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Bath Stones: Lithium Light™

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Pictured is an example, (Each bag contains approximatly 1.5 lbs of natural stones)

“One of the most enjoyable ways to immerse oneself in the currents of Lithium Light is to literally bathe with it. These stones’ currents are easily conducted by water (especially salt water), and through the water, via our opened pores, the energies of the stones make their way into our Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. This is a delectable experience, which can waft one upward into the heights of bliss. It is an excellent antidote to stress and a great way to re-connect with the loving emanations of the Divine realms.”  —Robert Simmons

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NOTE: Although our Bath Stones are put together with our best stone combinations and a fully positive intention, the effects of stone energies vary from person to person, are not scientifically validated, and we cannot promise any specific results.

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