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Golden Aura Quartz A+ Cluster (2.625" x 1.5")

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Item Number: W1068
Golden Aura Quartz A+ Cluster
Measures 2.625" x 1.5" and weighs 85 grams

"Golden Aura Quartz is our name for Quartz crystals treated with a new type of energy-enhancing coating. Like the Angel Aura and Aqua Aura crystals we have offered for many years, Golden Aura Quartz crystals have been subjected to a special secret process in which they are placed in a sealed chamber, while being heated and electrified, and are exposed to the presence the vapors of various metal salts. In the case of Golden Aura Quartz, the formula of metals is not disclosed, although we know that titanium and iron are two of the ingredients. The beauty of the finished specimens is amazing, as are their energies."   —Robert Simmons

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