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The Book of Stones

The Revised and Expanded Editions of The Book of Stones and The Pocket Book of Stones!

Since the original publication of The Book of Stones and The Pocket Book of Stones, we have kept on discovering new stones. In response to numerous requests, Robert Simmons spent much of the past year revising and expanding our two bestselling metaphysical stone encyclopedias to incorporate all of the significant and important stones which have emerged in the past ten years. In addition, he has added some of his newest insights about how to work with the Stone Beings for self-healing and spiritual evolution. These two new editions have been fully refreshed and much expanded. We think many of our readers will want to add both of these new editions to their libraries, and we are very excited to offer them at last!

Robert Simmons

The Alchemy of Stones:
NEW Stone Intensive with Robert Simmons
    Robert Simmons will offer a four-day Stone Intensive Workshop in Burlington, Vermont, June 16 to 19 of 2016. This will be Robert’s first major teaching event since 2010, and will encompass all of his newest work with the Mineral Kingdom. Entitled The Alchemy of Stones, the event will focus on working with high-energy minerals, crystals and gemstones for simultaneous self-transformation and world awakening. Participants at all levels of experience, from beginners to long-time practitioners are invited, and all can benefit from the information and experiences to be shared in this special event. There will be much hands-on experience with some of the most energetically active stones ever discovered, as well as teaching which will offer everyone new insights and opportunities for personal growth. Each person attending will be able to work with stones provided in their personal Crystal Kit, which can be purchased to take home. In addition, all participants will receive valuable high-energy crystal gifts.
     Heaven and Earth will set up a large display of stones, crystals, minerals and jewelry for display and sale throughout the event. Although the workshop will begin on Thursday morning, there will be an opportunity to meet and mingle with other participants the evening of Wednesday, June 15. Heaven and Earth’s showroom will also be open at that time.
     Attendance at the event will necessarily be limited to a fixed number of participants. Robert’s last Stone Intensive in 2010 was sold out months in advance, so we encourage those interested to reserve your place as early as possible. Tuition for the course will be $395 for the entire four-day event, plus accommodations and food. Call our office at 802-476-4775 to place your reservation, or to reserve online using this link: Alchemy of Stones Intensive.

Azozeo Vortexite

    Vortexite is a combination of Spherulitic Rhyolite and deep red Quartz, discovered in New Zealand by Mr. Peter Marden in 2014. It is volcanic in origin and was produced millions of years ago from the eruptions on New Zealand’s North Island. The red Quartz component is similar to the material known by the name Red Fire Azeztulite, but in the case of Vortexite, it is uniquely combined with a Spherulitic Rhyolite very similar to the stone known as Pakulite, which comes from the same area. This combination of black-gray orb shapes within a red background gives Vortexite a unique and dramatic appearance. The hardness of Vortexite is between 6 and 7.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Vortexite emanates a strong and comforting vibration, bringing all of one’s chakras and bodily energies into alignment and balance. This stone is deeply linked to the life force of the Earth, and it brings a fresh charge of that energy into one’s body, mind and spirit. This stone is so peaceful in its infusion of strength that it is easy to miss the empowering influence it conveys.
    “The form known as the vortex is ubiquitous in Nature. The human electromagnetic field is a torus-shaped vortex emanating from the heart, as are the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, the Sun, the Milky, and every atom in the universe. The vortex pattern is one that allows for dynamic equilibrium and constant replenishment, and it is thus that the maintenance of one’s personal ‘vortex’ or energy field is a paramount aspect of our health and well being. The stone Vortexite got its name from the fact that its influence so highly beneficial in regard to stimulating, aligning and balancing the multitude of energy vortexes which comprise a human being, and which constitute the electromagnetic and subtle energy fields around us. Holding, carrying or wearing a piece of Vortexite helps charge, balance and attune us to our highest potential, allowing us to function as joyful and powerful spiritual human beings. 
    “There are sites on the Earth known as ‘energy vortexes.’ They exist in places where the vibrational currents of the planet are exceptionally strong, such as Mt. Shasta and Sedona, Arizona, in the USA. There are many other such places, including the Temple of Athena in Crete, Chartres Cathedral in France, Ayers Rock in Australia, Stonehenge in England, and the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand, where Vortexite is found. When one has a piece of Vortexite on one’s person, it is energetically similar to being in one of these places. One’s consciousness is heightened, one’s body feels charged and alive, one’s emotions are flowing and one feels strongly linked to the living Earth. Also, if one makes a journey to an energy vortex site, taking one or more Vortexite stones along is sure to intensify the experience, while also helping one remain balanced and grounded.
    “Vortexite stones are ideal for constructing energy tools and meditation grids. Their effect of charging and balancing energies extends to other stones, as well as one’s environment. Wearing a Vortexite as jewelry lends power and stability to one’s energy field, especially if the stone is near one’s heart.
    “Vortexite can activate and attune all the chakras. When it is place over the heart, one will experience a warm, comforting flow that moves throughout the body. After a few minutes, one may notice that more of the energy has moved upward into the head, creating peaceful and pleasurable vibrations within the skull. This effect is related to the Ascension of the Heart facilitated by the stone called Vitalite, and this common trait makes these two stones into highly synergistic allies.
    “In spiritual self-healing, Vortexite works to repair imbalances in all areas of the body. It vibrationally supports. It also stimulates integration of the neuronal network with the whole-body communication which occurs through the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. In simple terms, these stone provide a ‘tune-up’ to all the mechanisms via which consciousness integrates with the physical body.
    “Vortexite acts as a tonic to the emotional body. It stimulates the flow of feeling and infuses one’s field with love and inner harmony. It aids one in recovering from stress and emotional shocks, and it brings a sense of acceptance and balance. The stones also have an erotic aspect, and can ‘turn up the heat’ between partners.
    “Vortexite works in synergy with Vitalite, Red Fire Azeztulite, Pakulite, Prophecy Stone, Sedonalite, Z Stone, Revelation Stone, Phenacite, Danburite, Vivianite and all of the Azeztulite group.”

Protector Quartz Polished Points

Protector Quartz
    Quite a few years back, we had a small batch of Quartz crystals that contained inclusions of red Hematite. After working with them meditatively, we were given the name Protector Quartz to designate both the stones and their main function. Although people who purchased from our first batch of crystals loved them, because could not acquire more, Protector Quartz dropped off the radar screen for most stone lovers. On last winter’s buying trip, we were amazed and delighted to learn of a new find of Protector Quartz. These crystals are even more attractive than the first group, with much brighter red Hematite inclusions. There are most pieces, and especially more smaller crystals, which allows us to offer wire wrapped pendants, as well as smaller and less expensive specimens. All of our new Protector Quartz has been gently tumbled to bring our its color and beauty.
    Robert Simmons writes: “In a way, the name says it all. Protector Quartz is a powerful stone for warding off negative energies of all sorts. Its red Hematite component is highly active, facilitating a grounded, centered state of consciousness. Protector Quartz clears one’s vibrational field of all sorts of unpleasant attachments, implants, thought forms, parasitic entities, negative habit patterns, etc. It purifies and energizes the auric field and the entire chakra system. It brings subconscious problems to the surface for clearing and release. It aids discernment, helping one to consciously know when negative currents or beings are attempting to enter one’s field. It enhances strength of will, allowing one to repel any being or pattern which is not aligned with one’s well being.
    “Protector Quartz is a stone of personal power. It increases chi, allowing one to call upon the energies of the Earth and Cosmos to ‘back one up’ in one’s intentions and aspirations, or to aid in spiritual self-defense when that is necessary. It stimulates inspiration, enhances courage, and increases vitality, allowing one to carry important projects and goals all the way to fruition.
    “In spiritual self-healing, Protector Quartz supports one’s entire subtle body field, keeping the physical body from being degraded by psychic attacks or attachments. It is good for the feet, toes, hands and head, and for good coordination. It can provide spiritual aid for individuals battling diseases such as Parkinsons, or various autoimmune dysfunctions. On the emotional level, Protector Quartz’s energies support strong self confidence, self worth and overall happiness. It helps one dispel patterns of guilt, shame and low self esteem.
    “Protector Quartz works harmoniously with Vitalite for enhancement of strength and vitality. It also combines well with Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Sugilite, Amethyst, Auralite-23 and all types of Hematite (especially Rainbow Hematite). It has a strong affinity with Black Tourmaline Azeztulite, and together they can protect the gestation of the Light Body.”

Azozeo Vitalite


     One of the very exciting New Zealand stones we discovered last year is Vitalite. These stones are composed of perfectly deposited thin layers of white Quartz, red Piemontite and black Biotite. They also contain tiny Muscovite crystals which sometimes make the stones glitter all over. The felt sense we had when handling these stones was of a strong and very healthy-feeling enhancement of our overall energy level, as if we were plugged into the Earth’s reservoir of Life Force.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Vitalite is named for its strongest energetic influence—the replenishment of one’s life force and energy through the infusion of prana. When one holds this stone to the heart, it is easy to feel the flow of refreshing, revitalizing currents through one’s body and energy field. Vitalite stimulates one’s overall sense of well being, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, irritability and/or depression. As one feels one’s body and energy field becoming enlivened, one’s mood lightens and one is ready to face the world again.
    “Vitalite enters one’s field most readily through the heart chakra. It stimulates courage and love—two of the heart’s main virtues. As the energy continues to flow, one may notice that there is a pattern of circulation, whereby the currents brought in by the stone are actually coming up from the Earth, moving through one’s body and vibrational field, going out the top of one’s head and back down to Earth. The shape of this field is like that of a torus—a sort of circular fountain coming upwards at the center (one’s body core) and flowing outward and down in all directions before coming up into the center again. This stone teaches that life force is not something one hangs on to, but is a current that flows best when released. This lesson pervades the nature of Vitalite.
    “As Vitalite’s replenishing flow establishes itself while one holds a piece of the stone, one may notice a number of phenomena. The third eye and crown chakras often become highly activated because of the strong energies going through them. This sensation is highly agreeable, and it can become stronger and stronger. The feeling that comes with this is one of intensely joyful emotion. It feels as if one’s heart has risen and filled one’s head with pleasure, love and happiness. This sensation marks the first stage of the Ascension of the Heart, a gift of grace stimulated by these stones. With continued practice utilizing Vitalite, this heart-to-head current can become a permanent pattern in one’s field, making joy an everyday way of being.
    “As a stone of spiritual healing, Vitalite’s energies flow directly to the heart, bringing new vitality to the not only the heart, but to the circulatory system, lungs, liver and digestive system. The chi in this stone is so strong that it affects the entire body on the cellular level, encouraging a healthy flow of life force in every cell, organ and system. Vitalite speaks to the cellular consciousness, exhorting the cells to live, and to live in a flowing current of joy.
    “Emotionally, Vitalite is a cleansing influence. It can be a catalyst for emotional releases in the form of laughter, tears, or passionate expressions of love. It can dislodge repressed emotions, but its influence is so positive that the release rarely takes the form of anger. If one’s feelings are blocked because of past traumas—even those from past lives—Vitalite’s currents can clear the path for a healthier flow.
    “Vitalite is a stone of generosity. It gives of itself without hesitation and without limit, encouraging us to do the same. It is a stone of powerful creativity, stimulating one’s imagination and will so that one can receive inspiration and can carry one’s visions into manifestation. It is a stone of spiritual awakening, because its joyful, loving energy flow reminds us that we ourselves are part of the ever-moving river of life, and that we are as Divine as the Universe itself.
    “Vitalite harmonizes with Vortexite, Lilac Lepidolite, Piemontite, Crimson Cuprite, Petalite, Lithium Light, Aragonite, Rosophia and all forms of Azeztulite. It has a special affinity for Azumar, Healerite, Revelation Stone and Empowerite. Using it in combination with Kaurilite can tune Vitalite’s flow of life force toward the goal of enhanced longevity.”

Kammererite Polished Gemstones


    Kammererite is a variety of Clinochlore. It is found in Turkey, Norway and the USA. It was named in honor of Russian geologist August Alexander Kammerer. For many years, we have sought to acquire stock of this rare mineral in a form that works well for our purposes. Most Kammererite we had seen before was comprised of a thin crystal layer attached to thick brown matrix rock. However, our newly discovered Kammererite pieces are tumbled stones of a rich magenta purple hue, shot through with striking white patterns. These pocket-size pieces lend themselves very well to meditation, body layouts and other metaphysical applications.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Kammererite is first and foremost a stone of Wisdom. It tunes the psyche to a level of awareness in which one has access to the Wisdom that permeates the world, and the Universe. This connection is felt as a deep, silent presence. With Kammererite, one can ask any question of this inner Wisdom, and one will receive an answer (often in the form of an image, an emotion, or an urge to go in a particular direction) that is free from personal bias or prejudice. The Wisdom of Kammererite  can help one to discern whether a proposed decision or course of action serves the overall good, and whether it should be followed. Holding the image of a person in mind while working with Kammererite can often inspire insights for the well being of that person, in regard to physical or emotional self-healing, career choices, or other decisions about the life-path of that person. This makes it an excellent stone for spiritual, psychological or healing counselors. And of course, it offers the same kind of aid for oneself! In addition, Kammererite helps one attune to one’s own innate wisdom, and to live one’s life in tune with that perspective.
    “Kammererite is a stone of spiritual vision. It resonates with the heart, and it stimulates the heart’s intelligence to make itself known. (The heart is the home of Wisdom in us.) The visions one receives with the help of Kammererite may involve seeing possible futures, always in alignment with the overall good of the whole. It has shown me images of a possible future upon an enlightened Earth. In these visions, I saw a worldwide spiritual awakening that happens rapidly, but with extreme gentleness—as if one day we may all wake up filled with knowing, a knowing permeated by peace and love.
    “Kammererite inspires compassion for others, and it enhances one’s intuitive understanding of their situation. It is an excellent stone to give to one’s romantic partner, and to carry oneself, because it aids in bringing about loving communication.
   “Kammererite combines well with Seraphinite (another Clinochlore mineral) for the enhancement of all types of healing. For emotional healing and stability, I recommend pairing it with Lithium Light, Lilac Lepidolite, Rose Quartz Crystals and/or Danburite. For visionary experience it works best with Sauralite Azeztulite and/or Phenacite.”

Rhodo Silica Polished Gemstones

Rhodo Silica
    The newly found stone we call Rhodo Silica is a combination of rich pink Rhodonite and semi-transparent Quartz. The tumbled pieces we received have the black manganese inclusions which often appear with Rhodonite, as well as a glossy shine that speaks of these stones’ high level of silication. Just as Gem Silica (Quartz-infused Chrysocolla) is said to be the highest-vibration, most fully evolved form of Chrysocolla, we feel that the naturally Quartz-infused Rhodo Silica is the highest form of Rhodonite. Being so fully intermingled with high-energy Quartz amplifies the natural energies Rhodonite tends to display.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Rhodonite promotes the energy of love. It encourages using one’s gifts and talents for the benefit of the community. The outer-directed love engendered by Rhodonite is one of altruism and generosity, using one’s talents to bring gifts to others. This path of generosity often offers greater satisfaction then any amount of receiving ‘what one wants.’ Rhodonite attracts the people and situations best suited for one’s unique talents, and in so using them, one can experience fulfillment of the deep desire to love and be loved. Rhodonite can also enhance the depth, clarity and meaning of ones inner experiences, making it easier to understand the messages behind one’s dreams and visions. It can provide a psychic link to the archetypal pattern of personal destiny, helping one remain ‘on the beam,’ for the fulfillment of one’s highest aspirations.
    “When Rhodonite is combined with high-vibration Quartz, as it is in Rhodo Silica, its love energy is elevated to a more powerful octave. When one carries or wears Rhodo Silica, one’s auric field is permeated with currents of love, and the effect of this is often visible in others. People may comment on simply feeling better when they are in one’s presence. Sometimes the love energy becomes contagious, and those with whom one is in contact become more loving themselves, whether consciously or unconsciously.
    “Rhodo Silica also makes on more aware of the currents of love that permeate the entire Universe. Hearing the chirping of crickets or listening to bird song, or even simply the wind in the trees, one may suddenly realize that all of Nature is in a state of ecstatic love. As the poet Kabir once wrote, ‘Ecstatic Love is an Ocean, and the Milky Way is merely a flake of foam on that ocean.’ This is the type of awareness one may enter when one works meditatively with Rhodo Silica.
    “Like Rhodonite, Rhodo Silica can help one attune to one’s highest personal destiny. This is in accord with its love energies, since the highest destiny of each person involves becoming a fountain of love in the world, whatever the details of one’s path may be. This stone can be a gateway to inner revelations, all of which reveal one’s place in the Universe of Love.”

Azurite Crystals & Nodules

Azurite Nodules and Clusters
    Our most recent buying trip yielded a long hoped-for supply of spherical Azurite Nodules. These stones are pure Azurite, and we love them for their form, energy and color. Usually, Azurites like these, because they are a good size and are relatively low priced, are sold almost as quickly as they are discovered. We were glad to get these!
    This year’s winter buying trip also yielded a small batch of really beautiful Azurite Crystal Clusters. The crystals in these formed in small pockets within the overall specimen, which is comprised of both Azurite and Malachite. This combination and form makes for some amazingly lovely (and powerful!) specimens.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Azurite powerfully stimulates the Third Eye chakra. It is a stone of inner vision and can be used for the enhancement of dreams and the development of psychic powers. It can stimulate intellect as well as intuition, and can aid the assimilation and retention of new information and ideas. Azurite can also facilitate the agility of mind required to make conceptual leaps and reach new insights. Azurite can strengthen the astral and etheric bodies, making one less vulnerable to psychic attack or attachments. It can be used to seal ‘holes’ in the aura, thus alleviating tendencies to succumb to fatigue. It stimulates all the mind centers, nourishing within the self a keen interest in all aspects of one’s life and function in society. It is an excellent antidote to boredom, since it opens one’s inner eye to a wide array of connections and possibilities. It is a stone of synthesis, whereby the discovery of new commonalities and links between different ideas leads to higher levels of understanding of life and the world.
    “Azurite blends well with Malachite, Cuprite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Rainbow Moonstone, Sunstone, Red Aventurine, Carnelian, Azeztulite, Phenacite, Brookite, Natrolite, Scolecite and Moldavite.”

K2 Polished Gemstones

    A new and rather amazing manifestation of Azurite—in combination with Quartz, Feldspar and Biotite—is the recently discovered stone known as K2. Its name is derived from the fact that it was discovered and is mined in northern Pakistan, in sight of the world’s second-highest mountain, K2. These stones have the appearance of a normal, cream-colored granite, except for the surprising blue circles (spheres, actually) that appear throughout the material. The blue spherical inclusions have been identified as Azurite that somehow grew within the surrounding Quartz, Feldspar and Biotite. No one has seen anything quite like these stones before, and their energies are just as interesting as their appearance!
    Robert Simmons writes: “K2 is a surprising, amazing stone! It provides a high level of Third Eye and Crown Chakra activation, even when it is held over the heart or elsewhere. It can increase and elevate the vibrations of any of the body’s energy centers, and it stimulates psychic awareness of one’s entire body and it’s level of well being. It is a stone of deep insight, stimulating one’s consciousness to penetrate to the underlying meanings of all of life’s events and mysteries. It increases one’s ability to see and understand the archetypal patterns and events that underlie all the manifestations of physical reality. In enhances one’s feeling sense, as well as one’s discernment, allowing on to read what has been called ‘the metaphysical background of the world.’ Once we begin to recognize this underlying layer of vitality and meaning, which one might call the mind of Nature, our zest for life is rekindled, as we embrace the fantastic adventure of life on Earth.
    “I feel sure that the Azurite component of K2 is what is responsible for its enhancement of mental capacities. However, one should not overlook the Quartz/Feldspar/Biotite combination that makes up the base of these stones. K2 is a much more powerful stone for Light Body Activation than is Azurite alone. K2 can bring the Light Body into a state of awakening, facilitating interdimensional awareness and even astral travel. K2 is an excellent stone for past life recall, enhancing psychic ability, increasing telepathic rapport between friends and partners and pursuing spiritual enlightenment. The synergy between Azurite and its other components makes K2 one of the most exciting new stones to emerge in some time.
    “In the domain of spiritual self-healing, K2 vibrationally supports the brain, heart and nervous system. Emotionally, it stimulates self-sufficiency and strength of character. It is a stone of health, wealth and independence.
    “K2 displays a high level of harmony with all types of Azeztulite. It also resonates with Nirvana Quartz, Phenacite, Petalite, Lazulite, Lapis, Azumar and Herderite. For self-healing applications, combining K2 with Healerite and Seraphinite is ideal.”

Black Tourmaline Azeztulite

Black Tourmaline Azeztulite™
    A few months ago, one of the most surprising and amazing events since the original discovery of Azeztulite occurred. A gemstone miner friend brought us a sample of something he had just discovered. The stone was a striking mixture of black and white, and he informed us that the black portion of the stone is Black Tourmaline. Upon holding the stone, we immediately knew that the white portion is Azeztulite! The unmistakable high vibration of Azeztulite virtually poured forth from the stones, enhanced by powerful currents of purification, protection and grounding from the Black Tourmaline. The occurrence of these two minerals within a single stone was certainly a match made in Heaven. If we could have made a wish list of stones we hoped would be someday be discovered, this one would have been at the top!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Black Tourmaline Azeztulite has arrived, as if in answer to a prayer. This stone is one of the most ideal combinations I have ever felt. It’s currents strongly stimulate the Third Eye and Crown chakras, and one can feel a flood of spiritual Light entering through these portals, filling the body with joyful energy. At the same time, there is a wave of another sort of energy, beginning in the Root Chakra and moving down to the feet, up the chakra column and out through all the meridians. This energy is not Light as such, but an invisible power that clears, cleanses and purifies everything it touches. As these two currents of invisible Power and brilliant Light interact within one’s body-field, one can actually feel the cells vibrating. Black Tourmaline Azeztulite infuses one’s subtle body and physical form with so much Light that it is all one can do to contain it, at first. Then, as the process continues, one’s field becomes more accustomed to vibrating at this higher level, and everything smoothes out. I feel quite certain that this process is one of the initiatory experiences that brings about the activation and awakening of the Body of Light. Given the spiritual situation of humanity at this time, I feel that Black Tourmaline Azeztulite has appeared at the precise moment it was needed, in order to perform its pivotal role in our evolutionary transformation.
    “Black Tourmaline Azeztulite facilitates rapid progress in spiritual development. Its Black Tourmaline component sweeps through one’s whole being, clearing away negative attachments, dysfunctional habit patterns, predatory entities, fearful thoughts and self-negating ideas. Its cleansing and purifying effect is so strong and so instantaneous that it clears the way for a simultaneous Light infusion offered through its White Azeztulite component. The Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun which comes through all the Azeztulites is always offered to us in an unlimited supply. However, we are seldom completely open to receive its fullness. Often this is because of negative ‘debris’ attached to our subtle bodies, and sometimes because of dysfunctional patterns bleeding from the wounded psyche into the physical body.
    “Black Tourmaline Azeztulite simultaneously dispels the negative while supplanting it with the overwhelmingly positive energy of the Nameless Light. The swiftness with which it affects its transformation upon one’s energy field can be breathtaking! And the after-effects of this internal shift can manifest like a fireworks display of enlightened insights, joy, intuitive leaps, sudden expansions of awareness, and a sense of freedom unlike anything one has felt before. At is peak, one may experience moksha, the spiritual liberation which the Hindu tradition describes as, ‘a setting free of hitherto fettered faculties, a removing of obstacles to unrestricted life, a liberation from fears and spiritual ignorance.’ My felt sense is that this occurs because of the simultaneous clearing of internal negativity and the influx of spiritual Light. I feel that when these things happen at the same time, the Light enters and anchors itself in the freshly cleared subtle body, faster than any new negative patterns can enter. As one continues to wear, carry or be near the Black Tourmaline Azeztulite, this dynamic perpetuates itself as an ongoing process.
    “In spiritual self-healing, Black Tourmaline Azeztulite can be of benefit in a similar way. Its currents can clear self-negating ideas and emotional patterns and replace them with pure Love and well being. This can occur in one’s mental and emotional bodies, as well as the cellular mind of the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. Viewing our various physical impairments and patterns of decay from a spiritual perspective, we can see how wounds to the soul brought about through fear, pain, shame, past life patterns or other negative experiences can lodge in the psyche and ultimately program the cells to manifest disease. These patterns can be stubbornly persistent, especially if they involve a carry-over from a past life or lives. Without an instant infusion of Light, like that which Black Tourmaline Azeztulite can provide, the beneficial clearing which Black Tourmaline alone (or other protection stones) can offer can be quickly overcome, as old patterns tend to return to the ‘empty’ subtle body. However, when the Light is instantly introduced, the subtle bodies of the cells are already reprogrammed, and the negativity can not re-establish itself. This can trigger dramatic healing events!
    “Black Tourmaline Azeztulite can also enhance one’s effect upon the outer world. As it does its work of dispelling negative energies and replacing them with pure Light, one’s entire vibrational field changes. One no longer projects one’s imbalances into one’s relationships (either consciously or unconsciously), and instead the effect of one’s presence can refresh the souls of others. One can be a healing influence, simply by being present.
    “The profound purification and transformation inherent in the energy pattern of Black Tourmaline Azeztulite carries within it the seed of the new Spiritual Human Being. It liberates the heart to become the center of one’s being, as the heart’s Wisdom is allowed to voice itself in one’s acts and deeds. When one is free of fear and filled with spiritual joy, one can naturally hear the heart, and there is no interference with acting out its urgings. As this new blessing from the mineral realm works its way into the morphic field of human consciousness, I sense that many profound awakenings and transformations will reveal themselves.
    “Black Tourmaline Azeztulite works in synergy with all of the other types of Azeztulite, as well as Phenacite, Danburite, Petalite, Herderite, Brookite, Natrolite, Rosophia, Morganite, Nirvana Quartz, Auralite-23, Empowerite, Revelation Stone, Anandalite and Tibetan Tektite. It has a special affinity with Sauralite Azeztulite, which can enhance the loving sweetness with which one’s self-transformation unfolds.”

Red Fire Azeztulite Polished

Red Fire Azeztulite™
    Red Fire Azeztulite is a newly discovered member of the Azeztulite family, a micro crystalline silicon dioxide mineral with a hexagonal (trigonal) crystal system and a hardness of 7. It is native to New Zealand, and is deep red in color. Red Fire Azeztulite’s currents are greatly amplified when the stone is put through the Azozeo super-activation process, taking it to a completely different, and higher, vibrational level.  All of the pieces we offer have been through this process.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Red Fire Azeztulite is a very powerful stone. It’s currents are capable of stimulating and awakening any of the chakras. Its vibrations enter the body wherever one is touching it, and they quickly spread through one’s entire energetic system. This makes it a very useful stone for a multitude of applications, from spiritual healing to evolutionary transformation.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite resonates powerfully with the blood, heart, lungs and circulatory system. It seems to bring its high vibrations directly into the bloodstream, spreading throughout the body and into the tissues as the blood flows. As one experiences this full-body pulsation, it can feel as though spiritual Light and expanded consciousness are filling one’s body, cell by cell, yet very quickly. One can sense an ‘inner rejoicing’ as the consciousness of the cells is awakened to the presence of the Nameless Light. With this stone, however, there is heat as well as Light—as if an interior Fire has been kindled. With that Fire comes a flood of passion, confidence, optimism and power. One can feel the intensity of energy within oneself like red fire, which is the reason these stones were named Red Fire Azeztulite.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite carries a tremendous amount of Life Force. It works spiritually to replenish one’s strength, endurance and vitality. It is an excellent stone for overcoming fatigue and stress. If one feels depleted or anxious, meditating or sleeping with a Red Fire Azeztulite is highly recommended. This stone also stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, enhancing their spiritual functions. Thus it is a stone of visionary experience and enhanced capacity for insight. It can help one to access guidance from angelic guides and teachers in the higher realms.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite is a stone of intense passion. It can stimulate the energy centers linked to sexuality, and can even enhance the sexual currents between partners. It is one of the most powerful ‘gemstone aphrodisiacs,’ if the partners are spiritually linked. It is an excellent stone for those on the tantric path.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite comes from New Zealand, and it is a perfect complementary partner for the white Sauralite, also from New Zealand. Where Sauralite’s energies are gentle, loving, receptive and yin, Red Fire Azeztulite’s vibrations tend to be active, assertive and yang. These are amazing stones for helping one to move forward with one’s plans and goals. They aid in manifestation by enhancing one’s own power to achieve whatever one desires. These are stones of great intensity, and their currents take one unswervingly toward one’s chosen destiny.
    “The vibrational stimulation provided by Red Fire Azeztulite effects one’s intelligence as well. Perhaps these stones stimulate dormant areas of the brain. (One can certainly feel them moving strongly inside one’s head!) Whatever the reason, Red Fire Azeztulite appears to get the brain ‘fired up,’ increasing one’s ability to solve problems and aiding one’s access to inspired ideas. It also greatly enhances one’s enthusiasm and energy for carrying one’s visions forward into manifestation.
    “As a stone of the bloodstream and body, Red Fire Azeztulite also aids in awakening the intelligence of the cells, organs and bodily systems. This intelligence can develop into another mind—the body-mind—that can dialog with the brain, giving one much greater self-awareness and wisdom. Red Fire Azeztulite also kindles the inner fire of heart intelligence. Thus, it stimulates the activation of the Trinity of Intelligence—in brain, heart and body. This is one of the culminations of the original promise of Azeztulite—to bring Divine Light and Divine Awareness into human beings, and into the Earth through us.
    “Because Red Fire Azeztulite does so much to bring Light, joy and vitality into the cells, it is a stone for the enhancement of our physical life. My impression is that exposure to Red Fire Azeztulite, especially when combined with one’s conscious affirmation and cooperation with its currents, can aid in increasing both the quality and duration of one’s life. When one’s cellular consciousness awakens and aligns with the Nameless Light, the effect can penetrate all the way into the DNA and its telomers, bringing greater longevity through greater joy. Red Fire Azeztulite has the capacity to permeate the entire body with its life-affirming currents.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite has a special relationship with the heart, lungs and bloodstream, and its currents link into the body through those channels. They bring enlightened energies into the blood, and then to all of the tissues in the body. They work to transmute the blood’s cellular material into etheric forces that act upon all of the body, and indeed our entire being—physical and nonphysical. This process was called the ‘etherization of the blood’ by the spiritual genius Rudolph Steiner. I feel strongly that Red Fire Azeztulite is a long-awaited catalyst for fulfilling Steiner’s vision of the spiritual transformation of humanity through this process.
    “As a stone of spiritual self-healing, Red Fire Azeztulite resonates beneficially with the heart, lungs and bloodstream, as well as the brain. However, its vibrations can be utilized for any organ, or any bodily system. This stone’s energetic link with the blood means that its currents can move to any part of the body, carrying its  blessing vibrations wherever they are needed.
    “Red Fire Azeztulite carries powerful vibrations in its initial state, just as it comes from the ground. However, when it is subjected to the Azozeo Super-Activation process, its power is multiplied and it becomes almost a whole new stone. (This is transmutation in action!)
    “Red Fire Azeztulite works synergistically with all other Azeztulites, as well as Master Shamanite, Phenacite, Danburite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Zincite, Crimson Cuprite, New Zealand Carnelian, Rosophia and Morganite.”

Pink Fire Azeztulite

Pink Fire Azeztulite™
    Since we introduced Pink Fire Azeztulite, it has been one of our most popular stones. We recently acquired some more of the raw material, so fortunately our supplies are replenished!
    Robert Simmons: “When we first began our work with Azeztulite, we were told by the Azez—the angelic beings who foretold and activated the first Azeztulites, that more Azeztulites would be found. Later, we learned that the Azez intend for all the Quartz on Earth to eventually resonate with the frequencies of Azeztulite. This is a profound work of transformation, one which could make the Earth into a Planet of Light. The Azozeo process allows us to facilitate that transformational activation, and one of the stones that proves this to me is Pink Fire Azeztulite. After its exposure to the Azozeo field, it has taken on new properties which I did not observe before. One of these is responsible for its new name.
    “The Hindu Rishis spoke many centuries ago in the Rig Veda about the Divine fire, or Agni, which was both a Being and an internal experience. When Agni enters the body, it transforms the cells into Light-giving sources of vast energy—energy that brings enlightenment, ecstasy and knowledge of truth. Agnitite has always been a conduit of these sorts of energies, but its newly activated Azozeo state makes it much more powerful.
    “In addition to the profoundly powerful energies emanated by these stones, there is a particular experience they can engender. It is the entry of the fire of Divine Love, a pink fire centered in the heart. When one meditates with a super-activated Agnitite (Pink Fire Azeztulite), one may feel the streaming power of the stone coursing through the body, and eventually focusing in the area of the heart. As this experience intensifies, one feels inner heat in that area, and one can see interior spiritual Light—a pink Light which is also felt as being quite warm, like a pink fire. Holding the stone over the heart helps to intensify these sensations, and imagining the stone’s etheric image actually moving into the heart can increase the intensity even more. As this occurs, the warmth and Light within the chest grow and strengthen, until one may actually sweat from the sense of internal heat, and one may weep from the experience of the Divine Love emanated by the pink Light. Carrying the experience through to its fulfillment can bring about the awakening of the High Heart, a usually-dormant energy center several inches above the heart chakra. This spot is the bodily throne of the Divine Self, and the seat from which inner Wisdom and Truth can begin to be accessed on a continuous basis. When this center is fully activated, one will notice that the Pink Fire is always blazing there, reaching out through us to bless, heal and awaken the world. Thus it is not the physical color of the stone (which is semi-transparent with some reddish inclusions) but the inner experience of the Pink Fire that is the reason for its name.
    “Pink Fire Azeztulite is a stone of passion. It encourages one to love with great intensity, with no holding back. And this expression of total love is not only for a spouse or partner, or for one’s children and friends alone. It is for the world and everything in it. Pink Fire Azeztulite opens the floodgates of the heart, teaching the mind that to withhold love is to stifle life itself. This stone teaches that life is love, and that giving love supports all life. It triggers within us the potential to truly know that love is our foundation, our life force, and the animating energy of the Universe. And it offers us the experience of our own unlimited love, which is the same as Divine Love.
    “Pink Fire Azeztulite circulates its currents through the body, making love a cellular experience. It can eventually teach the cells that love is the antidote to illness and even death. Thus it is an ideal stone for those seeking to heal dysfunctions such as autoimmune disorders, in which the body attacks itself. Visualizing the Pink Fire pouring out of the stone and filling every cell with its loving Light is a recommended way of working with this stone for self-healing.
    “Pink Fire Azeztulite is useful for emotional self-healing as well, bringing an infusion of unconditional love into one’s energy field. The intensity of love emanated by Pink Fire Azeztulite can dissolve old rigid patterns of pain, self-inflicted emotional damage, and the discouragement that comes from having felt abandoned or unloved. Love is both joyful and serious, and it is powerful as well. When one feels the power and purpose of love, one’s attachments to old, fragmented ways of being can be dislodged. This discovery often leads to moments of exuberant joy, as well as inner commitments to serve the flow of love as it rises to permeate and transform our world.
    “Pink Fire Azeztulite raw or polished pieces can be used to fill one’s environment with powerful love energies. The stone can be worn to help keep oneself connected to the currents of Divine Love at all times. It works harmoniously with all other Azeztulites, as well as Azumar, Healerite, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite and Kunzite.”

Black Azeztulite

Black Azeztulite™
    Black Azeztulite is a newly discovered Azeztulite. Chemically, it a combination of Quartz and black Calcite, found only in Vermont, USA. Black Azeztulite is found in the same areas where Vermont’s White Azeztulite has been discovered. In some instances, the Black Azeztulite has been found attached to White Azeztulite stones!
    Robert Simmons writes: “The discovery of Black Azeztulite heralds a new chapter in the saga of the penetration of the substance of the Earth and of humanity by the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun. These stones physically embody the metaphor of the Light within Darkness, and their energies can impart that experience to whomever attunes to these stones.
    “When I first sat down to meditate with a Black Azeztulite, I was taken completely by surprise as I felt its currents. I had been expecting a somewhat softer or more muted version of what I already knew from the White Azeztulites. Instead, I felt a truly awesome power. At first, as I held the stone over my heart and invited it into my field, I experienced waves of energy filling my body with a strong tingling sensation. Next came a feeling of low-level discomfort at several locations on and within my head, especially at the crown chakra. When I inquired inwardly about this, I was shown that the stone was dissolving some inappropriate patterns or attachments, clearing my chakras where they needed it. As this progressed, the waves of energy grew more powerful and began to resonate within my whole body, from head to toe. In my head there appeared the most lovely white Light, beginning as a flash and increasing in intensity. As this continued, I experienced a feeling of wonder and pleasure, and the nearness of something holy. Touching the third eye and crown chakras with the stone increased these sensations. Next, I touched the Mouth of God chakra point at the back of the head, just above the neck. This seemed to be the most powerful placement, and while I held the stone there I was washed inwardly with waves of Light and Power, and began receiving more information about the stone.
    “Black Azeztulite is a stone of the Midnight Sun. It is related to the huge Black Hole at the center of our galaxy, and it represents the moment of the Singularity, in which all the laws of the universe become fluid and changeable. It is a stone of the Zero Point, and as such it can be a very powerful catalyst for spiritual transformation. When one fully attunes to Black Azeztulite, one can change literally anything about oneself, and can ultimately create profound changes in the outer world as well. Making both sorts of changes involves a commitment of one’s will which is free from hesitation or doubt. If one can fully focus in this way, the co-creative potential of working with these stones is unlimited.
    “As a stone of spiritual self-healing, Black Azeztulite is very powerful indeed. It naturally works to cleanse and clear one’s body and energy field of negative energies, disharmonious attachments, implants, psychic parasites and inappropriate karmic patterns. This stone means business! It suggests that it can be applied in the spiritual healing of conditions in which the body attacks itself, as in cancer and autoimmune illnesses. Yet its power to dispel what is negative is coupled with an infusion of blissful and even ecstatic Light. This Light reminds of who and what we truly are, and this can be the most profound healing of all. To awaken to the real memory that we are emanations of Divinity rather than isolated personalities is perhaps the greatest gift these stones can convey.
    “The Black Calcite and White Quartz components of Black Azeztulite entwine energetically to offer power and protection to those who work with it. It can help one attune to the Light deep within the heart of the darkest density of matter, and to call to that Light for guidance and assistance. For those working with stones shamanically, Black Azeztulite is a perfect ally. Its Light keeps one safe from the approach of negative entities, allowing one to work on the inner planes without being vulnerable to psychic attack.
    “Black Azeztulite, even though it is very powerful, is more grounded than some of the other Azeztulites, and it can help sensitive people to take on high vibrations without losing hold of their physical bodies. In fact, Black Azeztulite tends to work on the body so that it can handle much higher and stronger energies than it could before.
    “On the emotional level, Black Azeztulite is excellent for purging attachments to old emotional wounds, grief, resentment, anger and fear. It reminds the subconscious that the Light and Love of the Divine is always present. These stones are themselves the very embodiments of that presence.
    “In terms of spiritual Alchemy, Black Azeztulite completes the triad of Red, White and Black, the three major aspects of the Philosophers’ Stone. The other two are Red Fire Azeztulite and White Azeztulite. (Sometimes I utilize different stones to represent the three aspects, but these have become my favorites.) Working with these three stones together can open one to experiencing the multiple transformations of self that brought successful alchemical aspirants to enlightenment, and the fulfillment of the Great Work on an individual level. However, the simultaneous enlightenment of oneself, the whole of humanity and the Earth itself is the ultimate goal of the Alchemical Opus. This is the purpose behind the activation of all the Azeztulites, and is the journey that the Azez have invited all of us to take.
    “Black Azeztulite is especially powerful at times of eclipses or the new moon, and those so inclined are invited to create rituals for receiving and channeling its currents during such events. These stones resonate to the Judgement card of the tarot deck, and as such they are awakeners to the call of one’s highest spiritual destiny.
    “Black Azeztulite combines harmoniously with all other Azeztulites, as well as Master Shamanite, Black Obsidian, Black Jade, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Guardianite, Z Stone, Prophecy Stone, Phenacite, Natrolite, Herderite, Brookite, Danburite and Petalite. It responds favorably when subjected to the Azozeo super-activation process.”

Sauralite Azeztulite Activation Pairs

NEW Sauralite™ Activation Pairs and Ascension Sets
    We have recently begun working with the profoundly wonderful energies of Sauralite Azeztulite in new ways. We discovered that, as with Anandalite, using a pair of Sauralite Azeztulites at each end of the chakra column, or in a sweeping motion in front and behind the physical body, can do a great deal to activate one’s entire subtle body field. Likewise, a set of multiple Sauralites can be placed upon and/or around the body to facilitate the process of Vibrational Ascension, which we believe is the major and essential transformation coming to humanity and the Earth. In working with them, we have learned that both Sauralite Activation Pairs and Sauralite Ascension Sets can—gently and lovingly, yet powerfully—enact a shift in one’s energies that can initiate this process of Ascension, in a way that is the most comfortable and yet accelerated path possible.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Sauralite Azeztulite is one of New Zealand’s true energetic treasures. There is no energy that is so sweetly and gently expansive to one’s soul and spirit, nor so healing and Light-giving to one’s energy field. Sauralite Azeztulite vibrates with astonishing intensity, combining the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun with the living vitality of the Earth. New Zealand is one of the energetically clearest places on the planet, a place where the Light of Heaven and the love of Earth are vibrantly intermingled, and these stones are evidence of it. They carry the purpose of Azeztulite in its full realization—the living Light of the Divine married to the density of matter. In meditation, these stones literally draw the Light down through the crown while they open the base chakra for the upwelling of Earth energies. They allow one to become a living vessel for the manifestation of Divine purpose on Earth, the spreading of the Light and the dissolving of fear, contraction and pain. These are stones of physical enlightenment, making the body into a place of ecstatic celebration of union with the Divine. Sauralite Azeztulites are more feminine in tone than any other variety, because the Earth’s feminine vitality is more present in them. These stones bring one to the brink of the question, ‘Will you give up your old life for a new, unknown joy?’
    “I encourage individuals who are motivated to achieve Vibrational Ascension to work with Sauralite Azeztulite, in any and all of its forms. It is the stone I choose most often for my personal meditations, and it is a big reason why Kathy and I moved to New Zealand. This energy is unique and profound, yet its touch is as soft as an angel’s kiss.”

Azeztulite Altar Table Tops

Azeztulite™ Altar Table Tops
    In 2014, we were involved in an Azeztulite discovery that yielded several very large “boulders” of pure white Azeztulite. Recognizing their beauty, and the rarity of such large pieces, we felt drawn to use at least one of the boulders to create several large slices, to be used as table tops, altars, wall hangings, or in creating what we envisioned as an “Ascension Chamber.” In the Ascension Chamber we imagined, someone could use several, or even all of the giant slabs to emanate Azeztulite’s transformative energies from walls, and perhaps even a ceiling and/or floor. We may create such a chamber for ourselves one day, but our guidance tells us to offer the first group of giant Azeztulite slabs to our readers. The slices are about an inch thick, and are over two feet wide by more than four feet long. Each is highly polished on one side, and is bonded on the back side with thick plexiglass, which enhances its stability.
    Robert Simmons writes: “I have seldom been so excited about a stone-cutting project as I am about this one! I have long loved using large flat pieces of my favorite stones as altar bases, and my wife Kathy and I even built an entire hearth and chimney in our Vermont home from large, thick slices of Rose Quartz. But to now have table-size slices of White Azeztulite takes this all to a new level! Now that we have moved to New Zealand, the Rose Quartz chimney has been left behind, but not the Azeztulite Altar Table Tops. We decided not to build the full Ascension Chamber yet (the first one may be for someone else), but we did have one of the big slices sent to us in New Zealand. Our intention for this one is to set it up in my writing and crystal work studio. I’ll be using the slab as a highly-charged and activated base for setting up stone combinations in grids. Using White Azeztulite as the base will mean that all the stones in each layout are infused with spiritual Light, and that they will be automatically harmonized and amplified. I had already tried this in America, before sending the first table top to New Zealand. From that, I know that these Azeztulite slices can easily fill a whole room, or an entire house, with beautiful, uplifting energy. When one adds prayer, intention, and a grid of powerful stones on top, it is possible to affect the subtle energies of places or people at far greater distances. I feel that these slices can be amazing tools for spiritual healing and consciousness awakening, extending their beneficial influence indefinitely. My dream is for several of these to go to different locations around the Earth, as we are doing with the stones in our World Labyrinth Project. If they are used consciously for benevolent purposes, they could have great effects in the world.
    “And even if these slices are built into just one of the Ascension Chambers we envisioned, this too, can have a global effect. Think how significant it will be for our species and the Earth if a means is created whereby individuals can achieve personal Vibrational Ascension within a powerful facilitating environment! The effect of a single enlightened human being can be vast. If this dream comes to fruition, we will eventually slice and polish all of the great White Azeztulite boulders, so that Altars of Light and Ascension Chambers can be set up at appropriate places around the Earth. I personally invite all those drawn to such work to step forward and contact us!”

Chrysocolla Druzy Crystals

Chrysocolla A++ Pieces
    Our winter buying trip last February led us to amazing pieces of fine Chrysocolla. Much of wheat we acquired is very old stock, mined at least thirty years ago. The polished slices and the individual gallery pieces that contain sparkling rugs of druzy crystals both came from the legendary Bisbee Mine in Arizona. This mine has been closed for decades, but it was the source for much of the finest Chrysocolla and Turquoise ever produced in America. The translucent, crystallized Chrysocolla that occurs in pockets of the gallery pieces, as well as in some of the jewelry offered in this issue, is known as Gem Silica, and it is one of the rarest gems we carry. We are excited to offer such a good Chrysocolla selection in this new catalog!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Chrysocolla is a stone of empowerment of the feminine energies, in both women and men. It is a stone of the Goddess, and those who resonate with Chrysocolla will likely feel her ancient and enduring energies rising within themselves. It stimulates the throat chakra for clear communication of one’s inner wisdom. It can even be an aid to learning what that wisdom actually is. Those who have been surprised by hearing oneself speak a thought more profound than that which one had in mind will understand this. The process of formulating and speaking one’s ideas can reveal one’s innate wisdom. Wearing Chrysocolla, especially near the throat chakra, can facilitate these and other gifts of expression.
    “Chrysocolla is closely attuned to the vibrations of the Earth and can facilitate one’s empathic connection with the Earth’s consciousness. In addition to activating the throat chakra, it can harmonize and balance the heart chakra and can link both heart and throat chakras with the base chakra, for greater life force and physical vitality.
    “Chrysocolla harmonizes with Larimar, Aquamarine, Ajoite, Malachite, Azurite, Lapis and Shattuckite. Azeztulite raises its vibration.”

Dream Cloud Chalcedony Polished Pieces

Dream Cloud Chalcedony™
    The gemstone treasures of New Zealand continue to emerge! One of our most recent discoveries is the stone we call Dream Cloud Chalcedony. This translucent, creamy-looking stone is found in the same remote areas where New Zealand Carnelians are found. Although both stones are relatively rare, Dream Cloud Chalcedony is the scarcer of the two. We are pleased to be able to offer it to our readers!
    Robert Simmons writes: “The Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, which means ‘Land of the Long White Cloud.’ This name conjures up feelings of this island country’s beauty, serenity and mystical tranquility—and indeed these qualities are present in this rare New Zealand stone, Dream Cloud Chalcedony. Its energies express Nature in its softest, most benevolent state. When one holds this stone to one’s heart, a wave of peace and well being flows through one’s entire body. One experiences a calm, blissful relaxation that reminds one of warm days at the beach or balmy summer evenings.
    “Dream Cloud Chalcedony is an antidote to stress and a tonic for frayed nerves. When one invites the currents of this stone to enter the body, one feels wrapped in a cocoon of sweetness and love, safe and warm as the womb. These stones are replenishing to the soul, and they feel like poetry running through one’s veins. They teach the body that it is safe to let go of tension and anxiety, and to trust in the overriding goodness of the Universe.
    “Dream Cloud Chalcedony is a wonderful stone to meditate or sleep with, and it can increase the frequency and spiritual quality of lucid dreams. It gently lifts the psyche to higher planes of awareness. It provides access to the angelic realms, and allows one to hear the singing of angelic beings when one enters that realm. These stones facilitate angelic communication, and they make it easier for one to hear and comprehend the messages that one’s angelic guides are offering. They also can convey the gift of the Language of Light, the natural speech of the angels. Those who wish to express their wishes and spiritual aspirations to their angelic guardians and guides may find, under the influence of these stones, that the Light Language comes to them easily and intuitively. Perhaps even more important, Dream Cloud Chalcedony can enhance one’s capacity to ‘hear’ the Language of Light within one’s own heart, and to speak or write in that language for the benefit of one’s human friends and companions.
    “Dream Cloud Chalcedony is a stone of Vibrational Ascension. Its influence is expansive to consciousness, and it is gently (although powerfully) stimulating to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. The vibrations of Dream Cloud Chalcedony remind the soul that its destiny entails this Ascension, through which the higher realms become manifest on Earth.
    “Dream Cloud Chalcedony is a stone of Lemuria. However, it tells me that Lemuria is not an accent relic of the past, but is rather the pattern of the world which is coming into being. In New Zealand, I have often felt the presence of Lemuria, as if it were hovering invisibly about one hundred feet above the ground. I believe that what we know from the legends of Lemuria—that it was a land of empathic awareness and highly conscious spiritual expression—is actually a glimmer of the world we can call into being in these times, here and now. In working with Dream Cloud Chalcedony, I am drawn more and more readily into that kind of consciousness, and I can feel Lemuria drawing nearer to manifestation. I hope others will work with these stones to open the gates for the New Lemuria.
    “Dream Cloud Chalcedony is in full alignment with the power and purpose of all the Azeztulites, and can work in synergy with them. It also resonates with Dream Quartz, Blue Chalcedony, Nirvana Quartz, Danburite and Petalite.”

Sand Quartz Phantom Crystals

Sand Quartz Phantoms
    During our buying trip last winter, we came upon a type of Quartz we had never encountered before. They are long, slender, prismatic crystals, mostly with clear terminations. What makes them unique are the unusual inclusions inside them. Each crystal contains an interior “phantom” form, consisting of what looks an awful lot like sand! That, of course, is the way they got their name. However, our supplier told us that the inclusions are not sand, but are actually small bits of Feldspar which the surrounding Quartz has encompassed. Whatever their exact composition, we were primarily impressed with their very powerful energies!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Sand Quartz Phantoms emanate very strong currents which primarily stimulate the upper chakras. They are strongest at the Third Eye, the Crown Chakra, and the Mouth of God energy point at the top of the spine in the back of the head. These are stones of inter dimensional travel and are on the same vibrational level as stones such as Phenacite, Herderite, Natrolite and Brookite. They can activate visionary consciousness when used in meditation, and they are excellent stones for enhancing lucid dreaming, astral travel, and communication with inter dimensional beings such as angels, devas and Nature spirits. They can even be used for connecting with extraterrestrials. These crystals, perhaps because their base component is Quartz, are highly programmable and tunable, and are sensitive to one’s intention. So, for example, in regard to interdimensional communication, one can simply ‘intend’ to connect with a guardian angel, or a Nature spirit, and one will very likely make that connection. One does not have to worry about meeting beings one does not want to meet!
    “Sand Quartz Phantoms stimulate all of the mental centers, and are good allies for those wishing to expand their awareness. These are stones of Vibrational Ascension, and they definitely tend to lift one’s consciousness to higher planes. They are somewhat akin vibrationally to the plant brew called auyahausca, which South American shamans have used for centuries, in order to travel interdimensionally and to receive guidance from helpful spirits. Like auyahausca, Sand Quartz Phantoms come from the South American rainforest, and this connection may explain their vibrational similarity. In spiritual self healing, they also perform in a manner similar to the shamanic brew, in that they can help one become aware of the spiritual source of physical ailments, which may clear up after the soul wounds or fixations have been resolved during one’s inner journey.
    “Sand Quartz Phantoms can augment emotional self healing through their capacity to help one view their situation from a higher spiritual perspective. From the expanded states of consciousness facilitated by these stones, insights which have eluded one for decades can become apparent. When this occurs, old patterns of fear, stress and dysfunction can often be dissolved. It is like waking up from a bad dream—once one is awake, there is no longer any need to wrestle with the problem experienced in the dream. It is simply replaced by a more awakened state of consciousness.
    “Sand Quartz Phantoms will work in synergy with all forms of Azeztulite, as well as other high-vibration stones such as Phenacite, Herderite, Danburite, Petalite, Herderite, Brookite, Natrolite, Anandalite and Moldavite.”    

Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz Crystals
    Rose Quartz is a common, but much-loved stone. And of course, it is itself the quintessential stone of love. Almost all stone enthusiasts have Rose Quartz in raw or tumbled form, but very few have Rose Quartz Crystal cluster. Why? Because Rose Quartz crystals are exceedingly rare, even though Rose Quartz in chunk form is fairly common. We have always sought out Rose Quartz Crystal clusters, because they are often exquisitely beautiful, and are always far more powerful than common Rose Quartz. On our winter buying trip, a friend offered us almost a whole kilo of very fine, relatively small Rose Quartz clusters. We were very excited to be able to offer them in this catalog, and have even mounted some of the best pieces in hand-made Sterling Silver pendant settings.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Rose Quartz is the pure stone of love—for oneself, one’s partner, children, family, friends, community, the Earth, the Universe and the Divine. Meditating with Rose Quartz brings an envelope of love around oneself and activates the heart chakra. Healing the heart of its wounds and reawakening its trust are among Rose Quartz’s gifts. Its soothing vibrations are a balm to the emotions, and they calm and cleanse the entire auric field. It engenders the release of tension and stress, the dissolution of anger and resentment, the dispelling of fear and suspicion, and the rebirth of hope and faith. Rose Quartz is one of the stones of the Great Mother. It links one’s personal heart to the heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Universe. Its love vibrations can penetrate to the cellular level, reprogramming the cells for joy and longevity rather than despair and death. Rose Quartz can stimulate the crown chakra, third eye and throat chakra, bringing them into harmony and unity with the heart. Even the lower chakras respond favorably to the abundance of love energy which flows from the heart under the influence of Rose Quartz.
    “Rose Quartz Crystal clusters emanate the Rose Quartz vibration in its highest and most refined manifestation. A cluster of crystallized Rose Quartz is several times as powerful, or many times as powerful, as a Rose Quartz chunk of even a considerably larger size. Perhaps it is the more highly organized form of the crystallized Rose Quartz that makes them such strong emanators of love energy. It may be that the natural crystal form brings a more intense focus. Whatever the reason, wearing or carrying a small Rose Quartz cluster makes a difference one can feel. These stones are powerful allies on the Path of Love.
    “Rose Quartz in all forms harmonizes with all other stones. Moldavite activates Rose Quartz’s capacity for spiritual awakening through the power of love.”

Blue Barite Crystals

Blue Barite Crystals
    Our winter buying trip yielded a new supply of lovely blue Barite pieces. Although Barite is one of our favorite stones, it has been hard to get good specimens in recent years, so we were very happy to find these!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Barite provides a smooth, clear connection to the higher worlds, aiding the inward journeyer in discovering the many mansions of the spiritual realms. It is a stone of interdimensional travel, allowing those who meditate or dream with it to discover new worlds, not in order to escape from earthly life, but to enrich it. It assists one in maintaining contact with the higher self, thereby enhancing the peacefulness and wisdom of one’s words and actions. It is a stone for ‘bringing heaven to earth’ through one’s own being, or perhaps it is better to say that it helps open one’s eyes to the fact that heaven is already here on earth, coexisting with the mundane world which one has been hypnotized to believe is the whole story. Working with Barite helps remove the spiritual ‘blinders’ that can keep one from experiencing even the sorrows of life with joy.
    “For exploratory dream work, one is encouraged to place a Barite crystal or rosette in the pillowcase or to tape a small one to the forehead. Either application will open the third-eye and crown chakras to the high-frequency domains with which Barite resonates. One should keep writing materials beside the bed and record one’s dreams for at least a week. A month is better. In most cases, important symbolic patterns will emerge, showing the dreamer’s current spiritual state, revealing any internal blockages and pointing the way to entry into the higher worlds. It is from these archetypal domains that the patterns of synchronicity which govern our lives (more than we usually know) emanate. Working with Barite in dreams can give one a stunningly beautiful symbolic picture of how these patterns are unfolding for oneself.
    “Holding a Barite in each hand and placing one on the forehead during meditation creates a triangular energy grid within the body’s auric field, raising one’s frequency spectrum and allowing one to experience a temporary ‘ascension’ into the higher worlds. Throughout history, spiritual geniuses have maintained that the purpose of human adult life, especially in later years, is the exploration of these worlds. Working with Barite in meditation can facilitate such exploration. Upon these inner journeys, one may encounter angels, spirit guides, and even the archetypal entities referred to as ‘gods’ in ancient times. One may see divine landscapes of breathtaking beauty and geometric corridors of fantastic lattices of Light. Meditation allows one to use the will to ‘steer’ one’s journey more than in dreaming, but both paths are highly recommended.
    “Barite’s interdimensional energies can be enhanced by using it in conjunction with Phenacite, Azeztulite, Scolecite and Natrolite. Its calming and serenity-inducing properties are magnified by Petalite and Amblygonite. Those desiring to visit the angelic domain might benefit from combining Barite with Danburite. For a grounding influence that can also enhance clear thinking and intuitive vision, Fluorite is recommended.”

New Zealand Carnelian Polished Pieces

New Zealand Carnelian™
    We were fortunate last year to acquire the twenty-year collection of New Zealand Carnelian from a veteran Kiwi rockhound. This allowed us to pick and choose the very best specimens for tumbling, and to offer in their raw state as well. We had already learned that New Zealand Carnelian responds very well to the Azozeo Super-Activation process, so all of our pieces have undergone this powerful enhancement of their energies.
    Robert Simmons writes: “New Zealand Carnelian is a natural Carnelian native to New Zealand. It is a silicon dioxide with a hardness of 7. Its color ranges from deep red-orange to pale yellow-white. Some specimens exhibit layering and/or druzy crystals. It is a stone of the Fire element, and it resonates with all the chakras, especially the second Sexual/Creative) and the sixth (Third Eye).
    “New Zealand Carnelian is highly receptive to the Azozeo super-activation process, and takes on its true potential when this is done.  As Azozeo Carnelian, it exhibits the capacity to kindle Agni, the Universal Fire of Creation, within one’s body. It is a stone of initiation,  and it reveals one’s capacity for creation, and co-creation with the Soul of the World. It also activates the heart’s intelligence, which guides the creating process. It brings passion to one’s will, allowing one to ‘burn through’ roadblocks and past discouragement.  It reminds us of our boldness and our power, and that the appropriate surrender of self into action IS power. These stones activate the second chakra can open the way to ecstatic tantric experiences on both the spiritual and physical levels. In self-healing, these stones support the nervous system, sexual organs, blood flow, digestive system and immune system. Emotionally, they dispel hesitancy and spiritual amnesia, reminding one of who and what one truly is.
    “New Zealand Carnelian works harmoniously with all other Azozeo super-activated stones, as well as Healerite, Azumar, DevaQuartz Green Phantoms and Anandalite.

Alexandrite Crystals

Alexandrite A+++ Crystals
    We have offered Alexandrite pieces for many years—in raw pieces, crystals and sometimes even faceted gems. However, we have never before had specimens that rival the new batch of Alexandrite Crystals we recently received. All of them exhibit the rare property of color change, transforming from deep green in sunlight to a dark magenta-red (with dark gray) in incandescent light. Many of them exhibit the highly prized hexagon-star crystal pattern for which Alexandrite is known. All of them emanate Alexandrite’s beautiful and joyful energies.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Alexandrites are among the most sought-after stones in the world, not only for their beauty, but for their magic. Their capacity to change colors when exposed to different wavelengths of light is unique and unsurpassed in the world of gems. Metaphysically it speaks of the possibility of adaptation and transmutation, as well as sensitivity to the inner Light. The magic of these stones runs far deeper than color. They can simultaneously activate the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, creating a circuit of high vibration, spiritual Light and ecstatic rapture within the individual.
    “It is true that Alexandrites are stones of joy, and for that reason they ought to be taken seriously. These stones have a connection to Source energies of the higher dimensions, where the atmosphere is most rapturous. However, one must be careful to do more than just enjoy the happy feelings. Alexandrite’s window to the ecstasies of the higher realms can and should be the springboard to inner exploration. Alexandrite invites one on a quest into the Self. It can help one realize that the joy of the celestial realms is also simultaneously here at every moment, and one’s reality depends greatly upon the levels at which one chooses to receive. Alexandrite’s teaches us to take in all energies that come to us, to transmute them into such harmony and beauty as is possible, and to do this with the inner resilience of a commitment to joy. This commitment, with the assistance of Alexandrite’s link to the higher realms, makes us into sources, rather than mere receivers, of joy.”

Tanzanite Crystals

Tanzanite Crystals
    Tanzanite is one of the loveliest, and most desirable gemstones in the world. Since its discovery several decades ago, the popularity of these stones has become a planet-wide phenomenon. Found only in Tanzania, Tanzanite is in such demand that very few crystals escape the stonecutter’s wheel. However, we were luck enough to get a really fine group of Tanzanite crystals a few months ago, and are happy to once again offer them in our catalog.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Tanzanite integrates the energies of the mind and heart. It opens a cascade of thoughts and insights, but it keeps one calmly anchored in the heart’s wisdom. The integration of mind and heart offered by Tanzanite takes place through the linkage and attunement of the heart and third-eye chakras. Bringing the heart into communion with the mind is essential to achieving wholeness. Tanzanite helps by making the heart’s promptings more noticeable to the mind and connecting a circuit between the heart and third-eye. One feels this circuit as a fluttering vibration of joy and pleasure. Another effect of Tanzanite’s linking the mind and heart occurs at the throat chakra. Tanzanite’s energy makes it easier to speak the heart’s truth with eloquence, and makes it difficult to conceal or deny what one knows in one’s heart.
    “Tanzanite is one of the Synergy Twelve stones, along with Moldavite, Phenacite, Danburite, Azeztulite, Herderite, Tibetan Tektite, Petalite, Brookite, Natrolite and Scolecite. It harmonizes with Larimar, Charoite, Ruby-Zoisite and most Quartz. It has a powerful affinity for Satyaloka Rose and Satyaloka Yellow Azeztulite, which link mind and heart.”

Vesuvianite Polished Gemstones

    Vesuvianite is another stone which had been gone from our inventory for some time, until we acquired some beautiful tumbled pieces on our winter buying trip. These new Vesuvianites are a rich green color, and their energies are some of the best we’ve ever felt from this mineral species!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Vesuvianite is a highly energetic stone, capable of affecting any of the chakras, though the predisposition of a certain specimen will vary according to color. Green Vesuvianites can help stimulate and integrate the solar-plexus and heart chakras, making it easier for individuals to align personal will with the promptings of the heart. Vesuvianite is also useful for the manifestation of the heart’s desires here on earth. It is supportive of one’s taking one’s true path or calling in life.  Vesuvianite is useful for combatting negative thoughts and bringing enthusiasm back into one’s life. It helps one achieve the insights that inspire one to move forward in one’s spiritual development. Vesuvianite helps those going through transformational work such as psychotherapy, breath work and past-life regression. Its ability to bring hidden material to consciousness and its enhancement of courage make it a most useful ally.
    “Vesuvianite, harmonizes with Moldavite, Libyan Gold Tektite, Golden Labradorite, Heliodor, Emerald, Morganite, Dioptase, Tsavorite Nuummite, Labradorite, Jet, Azeztulite, Kunzite and Tugtupite.”

Angel Aura Golden Healer Crystals

Angel Aura Golden Healers
    A recent trade we made with a miner in Arkansas presented us with a literally ‘golden’ opportunity! Our trade was for an absolutely gorgeous batch of Golden Healer crystals and clusters. These crystals were highly transparent, as well as being naturally coated with the rich yellow hues for which Golden Healers are well known. Our inspiration was to have about half of this new stock undergo the Angel Aura treatment process. We were certain that the results would be beautiful, and energetically wonderful, and we are greatly pleased with the stones turned out. As we had imagined, the energies of these crystals are an alchemical blend of the qualities associated with Golden Healers and Angel Aura Quartz.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Golden Healer Quartz crystals emanate profoundly powerful currents for the healing of the body and the expansion of consciousness. They broadcast strong waves of pleasurable energy that permeate the entire body. They are linked to the Divine Messenger and are attuned to the purpose of co-creating the Earth as a Planet of Light. In their highest capacity, Golden Healers give access to Christ Consciousness, enabling human beings to become the living vehicles for the Gold Christ Light to enter the world. These crystals resonate to the Great Central Sun, the source of the Golden Ray within the Universe.
    “In spiritual self healing, Golden Healer Quartz supports all parts of the body through its infusion of spiritual Light. It resonates most readily with the heart, and can work as a catalyst for healing the heart, lungs and circulatory system.
Regarding Angel Aura Quartz, Robert has written: “Angel Aura Quartz is a stone of attunement to beauty, and it can assist one in remembering to pay attention to the beauty surrounding one, in both Nature and Spirit. Wearing Angel Aura Quartz helps one to be a beacon of inner beauty, peace and spiritual awareness. Meditating with these stones, one can easily move beyond the body and go to one’s ‘inner temple.’ This is a place of purification and rest, in which one’s angelic guides are present, ready to help one release stress and move into deep peace.
    “Remembrance of past incarnations, insights into one’s spiritual purpose, the ability to channel higher knowledge, and the opportunity to commune with loving spiritual entities are among the possibilities available through working with Angel Aura Quartz. And all of these things take place in a ‘bubble’ of peace, tranquillity and contentment.”
    Regarding the new Angel Aura Golden Healers, Robert adds: “When Golden Healer crystals are subjected to the Angel Aura process, a profound synergy occurs. The angelic connection of Angel Aura links with the Christ Consciousness of Golden Healers to facilitate inner experiences at the highest levels of spiritual awareness. The naturally healing energies of Golden Healers are augmented with angelic assistance, and one’s highest inner guides can speak to us directly through the heart. Angel Aura Golden Healers are crystals of full spiritual awakening, and they can assist one in attaining a greatly expanded awareness. From this expanded state, one can direct own’s own healing process, co-create with the angels, and enter the ecstatic realms of Light.”

Angel Aura Spiralite Gemshells
Angel Aura Spiralite Gemshells
    Spiralite Gemshells are among the most unique stones we offer, bridging the forms of the animate world with the life of crystals. When we sent a batch of them to be treated with the Angel Aura process, their energetic transformation was profound and very, very positive!
    Robert Simmons writes of Spiralite Gemshells: “Spiralite Gemshells is the name given to a group of unique agatized spiral seashell fossils from India. The colors range widely through white, tan, brown and gray shades. Many specimens have hollow areas in which druzy crystals have formed.
    “Spiralite Gemshells bridge the boundary between the animal and mineral worlds, making it much easier for human beings to access crystal energies. These stone shells carry the memory of life in the Earth’s ancient times, and they can be highly refreshing to the etheric body, providing healing benefits to one’s whole being, from spirit and soul to body and cells. They carry the energies of the Great Spiral, one of the fundamental forms of existence. They bring one’s consciousness into a powerful focus, increasing access to spiritual information from higher levels of reality. They are excellent stones for channelers, healers and intuitives of all sorts—from medical seers to prophetic visionaries. These stones aid one in accessing the Akashic Records, in recalling past lives, and in communicating with spiritual beings. They are powerful aids to telepathic communication with Beings of the Sea, such as whales, dolphins, and even fish! Spiralite Gemshells support the preservation of life. They are powerful stones of longevity, and can ‘teach’ the spiritual aspect of one’s DNA to evolve itself while retaining its essential stability.
Regarding Angel Aura, Robert has written: “Angel Aura Quartz is a stone of attunement to beauty, and it can assist one in remembering to pay attention to the beauty surrounding one, in both Nature and Spirit. Wearing Angel Aura Quartz helps one to be a beacon of inner beauty, peace and spiritual awareness. Meditating with these stones, one can easily move beyond the body and go to one’s ‘inner temple.’ This is a place of purification and rest, in which one’s angelic guides are present, ready to help one release stress and move into deep peace.
    “Remembrance of past incarnations, insights into one’s spiritual purpose, the ability to channel higher knowledge, and the opportunity to commune with loving spiritual entities are among the possibilities available through working with Angel Aura Quartz. And all of these things take place in a ‘bubble’ of peace, tranquillity and contentment.”
   Regarding the combination of energies present in Angel Aura Spiralite Gemshells, Robert writes: “To all of the potentials present in Spiralite Gemshells, the Angel Aura process brings both beauty and angelic assistance. Angel Aura Spiralite Gemshells offer a greatly increased sensitivity to information from higher realms, and the angelic beings who facilitate this process will even act as ‘translators,’ helping the individual to more readily understand the visions and insights he or she receives. These angels will also intercede and act as guides to knowledge, so that one will tend to experience only those visions and inner discoveries that serve the purpose of the highest spiritual evolution, for oneself and for humanity and the Earth.”


NEW Auralite-23 Items
    We recently made a direct personal connection with the owner of the Auralite-23 mine, and it resulted in our receiving new crystals and other new Auralite-23 items. This includes a new selection of bead bracelets at lower prices, plus polished Auralite-23 slices, hearts, pocket stones, polished points and much more! We have subjected all of our new Auralite-23 items to the Azozeo Super-Activation process, so they are even more powerful than when we received them!
    Robert Simmons writes: “Auralite-23 stimulates higher awareness and telepathic connection with one’s guides and guardian spirits. It offers a direct and immediate link to what is called the ‘Magic Presence’ in esoteric literature––the Higher Self beyond the everyday ‘I.’  The blessings offered by Auralite-23 include inner purification-- the release of patterns of anxiety, resentment, judgement, depression and defeat. This facilitates an upliftment of one’s spirit and an awakening to the potentialities for a new life—all the way into one’s cellular consciousness. The body itself is awed and made reverent by the clearing of the veils of illusion and the dawning of the presence of one’s Higher Self. Other effects can include an increase in psychic sensitivity, enhanced insight, disappearance of chronic physical problems, a balanced awakening of kundalini,  spontaneous visions of future events, enhanced capacity for soul travel and lucid dreaming, and experiences with Angels.
    “Auralite-23 works most harmoniously with all forms of Azeztulite, as well as Rosophia, Guardianite, Mystic Merlinite and Master Shamanite. Auralite-23 can be enhanced with the Azozeo super-activation process.”

Violet Flame Opal Gemstone Shapes

Violet Flame Opal New Shapes
    Some months back, we were fortunate to purchase a large enough quantity of Violet Flame Opal raw pieces to use some of it for cutting. We make hearts, spheres and other shapes, and are glad to be able to present a wider variety to our readers, along with our usual raw and tumbled stones, and wire wrapped pendants.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Violet Flame Opal is a purple and white Opal discovered in Mexico in 2011.  Although it does not contain iridescent ‘fire,’ it displays amazing and beautiful patterns of white with purple, ranging from pale lilac to indigo blue.
    “Violet Flame Opal has a softening energy. It soothes the emotional body and brings a state of inner tranquility to the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. Its currents exert a gentle influence of healing to the stresses that can linger in the cells and organs, allowing the body’s inner wisdom to prevail. It can spiritualize the emotions, transmuting them to higher forms of feeling. It stimulates spiritual awareness. It facilitates communication with guardian angels and helping spirits. It activates the crown chakra and third eye, initiating visionary experience. Perhaps the most significant quality of Violet Flame Opal is its capacity to cleanse and purify the etheric body and the cellular energy matrix. Its vibrations bring deep harmony to these areas, and they dissolve any negative attachments or inner constrictions. In meditation, Violet Flame Opal has the capacity to call down the Violet Flame of spiritual fire, for purification, transformation, and rebirth as a Spiritual Human.
    “Violet Flame Opal is enhanced in its effectiveness by the presence of Moldavite, Azeztulite, Amethyst, and especially Sauralite Azeztulite with Amethyst. It also resonates powerfully with Auralite-23. Because of its own high-frequency vibrations, Violet Flame Opal harmonizes readily with all Azozeo super-activated stones.”

Black Merlinite Gemstone Shapes

Black Merlinite New Shapes
    As with Violet Flame Opal, last year we were lucky enough to acquires enough raw black Merlinite to make some new polished shapes, including hearts, spheres and other designs, and we are glad to be able to present a wider variety to our readers, along with our usual raw and tumbled stones, and wire wrapped pendants.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Black Merlinite is a variety of pure psilomelane, a barium manganese hydroxide with a monoclinic crystal system and a hardness of 5 to 6. It is composed swirling bands of dark gray and black. It was found in Mexico.
    “Black Merlinite is a stone of the deep Unconscious. It is  an excellent stone for lucid dreaming, and it facilitates meditation, allowing one to ‘go deep’ very readily. It offers a direct conduit to the Silence—the still point at the center of all things. It is useful in facilitating shamanic journeying, spirit communication, divination and prophetic vision. It teaches one to befriend one’s inner darkness, recognizing that everything one can experience inwardly is a part of oneself. Black Merlinite can help one meet and re-integrate one’s rejected or lost parts, facilitating wholeness.
    “In spiritual self-healing, Black Merlinite offers vibrational support to the liver, kidneys, bowels and other organs and systems concerned with purification and elimination of waste products.
    “Black Merlinite is amplified by Moldavite, which raises its vibration. It also harmonizes with Obsidian, Amethyst, Sugilite. With the Azozeo super-activated White Azeztulite, the Light of the pure White Ray merges with the Dark Ray, bringing an astonishing and powerful alchemical union of energies. When one integrates these, the elemental power conveyed by Black Merlinite can be transmuted into Spiritual Power.  As always, one is advised to remain true to benevolent paths.”

Stonehenge Bluestone Polished Shapes

Stonehenge Bluestone Palm Stones and Carvings
    We never have enough Stonehenge Bluestone! Our readers have connected strongly with these stones ever since we first encountered them, ad we are always looking for new supplies. During our last buying trip, we were able to make a trade with a supplier from Great Britain, and we came home with several dozen beautiful oval palm stones, which are ideal for meditation, body layouts or just carrying in one’s pocket. We also got about ten exquisite Stonehenge Bluestone carvings of the Green Man, an ancient druidic Divinity (the Being of Nature) whose qualities are highly attuned to these stones.
     Robert Simmons writes: “Stonehenge Bluestone is a mixture of spotted dolerite, blue dolerite, rhyolite and volcanic ash, which is of high silica content. Its color is bluish gray with white spots. It is found in the Preseli Hills of Wales.
    “Stonehenge Bluestone hearkens back to the prehistoric mysticism of the days of Britain’s mysteries. When one meditates with this stone, there is a sensation of seeing far through distance and time. These stones are useful in attuning to the ancient Akashic records, facilitating intuitive viewing of the knowledge and histories of past civilizations. They reveal a history of their use going back before Stonehenge, perhaps to the times of Atlantis. Stonehenge Bluestones resonate very readily with the ‘dragon currents,’ or ley lines in the Earth. They can be helpful in locating the best spots for constructing buildings, digging wells, erecting temples and outdoor altars, or simply meditating. They facilitate shape-shifting and shamanic journeying. They can aid in dousing and scrying, as well as with attuning to past lives. They are one of the most powerful stones for all sorts of geomancy. Stonehenge Bluestone can be utilized for drawing energies from the Earth’s meridian system, of which Stonehenge itself is a part. A piece of Stonehenge Bluestone can act as a vibrational talisman, allowing one to feel the ‘heartbeat of the world’ and to move into harmony with that World Heart.
    “Stonehenge Bluestone resonates powerfully with Moldavite, Nuummite, Cryolite, Tugtupite and all of the Azeztulites.”

Moldavite Angel Chimes and Large Specimens

New Moldavites: Angel Chimes and Extra Super Size
    Our sources in the Czech Republic have recently provided us with some rarities—seven really huge raw Moldavite Extra Super Size Museum grade pieces, plus a small batch of Moldavite Angel Chimes. We’ve been hoping to acquire both of these items, and are very pleased to offer them.
    Robert Simmons writes: “Angel Chimes are among the rarest and most unusual Moldavites. In this case, it is not their form, but their sound which distinguishes them. When most Moldavites are dropped on something hard (like a crystal or another Moldavite) from an inch or so above it, it makes a kind of clunk. But there are some Moldavites that ‘ring’ like a little chime! These are the pieces I call Angel Chimes. The chiming sound happens because the molecular tension within these specimens is much higher than it is in regular Moldavite. In reading the scientific studies of these stones, I found that no one can say why a few Moldavites exhibit this difference in inner structure, but the effect is unmistakable. Estimates suggest that only one or two percent of Moldavites are chimes.
    “On the energetic level, I have always felt that Moldavite Angel Chimes were of a higher vibration than most other types of Moldavite. They feel more finely tuned, and they seem to create a higher-pitched resonance in the body. They seem to display an enhanced and amplified version of Moldavite’s transformational energies, and they find an easy harmony with the body. They also seem to evoke connections with the angels. Perhaps that is because of these stones’ higher-frequency of vibration, which may be more resonant with the angelic realm.
    “Whatever the reason, these Moldavites have always been sought-after by knowledgeable collectors, especially those who are energy-sensitive. I was surprised that we could find a whole page full of Angel Chimes, even as the world Moldavite supply is diminishing. Perhaps the intensifying times call for more ways for us to link with the angels.”
    Regarding the Extra Super Size Moldavites, Robert continues: “When it comes to  Moldavites, people have asked me hundreds of times whether bigger stones are better. The answer is usually ‘no and yes.’ Although Moldavites all carry a characteristic vibrational signature, I have also found that larger Moldavites tend to be more powerful. I often say, ‘It is the same music, but the volume is turned up much louder when the stone is large.’ The seven exceptionally large Moldavites pictured in this catalog are the biggest and most powerful we have had in many years. Moldavites over twenty grams are considered rare. Natural Moldavites over forty grams, like our new pieces, are less than one hundredth of one percent of the pieces found! For those who love Moldavite, the arrival of these stones (which we acquired from a collector in Czech Republic who has one of the world’s finest Moldavite collections) is a major event. When we first received them, I simply could not stop handling them. They’re amazing!”

Azozeo Azeztulite Gemstone Grid Sets

NEW Azeztulite Grid Sets
    Some of the biggest news in the past few months is the discovery of Black Tourmaline Azeztulite. This has followed on the heals of the earlier introduction of Red Fire Azeztulite and Black Azeztulite in Catalog 51. All of this means that our Azeztulite Grid Sets have expanded to include these amazing and powerful new members of the Azeztulite family of stones. As the Nameless Light of Azeztulite permeates more and more deeply into the Earth, these new manifestations of its energy help to expand and empower what can be done with them. We have created a number of new Azeztulite Grid Sets that encompass all of the varieties of Azeztulite, in various sizes, both raw and tumbled.
Synergy Twelve and Ascension

Ascension Seven Stone Set

Seven Stone Sets
    For years, readers have asked us to put together sets of the Synergy Twelve and Ascension Seven stones. Finally, we’ve managed to pull together sufficient supply of these rare stones that allows us to do so!
The Synergy Twelve combination is one that has the effect of helping to bring all of one’s energies into a strong and coherent focus. People have describe the experience by saying, “It’s still my same self, but there is more of me!” or, “I feel empowered, as if I can do anything I choose to do, and all of my capacities are present and available.” The stones in the Synergy Twelve sets are Moldavite, Phenacite, Tanzanite, Danburite, White Azeztulite, Natrolite, Tibetan Tektite, Herderite, Brookite, Scolecite, Petalite and Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite
    The Ascension Seven stones combine synergistically to stimulate the process of Vibrational Ascension. This includes a powerful expansion of awareness, a “lifting” of one’s perspective, kindling the inner fire of the entire chakra column, and initiation of Light Body activation. People have described their experience of the Ascension Seven stones by saying, “I feel expanded awareness far beyond the confines of my body,” or “I feel and see Light all through myself, and I know that I am a spiritual being.” The Ascension Seven stones are Phenacite, White Azeztulite, Petalite, Danburite, Herderite, Satyaloka Clear Azeztulite and Brookite.

Heaven & Earth Bagged Rock Specials

Bagged Rocks at Discount Prices
    Over the years, we have received numerous requests from customers, both large and small, to offer discount prices on our most popular stones, if they were purchased in multiples. A few months ago, we began offering an array of bagged stones at special discount rates. Now we are showing them in this catalog, and we have expanded the selection. The quantities needed to receive a discount are not large, and the more you buy, the more you save! We hope all our interested readers will have a look at them!

Azozeo World Labyrinth Stones

World Labyrinth Project Developments
    The Azeztulite World Labyrinth project continues to unfold, with stone lovers and Earth-healers all over the world choosing stones from the original Azeztulite/Rosophia Labyrinth where the Azozeo Activation process was discovered and originally practiced.
    Recently, two large pieces were chosen to be planted upon a piece of sacred land only a few miles from our home in New Zealand. This land, which adjoins a beautiful Pacific beach had been preserved for over forty years by an American/New Zealander, a visionary pioneer who organized music festivals and other celebratory and Nature-honoring events there. When he passed recently, two of the Azeztulite Labyrinth stones were chosen by his friends to be planted in his beloved land, for it’s protection and preservation.
    Since beginning the Azeztulite World Labyrinth project, we received many requests for smaller pieces of the Labyrinth stones. In response, we broke up some of the original pieces, and now offer them in both raw and tumbled forms. In this way, more people can participate in the project of spreading these energies all around the world. Also, the small stones can be worn or carried, to bring those currents into one’s personal vibrational field. Most recently, we have created the World Labyrinth pendants, which feature beautifully polished pieces of the original Labyrinth stones, set with a Sterling Silver disc that displays the beautiful Labyrinth pattern.

New Zealand Vivianite

New Zealand Vivianite
    A rockhound friend in New Zealand recently helped us acquire a box of rare New Zealand Vivianite. These stones formed in bubbly-looking boytroidal masses, unlike other, blade-shaped Vivianite.  Since all Vivianites are rare, we were really happy to get these very unique ones!
    Robert Simmons writes: ” Vivianite helps one to dive deeply into the pool of the heart. It assists one in achieving inner silence during meditation and helps one to hear the wordless voice of the heart’s urgings. Vivianite allows one to enter a state of enlightened compassion. It helps to remove negativity from one’s thoughts and clear one’s auric field. It works below one’s level of awareness to dispel self-inflicted wounds and low self-esteem. It supports feelings of altruism and kindness, and it inspires generosity. Vivianite can re-inspire those in the helping professions who suffer from exhaustion and ‘burnout.’ Caregivers can receive a refreshing boost from simply sitting and holding one of these stones. Through its kindling of the heart, Vivianite can remind one of the love that dwells behind all things. It emanates offers the heart a thread leading to its own essence. If one goes all the way, one discovers an ocean of love.
    “Vivianite’s energy blends well with Morganite, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Moldavite, Emerald, Kunzite and Pink Calcite. Natrolite, Scolecite, Herderite and Phenacite bring the mind into resonance with the enlightened heart energy of Vivianite. Tugtupite brings passion and intensity to Vivianite’s heart opening.”

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