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Indigo Light A++ Palm Stone (49mm x 39mm)

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Item Number: W1772
Indigo Light A++ Palm Stone (Tumbled & Polished)
Measures 49mm x 39mm x 7mm and weighs 31.5 grams

“Indigo Light is a stone composed of several minerals. The most prominent components are Blue Tourmaline and a milky, semi-transparent Quartz. Some pieces also contain Fluorite and/or Lepidolite, and there are other unidentified minerals as well. The stones were found in an old mine in the north-central USA. The healing influence of Indigo Light works through one's Subtle Body. Indigo Light can clear away imbalances and toxic patterns in one's energy field, and can call forth one's Divine pattern of perfect health. This is an excellent stone to wear or carry, in order to maintain a healthy and balanced energy pattern. It can also be used effectively in body layouts, and can be placed on any chakra, or in any area where physical concerns exist. Toxic patterns in the Subtle Body cannot endure the presence of Indigo Light.”  —Robert Simmons

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