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Harri Aalto: "Universal Consciousness Is Profoundly Personal"

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Universal Consciousness Is Profoundly Personal: Finding Lasting Happiness in Self-Awareness

by Harri Aalto

Paperback 5.5” x 8.5”  /  416 pgs

This book continues to describe Harri Aalto's unique experiences and approach to Self-realization, providing a compelling and colorful - sometimes humorous - understanding through descriptions, personal experiences, and short stories. As an added bonus, and to emphasize the personal nature of realization, Harri has invited many of his friends to describe their own transformations into the awakened state.

Robert: "My consciousness began to expand greatly; I saw the core of my being as expanding layers of tumbling light within myself. This happened about one year ago, and the experience of my inner Self has never left. I have noticed that I now have way less aches and pains. I spend a lot of time laughing and being light-hearted, with less emotional upset."

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