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Madagascar Celestial Quartz Natural Terminated Crystals

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Madagascar Celestial Quartz Natural Terminated Crystals
Picture is an example, (sold individually) shapes and color may vary somewhat

Madagascar Celestials hold a great deal of information, and they can also be used as access keys to fields of information not held directly within them. When one meditates with the reddish-brown Red Celestials, one may feel that the great Hall of Records for the Earth stands open before one’s inner sight. When working with the White Celestials, one may sense a connection to a vast history, but that history seems to exist beyond the Earth plane, perhaps in higher dimensions or simply in other parts of the Universe. In healing applications, using the Red Celestials  to bring strength, vitality, groundedness and other essentials into the body is highly recommended. White Celestials can be used to help people make contact with the higher planes. Both stones can help with past-life recall, and it is recommended that one work with one of each, so that all aspects of one’s being can be accessed

NOTE: Other sizes available, please call 1-802-476-4775 for more information
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