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Kammererite Cabochon Pendant (52mm x 24mm) Sterling Silver Bezel

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Item Number: 70126
Kammererite Cabochon Gemstone Pendant with Bezel Setting
NOTE: Pendant (including bale) measures 52mm x 24mm and weighs 9.5 grams
GEMSTONE CABOCHON: 38mm x 24mm Oval
SETTING AND BALE: Sterling Silver

"Kammererite is first and foremost a stone of Wisdom. It tunes the psyche to a level of awareness in which one has access to the Wisdom that permeates the world, and the Universe. This connection is felt as a deep, silent presence. With Kammererite, one can ask any question of this inner Wisdom, and one will receive an answer (often in the form of an image, an emotion, or an urge to go in a particular direction) that is free from personal bias or prejudice. The Wisdom of Kammererite  can help one to discern whether a proposed decision or course of action serves the overall good, and whether it should be followed."   —Robert Simmons

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