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Barbara Evans: "Messages of Universal Wisdom"

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Messages of Universal Wisdom:
A Journey of Connection Through the Heart
By Barbara Evans
ISBN: 978-0-9799412-0-7  /  Trade Paperback  /  320 Full-Color Pages
Messages Of Universal Wisdom invites readers to experience a guided journey to higher levels of Consciousness. It focuses on thirteen Image Keys by visionary healing artist Barbara Evans. The Image Keys are energetically interactive KEYS whose purpose is to activate our Divine Blueprint. The story interweaves sacred geometry and crystals with channelings from ArchAngel Metatron and Mary Magdalene… presenting an inspiring opportunity for us to Open and Heal our Hearts, Reclaim our Wholeness and Awaken our Full Potential. FW Book of the Year 2009 Finalist.
“Barbara Evans’ artwork is both aesthetically beautiful and spiritually powerful. She enhances the relationship between mandala art and spiritual awakening, providing new patterns that carry the frequencies being transmitted to the Earth at this time. The artist has an intuitive grasp of the living connection between crystals and the visions that emerge in her paintings. Those working toward their own evolutionary destiny will find that wordless inner experiences of vibrational ascension can be kindled through contemplation of this inspired art.”  —Robert Simmons




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