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A+ Large Grape Agate (1.75" x 4.25")

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A+ Large Grape Agate Specimen
Measures 1.75" x 4.25" x 1.25" and weighs 74.6 grams

"Grape Agate is a powerful stone of spiritual purification. It emanates the Violet Ray, which unites the etheric, astral, emotional, mental and physical bodies in their intended true harmony. This energy dispels all negative thought forms and influences. Grape Agate is a stone of Divine connection. It opens one’s inner gates to the inflow of higher awareness. These stone increase one’s sensitivity to inner guidance, and they enhance one’s ability to follow it as well. The quiet power of Grape Agate can simultaneously increase one’s spiritual awareness and clear away inner obstacles to action toward the highest good. These stones allow one to express true virtue in a completely genuine way--from being centered in the Source, and in the truth of one’s nature."    —Robert Simmons

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