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Harri Aalto: "The Lanscape of Enlightenment"

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The Landscape of Enlightenment: with Doors and Windows to our World

by Harri Aalto

Paperback 5.5” x 8.5”  /  350 pgs

“This is not simply a book about enlightenment. It is a book written FROM a state of enlightenment by a man who has been fully awakened for many years. For decades, Harri Aalto was reluctant to speak publicly about the enlightened awareness that was his daily experience. Ultimately, he was encouraged by friends and associates to share the understanding of consciousness, so that others might find their own paths. The result of this is one of the most amazing books I have ever read! And it is also by far the simplest and clearest description of enlightened awareness I have come across. When reading The Landscape of Enlightenment, one feels as if one is looking through a window that reveals the world we know, but in a new and highly rewarding light. This book is easy and fun to read. Harri Aalto manages to describe states of consciousness that are unfamiliar to most of us, but in a down to earth way that never departs from everyday life. Even though the chapters are short and the prose is straightforward, it may take awhile to read the whole book. That is because every page gleams with a significance that calls for contemplation.”   —Robert Simmons

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