and the power of manifestation
Rose Quartz: For love, gentleness and emotional healing
Tiger Eye:  Vitality, strength, balance between extremes
Blue Lage Agate: Communication, clarity & confidence
Black Tourmaline:  For Purification & protection, aids in grounding
Apatite:  Psychic activation, access to knowledge
Amethyst:  Protection, purification, Divine Connection
Moonstone:  Stimulates Inner reflection, intuition NA
Amazonite:  Truth, communication, harmony
Agate:  Honesty and clarity, growth and wisdom
Sodalite:  Aids one's insight, deepened intuition
Labradorite:  Enhances psychic abilities, magic, protection
Garnet:  Provides grounding and protecting
Aquamarine:  Good for calming anger, relieving stress
Morganite & Aquamarine:  Divine love and compassion, expressing true emotions

Free-form Bead bracelets

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