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Moon Ice (Moonstone) Natural Pieces

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Moon Ice (Moonstone) Natural Pieces
Pictured are examples, (stones sold individually) shapes and color may vary somewhat

"This variety of Moonstone material has recently emerged from India. It comes in irregular raw pieces which are self-healed on their surfaces. The stones are translucent, and they display a foggy interior iridescence. It is as if moonlight had been frozen into a stone, which is how we were inspired to name these new stones Moon Ice. It is a stone of the Divine Feminine. It’s currents accentuate receptivity, intuitive awareness, psychic ability and inner vision. It is a stone of inwardness and quiet, and is thus an excellent aid to meditation. It stimulates the kind of consciousness in which one is able to readily discern the unfolding spiritual patterns that manifest synchronistically in the events of our lives. Moon Ice is a helpful stone for those who use oracles such as the tarot and I Ching, or who work psychically in other ways."    —Robert Simmons

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