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Crystal Locket Pendants

We recently had the rare opportunity to purchase some old stock of antique lockets with glass windows––a secure and beautiful way to wear small natural pieces of rare and powerful crystals and gemstones. We have created a selection of beautiful Crystal Locket Pendants, featuring hard-to-find, high-vibration stones. We are excited to offer such scarce and extraordinary stones as Euclase, Phenacite and Vivianite. In addition, we are offering some synergistic combinations that feel just amazing! Browse our selection and see which ones resonate with you.
Each Crystal Locket Pendant comes with both a gold-tone collar and a black silken cord so you can choose which you prefer. The lockets can be unscrewed so you can add or remove stones. (But be careful not to lose any!) Each locket is reversible, so it can be worn with the circle of gems visible, or with the burnished metal facing out.
Our supply of the antique lockets is limited, so these will not always be available. Also, because these settings are antiques from an estate, we don't know what kind of gems are set around the perimeter. Our guess is White Topaz. As to the metal, we believe it is gold plated brass. The workmanship on these settings if very fine––higher quality that what is available now. We love them!

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Crystal Locket Pendants: White and Satyaloka Clear Azeztulites
Your Price: $90.00
Crystal Locket Pendants: White and Satyaloka Clear Azeztulites
Azozeo Super-Activated Azeztulite!
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