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Bliss Quartz (Green) Natural Raw Stones

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Green Bliss Quartz Natural Raw Stones
Pictured are examples, (stones sold individually) shapes and colors may vary

"Green Bliss Quartz is a stone of comfort and relaxation. It encourages contentment, and offers smooth and pleasant vibrations of peace, tranquility and optimism. It is a stone of resilience, health, strength and wellbeing. It reminds us to make clear statements and actions of our highest intentions, and to then 'let go' and allow the flow of  the world’s wisdom co-create the outcome with us. Green Bliss Quartz is also a stone of abundance and prosperity, helping one to attain financial success without compromising one’s integrity. It helps one to notice beneficial opportunities and to seize the most appropriate ones in a clear and ethical way."     —Robert Simmons

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