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Heartenite™ Tumbled & Polished Gemstones

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Heartenite Tumbled & Polished Gemstone Slices
Picture is an example, (stones sold individually) shapes and color may vary somewhat

"Heartenite evokes and amplifies the energies of the awakened heart. It stimulates the heart chakra with great intensity, calling forth latent capacities which are within our hearts, but usually do not manifest. The fact that Heartenite showed itself as two beings—a male and a female, joined in the light of Love—tells us that this stone has the capacity for embracing and balancing polarities, bringing opposites together in synergy. Both figures in the vision appeared beautiful, healthy, enthusiastic and peaceful. This speaks to Heartenite’s ability to facilitate the attainment of physical vitality and energetic balance."    —Robert Simmons

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